Area15 in Las Vegas: 7 Must-Do Activities

You have probably heard of Area 51; the place we all grew up knowing is the top-secret facility for aliens. Others say it’s where the alien ship landed, so the US government set it off-limits.

Area 51 is a highly classified US Airforce facility located in Nevada Testing and Training Range. The similarity between the rumored Area 51 Alien base and the real Airforce premises is that both have top-secret and off-limits embedded deep within them.

Much like Area 51, Area15 is a mystic place with a mix of fun, adrenaline, and unmatched excitement. Here you can enjoy various activities like shopping, food and even go to the bar to have two of your favorite shots. It is like the home depot for fun while in Vegas, a must-attend kind of an affair.

Launched in September 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Area15 is an epic experiential destination. It grants you the feeling of the Sci-fi like TV effect-like you are inside a movie. From the wonderful welcoming approach, the palace keeps you hooked all through. The construction is in a warehouse-like bunker. It extends to the outside, where it stocks even some art outside like the burning man. It banks some thrilling yet family-friendly activities.

Must-Do Activities in Area15

Area15 is an installation that is amazing-one of a kind. From the external construction in a warehouse-like structure, the entry to this magical place gives you the impression of walking into a spaceship.

Must-do activities in Area15
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Immediately you enter, a massive skull (not of a human) illuminated by the projected lights welcomes you. It gives it a glimmer making it glow. Looking at this structure never gets old, it induces a staring contest, and it gives you the chills.

You are kept busy by the many art installations on the sides of the hallway and the whole reception area. Different arts and sculptures tell varying stories from all over. You are immersed in art as you await the wonders that await you therein. The whole show takes about 12 minutes to complete.

1. Meow Wolf’s Mega Mart

The Santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf brings you this experience of shopping like you have never had. Shop for the weirdest stuff in a supermarket you will not find in Walmart. Standing on a 52,000 square feet space, this gigantic space is packed with art and convenience items that you can take home with you to remind you of the experience.

Meow Wolf’s Mega Mart
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It is the priciest of the experiences available in Area15, and this worth is accounted for since here you may spend most time gazing at the art exhibition and the landscapes. Adults part with $45 and children $40 for this blast experience. Residents of Nevada State enjoy discounts that see a price drop to $35.

2. The Immersive Van Gogh Experience

Get the full artistic illustrations of the Dutch art genius Vincent Van Gogh. Look into the life, work, and secrets of his craft in a digital projection. It gives you the perception of knowing him in real life, seeing the impression of each brushstroke to create the perfect lively art we enjoy today.

The Immersive Van Gogh Experience
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The best impression of the 360-degree exhibition with sound and lighting effects is along the walls of the display space. Get the best 30 mins of the digital projections with a stream of full bar drinks and cocktails coming your way (for 21+ visitors). The art space also organizes art classes and guided painting experiences.

Tickets go for $35 for adults, $19 for children, and $25 for Nevada residents. For the VIP ticket, you get an extra Virtual Reality of the Van Gogh display, which is livelier and more immersive than the projections offered for regular ticketing.

3. Particle Quest

Get the ultimate scientific experience beneath Area15 with the particle quest experience. Put on the particle quest mask to see the astounding interactions of nanoparticles with the art and structures around you. For just $8, you get to rediscover the mysterious origins of Area15. This would be a perfect treat for any scientific nerd, and non-science persons can enjoy the magic of particle restructuring, which is therapeutic to the eyes.

4. Museum Fiasco

The museum uses sound and light to relate time, space, and perception. It seems like a reality alteration, creating images and chromatic motions that trigger adrenaline all over you. The mirror columns stand tall, and the lighting in them reflects on the semi-reflective concrete floor.

Museum Fiasco
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The impression is you are standing in a void, an endless abyss of reflections and lighting. Combined with sound, you completely dislodge your thinking. The show lasts for 12 minutes which can turn into a fiasco of wonder. The illustrations keep on changing, and what is present in one show can be different from the following display.

The seamless synchronization between light and sound teleports you into a psychic world of abstract geometry, where you even get to doubt your grasp of ultimate reality. The Playmodes Studio cluster display is accessible for a $17 fee for adults and $5 for children. You can book all-day access to the experience by adding an extra dollar to the ticketing price.

5. Wink World

This creation by Chriss Wink, one of the cofounders of the Blue Man Group and the Chief Creative Officer of the group, is a dynamic sonic and visual art exhibition. It is also referred to as the psychedelic art house because of its modern approach to image visualization using digital interference like light. It houses six infinity mirror rooms that integrate light sound, color, and motion.

Wink World
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The chroma depth glasses assist in seeing the Aliume 3D psychedelic art gallery. Part with $18 adult pay or $13.50 for a chance to gaze into the infinite world through the portals. You can check for discounts for the military and the elderly on their website.

6. Oddwood Maple Tree Bar

Oddwood Maple Tree Bar
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This bar is near the entrance, after the human skull experience. It’s under a 23 ft. high Japanese Maple tree sculpture. Covered with 5000 sparkling LED lights that usually change color to give it the shimmering effect, this tree is a breathtaking sight. You can order your favorite drink at the bar and enjoy it under the Maple tree. A good sighting of this tree is from the 2nd floor, where you can witness the might and beauty of the structure in its full glory.

7. Eateries

After traversing the whole Area15 it can be tiring, and you may feel drained after. Not to worry, as the area packs a load of food sellers with delicious cuisines that leave you asking for more. From vegan options to persons who want to chill for a while in the bar with their favorite drink, you will find something to entice your taste.

Source: @area15official
  • Emack & Bolio’s – They have mouth-watering ice cream, homemade fudge, yogurt, and chocolate. They also pack brewed sodas with vegan options available.
  • Oddwood-This is a bar that serves beers you can find at your local bar/pub. They also sort you out if you are a cocktail lover making delicious mixes that leave your throat fully quenched.
  • Rocket Fizz-Rocket Fizz is a chain store selling candy and sodas. If you have not been to one yet, think of it as a modern candy shop you have in your locale.
  • The Beast by Todd English-This guy, Todd English is typically a bigshot chef and the James Beard Award winner (four times). The beast is the place to fill your empty gut with mouthwatering dishes that have chef’s recipes.

The prices at the food joints are affordable, meaning you can afford them regardless of your budget. You taste a world-class buffet of cultural to international cooking you will not find anywhere else. They offer the convenience in that you do not have to go out to grab a bite-the food is part of the larger Area15 experience.

What More at Area15?

What More At Area15 1
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What More At Area15 2
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If you’ve more time, make a point of visiting these magnificent spots and activities too.

  • Birdly ($13.50) –how does it feel to fly-VR experience?
  • Dueling Axes (from $35) – throw an ax for the ultimate thrill; 20% off for NV residents.
  • Emporium (free entry; reservation required) – an arcade bar and an events venue. Free gaming tokens are available to locals from 4 pm-12 am Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Five Iron Golf (starts at $35) – The indoor golf experiences featuring golf simulators, a bar, and pro teachers allows you to enjoy a drink as you play. It intends to make golf accessible to all.
  • Halley’s Comet ($18) – enjoy the hanging glide and free-fall on the first indoor, an electric dual-track suspension ride in the US.
  • Brainstorm ($5)-poke your brain.
  • Coming soon-Lost Spirits Distillery
  • Murals – seeing huge murals at the building’s backside.
  • OZ Experience (from $30) – get VR experiences.
  • Sanctuary – is a huge volcano-shaped, airy dome made from unique natural materials.
  • Wild Muse Boutique – houses handcrafted accessories, apparel, and art.

How Much Does Area15 Cost?

Admissions to this hall of amazement are free. You can walk in and book your tickets at the receptions so that you can get to take part in the other activities at the complex parks. However, if you decide to go on “free mode”, you still get to have fun in your way.

You can start by admiring the art installed inside and outside the building, where you can see the burning man and the illuminated skull. Enjoy art displays, some yard gaming on the back patio, and dining options on the site.

For an additional cost, you get to enjoy the holistic experiential feeling of the premise. The costs can range from $8.50-$25 for adults, depending on the activities you intend to do. This can change to $50 even. There are special discounts for the military, seniors, residents, and children.

For security and welfare reasons, Area15 is age-restricted, allowing only those over 18 years only. This changes after 10 pm daily, where it becomes 21+ only. A government-issued ID or a valid driving license is a requirement to confirm age policy to this rule.

When is Area15 Open?

If you want to visit, you can check with their website to make a reservation. Typically, the bazaar is open daily from Monday to Sunday. You can drop at any time during open hours and get the out of Vegas feeling at Area15. Open hours are:

  • Monday-12 noon to midnight
  • Tuesday-12 noon to midnight
  • Wednesday-12 noon to midnight
  • Thursday-12 noon to midnight
  • Friday- 12 noon to 2 am
  • Saturday-10 am to midnight
  • Sunday-10 am to midnight

After-hours are available at the portal until 6 am on Saturdays. Note that pre-registration is necessary for crowd control and social distancing. You will find it easier if you go in early enough as there are not many people.

Folks start flocking in from 6 pm, making the show run on the minimums you only enjoy about 15 minutes before going out. The multitude lined outside directs how long you can enjoy the experience.


Area15 Conclusion
Source: @area15official

Visiting Area15 is an epic and out-of-body experience located in the heart of Nevada in Vegas. You have warranted a change in thinking and outlook in life as you come out of this place. The creators had a vision for the bazaar to be a change disruptor, and they very well succeeded in making it that!

The wonderful thing is that you will enjoy loads of activities from fine dining to adrenaline ziplining inside the complex. Face yourself in the mirror room and meditate on the wink world. Do a shopping experience at Meow Wolf’s Mega Mart for the different kinds of art and commodities, while making huge savings.

Overall, putting Area15 on your bucket list is a no-brainer. You get all your money’s worth, and you take home an experience like no other, plus the commodities you purchase, of course. It is priced decently, with free admissions to enjoy a futuristic window shopping experience.

You get to taste before buying, much like the convenience store experience. Prices start from $18.50-$25, depending on what you decide to enjoy, as different activities cost differently.