Aria Las Vegas Parking Fees & Parking Garage 2024

Self-parking at Aria Resort & Casino starts at $15, and the valet parking charges start at $21. What you pay for parking at this MGM resort depends on the number of hours your vehicle stays at the garage. Keep in mind that certain MGM Rewards Club members are eligible for complimentary valet parking and self-parking.

The Aria Fine Art Collection is the most famed attraction at the Aria Resort & Casino. Acclaimed sculptors, artists, and painters grace the collection like the infamous Sanford Biggers, Jenny Holzer, Rashid Johnson, Nancy Rubins, Frank Stella, and Julian Schnabel. Upscale restaurants include Julian Serrano, Catch, Javier’s, Brasserie, and Jean Georges.

This article will take you through the parking fees charged at the resort. Read more to get to know directions to the Aria Las Vegas Parking garage. Our FAQ section will help answer a few of the burning questions you may have about the parking garage and resort in general.

Self-parking at Aria Resort & Casino

It is important to note the prices for parking at the Aria Resort & Casino and all MGM resorts are subject to change. This is more likely to happen during special events where you can get to pay higher or lose certain complimentary parking privileges.

An impressive perk of parking at MGM resorts is that registered guests get to have in-out privileges within the same parking (self or valet) across all MGM resorts in Las Vegas. This offer only applies to the same 24 hours period and is subject to availability. You can get to move around Las Vegas with ease in your car, knowing you can access any MGM resort parking garage.

Below are the charges for self-parking at the Aria Resort $ Casino:

Period Parking Fee
0 – 1 hour Free
1 to 4 hours $15
4 to 24 hours $18
24 hours plus $18 per day or a fraction thereof

Aria resort registered guests, and visitors get complimentary self-parking for the first hour. The charges begin after the first hour for an affordable starting price of $15.

However, residents of Nevada who have a valid driver’s license get the first 3 hours of self-parking for free. The $15 charge starts after the 3 hours are up and follows the same trend from the 3rd – 4th hour ($15), 4th to 24 hours ($18), and over 24 hours ($18 per day or a fraction thereof) as indicated above.

It is crucial to note that Nevada residents with valid driver’s licenses won’t get free parking if they scan the parking ticket at the self-parking pay on foot kiosks. To get the offer, the Nevada residents have to scan their parking ticket and valid driver’s license at the exit gate to get the offer.

MGM Rewards members belonging to the Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and NOIR club get complimentary self-parking regardless of the number of hours. MGM Rewards Mastercard cardholders also get free self-parking.

In case you lose your self-parking ticket, the staff will try to identify the number of hours you park so that you can pay the normal fees. However, you are required to pay a flat fee of $30 per day in case the staff fails to log in the parking hours.

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Valet Parking at Aria Resort & Casino

Aria Valet Parking
Source: @arialv

Just like the self-parking at Aria Resort & Casino, valet parking is complimentary to MGM Rewards club members of the Gold, Platinum, and NOIR. Valet parking, as well as self-parking, fees are subject to change as special events and availability can cause the resort to increase the charges or get rid of complimentary offers.

Below are the parking fees for valet parking at the Aria Resort & Casino:

Period Monday to Thursday parking fees Friday to Sunday parking fees
0 – 2 hours $21 $25
2 – 4 hours $25 $30
4 – 24 hours $30 $35
24 hours plus $30 per day and a fraction thereof $35 per day and a fraction thereof

As you can tell from the table above, the parking fees for valet are more expensive during the weekend than on most weekdays. The weekend rates start at 12:00 am on Friday, while the weekday rates start at 12:00 am on Monday (Pacific Time, PT).

Oversized Vehicle Parking at Aria Resort & Casino

Aria Resort and Casino does not offer oversized vehicle parking. Excalibur and The Mirage are your best nearby picks for those who would like to park their oversized vehicles. At these resorts, the vehicle under 30 feet gets to park for $30 per day, while vehicles over 30 feet get to park for $50 per day.

The oversized parking at Excalibur and the Mirage is complimentary for MGM Rewards Club members in the Pearl, Gold, NOIR, and Platinum levels. The parking is subject t availability and can only be gotten by contacting the front desk at either of these resorts.

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Directions to Aria Parking Garage

  • Address: 3730 South Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas 89158
  • Website: Aria Las Vegas
  • Telephone Number: 702-590-7111

There are various roads you can use to get to the Aria Resort & Casino parking garage. The two streets leading to the Aria Resort and Casino include W. Harmon Avenue and City Center Place. City Center Place is the only street leading to the self-parking space, but you can use either to access the valet parking section.

City Center Place drives directly to Aria and is located between the Waldorf Astoria and Crystals shopping mall. Stay on your left lane when driving from the north side of the Strip. Stay amidst the two lanes on the Las Vegas Boulevard.

Aria parking directions:

Proceed to take a left on the City Center Place, and this will lead you directly to the valet and self-parking lot in Aria resort & Casino. From south of the Strip, take a right at the City Center Place and head into the parking garage.

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Aria Las Vegas Parking: FAQs

1. Is there free parking at Aria Las Vegas?

Aria Las Vegas does not offer free parking (self or valet) to guests or visitors. Only MGM rewards Pearl, Gold Platinum, and NOIR cardholders get free parking. Nevada residents with valid driver’s licenses get free parking for 3 hours, and guests/visitors get the first hour of self-parking for free. Moreover, MGM Rewards Mastercard cardholders get complimentary self-parking.

2. Where do you park when you stay at Aria?

The Aria Las Vegas resort guests get to park at the parking lot on the premises. The parking entrance is located at the end of the City Center Place Street. 

3. What are some of the free parking near Aria Resort & Casino?

The closest free parking place to the Aria resort is the Shops at Crystal, about three minutes’ walk away. There is no self-parking at the Ships at Crystal, but they offer complimentary valet parking to visitors. Keep in mind there is no overnight parking at the Shops at Crystal.