Big Elvis Las Vegas: A Complete Guide

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The Big Elvis show in Las Vegas is the longest-running Elvis Production in history. The clean-cut impersonator with a great voice befitting The King also holds a special place in the fans for keeping Elvis Presley’s legacy alive.

Big Elvis is among the main attractions in Harrah Piano Bar’s lineup of Las Vegas entertainment. Other contending live shows in the venue include the Dueling Pianos that bring in tones of guests and the impressive Dj Rusty’s All-Star Las Vegas Karaoke.

Voted as the Best of Las Vegas in the Las Vegas Review-Journal Poll, Big Elvis show will go down in history as an immortalized Vegas classic that drew in thousands of guests each year. Read on to learn everything you need to know before your visit.

Who is Big Elvis in Vegas

Who is Big Elvis in Vegas
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Did you know that according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest gathering of Elvis impersonators gathered 895 people on 12 July 2014? This happened at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort and went to show the prominence of Elvis Presley’s fame.

Elvis Presley was an American singer and actor who became popular for his sexually provocative performances and energized stage acts. He is regarded as the “King of Rock and Roll” and one of the most influential figures of the 20th Century.

Elvis Presley sadly died in 1977 at the age of 42, with a net worth of about $5 million in 20th Century currency (about $20 million currently). He is currently the best-selling solo music arts with over 500 million- 1 billion records as recorded by the Guinness World Records.

With such fame, it was only a matter of time before impersonators of Elvis became a thing. Impersonators have shown up throughout the years since he died in 1977, but none have achieved the fame and popularity of Pete Vallee, also known as Big Elvis.

The overweight Elvis took over the mantle of Presley by mimicking his impressive stage voice and rocking those overstuffed jumpsuits. He is bigger than Presley, who weighed about 250 pounds in his final years.

His popularity was fueled by the free shows in Las Vegas, making him the best impersonator to have a long-running Elvis production in Vegas, beating top Elvis impersonators in history like Eric Bressi and Shawn Klush (winner of the 2007 BBC World’s Greatest Elvis.)

Before Harrah Las Vegas, Big Elvis held another long-running stint in The Cromwell, which used to be called Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall. Big Elvis took a break from the shows in 2015, and fans pinned it to his weight, which was almost 1,000 pounds at the time. However, it was later disclosed that he was hospitalized due to a road accident along Blue Diamond road in September 2015.

Pete Vallee returned in June of 2017 in better health and enthusiasm after getting a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. The act has been on in the Piano Bar with weekly appearances in the evening.

Big Elvis at Harrah’s Piano Bar

Big Elvis at Harrah’s Piano Bar
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  • Address: 3475 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 775 764 7421
  • Tickets: Free Admission

Enter Harrah’s Piano Bar to have a feel of the Big Elvis Show in Las Vegas. The Harrah’s Piano bar schedule sets the show on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 2 pm, 3:30 pm, and 5 pm. The three distinct sets include a musical performance, Elvis song requests, and surprise acts.

The Harrah’s show was named ‘Best of Las Vegas 2020’ by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and USA Today. It is the longest-running act of the Piano Bar, with a musical performance from The King impersonator.

Check out Pete Vallee’s YouTube channel, where he showcases his Big Elvis shows for free.

Big Elvis Merch and Movies

Pete Vallee has appeared in only one movie/film, Big Elvis shot by Paul Stone in 2018 to document Pete’s life and rise to prominence in Vegas. It was a critically acclaimed film nominated at the Tribeca Film Festival for Best Documentary Short.

Apart from performing, Big Elvis also sells some merchandise. Products range from Big Elvis-branded ballcaps for $25, a monogrammed silk scarf for $20, to a branded t-shirt for $35. You can also purchase the real-life story documentary of Pete Valle, That’s All Right: The Pete ‘Big Elvis’ Vallee Story, for $25.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Big Elvis Related to Elvis

Albeit a great resemblance to Elvis Presley, Big Elvis (Pete Valle) is not related to Elvis Presley. Pete was born in 1965 in Memphis to his mother, Delores Valle. On the other hand, Elvis Presley was born 30 years prior, in 1935, in Mississippi to his mother, Gladys Love and Vernon Elvis.

The connection Pete Valle pointed out is that his mother used to be an Elvis fan and attended his shows. His mother had pictures on the house wall of her hanging out with Elvis Presley and Kitty Wells.

Is Big Elvis Playing in Las Vegas?

Big Elvis is still playing in Las Vegas after taking a break from the show between 2015 and 2017. He returned to Harrah’s Las Vegas destination and still performs there to date.