Caesars Palace Self-Parking & Valet Parking Fee 2024

Did you know Caesars Palace used to offer free parking to guests and visitors till late 2017? The parking garage at Caesars Palace now charges for its self-parking and valet parking structures. Caesar Entertainment’s move saw that seven of its properties had paid parking, including Horseshoe, The Cromwell, Harrah’s, Paris, the Linq, and The Flamingo.

Parking fees at Caesar’s palace start at $20 but can go up to $50 depending on the type of parking (self or valet), the number of hours you park at the garage, the day of the week, and if there are any special events of holidays.

It is important to note that Caesars Palace does not offer oversized parking. However, you can easily park your oversized vehicle in the nearby Flamingo as Vegas self-parking garage.

This article takes you through the various parking regulations and offerings at Caesars Palace. Read more to get to know when you can park at the garage for free and who is eligible for complimentary parking.

Caesars Palace Self-Parking Fees

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Self-parking fees vary depending on the day of the week. Monday to Wednesday charges are not the same as Thursday to Sunday self-parking charges. Moreover, the prices can go higher depending on whether there are any holidays or special events.

The “Events Parking” fees are not mentioned by Caesars Palace and will be determined on the day of the occasion. However, according to past functions and events, the event parking fees on any day of the week were over $25 for 24 hours.

Guests and non-quests used to park for free for the first hour but Caesars Entertainment got rid of this nifty perk. Now, regular charges apply the minute your vehicle steps into the parking garage.

It is also beneficial to note that Nevada residents with a valid driver’s license on them get the first 3 hours free of charge. The self-parking fees start applying thereafter.

Keep in mind that the ID card needs to be on you for you to get the 3 hours free; otherwise, you are expected to pay the regular non-resident prices. Moreover, the complimentary three hours are not available during events; Event Parking fees apply then.

Other recipients of free parking at Caesars Palace are the Caesars Rewards members of levels Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars. Members of these reward clubs do not pay for self-parking regardless of how long they park.

Additionally, visitors and guests who have Caesars Rewards Visa Card can get upgraded to the Platinum Caesars Rewards Club. This way, they can get free self-parking.

However, they are required to have spent more than $5,000 on the card for the past year, or else the Platinum status gets revoked. The card has to be scanned at the kiosk to get the complimentary parking benefits.

Parking for 0 – 24 hours will cost you $20 from Monday to Wednesday and $25 from Thursday to Sunday.

Below is a summary of the self-parking fees at Caesars Palace:

Caesars Palace Parking Fees: Monday to Wednesday

Rates Monday to Wednesday
0 – 24 hours $20
Over 24 hours (charged per day) $20 each additional day or fraction thereof
Hotel Lodger $20
Nevada Locals First 3 Hours Free with Valid Nevada D.L

$20 afterwards

Caesars Rewards Members (Platinum, Diamond, Seven Star) FREE

Caesars Palace Parking Fees: Thursday to Sunday

Rates Thursday to Sunday
0 – 24 hours $25
Over 24 hours (charged per day) $25 each additional day or fraction thereof
Hotel Lodger $20
Nevada Locals First 3 Hours Free with Valid Nevada D.L

$25 afterwards

Caesars Rewards Members (Platinum, Diamond, Seven Star) FREE

Note: Normal charges apply on regular days but Caesars Palace has the discretion to increase the charges as they deem fit during events and other special occasions.

Caesars Palace Valet Parking Fees

Valet parking at Caesars Palace is divided depending on which valet location you use, holidays/special events, and the day of the week. There is valet parking at the Main Valet, another at the Colosseum Valet, and another at the Augustus (VIP) Valet. We will talk about where they are located in the next segment so that you do not confuse one for the other.

It is crucial to note that not all guests or visitors can park at all of these valet locations. Any guest or visitor can park at the Colosseum Valet and the Main Valet.

However, only Caesars Rewards Club Seven Star members, Guy Savoy, and Qua Spa guests can park their vehicles at the Augustus valet. Augustus Valet is designated for exclusive clientele and is located on the south side of Caesars Palace.

Similar to self-parking, valet parking fees are automatically charged to registered hotel guests’ rooms. There are no free in-and-out access privileges for visitors; only hotel guests can move in and out without paying each time.

On the other hand, there are no free entries to other Caesars Entertainment resorts. This means that you will have to pay separate valet parking and self-parking charges every time you enter different Caesars Entertainment hotels and casinos.

Let us assume that you get into the Caesars Palace and pay for valet parking but later have to leave to visit a friend at Flamingo Las Vegas. You will get charged for parking at Caesars Palace, then go park at Flamingo Las Vegas, where you will get charged for their valet parking as well despite both being under Caesars Entertainment. Additionally, you will get charged a fresh valet fee when you get back to park at Caesars Palace.

The Main Valet parking fee is $50, a daily flat fee. $40 for the Colosseum Valet from Monday to Sunday and $50 during event dates.

August Valet is exclusive with no mention of any prices. This may be because Seven Stars members get complimentary parking, whereas guests to Guy Savoy and/or Qua Spa get their parking validated.

There is no complimentary parking for any duration, regardless of whether you are a guest, visitor, or Nevada resident with a valid ID. However, Caesars Rewards members of levels Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars receive complimentary valet parking. Additionally, visitors and guests who have Caesars Rewards Visa Card can get upgraded to the Platinum Caesars Rewards Club to get free valet parking.

Below is the summary of the valet parking fees at Caesars Palace.

Valet Location Day of the Week Valet Parking Fees
Main Valet Monday to Sunday $50, a daily flat fee
Colosseum Valet Monday to Sunday $40, a daily flat fee
  Event Dates $50, a daily flat fee
Augustus (VIP) Valet Monday to Sunday N/A (exclusive)

Caesars Palace Parking Directions

Self-parking and valet parking entrance map:

Valet Parking

Main Valet – It can be found in front of the Caesars Palace next to the fountains. It is easy to locate it since all you have to do is head over to Caesars Palace Drive from the Las Vegas Strip. You can then proceed to take a left once you see the entrance to the hotel. Pay attention to the signs as you will be directed to go ahead of the lined-up taxis and locate the valet.

The Colosseum Valet – It is used for parking when you stay at the Caesars Palace but is also open to visitors of Omnia or concert attendants at the Colosseum. From the Las Vegas Strip, take a right once you enter the Caesars Palace Drive and go past the Forum Shops and under the overhead bridge, past an underpass, till you come out in front of the Caesars Self-Parking garage. Enter the 8-story parking garage and stay on the left side till you get under the Colosseum Valet sign.

Augustus(VIP) Valet – Find this valet parking off of Flamingo Road at the Las Vegas Strip. Follow the indicated signs to the designated area so long as you are a Seven Stars Club member or a guest of the Qua Spa and/or Guy Savoy.


You can get to Caesars Palace self-parking using the Caesars Palace Drive or the Frank Sinatra Drive. From the Frank Sinatra Drive, proceed to take a turn that gets you into the Jay Sarno Way. Go ahead and head over the one-way east, where you can get to see the Caesars Palace Self-Parking garage on the right.

From Caesars Palace Drive at the Strip, proceed to take a right at the entrance of the drive, where you will follow the signs taking you past Forum Shops valet. Go ahead and pass the overhead bridge and come out to a road leading to a stop sign. You can now get to see the Caesars Palace Self-parking structure. Proceed to enter and maintain the right lane as it leads to the self-parking side of the lot.

Free Parking near Caesar Palace

As you can see, there is no free parking at Caesars Palace unless you are a Seven Stars, Diamond, or Platinum Caesars Rewards Member. You can also get free parking for 3 hours if you have a valid Nevada driver’s license.

In case you are looking for places to park for free near Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip, then these are your options:

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