Cheapest Craps Tables in Vegas: $5, $10 Craps, & More

$5 craps tables on the Strip used to be plenty, but they are few and far between in the entire Las Vegas these days. The once lucrative 100x maximum odds in Casino Royale were faced out in 2020, and the Cromwell got rid of their 100x odds too in 2021, opting for the 3-4-5x odds instead.

You will have to stick with the Main Street Station Casino if you want to find the cheapest craps tables with the highest returns in the city. At a $5 table minimum and 20x maximum odds, Main Street Stands out as a unicorn to players who do not mind saving a few bucks by playing craps in Downtown Las Vegas.

Read on to learn of the cheapest craps tables Vegas has to offer. Have a look at the current $10 and $5 craps tables and compare them to see which ones offer the highest returns in terms of their maximum odds.

Top Cheapest Craps Tables in Vegas

Cheapest Craps Tables in Vegas
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Please keep in mind that craps tables minimum change from time to time. It is a very volatile pricing system that is affected by demand. Mornings are always cheaper compared to playing at night, and you are bound to see cheaper tables off the Strip and in Downtown Las Vegas than on the Strip.

A good tip to save a few bucks further is to only play during the mid-week instead of the busy weekends. You will also get cheaper deals going in during the early morning hours when the casinos are less busy. Crap table prices change depending on the hour, and some venues advertised as $5 can be $3 minimum, and the $15 minimum can get as low as $5 depending on the time.

The cheaper the craps table, the better, but most social & enjoyable games go for $5 minimum. There are $1, $2, and $3 minimum tables if you are looking for them. Keep in mind that most casinos, however cheap, rarely charge less than $5 during their nights and weekends.

Joker’s Wild is known for its $1 minimum craps. Head into the Arizona Charlie’s Boulder for $2 craps. $3 crap tables can be found in the Eastside Cannery, Fiesta Rancho, Fiesta Henderson, and Fremont Casino.

The 7 Remaining $5 Craps Tables in Las Vegas

$5 craps tables on the Las Vegas Strip are extinct.

Casino Royale used to be the go-to place before 2020 for cheap $5 craps games with great odds of 100x, but that got taken down in 2020 and replaced with $10 minimums and 3-4-5x odds. A similar thing happened with the Cromwell in 2021, which adopted the same model as Casino Royale. Today, Cromwell charges $25 minimum with 100x odds and double payout on the field of 12.

After 2021, the only place on the Las Vegas Strip you would go for a $5 craps game was OYO, located just 10 minutes away from Tropicana. OYO offered $5 craps table minimums till late 2022 during their weekday games.

However, as the year closed, the OYO also joined the Casino Royale and the Cromwell bandwagon to offer $10 minimums and 3-4-5x odds. As of today, there are no casinos in the Las Vegas Strip that offer $5 craps games.

Ellis Island is the closest place to the Vegas Strip with $5 minimum games.

1. Ellis Island

Ellis Island Craps

  • Address: 4178 Koval Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702 733 8901
  • Maximum Odds: 10x odds

This family-owned casino of almost 50 years is the cheapest casino currently close to the Las Vegas Strip. Ellis Island crap tables offer double payout on a field of 12 with maximum odds of 10x than the 3-4-5x you normally expect from close to Strip destinations.

Prices can go up to $10 during the night games, as well as some weekend actions. Since the prices are fluid, we advise you to head in on early weekday mornings to get the lowest price close to the Strip.

2. Cannery

  • Address: 2121 E Craig Road, North Las Vegas, NV 89030
  • Phone: 702 507 5700
  • Maximum Odds: 10x odds

Located North of Las Vegas, the Cannery Casino Hotel features favorable $5 craps games with amazing payouts. Maximum odds are 10x, and you get a triple payout on a field 12.

Please keep in mind that the $5 games are offered up to a maximum $1,000 bet, after which the price is raised to $10 minimum or more.

3. Downtown Grand

  • Address: 206 North 3rd Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Phone: 855 384 7263
  • Maximum Odds: 10x odds

At $5 minimum, triples on 12, and 10x maximum odds, Downtown Grand appears to be offering the best cheap craps game in Downtown Las Vegas. The environment is more energetic and upbeat compared to other laid-back Downtown Las Vegas venues that offer cheap games but not much of the social aspect.

4. Jerry’s Nugget

  • Address: 1821 Las Vegas Boulevard North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 89030
  • Phone: 702 399 3000
  • Maximum Odds: 2x odds

Located just a mile from Downtown Las Vegas, Jerry’s Nugget used to offer $2 and $3 minimum before 2021. You can still get awesome deals in their early morning craps games, but standard charges now include the $5 minimum that grants you up to 2x odds and triples on 12.

5. Pass Casino

  • Address: 140 S Water Street, Henderson, NV 89105
  • Phone: 702 841 5000
  • Maximum Odds: 5x odds

The Pass Casino features two 24/7 bars on the location and also has the eclectic Ristorante Italiano for all your classic Italian dishes. In case you happen to be playing all night, Emilia’s 24-hour café got you covered with their pick-me-up meals and enticing beverages to get you up and running.

Despite its far distance from the Vegas Strip, Pass Casino offers an appealing $5 minimum craps game coupled with 3-4-5x odds and triple payouts on the field of 12.

6. Railroad Pass

  • Address: 1500 Railroad Pass Casino Road, Henderson, Nevada 89002
  • Phone: 702 294 5000
  • Maximum Odds: 5x odds

The Historic Railroad Pass Hotel is the sister casino to the Pass casino, just a 10-minute drive apart. It is a far-reaching distance, too but features enticing odds at 3-4-5x and triple payouts on the field of 12.

7. Club Fortune Casino

  • Address: 725 S Racetrack Road, Henderson, NV 89105
  • Phone: 702 566 5555
  • Maximum Odds: 5x odds

Club Fortune used to charge $1 and $2 for some of their craps tables in 2021. The price has since gone up to $5, but you can find $3 on some late afternoon openings.

Standard charges include a $5 minimum, triples on 12, and 3x, 4x, and 5x odds. Go in during the early morning weekdays to get the lowest prices at the highest of odds.

However, if you are looking for a lot of action in a busy, buzzing casino, then this is not the place to be. Save a little bit more to enter the $10 minimum Downtown Casino craps tables.

Best $10 Craps Tables in Vegas

Unless you are willing to spend $10, Downtown Las Vegas is your only option for $5 or cheaper craps tables. Everywhere else only offers $10 minimums which are also becoming rarer on the Vegas Strip.

Moreover, the $10 you would normally find on the Vegas Strip is restricted to morning hours and off-peak periods. The rest of the day, you will play the same games for at least $15 minimum, sometimes $25, and in the case of Mandalay Bay – $50 minimum.

It is good news that Mandalay Bay typically charges $15 during regular weekdays and daytime periods, and the $50 is charged during weekend nights. Other casinos aren’t so considerate.

The Bellagio is such an example that charges a $50 minimum on weekdays too. Their odds are the usual 3-4-5x with a triple payout on a field 12.

Below are the $10 craps games in Las Vegas:

Casino $10 Minimum Maximum Odds Payout
Main Street Station YES 20 x Triple
Sam’s Town YES 20 x Triple
Silverton YES 10 x Triple
Suncoast YES 10 x Triple
Plaza YES 10 x Triple
El Cortez YES 10 x Triple
M Resort YES 10 x Triple
Arizona Charlie’s Decatur YES 5 x Triple
The Stratosphere YES 10 x Triple
Excalibur YES 3-4-5 x Triple
Orleans YES 3-4-5 x Triple
Silver Sevens YES 3-4-5 x Triple
Gold Coast YES 3-4-5 x Triple
Boulder Station YES 10 x Double
Palace Station YES 10 x Double
Santa Fe Station YES 10 x Double
Sunset station YES 10 x Double
Red Rock YES 10 x Double
Golden Gate YES 10 x Double
Rampart YES 10 x Double
Binion’s YES 5 x Double
Four Queens YES 5 x Double
Rio YES 3-4-5 x Double
Linq YES 3-4-5 x Double
Oyo YES 3-4-5 x Double
Sahara YES 3-4-5 x Double
Tropicana YES 3-4-5 x Double

Our Recommendation

Choose the Main Street Station or Sam’s Town for the cheapest off the Strip Craps tables. The 20x maximum odds make all the odds in your favor with a relatively high payout than any other venue in Downtown Las Vegas.

The Stratosphere is the king of cheap craps tables on the Strip with its $10- $15 minimum, double payout on a field of 12, and 10x maximum odds. Most Strip casinos offer 3-4-5x odds, which don’t do a great job at lowering the house edge like the 10x from the Stat. Close contenders are Excalibur, Linq, and OYO.

Even though the Cromwell is more expensive, we cannot forget the 100x odds and double payout on a field of 12. The minimum play is $25, but they are the only casino in Las Vegas that still offer 100x odds.

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Final Thoughts

Always opt for casinos outside of the Strip and in the Downtown region for maximum odds and cheaper tables. They are more flexible with their cheap offerings, and you are bound to get relatively stable prices compared to the Strip.

Moreover, crap table prices are constantly evolving. Today we may predict that $5 crap tables are getting faced out, only to find them ever more popular in the future. Keep an eye on our updated list to get yourself the cheapest craps table in Las Vegas.

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