Cheetahs Club Las Vegas Review: Features, Events

Las Vegas is the home of entertainment, which can be gotten in many different forms. There are people that love sitting before a slot machine, attended to by cocktail waitresses that are underdressed.

Some others just want to enjoy the gorgeous view provided by the balcony nightclubs of luxury pools of Sin City. Some don’t really enjoy the feeling of the sun’s warmth or the flashing lights compared to watching the sexy young lady display her stuff on the stage. One well-known entertainment form in Las Vegas is in Sin City are Strip Clubs.

Las Vegas houses so many Strip Clubs, either on the Strip, or off it. Cheetahs is one of them. It stands as one of the oldest known strip clubs in Las Vegas.

Cheetahs Club Las Vegas Overview

Cheetahs Club Las Vegas Overview

  • Opens 24/7 from Sunday to Saturday from 7 pm to late nights
  • Lap dances: Price ranges from $20 to $100

Cheetahs club Las Vegas is a unique place where your priest or pastor could visit without anyone knowing. This is because it is extremely dark. You won’t have any idea of how the dancer looks. A blind man revealed that Braille is used in coding the nipples; it’s possible that Cheetahs club Las Vegas is a strip club just for the blind men. This gentleman club operates 24 hours a day and all through the seven days of the week.

This nightclub is best known for appearing in the 1995 movie “Showgirls”. In May 2013, Iggy Azalea initially revealed plans to have her video for “Change in Life” shot here. The scenes of the video were eventually taken at this venue and it is now called The Library Gentlemen’s Club.

The club provides everything expected from a club. There are topless dancers that reveal their “lovely assets” as women and men of all sizes and shapes are ready to splash the cash to have a great personal experience.

The lounge, bar, and main stage glows with a cool blue color. This space is ‘futuristic’ and ‘modern’, with this effect making the dancers feel a bit distance from the audience. Here, you’ll also get VIP rooms and private booths. This is great for those searching for more connection with the dancers.

The Cheetahs club Las Vegas has also recruited some great talent just to make customers have a great experience. They have jaw-dropping beauties which will raise your pulse. Expect lap dances here as well. The price begins at about $20. The price for the booth begins at $100 for fifteen minutes.

Main Features of Cheetahs Club

  • Topless Dancers

Here, you’ll have the hottest girls. This club boasts of having beautiful dancers, with their selection just as unique as a library’s books. Therefore, expect to find one that matches your taste.

  • Full Bar

The bar here is fully stocked with a wide range of liquor and tons of beer. This ensures customer enjoy their favorite mixed drink or straight shots. The bartenders here also have vast experience and are ready to offer top notch services.

  • Events

You can visit Cheetahs club to watch your sporting events. Here, you’ll find more than 20 HD TVs. You can easily host your birthday, corporate, and bachelor party here, and enjoy the best time ever.

  • Fresh Food

Here, you’ll get a special dining experience. Different meals are available to match your taste.

  • VIP Bottle Service

For those searching for a VIP experience, you can enjoy the club’s bottle service. You’ll get the best treatment with whistles and bells, while being surrounded by the ravishing showgirls.

  • VIP Booths

If you desire to have a private section just for you, then you can choose any of the VIP booths. This ranges from small tables to larger lounge areas having elevated seating and couches to give a best possible view of an action. Here, you can also hangout with some of the beautiful dancers and have great fun!

Cheetahs Club Drink Packages

Cheetahs Club Drink Packages

Just like other clubs in Las Vegas, the money making of Cheetahs club Las Vegas begins at the entrance. There are different packages for admission, which ranges from the drink package that is affordable, down to the bachelor packages that are coveted.

The basic package offers two drinks, front-line admission transportation to the hotel and back, and VIP seating. To get more, you can also upgrade to the VIP Drink Package. With this, the maximum of two drinks you were entitled to in the initial package changes. This new package grants you access to the open bar for two hours. None of the packages will get you a free lap dance. Therefore, make sure your wallet is loaded while coming into this venue.

Asides from the two packages for drinks, the Bachelor package comes with two variations. One will accommodate five people and goes for $476, while the other can take ten and goes for $952. You will get the same accommodations for the two packages if you are going for the VIP Drink Package. The only difference here is that you will have more time at the open bar. Instead of two hours, you get three hours.

The Cheetahs club Las Vegas entrance leads to an open room, which features six stages, with one being the main stage.

However, if you are hoping to get a private experience, then ask for the G-spot room. You will find it at the right side of the Cheetahs club Las Vegas entrance. This location offers the best view to enjoy a well-deserved lap dance.

Make sure you visit the Cheetahs club Las Vegas from 7 am to 7 pm. This period, you will get a 2-in-1 special offer on lap dance.

Cheetahs Club Events

Cheetahs Club Events

  • Tuesday nights: Industry nights
  • Wednesday nights: DD Night
  • Friday: Free Pizza with wings

In order to stay at the top with other nightclubs in Sin City, Cheetahs club Las Vegas holds its own events. Industry nights are held on Tuesday nights. Here, the industry’s locals can get some great killer deals. DD Night comes up on Wednesdays. Here, you will be provided with drinks or double shots.

For pizza lovers, make sure you are there on Friday. From 2 pm to 8 pm, everyone will get free pizza with wings. Clearly, Cheetahs club Las Vegas is not somewhere your kids should visit.

Cheetahs Club Cover Charge

Its cover charges are reasonably priced and it can surely serve as the best hideaway for adults after having a hard and stressful day working. The cover charge at the Cheetahs club Las Vegas varies. This depends on how busy the club is. The price ranges from $20 to $50.

FAQs and Tips of Las Vegas Strip Club

Do I Need to Dress Formally to Enter a Strip Club in Las Vegas?

Most times, yes. If you plan to visit any strip club in Las Vegas, then avoid putting on tank tops, jerseys, open toed shoes, sandals/flip-flops, and sweatpants. This goes for the ladies as well. Just dress to impress.

Can I Hook Up With a Las Vegas Club Stripper?

No matter how much she makes you feel she wants you, note this; she’s simply getting her pay cheque. That you are getting a lap dance from her doesn’t mean she wants you. Do well to avoid any form of hook up with them. You can visit any brothel if you really want to feel the warmth of a lady.

What Differentiates VIP Entry from Normal Entry?

The cost of VIP entrance is twice more than the normal cover charge. For the VIP entry, you have shorter queuing, immediate entrance, faster service, and better chances of getting decent seats. Note that the standard entry could make you wait for very long periods to gain entrance into the club. You may even wait in line for two to three hours.

With VIP Entry am I Entitled to Celebrity Treatment?

No. Majority of VIP tickets simply mean you don’t have to join the long queue. Don’t get disappointed expecting to get celebrity treatment where there’s none.


Cheetahs club Las Vegas is a great place to be. You will never have a dull moment. Their fees are also very affordable. If you are really stressed out and searching for somewhere to cool your head, then the Cheetahs club is a good option.