Circus Circus Adventuredome: Attractions, Hours & Prices

There are several options for wholesome family fun in Vegas, but Adventuredome is among the most popular destinations – and since the whole park is under a huge glass dome, it’s open all year.

This park has something for everyone, whether it’s exhilarating roller coasters, more sedate rides for kids, classic arcade games or cutting-edge VR adventures – and if that sounds like the kind of place you’d enjoy, here’s the lowdown on everything to expect when you visit.

Adventuredome Overview

Circus Circus Adventuredome Overview
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Circus Circus’ Adventuredome, formerly known as Grand Slam Canyon, is a covered amusement park housed in a glass dome at Circus Circus resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

The “dome” itself is made of panels of pink insulated glass, and since the entire climate-controlled park is contained inside the dome, it’s unaffected by the external weather and remains open year-round.

The attractions inside the park include rollercoasters, family rides, premium rides, a climbing wall, a miniature golf course, a video games arcade, a 4D theatre and more.

At the beginning, the amusement park was aimed mostly at children, but in recent years it has also tried to become more appealing to teens too.

This has seen the park’s popularity grow year after year, and it is now among the city’s best-loved attractions, especially for those visiting Vegas with children.


  • Total number of glass panes in the dome: 8,615
  • Total weight of each pane: around 300lbs (140kg)
  • Total surface area of the glass dome: over 350,000 sq ft (33,000 m2)
  • Total number of visitors per year: over 3 million
  • Total number of visitors: well over 50 million and counting


Since Adventuredome first opened, many rides have come and gone, with only one remaining from 1993. Here’s a list of the rides you can currently expect to find there:

Roller Coasters

  • Canyon Blaster
Canyon Blaster
Source: @sustainedairtime

Canyon Blaster was the signature attraction at Adventuredome when it opened as Grand Slam Canyon, and it’s the only ride that’s still open from back then.

Stepping on Canyon Blaster will give you the chance to ride the world’s only indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew rollercoaster, and with top speeds of 55mph, it’s sure to give thrill-seekers that hit of adrenaline they crave.

Height requirement: 48” minimum height to ride

  • El Loco
El Loco
Source: @parqueteenteres

An Adventuredome favorite since it opened in 2014, El Loco is a hair-raising ride that famously incorporates a terrifying vertical drop, generating an impressive 1.5 vertical-G, along with two exhilarating dive loop inversions.

Each car is equipped with speakers that blast out a mix of “energetic hip hop, rock and Latin beats” that help to build the excitement – as well as partially drowning out your screams!

Height requirement: 48” minimum height to ride

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Large Rides

  • Canyon Cars
Canyon Bumper Cars
Source: @circusvegas

Canyon Cars is Adventuredome’s bumper car attraction, allowing you to get behind the wheel and do your very best to avoid all the other cars on the road (or just crash into them if you can’t manage!).

Height requirement: 42” to ride, 54” to drive

  • Sand Pirates

An out-of-control swinging pirate ship, Sand Pirates is Adventuredome’s answer to the well-loved classic of amusement parks everywhere. Climb aboard and hold on as the ship swings ever higher – and when it reaches the top of the swing, look down if you dare!

Height requirements: 48” to ride alone, 33” to ride with an adult

Premium Rides

  • NebulaZ
Source: @themeparkworldwide

Colorful and exciting, the spinning and swinging NebulaZ is Adventuredome’s newest attraction. While you’re riding, you’ll also be able to catch sight of some great views down over the rest of the park.

Height requirement: 42” minimum to ride

  • Disk’O

Take your seat and prepare to be spun and rotated in all directions. This ride features a special seating design that places everyone on the front row, so everyone is guaranteed a great spot – and once the ride starts, there’s nowhere to hide from those watching you from below.

Height requirement: 48” minimum to ride

  • Inverter

A ride that’s sure to test the strength of your stomach, on Inverter, you’ll be put through 360° of constant G-force action to see how much you can take of being spun upside down in all directions.

A hugely fun ride – but take care when you get off because you might not quite be ready to walk straight for your first couple of steps!

Height requirement: 48” minimum to ride

  • Sling Shot
Sling Shot
Source: @themeparkgods

For fans of G-force, the Sling Shot is the ride to head for. Take your place in your seat as you are slowly lifted to the top of the tower. Then, after a few seconds of hanging in the air looking down, the Sling Shot drops and then rockets back up and down, exposing you to up to 4 Gs.

 Height requirement: 48” minimum to ride

  • Chaos
Source: @circusvegas

Chaos is well named since once the ride starts and you feel yourself being thrown around in three separate directions, that’s exactly what you’ll feel like you’re experiencing.

An intense and seemingly unpredictable ride that will leave you feeling both exhilarated and a little shaken – in a fun way!

Height requirement: 48” minimum to ride

  • Lazer Blast

In Lazer Blast, you’ll have the opportunity to enter an action-packed arena and blast your friends and family with a laser gun. Join the fun to show off your skills and see who’s the best sharpshooter in town.

Height requirement: 42” minimum to play

FX Theater 4D Features

  • Ice Age 4-D: No Time for Nuts

The first of the two FX Theater shows currently showing is Ice Age 4-D: No Time for Nuts. In it, you’ll join Scrat, the nut-munching saber-toothed squirrel who takes you on a time-travelling journey in search of his favorite snack.

Expect laughs, excitement and some crazy 4D effects along the way.

  • Scooby Doo

Everyone loves Scooby Doo, and at Adventuredome, you’ll get to join Scooby and the gang in their newest adventure in the SCOOB!4DExperience. The story involves plot twists, scheming and a daring plan – so everything you’d expect from anything involving Scooby and his friends.

Extreme Ride Theater

  • Angry Birds

Another wild 4D adventure, Angry Birds The Ride has all kinds of surprises in store for you, including buzzing bees, big explosions – and plenty of unexpected 4D effects that will have you jumping in your seat and looking around to see what’s going on.

Family Rides

Family Rides
Source: @awesome_trip_
  • B.C. Bus

If you’re looking for something a little gentler that’s suitable for younger visitors, B.C. Bus could be just the ride for you. You take a seat on the bus and then sit back and enjoy the experience as the bus moves up and down.

Perhaps not the kind of ride that teenagers will think much of – but for younger kids, it’s ideal!

Height requirement: Children below 36” must be accompanied by an adult

  • Drifters

Another relaxing ride that’s suitable for young children, Drifters replicates sitting in a hot air balloon as it rises up and makes its way sedately around the Ferris wheel. Full of colors and lights, young kids are sure to love this elegant ride.

Height requirement: Children below 42” must be accompanied by an adult

  • Circus Carousel

No amusement park would be complete without a carousel, and this timeless ride in Adventuredome features all manner of beautiful fantasy creatures for you to ride. Great for kids but enjoyable for adults who enjoy a little nostalgia too!

Height requirement: Children below 42” must be accompanied by an adult

  • Road Runner

If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip to the Himalayas, this ride will give you a small taste of what’s in store. The ride takes you up and down the slopes both forwards and backwards, providing no shortage of entertainment along the way.

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Junior Rides

  • Frog Hopper

A ride for younger visitors to the park that bounces them up and down on a frog, guaranteeing plenty of smiles and laughs.

Height requirements: Riders must be between 36” and 58” in height

  • Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds adventure allows younger visitors to take to the skies in a 1920s airplane, soaring above the crowds below. Another great attraction for kids who are too small to enjoy some of the more intense rides.

Height requirement: Riders must be between 36” and 58” in height

Featured Attractions

Adventuredome also boasts several featured attractions, including:

  • Bank Heist Laser Challenge: Crack the Code

A maze of lasers in which you attempt to crack the code to solve the puzzle.

  • Bank Heist Laser Challenge: Escape the Vault

The second part of the laser maze that sees players trying to escape from the vault.

  • Xtreme Zone

An area that includes a climbing wall and bungee jumping.

  • Pirates Bounty

A miniature 18-hole golf course with a pirate theme.

  • Arcade

An arcade with all the latest games for you to show off your skills.

  • Midway Games

Carnival-style games like basketball, balloon bursting and many others that allow you to try to win fun prizes.

  • Classic arcade

An arcade area with classic games from the past, popular with kids and adults alike.

  • Clown shows

Look out for the team of clowns who roam Adventuredome playing gags and ensuring visitors are always entertained.

  • VR room

A cutting-edge VR room with 10 different games, allowing you to play in a fully immersive world.

Opening Times

At the time of writing, the park is operating on winter hours, which are as follows:

  • Mon-Thu: Noon-7pm
  • Fri-Sat: 10am-Midnight
  • Sunday:10am-9pm

Opening times are subject to change according to the season. For the most up to date, contact the park directly on (702) 794-3939.


  • Regular Wristband Voucher (48” or taller) – $60
  • Junior Wristband Voucher (under 48”) – $30

Wristband vouchers entitle wearers to unlimited rides for a single day, redeemable up to 45 days from the date of purchase.

All riders over 33” must have a ticket. Reductions of $2 are offered on the presentation of a military ID.

Group Offers

Adventuredome can cater for groups from 15 up to 5,000 people. As well as receiving a discount, groups are supplied with pizza, beverages, plates, napkins, utensils and shared access to the group area with a host.

Kids’ birthday party packages also exist and include refillable drinks, pizzas, ice cream, party hats, utensils, napkins, a designated party area for the group and a host – as well as a t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl.

In addition, Adventuredome caters for school groups. You can choose an educational package such as Physics Day or Science of Juggling, the Performance Arts package or simply a Fun Day school group pass.

Click here for more details about group packages and bookings.

Address and How to Get There

Address: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

From Hotel Lobby/West Valet

From the entrance, turn right towards the Avis Rent-A-Car and then follow the walkway around to the left. Next, turn left and take the stairs or the escalator up to the Promenade level, then turn right and go straight on. You will see Adventuredome on your left.

From Players Club/Las Vegas Strip entrance

Walk around the Main Casino and then go straight on, right past Krispy Kreme and then past the West Casino. Continue round to the left, then turn right to take the stairs or escalator up to the Promenade level. Turn right then go straight on. You will see Adventuredome on your left.

Parking Garage 1

Enter from the third-floor Promenade level and continue straight on. Go past the Promenade escalators and continue straight on. You will see Adventuredome on your left.

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Does Fright Dome Still Run for Halloween?

No. Adventuredome stopped running its once-famous Halloween events in 2017.

What is NEON Nights?

Every evening, Adventuredome glows up in neon colors, with rides, attractions and Midway Games all getting in on the action, all of which makes it even more fun – and spectacular – to stay until after dark.

How Can You Get a Discount?

Groups of 15 and above are entitled to a discount.

Plenty of Fun for All the Family

When it opened, Adventuredome – or Grand Slam Canyon as it was then known – catered more for younger kids.

However, nowadays, with the addition of a range of exciting attractions, it has become a popular attraction for families with kids of all ages – or even just adults who enjoy the thrills and excitement of amusement park rides.