6 Amazing Cirque du Soleil Shows in Las Vegas

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If you have ever been to the circus show, you are familiar with flying ninjas, rope masters for specificity purposes, who swing and jump on hanging ropes up high. They may have given you chills as they throw themselves midair to nothingness in the hope of holding their fellow’s hands some ten feet away.

For sure, this job requires guts, and trust-trust issues don’t apply here. Jaw-dropping already, you were not sure if they would make it, but hoped they did.

Now imagine a more lively variety show, with gymnasts, acrobats, swimmers, dancing, singing-you name it. The Cirque du Soleil is a production of pure art mixed with the flavor of a buffet. Talk of a modernized contemporary circus where you see the century-old magic of shows and the modern side of props and adrenaline pop.

Cirque du Soleil Now Performing Shows

Cirque du Soleil is known to put up spectacular productions that earn respect and loyalty from the audience. If you fancy big stages and extremities, you are in for a treat, friend. Buckle up, and explore the different shows that make Vegas the scene of Circus.

Each Cirque du Soleil show has a distinct theme, with costumes and live music to match. The stories are borrowed from cultures and societies globally to make you more culturally diverse, offering intuitive information, and most of all intrigue your imagination-entertainment. They perform to express the theme in dances, acrobatics, and all the circus acts present.

1. Mystère

Mystère at Treasure Island
Source: cirquedusoleil
  • Location: Treasure Island Hotel and Casino
  • Show Times: 90 minutes, Friday through Tuesday. Extra shows on Friday and Saturday.
  • Rating: All ages (underage patrons must be in the accompany of an adult)
  • Ticket: From $75.00
  • Age Limit: No

This was the inaugural show of the Cirque du Soleil productions in Las Vegas. It opened doors in 1993, bringing in the aspect of modernity in a circus show. Their permanent residency at the Treasure Island hotel and casino theater cements this show as the pinnacle of theatrical amusements.

Treat yourself to this jewel show every Friday to Tuesday for a thrilling ninety minutes of pure bliss on the stage. Enjoy different acts from rope gymnasts, pole climbers, strength balancers, and comics that leave you in stitches with their silly scenes and jokes.

Live music from the show’s band complements the show playing tunes from soul music, rock music to medieval folklore dances. No wonder the show has bagged the ‘best production show’ a whopping eight times! The lighting, sound, and theatre ambiance give you the essence of raw acts and stunts on a stage-a genuine display of guts and danger all in one sitting.

The director of the show Franco Dragone is a spectacular creative. He goes to show the extremities of the human body way beyond what you can imagine. Contortionists twist and turn, leaving you in wonder if they do have a skeleton. Otherwise, how can you explain when a human touches the heel of their feet with their chin?

Tickets to Mystere are available online. Also, enjoy a meet and greet session before the show starts and get a picture or autograph with the cast. Even if Mystere is a family-friendly show, you are under the advisory to take the necessary action as the lighting and loud sounds used during the show may frighten some children.

2. Michael Jackson ONE

michael jackson one show
Source: cirquedusoleil
  • Location: Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
  • Show Times: 90 minutes; 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Thursday – Monday
  • Rating: 5+ (Underage patrons should have adult supervision)
  • Ticket: From $69.00
  • Age Limit: 5+

The show is cast in memory of the King of Pop-Michael Jackson. The MJ ONE show seeks the progression of the king’s message, keeping it relevant and alive. The show plays themes associated with harmony, hope, and unity in the world. The acts matched lively acts that display carefully perfected choreographies, with Michael’s songs playing in the background.

Aerial artists and bungee jumps accompany the dance, and the obstructions add to the already quick and energetic dance routines. The act features four characters, who are gifted Michael’s apparels that give them superpowers to dance and overcome challenges they face. It becomes a life-changing moment for them as they dance to your favorite Michael’s moonwalk and twists.

If you are a fan of pop (and Micahel, obviously), then you have more than enough reasons to watch this act. Book this show online and get a chance to be part of MJ’s movement of hope and a peaceful world. This is an emotional show that is thrilling to watch.

3. The Beatles-Love

The Beatles-Love
Source: cirquedusoleil
  • Location: The Mirage
  • Show Times: 90 minutes; Monday, Thursday through Sunday with extra shows on weekends.
  • Rating: 5+ (Underage patrons should have adult supervision)
  • Ticket: From $79.00
  • Age Limit: 5+

The three-time Grammy Awards winner for the best soundtrack act happens to headline in the strip once more. The show is extra in both acts and music that put the mojo on play for that feel-good time you crave. The directors of music closely match the trampoline, roller skaters, and the aerial acrobatics on stage with good tunes that dive into the show, compacting it nicely.

The dances and choreographies are to perfection. The act looks so smooth and seamless that you want to get up on stage and be one physically with the performers (don’t do it). The Love Beatles bring musicals to life, and characters in the song act the part to make you live the message.

The theater multimedia effects are equipped with the state of the art audio-visual technology. This makes the stage life and the songs out of the speaker system reach you, properly. You can get tickets to the Cirque du Soleil online or through Vegas.com to book your live musical experience on 360-degree seating.

4. “O” By Cirque du Soleil

o show
Source: cirquedusoleil
  • Location: Bellagio Hotel and Casino
  • Show Times: 90 minutes, Wednesday to Sunday
  • Rating: 5+ (Underage patrons should have adult supervision)
  • Ticket: From $79.00
  • Age Limit: 5+

If you fancy the great sea and mermaids, well, this is the closest you are getting to see the mermaids (not to spoil your fantasy, but they are fictional, by the way). The O show puts the stage on a 1.5-gallon water pool, surrounded by a platform hosting the magic and fun clowns in the show house.

The acrobatics done over the pool on a railing is the perfect depiction of guts and courage. The artists contort and do stunts while on top of this structure, while divers spontaneously dive from the 60 feet tall platform into the pool.

The show puts you on the verge of defying common sense as you awe what the humans on the act achieve. The acts are so many, all happening at once-some people may find this overwhelming. “O” will demand your 100% attention as a single misdirection can lose you.

It is like a demanding child, so you better not get distracted. Fortunately, the high-energy act is not boring at all. You are guaranteed to have your adrenaline levels hiked, and therefore you can justify the spending.

The seating at the theater, especially on the front rows (101-105), is labeled as wet seats. Make sure not to get the seats at the 101 and 105 sections-they are obstructed partially, and you may miss the full experience of the show.

Buy tickets to this show of circus rejuvenation online and enjoy the water extravaganza.

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5. Ka’ By Cirque du Soleil

KÀ Show
Source: cirquedusoleil
  • Location: MGM Grand
  • Show Times: 90 minutes, Saturday through Wednesday
  • Rating: 5+ (underage patrons must be in the accompany of an adult)
  • Ticket: From $80
  • Age Limit: 5+

The finest battle of supremacy and sanity, Ka is the ultimate power battle between rivaling foes. It is tribal, relative, and exhilarating to watch this show. It follows a dynasty story and the journey of the surviving rulers of a kingdom after the death of the Emperor and his wife. The twins go separate ways to escape the warring tribes of the kingdom and the power-hungry villain.

The cast is energetic, with swords and spears clashing in the fight scenes and the boast in the sea. It makes you part of the story, and you may find yourself mouth wide. Watch this experience on the million-dollar stage at the MGM Grand.

Check this video to see how they bring KÀ to life, and learn what goes on behind the scenes at Cirque du Soleil!

6. Mad Apple By Cirque Du Soleil

Mad Apple By Cirque Du Soleil
Source: @directordorward
  • Location: New York-New York Hotel & Casino
  • Show Times: 80 minutes, Saturday through Wednesday
  • Rating: 16 + (under 18 patrons must be in the accompany of an adult)
  • Ticket: from $59
  • Age Limit:16+

The Mad Apple premiered at New York-New York in May 2022, making it the latest entry into Cirque du Soleil’s 40-year old group of shows. If you are looking for a wild night in New York City, in Vegas, then it does not get crazier or wackier than buying tickets to Mad Apple.

The show is inspired by New York City, its circus acts, and the big city’s culture. Even the venue was designed to look like a New York City nightclub. It is a 1,200-seat theatre with a unique bar set into the stage.

Get in earlier to grab a drink and enjoy the close-up magic shows before the main acts. You will notice the transformative change as the ‘transformer’ bar turns from a full bar to a stage where the artists quickly jump onto. 

Guests are advised to get into the venue 30 minutes in advance to catch the pre-show acts.  

Mad Apple By Cirque Du Soleil Show
Source: @salva_vjf

Mad Apple features the beloved wheel of death, many popular circus acts, trapeze performances, and magic acts. Due to a rotating cast, you can expect new infusion of talent and extra performances throughout the year.

The show may sound like your typical circus but you are in for a surprise when you find out its for ages 16 and above only.

Unlike other Cirque du Soleil shows, the Mad Apple includes a huge roaster of stand-up comedians, bringing you some racy humor, dark & adult materials; all for a whole night of satire. Sorry, but you will have to leave the younglings behind for this one.

Mad Apple is the first Cirque du Soleil show to include stand-up comedy. You can now catch up on a few popular comedians’ skits while waiting for a breathtakingly dangerous acrobatic-filled show.

Tip: If you are looking for the best seats for Mad Apple then any choice in sections 103 or 102 will serve you well. They are closer to the stage and nearest to the theater’s center.

Is Cirque du Soleil Worth the Money?

That is for you to decide. But if online reviews are anything to go by, you are in for a treat you are not likely to forget. About 80% of attendees to Cirque du Soleil shows are content with the performances. Those are ratings considering there cannot lack a few grumbles-Vegas has all sorts of folks.

You don’t need the most expensive seats on the show to enjoy. You have assured a fulfilling casting wherever you sit. The interactive nature of the show draws you to be part of the act, losing you into the mystic and flexibilities of being human.

The different part of a Cirque du Soleil and a circus is they don’t have animals in Vegas. But that is compensated by their costumes, which are of top-shelf design.


Cirque du Soleil is the greatest if not the only circus experience that wows the crowd. It presents you with danger, empathy, magic, and laughs under a single roof. These 90-minute shows are without intermission-you get value for money.

Performers are very talented, displaying expertise and guts as they exercise what you cannot-unless you are one of them!