2023 WSOP Winner Wins Record-Breaking $12.1M Prize

Daniel Weinman from Atlanta, Georgia won a record-breaking $12,000,000 prize at the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP), taking home the largest payout in Main Event history.

By outlasting a field of 10,043 players, Weinman took on fellow American Steven Jones in a final hand that lasted a surprisingly short nine minutes. The final table took just 164 hands for Weinman to win, much quicker than most people expected.

For a minute it felt like Jones had the upper hand by going all-in with Jack-eight. However, Weinman called his bluff and went in with his greater King-Jack, sealing the historical win for the 35-year-old.

Weinman barely made it to the final table when he almost lost on Day 8 of the WSOP competition. He managed to get a pivotal clutch two-outer that saved his spot and assured his entry into the history books.

Even though it was a disappointing loss for Jones, he went home with $6.5 million in second place, followed by Adam Walton who was the third finalist with $4 million.

Weinman is the 2023 Main Event Champion making him the first American to win the tournament since John Cynn in 2018.

2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Results:

  Player Country Winning Prize
1 Daniel Weinman United States $12,100,000
2 Steven Jones United States $6,500,000
3 Adam Walton United States $4,000,000
4 Jan-Peter Jachman Germany $3,000,000
5 Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine $2,400,000
6 Dean Hutchison United Kingdom $1,850,000
7 Toby Lewis United Kingdom $1,425,000
8 Juan Maceiras Spain $1,125,000
9 Daniel Holzner Italy $900,000