Drai’s Nightclub Guide: All You Need To Know

When it comes to nightlife in the strip, only a few can rival the experience at Drais. This enormous state-of-the-art club gives both the fun and class associated with extreme partying. If you are a party freak and you are in Vegas, you haven’t had it the right way until you visit this nightclub for a life of wonders in tales.

The club combines the world’s biggest stages and experiences into one massive offering. From the dance floor to the pools and the VIP section, these are a must-check if your budget can allow it. Feel the true spirit of the city while laying off some steam and enjoy your night at one of Vegas’ top clubs.

The founders of the Drais group will tell you that it took the combination of individual experiences in nightlife all over the world, and the aftermath was an experience you can only imagine. Indeed it was a build like no other, as Drais is a venue packed with class, fun, and generally the life of the party.

Located in the Cromwell hotel building, getting to 3595 S Las Vegas Boulevard is no hard task. To get to the venue from the Cromewel’s main valet, go through the casino doors, and you will see the Drai’s club entrance just off your right.

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Drai’s Nightclub
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The club sits on a 70,000+ square feet multileveled space offering a 360-degree experience of the Las Vegas strip from the rooftop. You can see all of the strip and the amazing lighting that Vegas displays at night.

The club packs 150+ VIP bottle tables, eight pools to enjoy the swim nights, four bars, and two VIP balconies that give you the mesmerizing sight of the strip. The club has 7000+ square feet of digital LED screens to display your favorite music and artists during concert nights.

The mega 80-sided disco ball lingering above the dance floor is welcoming and gives you the proper party mood immediately you step into the club. It is like the sign that tells you, “Today, you are going wild!”

Opening Hours

The nightclub is usually open from 10 pm to 4 am, from Thursdays through Sundays. After the party is over upstairs, you can always take a continuation of your experience at the Drais after hours. It is located downstairs through a gold elevator.

Here you must be willing to take your party up until 8 am. It is a perfect experience to tone down the night feel in a fun way. You can enjoy your drinks at the bar and dance to some best music as the day dawns.

A valid photo ID of every patron must be presented at the club’s entrance. You must be over 21 years if you wish to party in this club, partaking in its rawness in party life.

What is the Dress Code at Drai’s Nightclub?

What Is The Dress Code At Drai’s Nightclub
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Unlike many other clubs you may know that accept any dress code, Drais has a dress code that must be adhered to if you want to party in this club. Baggy clothing is not allowed, neither are flip flops unless it’s swim night. Always check the website to see if you can wear your favorite attire. Alternatively, there are many VIP hosts and guides who can assist you get the party experience of Vegas without breaking the rules.

Typically, gentlemen wearing pants, a button-up shirt, and dress shoes will be welcome here. Also, you can swap the pants for some nice-fitting jeans. Ladies, you can wear some high heels and a dress; who doesn’t love a cute dress? 🙂

Drais have a tighter leash on men’s clothing than women, as women can wear anything they want so long as it’s not revealing. The club also does not entertain:

  • Sportswear, i.e., track jackets, sports shoes, jerseys, hats, etc.
  • Chains
  • Sandals
  • Baggy pants
  • Sneakers, i.e., Timberland or Jordan shoes
  • Ripped clothing
  • Branded apparel
  • Clothes with offensive prints

During Drai’s swim nights, carry your swimsuit as you will not be allowed into the spa or pool area without the appropriate wear.

Drais is very strict on its recommended dress code. Failure to adhere to their taste can and will result in you being denied access to the club. You are requested to go back to your home or hotel and change to the recommended dress code.

It is good to respect these rules, and kindly do not ask to speak to the manager. After all, he is the one who enforces the rules-you don’t want to mess with the voluptuous security personnel at this club.

Prohibited Items in Drai’s Club

All non-essentials should be left in your hotel room or at home. Anything that the club deems unwanted is not allowed in the club. The security will check your bag and pockets, so it is better to leave these items at home. If any prohibited item is recovered in the club, it is confiscated and disposed of appropriately by the club. The club has no liability to return the item to you, as they had already asked you not to carry the prohibited item.

Do not carry the following items when going to a party at the Drai’s club:

  • Weapons like guns and knives
  • Controlled substances like bhang and coke
  • Eye drops
  • Gum
  • Liquids
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Over the counter medication
  • Cameras, go pros, selfie sticks, smart glasses, and laptops
  • Non-valid prescription drugs
  • E-cigars and vapes
  • Outside food or beverages

How Much do Tickets to Drai’s Nightclub Cost?

The club has got overcharges you need to pay to gain entry. The entrance fee varies, depending on the event available that day, the performing artist, and if it’s on holiday or not. Below is a table showing the different tiers available.

Event Ladies Gents
DJ Nights $20 $30
Performance Nights $40 $60

These prices can change, with men paying up to a $100 fee at the entrance and women $50. Also, you will need to add about 25% to cover for tax and the processing fee and tips to know an estimation of the amount that you may need to carry with you to the club. This money covers only the entry fee, so be ready to part with some dollars if you want to have a drink in the bar.

You should purchase the tickets online well before the party day, as you stand to get discounted pricing. Sometimes the tickets do sell out, and you may miss the moment to party if they do before you get your hands on one. Waiting to purchase tickets at the door can be more expensive than if you bought them online, with the prices sometimes hitting three times the retail of presale tickets.

Drai’s Nightclub Guest List

You can reserve a guest list at the Drais website or through your host. The only time the club has no guest list is on holiday weekends, and as you know, those are not as many in a year! If you plan on reserving a guest list, doing it way before Thursday is the best option. You can even push it a little further down, like a week, so that you get the best table and deals, of course.

Women on a guestlist get free access to the club. Men also enjoy complimentary access- this is dependent on whether your group has an equal men-to-omen ratio.

To ensure entry and acceptance of the guest list, the club recommends that you adhere to the guest lists regulations. Arrive before the guestlist cut off time-usually arrive an hour before time to avoid inconveniences such as you being thrown off the list, etc. Your group must also adhere to the club’s dressing code and observe the prohibited items rule.

The club can accommodate a guest capacity of 2500 persons.

What Type of Music Does Drais Play?

What Type Of Music Does Drais Play
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Club Drais is known for playing RnB, Hip-hop, and Pop songs. The club plays Reggaeton from time to time too. Your trending top 100 charts are on the playlist here, with world-class DJs giving you the best mixes with MCs filling in, giving you the ultimate nightlife experience firsthand. You are lost in the excitement as you get down to the best music playing on the decks.

The club has a massive concert-like stage that gives you the impression of that Travis Scot concert at the Hollywood Bowl in LA. The stage hosts artists during performance nights with its location making it the center of all attention. The futuristic sound system and the LED screens all around the club mean that even at the furthest edge of the club, you get to enjoy the performances seamlessly.

Events at Drai’s Nightclub

The modern club has a lot in their events calendar, and you can get the whole breadth from their website to know the upcoming event you need to watch out for and put on your bucket list. The club hosts performing artists and the best dancers on the Vegas strip. The electrifying Dj mixes make you want to bust your best move on the dance floor.

The club gives Live series productions featuring renowned artists who are exclusive to Drais. You get a full stage performance, with dancers and stage lighting-other clubs can hardly match this wow experience in the strip. Some big names in the Hip-hop music scene like Lil Wayne, Migos, and Wiz Khalifa have stepped foot on the stage to offer the music experience you can only see in concert!

Bottle service at Drai’s club

Bottle Service At Drai’s Club
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Drais has one of the best bottle services on the strip. You can get a table from $600-$8000, depending on location, the number of guests, the current event, and the type of service. Reserving a table means that you get the VIP treatment that regular tickets patrons don’t get, including:

  1. Quick and complimentary entry to the club
  2. You get to choose three mixers
  3. You get a designated table for the night
  4. You get a table cocktail server, a busser, and a security guard
  5. You get storage space to put your valuables

Bottle Service Minimum– this is the least amount you agree to spend when booking a table. If you spend below it, you still have to pay the full amount. If you spend more, then you will have to cover the overcharge.

Bottle Service Total Cost– this is the bottle service minimum plus overcharge. The total amount you spend on the service.

To calculate the actual costs of booking a table, you will have to factor in approximately 35% for taxes, processing fee, entry fee, and tips.

Table reservation prices vary depending on the table location:

  1. Poolside Banquette-Holds up to 4 guests, costing $600-$1000.
  2. VIP Balcony-this 4-guest table costs $600-$1500 with views of the main room.
  3. Mezzanine Booth– have utmost privacy with this 6-guest table overlooking the main room at $1000-$2000.
  4. Bungalows-the space can hold up to 8 guests for a fee of $1000-$2000. It is at an outside section, along with the main pool.
  5. Banquette-it’s located at the back of the main room. It can hold up to 4 guests costing $1000-$2000. However, it has a lot of foot traffic due to the adjacent walkway.
  6. Elevated VIP Booth-spending $1200-$3000 will get you this six guest table with proximity to the dance floor, the DJ booth, and behind the banquette tables.
  7. Patio Dance Floor-spend $1500-$4000 for this ten guest table near the main room on an outdoor patio.
  8. Upper Dance Floor-($2000-$5000) it has a one-way entry and can pack up to 12 guests.
  9. Dance Floor– this table will set you back $3000-$6000, with the best location on the dance floor for your six guests.
  10. Stage-($5000-$8000) – get up close performances from artists and the DJ. It also gives you the best sights of the strip and the club on Drais.
  11. Owner-($5000-$8000) owners seats with a large booth and privacy.


Drais nightclub Conclusion
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Drais nightclub is one of the best in the strip, offering one-of-a-kind live experiences available at none of the other clubs in Vegas. They feature renowned artists and DJs that electrocute the crowd with fun and dancing. If you are visiting the strip, you need to book one night here and enjoy the wholesome course of the nightlife at Drais.

The club has a cover charge between $20-$40 for ladies and $30-$60 for gentlemen. This does not include prices of drinks you may take while inside the club or tips and processing fees. To gain access, you have to adhere to the club’s dress code, failure to which you stand restriction to enter the club.

Get your tickets beforehand to avoid paying more at the door. You can also book a table service ahead of time to enjoy that VIP treatment as you party. Check with your host for prices and also the best value for your group.