Ellis Island Las Vegas’ Steak and Eggs Special

Las Vegas is known for its abundance of upscale fine-dining restaurants and trendy, high-end bars that make the city a gastronomic destination. But sometimes, after a long night of partying in Sin City, you crave something hearty, warm, and filling—something like steak and eggs.

For people who don’t always go to Las Vegas, looking for an affordable steak and eggs meal can be challenging. Left and right, you’ll be met with luxurious restaurants and swanky diners that might set you back over $30 for a meal like that.

Ellis Island
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But locals and frequent Vegas visitors know that just a stone’s throw away from the glamorous Las Vegas Strip, Ellis Island Casino offers the best deal in town for steak and eggs. The dish is mouthwatering and fills your cravings while being affordable, making it well-loved by locals.

So, what makes this steak and eggs special so satisfying, and how do you order it? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Ellis Island’s comfort food and secret menu item.

Where Can You Find Steak and Eggs at Ellis Island?

Ellis Island Steak and Eggs
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There are plenty of dining options at Ellis Island Casino, Hotel & Brewery. They have a Best of Las Vegas Award-winning BBQ resto and a delicious Italian deli among other eateries.

But arguably the most popular of their restaurants is the 24-hour Village Pub and Café. The Village Pub may not feel the same as other restaurants in Vegas. Instead of glamorous and opulent, the vibe is laidback, cozy, and friendly.

It’s the perfect spot for taking a break from the glitz and glam of the city and chowing down some comfort food like burgers and brunch food. And it’s exactly where you’ll find the lauded steak and eggs special at Ellis Island.

The Lowdown on Ellis Island’s Steak and Eggs Special

Steak and Eggs at Ellis Island
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When you scan the menu at Ellis Island’s Village Pub, you may be a little confused. The steak and eggs special is nowhere to be found here.

That’s because the special is an off-the-menu meal. It’s a secret item that only locals and Ellis Island fanatics know about. Just mention it to your server and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

Just a few years back, you could get the steak and eggs special for just $7.99. Today, the price sits at $9.99. Even with the two-dollar increase, it’s still ridiculously affordable for the heavenly comfort meal you get.

So, what do you get for $9.99? The special gives you a 7 oz. cut of thick, juicy, succulent steak and two eggs cooked any way you want. You also get toast and some flavorful breakfast potatoes. Even with the low price range, every element of the dish is tasty and adds value to the meal.

Sure, the steak and eggs meal is far from the Michelin-starred meals you can get from other restaurants in Vegas. But it’s one of the most comforting, satisfying breakfast foods you can get when you’re craving some grub and the hearty, scrumptious taste of home.

With Ellis Island’s steak and eggs special, you can get one of your most delicious meals in Vegas without breaking the bank. You can order it any time from the wee hours of the morning until 11:00 AM on weekdays. If you’re out and about on a weekend, you can get it until 2:00 PM.

Not sure what else to get with your steak and eggs? Check out the Village Pub and Café’s breakfast menu to see your options for sides and desserts. Items that might go well with your steak and eggs include pancakes, biscuits and gravy, or perhaps a root beer float as a sweet finisher.

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Next time you’re craving some good old steak and eggs in Las Vegas, don’t burn a hole in your pocket just to fulfill your cravings. Instead, take a walk to the off-the-Strip Ellis Island Casino and ask for their off-the-menu steak and eggs special.

For just $9.99, you get a delicious steak, two eggs, and a side of toast and potatoes. It’s a dream for anyone who wants a classic diner breakfast or hearty hangover food after a wild night in Sin City. You don’t just get a sumptuous meal out of it—you get bang for your buck, too. Try it out today!

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