Hakkasan Nightclub Las Vegas Guide

If this is your first time coming to Vegas, with the sole purpose of visiting the clubs, then Hakkasan nightclub must be included in your list. The venue doesn’t just boast of having high-profile DJs, it also has one of the most exciting layouts in Vegas.

If you visit the main room, you’ll see EDM playing. On the third floor is the hip-hop music home, with both lounge and club settings. This club is the best option that suits the music tastes of everyone.

There is a fair warning here. Hakkasan Nightclub Vegas is well-known for ensuring everyone gets there early. If you get there late, some bad things could happen such as increases in price at the door. However, there’s nothing to worry about, because we will show you the best way to protect yourself.

General Information about the Hakkasan Nightclub Vegas

About the Hakkasan Nightclub Vegas
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This nightclub is located in the MGM Grand hotel. It is a nightclub where everyone wants to be, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has received lots of accolades. One of these is the ranking of the Playboy magazine, which places them on the number spot.

Four levels can be found in this nightclub

  • On the first floor, you’ll find the Hakkasan restaurant
  • The third floor houses the 3rd floor club and the lounge
  • On the fourth floor, you’ll find the main room and pavilion
  • While on the fifth floor, is where you find the Mezzanine

The second floor is missing, and this is strictly for private dining. According to rumors, Hakkasan is about 80,000 SF. This means about $100 to $200 million was invested to erect this magnificent property.

Hakkasan Nightclub is one out of few nightclubs that provides the concept “club within a club.” Although, in the club’s main room, it is known to be an EDM powerhouse, the club also has a lounge and hip hop room. These places were once called the Ling Ling Lounge and Club

During summer, the venues on the third floor are usually open on Friday and Saturday nights. At times, they are close during off-seasons. Their being open or not depends on each night’s demand. Also, there may not be a final decision until a few hours before the opening of the club.

Dress Code at Hakkasan Nightclub Vegas

Dress Code at Hakkasan Nightclub Vegas
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When we talk about the nightclubs in Vegas, people visiting the Hakkasan usually dress up more. Their dress code is highly demanding. Therefore, you should come into the venue looking very good, if possible your best.

For the ladies, dresses, nice-looking flats and heels are recommended. Only stylish and elegant gowns and dresses are allowed in. Trousers are fine; so far you coordinate it properly with a nice blouse, coupled with some nice accessories. Ensure your dressing is decent and appropriate before coming into the venue and as you leave. Ladies cannot wear sneakers, shorts, baggy clothing, gym wear, sportswear, and sandals.

For men, you should dress to impress. Putting on a collared shirt, pants, and dress shoes, are great options. There are clothing items that are not allowed into the club for men. These items include sandals, hats, ripped clothing, athletic wear, men’s shorts, and sneakers. When we talk of athletic wear, then you should avoid putting on the clothing items of a sports team.

Hakkasan Nightclub is a place known for its great and aesthetic appeal, luxury, and style. This is what you need to consider when dressing to this nightclub.

Hakkasan Nightclub Tickets

Hakkasan Nightclub Tickets
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Now, what is the cost to get into the Hakkasan Nightclub? Pre-sale tickets for general admission for the Hakkasan Nightclub Vegas vary for gentlemen and ladies. For ladies, this usually goes for $20 to $30, while for gentlemen it is $30 to $50. Once you have purchased a ticket, then you have access to the whole Hakkasan venue.

One tip here is to arrive early on big nights, to avoid being on the line. This means arriving before opening at 10 pm. You can also target the time the DJ will come on stage, which usually falls between 1 and 1.30 am. This period, their line for general admission becomes short and then you should enter more freely.

Be careful anyway, arriving at the event very late may prevent you from entering the club. This is because it may have reached full capacity.

Hakkasan Nightclub VIP Bar Cards

Also available at the Hakkasan Nightclub are VIP Bar Cards. Asides from giving you admission to the club, there’s a gift card to order drinks. These cards are of great value. This is very true when you consider how expensive beverages are inside the nightclub.

Asides from that, you will get a quick passage into the club with your VIP Bar Card. Considering the time you may spend on the line, it will be a smart move to have this card. You can purchase VIP Bar Cards on the official website of Hakkasan Nightclub. Don’t expect to buy them at the door.

Combo Club Tickets

If you have plans to visit another property of the Hakkasan Group – Wet Republic, you can buy a combination of tickets. When you buy a combination club ticket, you will save some dollars from the entry cost of the venues.

Hakkasan Nightclub Vegas Guest List

On most nights, if your name is on the guest list, then you won’t be paying for admission. Even if you are on this list, make sure that you are at the club on time because the line for the guest list is usually long.

Furthermore, you must be in front of the line when the time for the guest list is over. This is to ensure safe entry. If you come late, and you cannot reach the front before the cut-off time, there’s nothing else you can do but pay a cover charge.

To get the best opportunity to get in for free, make sure you arrive close to the opening of the club at 10.30 pm. Normally, reservations for the guest list are for women alone. However, men can get some occasionally. This can happen when the women’s ratio in the group is even.

Now, you need to be careful. That men may be allowed on this list doesn’t mean they can come late. The cut-off time for men is typically earlier compared to that for women. There are cases where there is no guest list and everyone is asked to pay a charge – cover charge. At times, very popular DJs may perform during a weekend holiday, then this guest list may become limited.

You must also note that the entry for the guest list is not guaranteed. Concerning the rules of the guest list, the nightclub’s management determines it.

Table Reservations

For Hakkasan Nightclub, the more your minimum spend is, the better the location given to you. The most expensive is the main room setting. This is because, here, you are very close to the main DJ performing. The prices of the bottle service in the Pavilion and Mezzanine areas are moderate. If you are searching for the lowest prices, then you should go to the 3rd Floor Club and Lounge.

Hakkasan Nightclub is a club based on demand. The pricing of each table can change. What this means is that your location isn’t sure till you arrive even after making a reservation. Depending on the reservations available, there may be a cost increase at the door.

One important tip here is to come close to the opening of the club to have the greatest chance of having your preferred table section. If you fail to, you may be asked to pay more when you get to the door. This depends on demand. You may also pay beforehand if you want a guarantee of your minimum spend and table section.

At Hakkasan Nightclub, you can pay a 50% deposit or pay the full amount (excluding gratuity). However, this money cannot be refunded. And you must make sure you arrive at the specified time or your table will be released for resale.

Bottle Service Presentations

The bottle service of the Hakkasan Nightclub is there to ensure that you have a more exceptional table experience. This service by Hakkasan is surely one of the best available.

If you don’t know what a presentation is, it is similar to a big entrance for the bottle or number of alcohol bottles you have ordered. For instance, let’s say you buy vodka from their menu. Before you know it, some cocktail servers will come to your table holding what you’ve ordered, dancing while shooting sparklers from the top.

You may feel that the majority of clubs use or have sparklers. However, Hakkasan Nightclub usually adds more elements, such as a drumline. Frankly, this drumline transforms it to another level.

For those that love something unique, this nightclub also takes requests for bottle service. There are different types of costumes like ninja turtles and pandas costumes. At the greatest spend levels, you may even have your face and name on the large screen.

Note that bottle reservations aren’t for everyone making a table reservation. This requires you to spend the amount required to get one. Interested in having a parade? Then request the menu for bottle presentation from your cocktail server.

Hakkasan Nightclub Restaurant

There’s no better way to have a great night at this club than having a great meal at the restaurant. If you love seafood, then you should taste the Chilean Seabass. You’ll love the taste. It’s really phenomenal. You can also try the restaurant’s Crispy Duck Salad, you sure have never tasted something so unique and amazing.

Another great advantage of having a meal at their restaurant is the very short walk to the club. It’s extremely very close, and for sure women on heels will really love that.

On some nights, customers are allowed into the Hakkasan Nightclub free when you eat at their restaurant. To be sure, you can ask or check to know if complimentary admission will be offered that night. So, if this is the case, your receipt will serve as evidence. Expect to be escorted upstairs to have a ride in the private elevator of the restaurant. Even better, you don’t have to wait at all to get admitted into the club!

Hakkasan Nightclub Comp Table for Girls

As a lady, you may not want to go for table service. This is why Hakkasan Nightclub has an option for ladies, depending on what night it is. This is called girl complimentary or comp tables. Please don’t expect this service every night. The best time to have this service is anytime a less popular DJ is on stage, or a non-holiday weekend.

These comp tables are available for women in groups. There must be at least five women per group. Most times, the more women in your group, the more opportunities. To be a beneficiary of this seating, you have to come early, on or before 10 pm. Also, it is advisable to ask or talk to a Hakkasan Nightclub host beforehand to know the availability.

You must take note that this comp table may not last throughout the night. The timeframe for use could be from a few minutes to some hours. You can have the comp table as long as someone has not bought it.

Remember that tables sell quickly at Hakkasan Nightclub Vegas. If you come earlier, then you’ll have more alcohol to consume, so also will you have more time to enjoy your table. If the number of ladies in your group is small, you may find yourself searing with another group. Turn up with a larger group to have a personal complimentary table.

Before you leave your table, try to give your cocktail server a tip. This is a nice gesture. One good rule to work with is to give $100 for every bottle on the table or $20 for each individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Re-entry Allowed in Hakkasan Nightclub Vegas?

Many people have asked if it is okay to leave the nightclub and then return. It is not ideal. You are risking refusal of your entrance once you’ve left. Even the club doesn’t have a direct answer to this. They only responded with “maybe”. What we advise is that, choose the club you desire and then remain there. Going out and coming in isn’t worth the stress.

When are the Hakkasan Nightclub Events Released?

Normally, Hakkasan Nightclub ensures their talent line-up is out about two months max beforehand. One very reliable way of discovering who will perform is by checking the event calendar of the club.

What is the Hakkasan Nightclub Age limit?

To get into the nightclub, there is a strict rule. You must be aged 21 years or more.

Do coat checks happen at Hakkasan Nightclub?

Coat checks are mandatory and seasonal; that’s if you must bring in a coat. You will be required to pay a small fee to check your coat.

Can I bring in my bag?

You can bring in a small purse of a maximum size of 12” x 12” x 6”. All oversized bags, purses, backpacks, or parcels, will not be allowed into the club. All items will be searched.

What music type will be played?

At Hakkasan Nightclub, different genres of music are played. Top 40 artists and the electronic DJs that are most influential today. You can go through the Events Calendar to know those events to come, as well as their artists.

What payment forms are accepted at Hakkasan Nightclub?

Different payment forms are accepted here. These include American Express, MasterCard, and Visas. Note that the ID has to match the exact name seen on the credit card. Also, take note that Gift cards will not be accepted.

Should I print my ticket?

The choice is simply yours. Printed tickets are accepted, and the club can also scan your ticket from your tablet or Smartphone.

What happens if my name is spelled wrongly on my ticket?

After buying your ticket, there’s no way you can change the name. If yours has a minor misspelling of your name, then you can be permitted entry into the premises. If your ticket has your name completely misspelled, or is incorrect, then send an email to [email protected] to get potential options.

Can I smoke at the venue?

Yes, smoking is allowed. However, vaporizers, e-cigs, and devices for mechanical smoking are highly prohibited.

Will I be allowed to take my medications inside?

Medications that are not prescribed are not allowed. Occasionally, from the director’s permission, guests may be allowed to bring in medications if it is not removed from its prescription bottle and names match the identification and prescription.

What are Hakkasan Nightclub hours?

Hakkasan Nightclub opens from Thursday to Sunday from 10.30 pm to close. Normally, the close time is at 4 a.m. The management of this club has the right to change the time for opening and closing the club.


Hakkasan Nightclub Vegas is one of the best places you could ever be. If this is your first time, get prepared to have the most exciting night of your life.