30+ Helicopter Tours Las Vegas: Strip & Grand Canyon

Las Vegas is full of amazing light shows and sights that you can only fully experience on a helicopter tour. Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas are for those who want a different vantage point of places they have seen before.

They are also an excellent idea for a romantic date with your loved ones or an adventure for unique memories with your friends and family.

The helicopter tours are provided by different organizations and agencies like the Maverick Helicopters, the most highly rated. There are a good number of budget options, and the tours will take you to various places like the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip.

Read more to take a look at the best helicopter tours you can get in Las Vegas today. You will get to know their unique packages like limousine rides to the airstrip and complimentary drinks like champagne. The price and package comparison will help you get a helicopter tour that is a bang for your buck.

Top Helicopter Tours Las Vegas

1. Maverick Helicopters

Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas Tours
Source: @maverickhelicopters


  • Address: 6075 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Website: Maverick Helicopters
  • Telephone Number: 702-261-0007, message at 702-710-5276
  • Business Hours: Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 10 pm
  • Tour Prices: Ranges from $99 to $1,194

Maverick Helicopter Tour Las Vegas is arguably the most prestigious and most accomplished helicopter tour in Las Vegas. The company is committed to excellence and quality assurance which has earned it many awards throughout its 25 year-long histories.

Some of the notable awards awarded to the impressive Maverick team include the Vegas.com Choice Award of 2019, the 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award by TripAdvisor, Best of Las Vegas 2019 from the Las Vegas Review-Journal Best of Nevada 2014 from Nevada Magazines.

Maverick Helicopters was established back in 1995. With over 20 years of experience, the company has become one of the largest aviation-based tourism companies in the world. It consists of over 250 employees who provide various services like hospitality and flying planes. Maverick has the FAA Diamond “Award of Excellence” that shows its impeccable safety record.

Moreover, the company uses 45 luxury helicopters continuously maintained and driven by constantly trained professionals. The ECO-Star helicopters are specifically designed for air tourism, and the $100 million investment helps the company attain Quiet Technology for their machines.

The starting point for the tour can take place in one of three places: Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, or Hawaii. In Las Vegas, the tour will take you on an exhilarating experience over Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Fortification Hill, and the Hoover Dam.

The tour consists of a personal escort to the aircraft by the pilot and a full narration from them during the entire flight. You can opt for a descent into the Grand Canyon, where you will get to toast some champagne and have a snack overlooking the Colorado River. The various Maverick Las Vegas tour packages include:

Las Vegas Tours

  • The Las Vegas Strip Tour ($99-$149) is a short flight over the Las Vegas Strip that takes approximately 12 to 15 minutes. It starts at the Strip Terminal, where you are provided with a two-way Shuttle from your hotel (in case you are staying within 5 miles of the Strip).

You will get to soar high to have the best perspective of landscapes like the Caesars Palace, High Roller, The STRAT, Circa, Bellagio, Allegiant Stadium, and Downtown. The Airbus helicopter is comfy with its leather theatre-style seating and huge glass windows for clear visibility.

  • Neon and nature ($199-$249) – This package takes you on an epic adventure where you get to see views of Las Vegas as well as the Red Rock Canyon. There is a private landing above the valley where you can choose to land at sunset for an extra cost.

The flight is about 2.5 hours, including the landing time and the airtime. The flight departs from the Strip terminal and comes with a complimentary shuttle ride from your hotel. The ride was dubbed the Best of Las Vegas due to its scenic views of the Mojave Desert and the Canyon. The flight has an extended landing time of about 30 minutes to soak you in on the beauty of the magic hour.

  • Savour and Soar ($249) – For approximately 4 hours (inclusive of a foodie tour, shuttle ride, flight, and ride back), you can get to enjoy this one of a kind night flight. It features stunning views of the mega-resorts like ARIA Resort & Casino and the Strip’s neon landscape.
  • Savoury Bites and Neon Lights ($299) – This is the perfect date night. It includes a Foodie tour and a night flight above Las Vegas that takes about 5 hours in total. You will get to first visit four of the best restaurants in Las Vegas for 3 hours and then proceed to the flight. You will get to see landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Luxor, the STRAT, Bellagio, historic downtown, and the Allegiant Stadium.
  • Land, Air and Sea ($1,194) – This Maverick helicopter tour includes a jeep ride and a helicopter ride. You will get to explore Las Vegas starting from the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and then proceed to other attractions like the Pawnshop and Fremont Street Experience. The flight will take you over the neon city, where you will have a bird’s eye view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Grand Canyon Tours

Maverick Helicopters Grand Canyon Tours
Source: @maverickhelicopters
  • Wind Dancer ($469-$549) – The tour takes you through amazing panoramic views of the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and the Mojave Desert. The flight lands you 3,500 feet on Hualapai Indian Territory where you will get served with light snacks and beverages. Total flight duration is about 4 hours with an airtime of about 45 minutes.
  • Canyon Spirit ($309) – This is the ultimate Grand Canyon aerial adventure that last about 45 minutes. The flight will take you from South Rim and fly you over the Kaibab National Forest. Colorado River is the flight path that will take you into the Grand Canyon which is the longest flight route over the Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Wind Dancer Sunset ($499-$579) – The flight also lasts about 45 minutes each way and includes complimentary shuttle to and from the hotels at the Strip. Its trajectory is above Lake Mead, Mojave Desert, and the Hoover Dam. You will get to witness the red rock formations of the Bowl of Fire on your return flight.
  • Indian Territory ($694) – It offers a dual landing experience at the top and bottom of the Grand Canyon West. The flight to the Rim is about ten minutes and the airtime each way is about 45 minutes.
  • Skywalk Odyssey ($574) – It offers an express tour to Grand Canyon West’s Skywalk. The 45 minute each way airtime will take you through the Grand Canyon Skywalk where you will land and explore on foot.
  • Grand Canyon Discovery ($219) – This is an exclusive landing flight that takes you from the Grand Canyon West. It is a short 10 minute flight each way.

2. Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours 1
Source: @iflypapillon


  • Address: 5060 Koval Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89119 Southeast
  • Website: Papillon
  • Telephone Number: 702-736-7243
  • Business Hours: Monday to Sunday from 5 am to 11 pm
  • Tour Prices: Starting from $94 to $439

As its name suggests, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter tours are an experienced company that specializes in delivering Grand Canyon tourism air tours. It is one of the most distinguished helicopter tour companies globally, with multiple accolades and mentions. USA Today named Papillon the Best Helicopter Tour in 2021 under its Readers Choice Award.

Like Maverick Helicopters, Papillon is also the winner of the Diamond Award of the FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program. This speaks highly of their excellence in keeping up with safety as well as airline regulations.

Papillon tours include complimentary hotel transfers from Las Vegas and all year round operations (apart from Christmas). Instead of narrating the flight live like Maverick tours, the pilots will hand you pre-recorded narration of the flight. The narration is done in multiple languages and is accompanied by choreographed music to add more flair to the whole adventure.

The various Papillon tour packages are tailored for different times and different scenes. You can opt for the all-inclusive Grand Canyon tour package that takes you over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon.

The Papillon Las Vegas helicopter tours include:

Las Vegas Tours

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours 2
Source: @iflypapillon
  • The Strip Highlights Night Flight (Starts at $94) – This Las Vegas helicopter night flight takes you over everything above the Las Vegas Boulevard. You will get to experience a great vantage point of the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas.

Stand-out attractions from the sky-high include the Luxor, the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, the New York-New York skyscraper, the Bellagio together with its fountains, and Stratosphere, just to mention a few.

The flight lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, and you can bring your own camera to take the stunning photos. Keep in mind that extended camera poles like Selfie sticks are not allowed in the aircraft.

  • Golden Eagle Helicopter Tour (Starts at $359) – The tour duration for this helicopter ride experience is about 3.5 to 4 hours (70 minutes flight time) from the hotel and back. You get to depart from Las Vegas and end up on the Grand Canyon West. The aerial views will show you the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, the famous Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead.

The tour is narrated by a multilingual pre-recorded narration accompanied by soothing music to educate you of the entire region. There is also an included complimentary shuttle to and from your hotel. Remember that you can upgrade the flight to include a front set or make the entire flight private.

  • Papillon Grand Celebration Tour (Starts at $439) – This tour takes you deep into the Grand Canyon, where you get to land on a 3,200-foot descent plateau. There is complimentary champagne and a light picnic upon landing, making for a great romantic date.

This tour is the crown jewel of Papillon, with an impressive sightseeing experience above and an exploration of the Grand Canyon. The tour duration is about 4 to 4.5 hours, and the flight duration is one of the longest at about 70 minutes.

Grand Canyon Tours

  • North Canyon Tour (from $229) – The flight starts off from South Rim and goes over the stunning national park features. It lasts about 30 minutes and includes sights of the Central Grand Canyon and the North Rim. You can choose to upgrade the tour to include a land tour on a Hammer or use a private helicopter for your own party.
  • North Canyon Family Flight (from $312.25) – The flight is recommended for a group of four or more. It starts at the Grand Canyon and takes you through the Kaibab National Forest to the deepest parts of the Canyon in the Dragon Corridor.
  • Imperial with EcoStar (from $309) – The flight takes about 50 minutes and flies you over the Grand Canyon in the top-of-the-line EcoStar EC130 aircraft. You will get to have a one-of-a-kind view of the canyon from the oversized windows and stadium-style seating.

3. 702 Helicopter Tours

702 Helicopter Tours


  • Address: 2634 Airport Dr, Ste 101, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
  • Website: 702 Helicopter Tours
  • Telephone Number: 702-508-3288
  • Business Hours: Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm
  • Tour Prices: Starts from $134 to $265

702 Helicopter tours are one of the leading tours in Las Vegas that takes you through the Vegas Strip, the Red Rock Canyon, and the Vegas Valley. The flights are personal and intimate, with a front seat view.

Here, you will get to have a more personalized helicopter tour experience that takes you for miles above the Las Vegas skyline. Keep in mind that these flights are tailored for individuals, but you can choose to book a private flight for two or more with an additional charge of about $35 per person (Strip Tour). However, the price will depend on the specific 702 Helicopter Tour package of your choosing.

702 offers a wide range of tours in Las Vegas but provides Grand Canyon tours through its partnered company; Papillon.

The 702 Helicopter Tour packages include:

  • The Strip Tour over Las Vegas (Starts from $134) – This flight covers over 25 miles above the Las Vegas Skyline. You will have a great vantage point to see attractions like the Bellagio fountains, the Treasure Island, Luxor Pyramid, Stratosphere, and Paris Las Vegas. The flight takes about 15 minutes.

Bring your camera along to take photos that you won’t see every day on social media. The flight can accommodate up to five passengers, so ensure you bring your crew to make some fantastic memories. This is the best pick for a romantic date, birthdays, anniversaries, and unforgettable proposals.

  • Red Rock Canyon Helicopter Tour (Starts from $150) – This flight takes approximately 20 minutes and soars you sky high above the Red Rock Canyon from Las Vegas. The Nevada conservation area is about 17 miles west of Las Vegas Strip, and the flight will take you over the 195,819 acres of the land.

The flight is exhilarating since it takes you over the tops of the sandstone formations. You will also get to fly into the Red Rock Canyon’s Peaks and the Calico basin and Valleys.

  • VIP Helicopter Tour (Starts from $265) – This flight takes approximately 30 minutes and takes you over the Red Canyon as well as the Las Vegas Strip. The VIP tour is the best offering from 702 Helicopter tours for those who want to experience it all.

The flight will take you through the thousands of acres of the Canyon and then proceed to fly you high up the Las Vegas Strip. You will get to see unique views of the Stratosphere and Mandalay Bay. In total, you will cover 15 miles of the Red Rock Canyon and 25 miles of the Las Vegas metropolis. Keep in mind that this tour only takes place during the day.

4. Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours
Source: @grandcanyonhelicoptertours


The tour is mainly designed for Grand Canyon adventures. However, they offer a Las Vegas Strip Night Flight that will take you over the Strip with impeccable views of the neon city. The state-of-the-art helicopters will give you a 5-star rated riding experience perfect for adventures, anniversaries, and many more celebrations.

The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour packages include:

  • Las Vegas Strip Night Flight (Starts from $109) – The fight takes about 8 to 12 minutes and includes a kick off that comes with champagne. You will get to choose the departure time at your own convenience and also get door-to-door transportation from a few select Las Vegas Hotels.

The scenic landmarks are breathtaking when the sun goes down. The lights of the glittering casinos will soak you in with an unforgettable experience. You will get to admire the towering hotels and see various street activities from an impressive angle.

  • Grand Canyon All American Helicopter Tour (Starts from $200) This flight is 45 minutes each way and takes you from the Las Vegas airport to the Grand Canyon. You will get to have a champagne picnic at the Canyon when you highlight, which makes for a great date.
  • Grand Canyon West Rim, luxury Helicopter Tour (Starts from $324) – The five-star luxury helicopters are used for this tour. It takes you over an incredible natural wonder with aerial views of the Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. The flight also passes over the Colorado River and the majestic Grand Canyon.
  • Ultimate Grand Canyon 4-in-1 Helicopter Tour (Starts from $440) This tour takes the Grand Canyon experience further. The flight will take you through the Canyon from Vegas and land you on the canyon floor, where you will get to cruise the Colorado River by boat. There is also an included land tour that takes you through the West Rim. The whole adventure will take you about 6 hours and 30 minutes.

5. Skyline Helicopter Tours

Skyline Helicopter Tours 2
Source: @skylineheli


  • Address: 2642 Airport Dr Ste 101, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
  • Website: Skyline
  • Telephone Number: 702-382-8687
  • Business Hours: Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 12 am the next day
  • Tour Prices: Starts from $99 to $995

Skyline tours have the best customer service for helicopter tours in Las Vegas. The company has many accolades in terms of its services and the professionalism of its pilots, who have thousands of flight hours.

Their tours cover a wide range of services, from night tours to Canyon experiences to photo/video flights with doors off. You can also get a flight over the Valley of Fire State Park to marvel at the historic rugged sites.

Skyline Helicopter Tours 1
Source: @skylineheli

The Skyline Helicopter tour packages include:

  • Las Vegas Strip (Starts from $99) – The flight will take you over the Strip to give you unparalleled views of Bellagio, The Strat, Caesars Palace, T-Mobile and other iconic landmarks like the downtown Fremont Street Experience. An extra $50 will get you doors off option for better viewing angles and the ability to take better photos of your adventure. Additionally, you can rent a Go-Pro system for your photo op for just $40.
  • VIP Canyon and Strip (Starts from $195) – This is one of the most exclusive and exciting rides you will find in Las Vegas. It is a combination of a Las Vegas Strip flight with a Red Rock Canyon flies over. The flight is one of the longest-lasting, up to 30 minutes. The views include the sight of the Calico Tanks and the Box Canyon.
  • Red Rock Canyon (Starts from $155) – The 200,000 acre National Conservation Area is one of the most visited places in the region. Flight miles above this beautiful wonder is one that needs to be on your bucket list. The tour covers all areas of Red Canyon, which may help you find your next hiking trail.
  • Romantic Sunset Excursion (Starts from $895/couple) – What better way to show how much you love your partner than with this romantic helicopter tour. The flight takes you to a romantic panoramic plateau that has beautiful views of the Las Vegas Valley. It is a serene experience that is meant to be shared between two love birds as they soak in the beauty of nature.
  • Black Canyon (Starts from $895/Group of 3) – The Black Canyon walls rise more than 2,500 feet from the edge of the river, making for a beautiful photographable scene. The flight takes you over the Black Canyon to give you an unforgettable view during your vacation.
  • Little Elvis Tour (Starts from $250) – The Little Elvis is the newest monolith in entire Nevada. This tour will take you over the structure. It is a private tour that will give you a unique experience most people have not yet had.
  • Valley of Fire (Starts from $995/Group of 3) – The clay covered Valley of Fire State Park looks fierce from miles up above. The rugged sites historically housed Native Americans and are home to so many unforgettable memories. The tour will take you over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of amazing helicopter flights in Las Vegas. Our list only scratches the surface. Other amazing flights you can take while on vacation in Las Vegas include the Serenity Helicopter Tours, which is temporarily closed at the moment. You may also opt for the 5 star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours that are known for their high-class experiences.

Also Read:

Helicopter Tours Las Vegas: FAQs

1. What are the best Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas?

The best helicopter tours in Las Vegas include Maverick Helicopter tours, Papillon, 702, Skyline, and the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours. These tours provide you with numerous options, from affordable single flights to romantic date tours, an adventurous expedition of wondrous nature, and amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip.

2. How much does it cost to fly in a helicopter in Las Vegas?

The cost of a helicopter flight in Las Vegas will depend on the company and the type of tour you want. On an average basis, you can expect to spend between $99 and $1,200 to fly in a helicopter in Las Vegas. The lowest prices are for tours above the Las Vegas Strip, like the Maverick Helicopter Las Vegas Strip Tour that starts at $99.

3. Is a helicopter tour worth it?

Las Vegas is a vibrant and exciting city filled with many attractions, hotels, casinos, restaurants, parks, towers, and lots of other establishments. Moreover, the Vegas night is filled with amazing shiny lights and light shows that you won’t get to see anywhere else in the world like the Fremont Street Experience.

These places are fun to visit in person but can be quite a lot to go through on the ground. A helicopter tour will let you experience many of these places at a go. Additionally, the helicopter tour will give you a lay of the land, a clear sense of direction of the city, and a vantage point with unique views of these places.

4. How long are helicopter tours in Las Vegas?

The length of the helicopter tours in Las Vegas will depend on the type of tour, the cost of the ride, and where your adventure is taking you. On a general basis, you can expect the helicopter tours in Las Vegas to take between 10 to 30 minutes.

5. How much is a helicopter ride over the Strip?

Helicopter rides over the Strip depend on the company and type of tour. You can expect to spend between $99 and $250 for a single person ride over the Las Vegas Strip.