High Roller Las Vegas: Price, Hours & Tips

Ever heard the saying that the sky’s the limit? Well, the high roller at LINQ hotel is chasing that phrase, literally. And it seems like they are almost there. Situated a whopping 550 feet of the ground, the High Roller at the LINQ is a must-see and ride if you are looking to experience an aerial view of Vegas.

The exclusive views of the Vegas Strip and the desert are breathtaking. If you are lucky, you will get to witness the magical moment as the sun sets on the horizon. If you plan to take your loved one on a special treat, the Vegas high roller is the perfect spectator.

Inside the Observation Wheel at the LINQ High Roller

Inside the Observation Wheel at the LINQ High Roller
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Your trip is in one of the 28 air-conditioned pods made out of tempered glass. The cubicles give you a 360-degree view of the city, more so, the Strip and the Mojave dryland and mountainous topography. You can catch exclusive sights of the Strip from the South-West side of the pod (your immediate right upon entry to the pod). Just allow others to see too, as this corner (if a sphere had a corner) has the best photo-taking spot for the Strip neon-lit skyline.

The compartment is comfortable with an AC to keep the air breathable and less sweaty with 40 people maximum capacity. The best deal will be to book a happy half-hour option with a barman to have cocktails in the 30 minutes you will be air-borne.

Can you imagine 40 people in the same enclosed space? It must be crowded-right? Well, be at ease because the AC does a great job to moderate the air, and the spacious room in the pod is more than enough to have a party. Plus, most of the guests are looking at the views of the city and are less concerned about coming close to you; unless they are your child or spouse.

A voice piped into the pod narrates the history behind the different sights of Vegas visible through the pod. You learn why planet Hollywood was renamed or why you ought to go to the bathroom before onboarding the pod. Just kidding!

Pro Tip: As you wait to onboard the pod, empty your bladder at the washrooms in the await area. Your trip will be 30 minutes long, and there are no washrooms-if “duty calls”, then you will have to start some dance lessons on the pod!

How to Get To the High Roller at the LINQ?

Getting to this stupendous experience located right at the center of the Strip is easy. You can find it while at the Strip-just look for a massive spherical structure towering over the sky! You can access the Ferris wheel from the LINQ Promenade-on of the newest shopping centers on the Strip.

If you are driving to the high roller experience, you will follow similar directions and enter through the back entrance to the LINQ Promenade to access the high roller. Don’t worry about where your car will be as Luxor Hotel parking can accommodate it.

The monorail and the municipal deuce cruises right past the observation wheel, making a convenient stop at The LINQ Hotel. You can then move through the back Porte-cochere into the building, where you will board your observational wheel pod. As you wait, grab a drink at the bar.

Fun Fact: You can carry drinks into the observation wheel pod, just ensure they are not glasses, coolers, or cases as these are not allowed into the experience. You can book the happy hour and pick a bar service in that option to have a barman mix up your cocktails on your tour!

How High Is the High Roller at LINQ?

How High Is the High Roller at LINQ
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The wheel stands 550 feet off the ground and is the tallest of its kind in North America. You can see the whole of the strip and most of the resorts while on this wheel. The other side is the expanse of the topography of Nevada, and if you are lucky, you can catch the setting sun.

It is truly a magical moment, which is why the evening rides are popular with romantic escapades. Get you and your spouse or girlfriend at this spot, and love is in the air ASAP!

In comparison, the High Roller is at times twice as high as other Ferris wheels. Now you can imagine the magnitude of this structure. It stands 107 feet higher than the London Eye and 9 feet taller than the Singapore Flyer.

It currently holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest observation wheel. And yes, it is an observational wheel, not a Ferris wheel. At least not likened to the typical two-seat Ferris you may be used to, it is way bigger-better.

Tickets to the Vegas High Roller

Tickets to the Vegas High Roller
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Now that you know what to expect in the observation wheel, you might be wondering what the budget is like for this sky marvel. How much will you have to part with to indulge in this sky view revolution?

You will be surprised that it is not as expensive as the common tale. Many attractions in the city aren’t as expensive as folks put it. Sure they are not priced at pennies. But if you are in Vegas, the price tag is just right.

On the prices now: rides start from as low as $35. Here is a pricing table:

  Children (6 years and below) Youth Adults
Regular anytime tickets Free $17.50 $34.75
Happy half-hour tickets N/A $60 (rated for 21+) $60

Opening Hours

The LINQ Promenade, which is where the observation wheel is, remains open daily. But the High Roller is not always ready for rides. You can catch a ride at the following times:

  • Monday to Sunday: 4.00 pm-12.00 am

Time is needed for special events and maintenance of the pods. Also, now that the world is in the wake of Covid-19, sanitization of the pods has to happen. This helps minimize the spread as per government directives.

What Does the LINQ High Roller Offer?

What Does the LINQ High Roller Offer
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By now, it is vivid that the high roller is an experience like no other in Vegas and anywhere on the globe. Remember that this structure is the largest of its kind, so you get to travel in an exclusive ride that warrants world attention-see you are smiling now. But what more can you get in this experience? Buckle up and prepare for a wow time with these free tips and deals you can find on the High Roller.

Deals on the High Roller

Residents of the State of Nevada get exclusive discounts on most of the events and attractions in their state, and the High Roller is no exception. As a local, you can get a 20% discount on the ride fee! You must show valid identification at the ticket kiosk to enjoy the offer.

Discounts are forwarded to all service members with valid identification documents, like military IDs. Families get discounts on rides, so take advantage and bring your whole bloodline to experience some adrenaline lift-request to book the family ticket at the kiosk.

The Happy Half-Hour is a 30 minutes ride in the glass pod featuring an open bar, cocktail experience with a barman to make those delicious cocktails on your trip around. The experience has a 21 years restriction, so IDs are required when booking. You have enough space to dance and have a good time with friends and family with the 25 maximum capacity on this booking. You can reimagine your party even!

The STEM Family Field Trip Guide tour features a learning experience that is ideal for school ch9ildren. Your guided tour excavates the history of Vegas and incorporates school subjects to keep your child engaged all through.

You learn more about the high roller wheel, and a 30-40 minute self-guide book is readily available to generate conversation on design architecture, technology, geography, science, etc. The booklet is downloadable on the website.

Events on the High Roller

You can hold an event on the high roller, be it weddings to private ceremonies or corporate meetings and retreats. Use the patio reception to socialize after the ride and experience out-of-the-ordinary relaxation and socialization after the 30 minutes air cruise onboard the observational wheel.

#1. Weddings

The experience is fit for proposals in the private cabins, for elopement and wedding ceremonies. Add flowers, professional photography, music, etc. You can request a minister to officiate the wedding or renewal of vows-the weddings package provides any minister of your choosing, from district officials to Elvis ministers!

  • Silverstone Wedding Package- Invite 16 people to join you and your sweetheart as you say the vows overlooking the city of light-as some would call it. The package gets expedited onboarding through a private entrance, 5 printed pictures and a souvenir album, 6 banquets of roses with satin ribbons, and a 30-minutes photography session. Champagne and ceremonial music are available too. The pricing for this package is as follows:

Monday to Thursday (4.00 pm-7.00 pm) @ $1,389 and rising.
Friday to Sunday (12.00 pm-7.00 pm) @ $1489 and rising.

P.S.: A fee of $100 is payable to the preceding minister in cash and is paid before the wedding starts.

  • Same-sex Weddings-LGBT community is more than welcome to tie the knot in the sky inside the observation wheel pod.
  • Photography and Videography to capture those special moments.
  • Flowers and Bouquets to color the event and make it more lively and lovely for your special day.
  • Reception and Guest Rooms at the LINQ Hotel.

#2. Corporate Events

The High Roller corporate package allows businesses to hold corporate events on the high roller. You get dedicated pods with full bars, music, and videos displaying what you would like for the entire revolution. You can include branding and pamphlets at extra cost.

This is the perfect opportunity for business retreats, product launches, and marketing storms. A reception in the LINQ Hotel or on the patio to the LINQ Promenade or the High Roller is available to culminate your event.

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High Roller Las Vegas: FAQs

What is the Dressing Code at the LINQ High Roller?

The experience at the observation wheel doesn’t have a specific dressing code. However, the recommendation is that you wear casual dressing-flip flops and beachwear is not a valid option.

Is the Vegas High Roller a Ferris Wheel?

An observation wheel like the one at LINQ is a bigger version of a Ferris wheel. It is more sophisticated in that it has bigger compartments with air conditioning. They are used to sight-see, unlike their traditional predecessors, which are essentially for entertainment at speed.

Is the High Roller in Vegas Worth It?

If you enjoy adrenaline rushes and breathtaking sceneries, or a skyline view, then the High Roller will be worth every single cent you pay. It is also a good fit for families away from the buzz and a good party scene, especially during the happy half hour.

Final Height

The adrenaline rush associated with the 550 feet lift is unimaginable. You will have no fits of screams as the wheel moves at an impressive speed of one foot per second. During the 30 minutes you will be revolving, you can see the whole of the Vegas Strip and the extreme desert expanse on the opposite side.

Give this ride a try while in Vegas, and you will overturn your view of the gorgeous Vegas. The sky views are something to behold, and surely you will enjoy the trip whether you decide to cruise on your own, hold a party, or just for a family ride.