11 Best Karaoke Bars in Vegas: On the Strip and Off-Strip

Every year, Vegas welcomes a series of world-class stars – from Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga, to Aerosmith and Barry Manilow.

But no one said you have to be global to perform in the city! You’ll also find some of the liveliest Karaoke bars in the nation.

If you’re holidaying in the gambling capital, it wouldn’t be complete without a sing-along at a Karaoke joint! Whether you’re staying on the strip, heading Downtown, or taking a stroll along Fremont Street, here are some of the best Karaoke bars in Vegas that you won’t want to miss out on.

Best Karaoke Bars on the Las Vegas Strip

1. Kamu Ultra Karaoke

Kamu Ultra Karaoke 1
Source: @kamukaraoke
  • Karaoke nights: Every night from 6pm-8am
  • Room rate: From $70/Hour

If your night is all about the karaoke, there’s nowhere better than Kamu Ultra Karaoke Bar. Head into the Grand Canal Shoppes to find this ultra-hip private venue with VIP suites galore.

Kamu Ultra Karaoke 2
Source: @kamukaraoke

If you are celebrating something special – like a bachelorette party or the big 3-0, Kamu should be your top choice of bar. There are 40 suites available and six VIP areas (with bottle service) that are perfect for big groups.

Kamu Ultra Karaoke 3
Source: @kamukaraoke

On the playlist, you’ll find thousands of chart-topping hits to choose from. If nothing takes your fancy, you can easily Bluetooth a song from your phone and blast it out through the major speakers.

When they say you can sing until your heart’s content at Kamu, they mean it! This fancy karaoke joint on the strip welcomes you to join them until 8am.

Note: Guests and employees of the Venetian and Palazzo Resorts enjoy a 15% discount!

2. GoGo Karaoke

GoGo Karaoke
Source: @gogokaraoke
  • Karaoke nights: Every night from 6pm-5am
  • Room rate: From $10/Hour

With starting prices of just $10 an hour, you can let loose in one of the private singing suites at GoGo Karaoke. This bar features newly remodeled rooms that fit between six and 30 people – and they’re never empty!

GoGo may be slightly off the beaten track (it’s a 10-minute cab journey from the main strip). But it’s a hotspot for party-goers ready to lounge on plush couches and sing like idiots!

If you’re spending the night here, you’ll love the Korean food on the menu – including the combo platters and party trays the chefs cook up fresh for you. The Teriyaki Sliders and Jalapeno Poppers always go down a treat.

When it comes to drink, the prices are more than reasonable. You can expect to find beer bucket deals and Soju cocktails in abundance.

GoGo Karaoke has over 60,000 tracks in languages from across the world. If you can’t find your favorite track, you can use the iPad and play it via YouTube. At GoGo, no one goes home without singing their power song!

3. J Karaoke

J Karaoke

  • Karaoke nights:Every night from 8pm

If private rooms aren’t your style and you’d rather entertain the masses, head on down to the Asian-American J Karaoke for a wicked night out!

This sociable bar provides an intimate karaoke experience. You can chill out on the red couches with friends or mingle with other amateur superstars on the long wooden tables.

When it comes to drinks – you name it, they’ve got it! Cocktails, beers, martini’s, bottle-service, and Soju delights will keep you fuelled for the night.

The food menu is just as extravagant and features a whole host of nibbles that are perfect for picking at in between sets.

4. Karaoke Q Studio

  • Karaoke nights: Every night from 6pm

While it may not technically be on the strip, Karaoke Q Studio is one the best bars in Vegas to eat, drink and sing your heart out!

You’ll find this drinking hole in Spring Valley around a 10-minute cab journey from the main strip. You may need to venture a bit further than other bars to find Q Studio. But one thing we know for certain is that it’s worth it!

The extensive songbook features some of the best Korean and Filipino masterpieces, coupled with your classical favorites like ‘It’s raining men!’ and ‘It’s my life’ by Bon Jovi. It’s safe to say that there’s a track for everyone, no matter your style!

If you’re looking for somewhere intimate to spend with friends, Q is one of the best venues. Their VIP rooms are guaranteed to give you a wild night! If you’re a small group, you’re still in for a good time. Intimate rooms are available at prices of around $10 per hour.

If you want to save a few dollars, head here on weeknights and make use of the 15-50% booking deals available. Some discounts even come with buy-one-get-two-free on Soju and beer. There’s no need to spend a fortune before you’re ready to hit the stage!

5. Rockhouse

  • Karaoke nights: Every Thursday night at 9pm

People flock to Rockhouse in the Venetian for three main reasons – cheap drinks, live football games, and a legendary night of Karaoke debauchery!

Tucked away in this resort hotel is a guaranteed good time. Every Thursday night, novice popstars (yourself included) hit the stage to woo the crowd.

The classic American grub will be just what you need to line your stomach, with fried pickles, mini corn dogs, and sunrise burgers on the menu.

The drink prices are scarily good. Daily happy hour lasts from 11am-7pm and $5 shots are available on karaoke nights. A good night may be guaranteed, but a sober one isn’t!

Best Karaoke Bars in Downtown Vegas

1. Assa Karaoke

  • Karaoke nights: Every night from 6pm-5am

Downtown is just as ready to party as the Vegas strip! At Assa Karaoke, you’ll find authentic Korean cuisine and a top surround sound system. The speakers are so good that no voice will sound muffled. The only heckles you’ll get will be screams for an encore (hopefully!).

Assa Karaoke has an open singing lounge that anyone can enjoy, including walk-ins. If you’d prefer to book, you can make use of one of the private suites available. They are perfect for big groups or shy tables of two!

There’s no shortage of tracks in the playbook. But if you can’t find the perfect tune, you can Bluetooth a song straight from your phone.

If you’re in a group (large or small) or just going solo, Assa Karaoke is one of the best bars to visit. The vibe is always wickedly sociable and welcoming to all!

2. Downtown Container Park and 15 Minutes of Entertainment Presents Karaoke

Downtown Container Park Karaoke

  • Karaoke nights: Every Tuesday night from 7pm-10pm

Fremont Street is home to some of the best live music in the world. But it wouldn’t be complete without a bit of amateur karaoke!

In the lively Downtown Container Park, you’ll find weekly karaoke nights that are full of food, fun, and more than enough places to grab a drink.

At this sing-along in the park, you can forget about private room performances or pitching up in small bars. Singing here means heading up on stage to perform concert-style!

If you’re not brave enough (or as drunk as you’d like to be), that doesn’t mean you should stay at home. You can rock out with the buzzing crowd without singing and still have a great time!

3. Ninja Karaoke

Ninja Karaoke
Source: @ninja_karaoke
  • Karaoke nights: Every night from 6pm
  • Room Rate: From $20/hour

To sing live at one of the best dance venues in Vegas, Ninja Karaoke is the party room of the century! As you belt out the hits, patrons will hit the dancefloor to strike a pose and cheer you on.

At Ninja, the bar is always well-stocked with $6 beers and $7.50 vodkas. If you’re going all out, you’ll find bottle service, specialty cocktails, and fishbowls that are great for sharing (and getting you drunk quicker!). You’ll also love the $3 Soju shots in peach, strawberry, or watermelon flavors. They’ll go down a treat before you grab the mic!

With over 150,000 songs to choose from (in 15 different languages) you’re sure to find the best song for your vocals. For a more intimate vibe, this Downtown bar also has its own private karaoke rooms. If you book in advance on selected dates, you’ll find cheap reservations and throw-in cocktail deals.

4. Dino’s Lounge

Dino’s Lounge
Source: @dinoslv
  • Karaoke nights: Thursday to Saturday from 10pm

Dino’s Lounge has been one of the best places in Vegas for karaoke for more than 25 years. While it may look unsuspecting with its mellow diner exterior, it’s one of the liveliest bars Downtown!

At Dino’s, you’ll find a cozy atmosphere that’s full of new people you can sing your heart out with. The drinks are cheap and cheerful, with $7 PBR pitchers and $4 Jamo shots available until 8am.

If you want to save your cash and let loose in a casual dive bar, Dino’s Lounge is the place to be!

Best Karaoke Bars on Fremont Street

1. Cat’s Meow, Neonopolis

Cat’s Meow Neonopolis

  • Karaoke nights: Every night from 5pm

Singing karaoke at a bar is great fun. But have you ever performed in a karaoke club?

Cat’s Meow Neonopolis is one of the best karaoke clubs in the world. They have a strong reputation for providing a fun night – with good vibes only!

Up on stage, you can be the star vocalist, background drummer, or lead guitarist – with faux instrument props available for use. You can even bring on stage your own backing singers (A.K.A your supportive friends!).

If the atmosphere sounds too professional for your amateur voice, it won’t be! No matter how out of tune you are, you’ll be welcomed by the lively crowd. If you need a helping hand, the triple shot cocktails and 2-for-1 drinks in happy hour should make you brave enough!

2. Don’t Tell Mama

Don't Tell MaMa

  • Karaoke nights: Tuesday to Sunday from 8pm

Don’t Tell Mama is most known for being one of the best piano bars on Fremont Street. But did you know they also have a highly popular open mic event?

Every night, people flock to this live music joint off the strip to dazzle a crowd! The bar prides itself on the fact that no two nights are ever the same. If you’re not performing, one of the professional singers behind the bar will have no qualms about showing you how it’s done.

If you’re heading out to catch the free live music on Fremont Street, don’t forget to stop in here for a few quick drinks and a sing-along. True to its piano bar nature, the resident pianist will take care of the backing music for you with nothing but eloquence.

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Need Somewhere to Warm Up First?

If you’re not bold enough to take over the stage without a confidence boost first, check out this list of the cheapest places to drink in Vegas.

With a few rounds of cheap shots and cocktails in happy hour, you’ll be ready to let your hair down and your voice shine!