10 Best Restaurants in Park MGM Las Vegas

Park MGM is the home to several revered restaurants in Las Vegas. The culinary cred of the resort is almost at per with major contenders like Caesars Palace’s Michelin Starred Restaurant Guy Savoy. Dishes come in various flavors, from Italian foods to Chinese, American, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisines.

Must-eat eateries in Park MGM include the highly praised Primrose and Bavette Steakhouse and the affordable Crack Shack. Feast on the multiple restaurants in the Eataly section of the resort.

A few restaurants like Side Betty Grill serve late-night meals for those coming from a long night of partying and gambling.

Our list takes you through the irresistible and eclectic options of the upscale destinations with a clear focus on their best offerings. Read on to know what the best of Park MGM brings to the table, from their unique menu offerings to their scenic venues.

Best Park MGM Restaurants


Source: @primroselv
  • Location: It is located on the far side of the lobby from the main resort entrance
  • Phone: 702 730 6600

Primrose welcomes you right after the entrance of Park MGM. It is praised for the best breakfast meals, which adds to its strategic location near the entrance.

Primrose was one of the first Park MGM restaurants alongside the Bavette’s Steakhouse and introduced a new sophisticated environment fit for eclectic dining.

The entrance of the restaurants takes you into a warmly lit and relaxing environment fitted with an attractive bar. An enchanting library is also in the venue, fit for lounging and relaxing after a long day of up and down.

In case you want a more alleviating experience, then take a dip in the pool that is adjacent to the beautifully decorated brunch-ready outdoor patio. The terrace has a beautiful view of the premises and outside surroundings, fit for a romantic dinner and celebrations.

Primrose Garden

Primrose is an open-fire cooking restaurant with an all-day menu and French-inspired dishes. A private garden on the venue comes with wood-fired grilling on-site that is captivating, providing a more intimate affair among the guests.

Signature cocktails add to the excitement with exciting drinks like Primrose special made of Grey Goose Vodka, Lemon, St Germain, and Sparkling wine.

Visit the site to try the fried chicken Provencal, which comes with chicken tenders seasoned with herbs de Provence. Beloved modern dishes include the popular eggs benedict that has English muffins with potatoes.

The Mediterranean Plate is a must-try with its assortment of tomatoes, yogurt, lemon, feta, olive oil, avocado, cucumber, and a hard-boiled egg.

NoMad Library

Nomad Library
Source: @thenomadhotel
  • Location: It is on the right side of the hallway next to Dolby Live Ticket Office once you go past the lobby & into the casino floor.
  • Phone: 702 730 6788

Very few restaurants at Park MGM or Las Vegas generally have a unique dining design like the NoMad Library restaurant. Its design and unique concept are driven by the Library of NoMad in New York City. You can see the resemblance between the two from their focus on luxury and theatrics.

The venue is a library-style destination with several bookshelves filled with several reads for the guests’ curiosity.

Lighting is warm, with little bright lighting on several corners of the restaurants for those who may want to flip a few pages. Green accents blend well with the red table décor and overhanging chandeliers. It is the perfect location for a classic upscale ambiance.

Monday is the perfect day to dine at NoMad Library with their mean half off on select bottles. The famous NoMad chicken dinner for two is served on Monday at just $100.

The meal introduces you to the truffled deviled eggs, followed by a taste of the crispy roasted chicken stuffed with foie grass, apples, black truffle & potato. End your delicious dinner date with the apple cobbler salted caramel ice cream.

The NoMad Bar

The NoMad Bar
Source: @parkmgm
  • Location: It is located on the left side of the NoMad lobby. Get to this lobby by entering NoMad bank and taking a right to the hall path.
  • Phone: 702 730 6789

The NoMad Hotel, located inside Park MGM hotel, offers you not only one but two dining venues. NoMad bar serves the weekly specialty cocktails and brings exciting, unique options like the NoMad Tacos with beer-battered shrimp, red cabbage slaw, and the famed Chipotle Mayo.

It is another library setting with a classical exotic feel, unique concept, and warm, decadent lighting. You know you are about to pay the big bucks the minute you get past the entrance.

The bar is known for the specialty cocktails, including the Porn Star made with vodka, Fino sherry, vanilla, lime, and passion fruit.

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Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar

Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar
Source: @parkmgm
  • Location: It is located on the left side of the casino; once you go past the lobby
  • Phone: 702 730 6700

You will love the fair prices of the Bavette’s at Park MGM, and its wine list items are more than enough for a night of fine dining.

The extremely knowledgeable and outstanding servers know the perfect steaks for you with pairings of hors d’oeuvres and salads. The dry-aged ribeye brings different flavors that are not typical of the regular modern Las Vegas steakhouses.

The mile-high carrot cake is the must-try dessert item, but you will be amiss not to dive your teeth into the chilled seafood platter. This Chicago classic steakhouse embraces French fair cuisines to provide traditional side dishes and strong cocktails.

You have all the space you may need at Bavette’s Steakhouse & bar. There are multiple rooms that can accommodate big parties and small groups alike. Intimate family and even loud group affairs can easily fit in with a quieter and toned-down date on the other side of the venue.

You won’t be bored in this well-decorated venue featuring overhanging sparkling chandeliers and red decorated leather banquettes.

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Best Friend

Best Friend
Source: @parkmgm
  • Location: It is located straight ahead of Juniper once you go past the main path on the casino floor
  • Phone: 702 730 6770

The New York Times ranked Best Friend as some of the must-visit places in Las Vegas. It is also on the Observer’s Dining and Nightlife Power List. Chef Roy Choi opened this first Las Vegas entry in 2018 to bring his distinct Kogi truck-inspired meals.

Addictive meats fill the menu in large portions like the Chego Pork Belly Bowl with fried egg, radish, and peanuts for just $22. There is also the $17 Kimchi Fried Rice with poached egg and caramelized kimchi.

Drinks are in plenty, with $17 slushies that include Green Apple Bomb with crown royal and the Henny & Cola from Hennessy.

The Crack Shack

The Crack Shack
Source: @parkmgm
  • Location: It is located next to Eataly outside Park MGM by Las Vegas Boulevard

The Southern California chicken cuisines hit the Las Vegas Strip in the Park MGM Crack Shack. A lot of customers considers it as the most affordable quick bite place to get food in the Strip resorts and casinos.

The venue is relaxed and conveniently located between T-Mobile Arena and Park MGM and close to the Dolby theatre.

We recommend you try the Firebird featuring spicy fried thigh with pickles, potato roll, crispy onions, and cool ranch. The menu is full of one-of-a-kind items like fried chicken offers, sandwiches, mini biscuits, and even Mexican poutine.

A full bar is a great addition to this space that brings the true Las Vegas fashion feel to the place. Selections are extensive with craft cocktails, draft beer, tall beer, frozen rose, and extensive bottled drinks. Signature cocktails at this location include the black mule combining vodka and Crème de Mure.

Toscana Ristorante & Bar

Toscana Ristorante & Bar

  • Location: Find the Eataly by going through the casino floor on the main path and taking a right on the MGM Rewards Desk. Toscana Ristorante is the first venue you will see on the left side.
  • Phone: 702 730 7646

Italian dishes are in plenty in Park MGM, starting from this fine Italian Bar & Grill. Fine Italian dining at its best can be found at Toscana was formed to honor the breath-taking landscapes of the Toscana region in Italy.

Get to dine in a venue that is reminiscent of the cascading landscapes by featuring outstanding art and cuisines from simple yet top-quality ingredients.

You can get the feeling of being in a historic garden surrounded by calming gardens once you enter the restaurant & bar. Tuscan-style designs, décor, and art pieces surround the venue immersing you in a unique atmosphere.

There is enough space to fit more than 90 guests who are welcomed into the premises with the open woodfire grill.

Tuscan is open only from Wednesday to Sunday from 5 pm to 10 pm. Authentic Tuscan dishes are the order of the day. The meals are complemented by the incredibly curated wine list and signature cocktail offerings. Immerse yourself in the Tuscan countryside experience with the vibrant scene and the Tuscan ancient culinary heritage.

Feel free to taste the beloved Tuscan comfort dishes in the three-course traditional Tuscan menu. Options include the guest’s favorite Ravioli Maremmani with fresh basil, spinach & Ricotta ravioli, and tomatoes.

La La Noodle

La La Noodle

  • Location: From the main pathway on the casino floor, head left to the MGM Rewards Desk, and you will see the venue on the right just in front of you.
  • Phone: 702 730 7025

La La Noodle is known for its General Tso’s chicken with soy, vinegar, red chili, and sherry wine. Other fan favorites include the special braised Oxtail fried rice with Shitake mushrooms, egg, Chinese broccoli, and Scallions.

The lively atmosphere in the restaurant is complimented by the savory seafood platters, meat, and other items from the authentic Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese cuisine menus.

Customers enjoy the quick service that can get you your quick bite in less than 10 minutes. The pleasant staff recommends the best meals for your current needs, whether you want a fast bite before the flight or a comfort meal after a long day of visiting the Grand Canyon.

Mouthwatering Pan-Asian cuisines have never been served better. Luscious noodles grace the menu with stars like the Singapore Style, Pork Belly, and Lo Mein noodles. La La Noodle is the only noodle shop in Park MGM with patio space and a bar next to the entertainment space booming 80s masterpiece.

Side Betty Grill

Side Betty Grill

  • Location: It Is located next to BetMGM sportsbook & bar.

Perfect for a late-night snack, Side Betty Grill is open 24 hours every day of the week. Moreover, the meals are cheap most of which range from $ 9 – $ 16.

Get to taste the spicy burgers and assortment of nachos alongside their beautifully decorated wings. It is the perfect place to pass by during the late hours with its convenient location.

Eataly Restaurants

Eataly Restaurants
Source: @parkmgm
  • Phone: 702 730 7617

Italian counters and restaurants are lined up at the Eataly in Park MGM. The open area is great for a fast counter and table service, especially when you are in the company of a large group.

One of the most popular restaurants in this section is the La Pizza e La Pasta with pasta selections like Napoli and Neapolitan-style pizza.

You can pick up the best breakfact panini from the nearby Chef’s Table Breakfast or some cannoli ordered at Caffe Lavazza and Pasticceria.

Get some fast Italian foods from the nearby places; Manzo, La Pasticceria, Il Gelato, Gran Café Milano, Venchi Chocolate, Cannoli di Eataly, LavAzza Café, Nutella per Eataly, and Bakery & Pizza Ala Pala by the Slice.

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Final Thoughts

Park MGM has restaurants belonging to world-famous chefs like the Nusr-Et and Best Friend by Roi Choy. Visit the resort to dine among celebrities in these exclusive venues.

Meals are made with the highest quality ingredients in each Park MGM restaurant, and you can expect nothing short of upper-class service in our best picks.