Market Place Buffet at Rampart Casino: Menu & Prices

Although some of the buffets on the Strip are rightly famous either for the vast range of dishes on offer or the exceptional quality of what they serve, they also often come with high price tags that might put some people off enjoying this enduring Las Vegas tradition.

However, there are also some other great-value options on offer in town if you are willing to head away from the main action. One of these is the Market Place Buffet at Rampart Casino, and in this post, we have all the info you need about this enjoyable off-Strip buffet option.

The Market Place Buffet Overview

Market Place Buffet
Source: @rampartcasino
  • Address: 221 N Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145
  • Telephone: 702-507-5900 (Rampart Casino), 1-877-869-8777 (JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort)

The Market Place Buffet, located in Rampart Casino at The Resort at Summerlin – and often referred to as the “Rampart Buffet” – prides itself on being the only buffet in northwest Las Vegas.

As well as several “Culinary Action Stations” serving all your American favorites alongside world cuisine including Italian and Asian – and of course, a good selection of irresistible desserts – it also offers outside patio dining, the only Vegas buffet to do so.

This buffet was once known for its range of themed nights, and although it isn’t quite back to where it was in pre-covid times – and isn’t open every day – it now offers Prime Rib dinners along with a weekly Aloha Night dinner and an intriguing Deli Night dinner.

There’s also a lunch buffet three times a week, and among the most popular options is the Champagne Brunch, which is open every Saturday and Sunday.

Generally speaking, this buffet offers a more limited range of food than some of the biggest Strip buffets – Market Place is never going to come close to matching the likes of Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace in terms of the sheer range of the food on offer, for example.

However, the food served there is of good quality, and for what you get, the prices are extremely reasonable, making it a buffet that’s still worth checking out, especially if you find yourself in the area.

At the same time, since the location is quite some way from both the Strip and downtown, some people might consider it too far to travel if you’re just going there for the buffet alone.

Rampart Buffet Menu

Rampart Buffet Menu 1
Source: @rampartcasino

The best way to describe the food offering at Market Place is to say that the selection is more limited than what’s available at some of the bigger, more famous Vegas buffets – but the food that’s served there is of a very respectable quality.

There’s a full range of American favorites along with a carvery section, and you’ll also find the likes of Italian and Asian cuisine if you prefer to explore some other styles of cooking.

You’ll also find all the sides and accompaniments you could want, and to finish your meal, there’s an ample dessert section allowing those with a sweet tooth to satisfy their cravings for sugar.

Some Highlights to Look Out For

Rampart Buffet Highlights to Look out For
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Here are some of the dishes to look out for – although in a buffet, half the fun is discovering unexpected tasty morsels for yourself, and this is only a small selection.

  • American

Most people won’t be disappointed with the selection of the buffet’s all-American favorites. If you want comfort food, the buffet serves a deliciously creamy mac and cheese or a hearty mashed potato and gravy.

Those looking for Southern flavors will be well catered for too since the buffet also offers deliciously succulent fried chicken.

  • Italian

The Italian food selection at Market Place is particularly strong, and you should look out for the likes of the delicious three-bean salad, the garlic chicken, several pasta dishes and the crispy slices of pizza.

  • Asian

There is a limited selection of Asian food on offer, and one of the highlights is the crispy orange chicken. You’ll also find all the classics including fried noodles, fried rice, wontons and spring rolls.

  • Carvery

The carvery is another of this buffet’s highlights, and you can look forward to tender pieces of rotisserie chicken, juicy ham, flavorsome pork and succulent cuts of beef. They also serve a selection of tasty sausages that shouldn’t be missed.

  • Seafood
Rampart Buffet Seafood
Source: @rampartcasino

For many, seafood is an important aspect of any Las Vegas buffet, and at Market Place, the highlight is the crab legs that you crush yourself at the table. You’ll also find shrimp and some fish dishes.

  • Desserts

To finish with a sweet taste in the mouth, you can choose from the likes of tiramisu, pecan pie, cheesecake, cute cupcakes and a range of enticing ice creams.

  • Others

A couple of other notable options to seek out include French onion soup, miso-glazed sweet potato fries, prosciutto fruit salad and bacon fried corn.

Themed Sittings

Rampart Buffet Menu 2
Source: @rampartcasino

The Market Place Buffet currently offers four special themed sittings, three dinners and one weekend brunch – along with the regular lunch buffet. Here are the details.

  • Prime Rib Dinner

The Prime Rib Dinner is essentially the buffet’s regular dinner buffet, and as the name suggests, the specialty to look out for is the prime rib.

As well as the rib, you’ll also find juicy steaks – along with a full range of other tasty offerings including the likes of crab leg, shrimp, rotisserie chicken and sausages.

  • Aloha Night Dinner

The buffet’s Hawaii-themed night gives you the chance to sample all your favorite Hawaiian classics, including Lau Lau pork, Lomi Lomi salmon poke, bean and cabbage soup, lilikoi sponge cake and coconut haupia.

  • Deli Night Dinner

The Deli Night Dinner at Market Place is one of the more unique buffet options in Vegas.

It’s based on classic New York Deli-style food, and you can expect to fill up on the likes of lox, brisket, matzo-ball soup, pastrami, noodle kugel, kosher hotdogs and potato latkes and knishes.

The price is also slightly lower than the other dinner buffet options, making this a great option for anyone who wants to try something a bit different.

  • Champagne brunch

As the name tells you, the weekend brunch option allows you to enjoy bottomless glasses of champagne.

To accompany your drinks, you can enjoy brunch dishes such as classic eggs benedict, made-to-order omelets, waffles, corned beef hash and more.


Market Place Buffet offers an extremely reasonable all-you-can-drink supplement that, for a very reasonable price, offers you unlimited refills on draft beer, red and white wines and champagne.

This offer is available whenever the buffet is open.


Market Place is one of the few buffets in Vegas that remains open for most holidays. For example, they have a special Thanksgiving menu as well as menus for other festivals such as Easter and Passover.

Details for special events such as these can be found on the Market Place Buffet page on the Summerlin website at the relevant times of the year.

Special prices for these events also apply.

Rampart Buffet Prices, Promotions, and Savings




Prime Rib Dinner Buffet Thu, Fri, Sun – 4pm-8pm $30.99/$25.99 with members’ card*
Aloha Night Dinner Sat – 4pm-8pm $30.99/$25.99 with members’ card*
Deli Night Dinner Mon – 4pm-8pm $26.99/$21.99 with members’ card*
Lunch Buffet  Mon, Thu, Fri – 11am-2pm $19.99/$16.99 with members’ card*
Weekend Champagne Brunch   Sat & Sun – 9am-2pm $31.99/$26.99 with members’ card*
All-you-can-drink beer and wine Everyday $7.99 supplement
Children 12 and under, $17.99 Dinner and Brunch , $12.99 Lunch
*Membership prices are available to holders of Rampart Plus, Summerlin, Premier or Elite cards

There are several ways to obtain reductions at the Market Place Buffet.

Holders of Rampart Plus, Summerlin, Premier or Elite membership cards are entitled to reduced prices for all sittings.

Other promotions on certain days also appear, offering cardholders either two-for-one dining or 50% off.

Again, check the website for the most up-to-date details of when these promotions are available.

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A Great-Value Off-Strip Buffet

Although it could hardly be described as spectacular, the Market Place Buffet is a solid option for those hoping to experience a typical Vegas buffet while in town but who are less willing to pay top-end prices.

It’s a buffet that offers a respectable range of all the classics along with one or two more original creations – and although it might not be worth making the trip out to Rampart just for the buffet alone, if you find yourself in northwest Vegas, it’s certainly an option to consider.