7 Best Restaurants in Virgin Hotel Las Vegas

Virgin Hotels opened its Las Vegas Strip venue in 2021, bringing Michelin Starred and James Beard Award-winning chefs. The former Hard Rock Hotel made the most of its 2020 renovation by adding fantastic restaurants and redesigned attractions like The Theatre at Virgins Hotels.

Richard Branson from Virgin Hotels Group waited for 20 years to own a casino in Vegas, and this served as a great venue for the Mohegan Sun Casino with 60,000 square feet of gaming space. The seven notable restaurants in the hotel make for a great world-class dining experience as guests indulge in luxurious entertainment.

Nobu Matsuhisa’ Nobu Las Vegas restaurant is the most frequented, alongside Casa Calavera, Todd English’s Olives, and one Steakhouse. Not in the mood for a full course meal, then why not take a look at their quick bites and casual dining restaurants like Pizza Forte, Afters Ice Cream, and the Funny Library Coffee Shop.

Visit 455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169 to check out these high-end restaurants.

Virgin Hotel Las Vegas Restaurants

1. Nobu Las Vegas

Nobu Las Vegas
Source: @noburestaurants
  • Phone: 702 693 5090
  • Great for: Special Japanese dishes in an intimate and world-renown setting

The newly renovated Nobu Virgin Hotels venue in Vegas has a bar that is twice the size of the original venue. Nobu was open in the venue when it was still the Hard Rock Hotel; in fact; it was the first Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant in Vegas, which opened in 1999.

Nobu Las Vegas has 3,000 square feet of space for private parties for those interested in buying the restaurant out. Interactive stations together with personalized dishes and themed cocktails make for a world-class dining event in this upscale venue.

It can seat up to 210 people and 300 while standing in the Main dining, adjacent semi-private Sumi room, and the Nikko room. The private Nikko room on the back side comes with pendant lights and glass windows art décor, separated from the dining room with curtains. Sumi room is decorated with brush stroke art surrounding, which enhances the decadent and intimate setting of Nobu.

Nobu, the James Beard award-winning chef, has three restaurants that all have One Michelin Star, one of the best in its class. He brings his one-of-a-kind Peruvian ingredients infused Japanese dishes from these venues with tempting options like the famous black miso cod and yellowtail jalapeno. Try the black miso cod or the $38 per ounce Japanese A5 wagyu.

Classic cold Nobu dishes are available from the Oysters with Nobu Sauces to the Tiradito, Toto Tartare with Caviar, Miso Chips with Tuna, or Scallop if you like, and the New Style sashimi. Smoked wagyu dumplings are one of the popular dishes on the hot menu. Keep in mind that the events menu and regular menus differ. However, they both have a huge wine-by-the-bottle menu with champagne, popular expensive reds, as well as whites.

2. Casa Calavera

Casa Calavera 1
Source: @casacalaveralasvegas
Casa Calavera 2
Source: @casacalaveralasvegas
  • Phone: 702 522 8000
  • Great for: Breathtaking Mexican décor, loud music, and authentic traditional Mexican dishes

Tao Group Hospitality promised great things for Casa Calavera’s food but also for the impeccable views. And Wow! Wouldn’t you like to know how well they delivered? The perfect décor transports the guests into a Mexican-themed paradise with its classic Mexican Calavera art pieces and the Día de Los Muertos themes. The many murals on the posh walls are a clear indication that the restaurant leans toward Mexican culture.

Casa Calavera presents the greatest of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas Instagram-worthy venues: from the outdoor patio with a great view of the Virgin hotel’s pools to marigold flowers all over the bar, patio, and diner, and the traditionally themed altars meant to create a great photo op space. Fabricated Mexican tires surround the entire restaurant, and the classic Mexican furniture is comfy for all-day dining.

The social atmosphere is nicely blended with the traditional Mexican dishes, popular taco Tuesday, and live music on Friday evenings. Mi Casa Su Casa is the Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm that brings you a $20 beer bucket, $7 foods on the menu, and select tequilas/mezcal cocktails charged at 50% off.

Casa Calavera’s popular dishes are chicken taquitos with sour cream and poblano ranch, enchiladas made from chicken or shredded beef, and carne asada with adobo marinated steak. For dessert, I think you will love the guacamole and churros.

3. One Steakhouse

One Steakhouse
Source: @onesteakhouselv
  • Phone: 702 522 8111
  • Great for: The most expensive steak in Vegas with various other popular steak options

Two brothers, David and Michael Morton, bring you the renewed, three-generation steakhouse powerhouse in Vegas, now known as One Steakhouse. Formerly known as MB Steak, One Steakhouse is famously known as the restaurant with the $1200 dry-aged prime tomahawk, a 16 pounds steak with six sides that can feed up to 12 people.

Other offerings from the famous place include the $44 to $64 f16-ounces New York Strip filet mignon, $58 18-ounce rib-eye, and 6 ounces of Japanese A5 satsuma New York Strip for $160. You will love their king crab with roasted poblano for $23.

The venue covers 9,000 square feet and is now closer to the casino, unlike the previously highly separated location. An intimate dining room is well lit with dim lights and features feminine designs that make for a cozier atmosphere. Dramatic lights light up the lounge area with the help of LEDs and 3,000 glass pieces that shift various stunning color settings.

4. Night + Market

Night + Market
Source: @vegasfoodwine
  • Phone: 702 693 5280
  • Great for: Award-winning Thai dishes

Night + Market provides a casual Thai food dining place with natural and smart wine selections (it is a Thai drinking food restaurant, after all). It is a great Vegas diner to socialize and exciting dishes from Kris Yenbamroong, a James Beard nominee known for his award-winning Thai street food. His foods are a blend of generations of Bangkok-inspired foods with a modern California twist.

It is a highly praised restaurant for its excellent and fast service to the social atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and huge wine selection. Wine by the bottles is affordable, from $48 to $100. The food portions are also excellent, even though some may say the menu is smaller for such a big name.

The food menu mostly consists of sharable foods and mains, with the most popular item being the grilled and fried snacks. Do not miss the grilled pork with Thai basil or the chicken larb. If you are looking for Vegas specialties of Night + Market, then the 6-ounce XO Wagyu rib-eye steak is the best option, finished in a wok and topped with house XO sauce.

5. Kassi Beach Club

Kassi Beach Club 1
Source: @kassibeachhouse
Kassi Beach Club 2
Source: @kassibeachhouse
  • Phone: 702 693 4000
  • Great for: All day and night celebrations in a house party-type environment next to the pools

Kassi Beach Club is a unique venue with its Coastal Italian dishes and lively cocktails. It is strategically located next to the pools, so you can choose to party indoors or outdoors. The ambiance is cool and warm with dim lights at night, lively crowds, and chill house party fare. Kassi Beach Club is designed to offer laid-back trattorias in an intimate atmosphere for carefree all-day and night celebrations.

Kassi Beach Club is big on brunch that comes with several platters and delectable dishes, from the smoked salmon patter to the branzino, avocado toast, and Kassi burger with the double beef patty. For dessert, I recommend you try the Big Stache, which is basically a house-made ice cream sandwich with pistachio gelato, chocolate, and marshmallow.

$18 to $24 wood-fired pizzas fill the menu for those looking for quick fast bites, but the bone-in rib-eye steak dry-aged with chimichurri and roasted garlic is available for those looking for something sweeter. Cocktails are in plenty, including the main signature, the Kassi, with options of tequila, vodka, rum, or gin mixed with citrus and Calabrian chili.

6. Todd English’s Olives

Todd English’s Olives
Source: @lasvegasweekly
  • Phone: 617 242 9715
  • Great for: Mediterranean cuisines

Todd English’s Olives is better than ever since the renovation. The venue was originally established in 1989 in Boston by Chef Todd English, where he popularized his short menu dishes made in traditional “Olives” fashion. The menu is filled with seafood and flatbreads.

You feel Olives’ excitement and Mediterranean warmth the moment you walk in. The food is prepared in wood-fired grills and a fun theatrical fashion. You may call the setting dark and romantic since it makes for a great date night venue.

The 185-seat dining room features Renaissance-like art pieces and décor, and the surrounding has wood accents, stone fixtures, and terra cotta. Elegant tiles and dark wood paneling finish the style of the venue in a captivating modern style.

Try the beef carpaccio with Gorgonzola or the bowl of mussels that comes with grain mustard and grilled Tuscan bread. Wood-grilled sirloin block is one of the entrees alongside wood-fired half chicken that features olives, roasted cauliflower Parmesan, and tomato (also roasted).

7. The Kitchen at Commons Club

The Kitchen at Commons Club

  • Phone: 702 693 5260
  • Great for: quick bites, a few drinks, and 24/7 service

The British Brasserie-influenced restaurant at Virgins Hotel offers American-style dishes available for the early birds and late-night diners during its 24/7 hours of operation. The brunch is highly recommended for those available on Saturday and Sunday from 6 am to 2 pm. A brunch favorite is the chicken fried steak with two eggs, hash brown, and country gravy.

Daily specials are available throughout the week, including the Wednesday and Thursday all-you-can-eat Fettuccine alfredo. They also offer wine by the glass and bottle, albeit the selections are very few, with a few popular choices like the Chardonnay, Drumheller, Cabernet Sauvignon, Drumheller, Sparkling, Riondo Prosecco Spumante DOC from Italy.

You only get a choice of three cocktails that include the classic margarita, royal mimosa, and the signature Classic Commons Club Blood Mary made with Tito’s vodka.

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Final Thoughts

In case you are interested in casual diners, quick bites, and eateries at Virgin Hotels Vegas, then take a look at:

  • Pizza Forte – Nothing more you would want from this casual diner with Roman, New York-style pizzas and Italian dishes, including homemade Italian meatballs. There is a good range of Italian street foods, including the prosciutto piadina, eggplant Caprese piadina, calzone, and Jumbo beef hot dogs.
  • Funny Library Coffee Shop – It is the one library that allows you to talk, laugh, and socialize. Coffee from the Laughing Man Coffee is served here as you work on your laptop, read a few of the books on the shelves, or hang out with friends.
  • Afters Ice Cream – Open from 12 pm to 12 am; this ice cream place offers a daily dose of upbeat hip-hop and EDM music while serving handcrafted ice creams. Popular choices include the Rick & Morty ice cream and the classic Milk and Cereal.
  • Juice Bar – Open from Monday to Sunday from 6 am to 1 pm; the Juice Bar is a great place for daytime replenishment with fresh juice. Hop into the cute venue with bar seating to order a selection of healthy eats, coffee, smoothies, and squeezed juices.