Where to Sleep in Las Vegas Airport?

Picture this: you just had an amazing weekend in Las Vegas partying the night away and eating scrumptious, luxurious food. You’re ready to fly home and crash on your own bed, so the hours at the airport feel like a lifetime. And then you hear it—the announcement that your flight is delayed, or worse, canceled.

The Harry Reid International Airport (formerly known as McCarran International Airport), or LAS, is the main airport that takes you to and from Las Vegas. This busy airport has two terminals and over a hundred gates, so it’s more than just a little busy. It can get crowded and noisy.

Las Vegas Airport

So, if you need a place to sleep for a few hours, is there anywhere comfortable inside the airport to do it?

Whether you need to kill time because of a delayed flight or simply because you’re extra tired and need the shut-eye while waiting for your boarding time, you have a couple of choices. Here’s where you can sleep while waiting for your flight at the Las Vegas Airport.

Are There Any Sleeping Pods at The Las Vegas Airport?

Sleeping pods are all the rage in some airports. Sadly, LAS isn’t as technologically advanced yet as Haneda Airport in Tokyo or Dubai International Airport in the UAE. That is to say, unlike these airports, the Las Vegas one doesn’t have sleeping pods or capsules as of writing.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any amenities that allow you to take a nap while waiting for your flight. While you can opt to sleep in the couches provided at some gates of the airport (more on those later!), you can also pay to snooze in a “sleep room.” Read on to find out more about it.

ZEROLevel Fitness & Wellness Sleep Rooms: Best Option

ZEROlevel Fitness & Wellness

In Terminal 1 of the Harry Reid International Airport, you’ll find ZEROLevel Fitness and Wellness. This place is a 13,000-square-foot fitness center that’s perfect for gym buffs. That said, it’s also perfect for sleepy flyers, as they have three sleep rooms available.

These sleep rooms are exactly how they sound. You pay to rent them out for a few hours to nap. It’s terrific if you made it to the airport too early and have hours to kill before your flight. It’s also a must if you’re nursing a hangover from partying it up in Vegas and desperately need to sleep it off.

You can find ZEROLevel Fitness and Wellness near the baggage claim area of Terminal 1. Look for bag claim number 10 and find the elevator that takes you directly to Level 0. When the doors open, you’ll find yourself face to face with the lobby of ZEROLevel Fitness and Wellness.

How Much Do the Sleep Rooms Cost?

The sleep rooms at ZEROLevel Fitness and Wellness are priced per hour. However, you need to book a minimum of two hours to sleep here.

Bookings start at $40 for two hours. Every extra hour on top of that is $25. For example, if you want to sleep there for three hours, you will need to pay $65.

They also have bulk hour packs that allow you to buy a bigger quantity of hours that you can use up on different days. This is perfect for those who go to Vegas for business trips regularly. A 5-hour pack is worth $90, while a 10-hour one will cost you $120.

Let’s say you have two trips to Vegas—one this weekend and another next weekend. If you buy a 5-hour pack, you can use two hours to take a nap before your flight this weekend. The remaining three hours can be claimed the following weekend or any trip after that.

If it’s your first time sleeping there, they give you a cool treat—$100 for a 10-hour pack.

While there’s no pressure to use up all your hours in one sitting, you do need to take note of the expiration of your bundle. Bulk-hour purchases expire after 120 days.

Because there are only three sleep rooms available, you need to book a reservation in advance. You can do that by calling up the ZEROLevel Fitness and Wellness hotline or messaging them on their website.

What’s Inside Each Sleep Room?

ZEROLevel Fitness & Wellness Sleep Rooms

So, what does $40 for two hours get you? Pretty much all the necessities you need for a quick, comfortable, private nap. Inside each room, there’s one twin bed (with two sheets and one pillow), a fan, a marble lamp, a hook for your jacket, and some travel magazines for entertainment.

The bed is quite comfortable. However, napping might be difficult for light sleepers. Because the sleep room is located in a fitness center, you may hear noise from the gym, like dance music or weights dropping on the floor.

You’ll also hear the occasional flight announcement on the airport speakers, as well as sounds from the slot machines in the levels above you. (Yes, the Las Vegas Airport has slot machines!).

The room also has plenty of sockets available for you to charge all your devices while you snooze. WiFi is also available, but you can also take advantage of the airport’s free WiFi.

Your purchase also comes with access to the fitness center. If want to re-energize yourself after your nap, you can squeeze in a quick workout. The gym also has shower rooms for men and women. Towels are provided with your room as well.

Once a guest leaves the sleep room, it’s immediately sanitized before the next booking starts. So, you don’t have to worry about sleeping in a dirty, unmade bed that someone’s been on just minutes before.

What Hours Are They Open?

You can sleep in the ZEROLevel sleep rooms whenever the fitness center is open. The place is open 24 hours a day except from Friday 8 PM to Sunday 10 AM. So yes, if you have a Saturday flight, you won’t be able to sleep in these rooms because they’re closed.

Other Rules to Remember

Just like any other accommodation, the ZEROLevel sleep rooms adhere to some strict rules. Here are some of them you need to keep in mind before booking a short stay in one of these rooms:

  • Alcohol and drugs aren’t allowed inside the rooms.
  • If you have bulk-hour packs, you must use at least two hours per stay.
  • The rooms only allow one person inside—no couples allowed!
  • Your hours are not transferrable. Only you can use them.
  • It’s strictly for adults only; no children allowed.

Free Places to Sleep in The Las Vegas Airport

If you don’t want to spend money to sleep at the airport, you can always look for comfy seats by some of the gates. Most of the seats are regular chairs with armrests. But if you’re diligent enough to look for benches where you can lay and nap for a bit, you’ll find some of those as well.

Here are some spots where you’ll find benches or couches you can sprawl yourself over and nap:

  • By the “D” gates of Terminal 1, right behind Starbucks
  • By the “E” gates of Terminal 3, near the stairs leading to baggage claim

Terminal 1 also has a children’s play area near Gate D. The flooring there is quite soft. If you’re up to laying on the ground, it can be a comfy spot for napping.

Sneak a Nap in The Airport’s Exclusive Lounges

If you have access to the airport lounges, you can also try to take a nap there. The Las Vegas Airport has a Centurion Lounge exclusively for American Express card members, and a United Club lounge for premium cabin flyers at United Airlines. There’s also a USO Lounge for people in the military.

There is also “The Club at LAS” in both Terminals 1 and 3. You pay at the door, and the entrance is worth just $50.

The Club at LAS

Granted, these lounges don’t have beds for you to comfortably lay down on. However, they have comfy seating and couches in the common areas where you can relax and maybe rest your eyes for a few minutes. If you’re lucky, the lounge you go to might even have soft, reclining chairs.

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Catch Those Z’s Before Your Flight at LAS!

There are a couple of options for where you can sleep in the Las Vegas Airport. If you want to save money and look for budget-friendly options, look for the comfy couches around the terminals. You can also try to unwind in the comfy seating at the airport lounges if you have access to them.

But if you’re willing to splurge a bit to get more privacy (and an actual bed), you can book a sleep room at ZEROLevel Fitness and Wellness. For $40 for 20 hours and $25 per hour on top of that, it’s a steal. Otherwise, how can you have a comfortable nap at a busy, crowded airport?

Sleeping at the Las Vegas Airport is far from glamorous. But you’re lucky to have these options available. Next time you’re coming home from a wild weekend in Sin City, check out any of the places listed in this guide to snooze while waiting for your flight home.

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