XS Las Vegas Nightclub: All You Need To Know

XS Las Vegas is a nightclub that has got amazing features you will enjoy. When it comes to entertainment and fun, XS has got everything to offer you. This nightclub is one of the oldest and most expensive nightclubs in Las Vegas. Here, it is all about entertainment.

This highly-ranked nightclub has got this breathtaking view that gives you a sense of admiration. XS Las Vegas is meant for everyone ready to have fun. This article covers everything you need to know about XS Las Vegas.

Features of XS Las Vegas

Features of XS Las Vegas
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XS Las Vegas is classy and beautiful. It has got what every nightclub offers and even more. Here, you will meet different people from all walks of life. This seductive nightclub was designed with fun and sexiness in mind. The dancer poles, curving tables, and the display of the statues of women are what you get to see when you visit this club.

This place is meant for those who love to engage in thrilling activities. The bottle service here is top-notch. Golden is the right word to describe this club as everything glitters like gold.

You will get to experience one of the most amazing clubbing environments when you step outside the club. The club features a canopy of trees and string lights. There is a grand pool surrounded by daybeds and two-story cabanas at the center of the club.

For those who love games, this club is the right place to be. It features a gaming area where games like blackjack, poker, etc. are available. The DJs make everything lively as they offer great music in the main room and outside.

At XS, you will get to choose from different bottle service options. The bottle service options offered in XS include 4 tops tables, upper and lower dance floor tables, back wall tables, and 3rd tier couches. There are patio tables, cabanas, and daybeds outside. The main room has two bars and there are two bars outside.

The 40,000 sq.f features an outdoor patio, large dance floor, pool area, and VIP seating bars. The décor of this nightclub speaks about the curves of the female body. XS features a 10-foot chandelier and a nice gold, brown, and black color scheme.

XS Las Vegas Dress Code

XS Las Vegas Dress Code
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At XS Las Vegas, there is an acceptable dress code for both men and women. In this club, some clothing items aren’t allowed. People are not allowed to wear pants or jeans with rips. Athletic wears such as tennis shoes, hats, and shorts are prohibited inside this club. To be on the safe side, avoid wearing any clothing with the logo of a sports team.

The dress code in XS is upscale casual. People who visit or intend to visit this club must adhere strictly to this dress code. Men are to wear nice pants and button-ups while women wear dresses and heels.

For men, a collared shirt is allowed. You can wear a nice button-up shirt with nice pants and a pair of shoes. However, you should note that this dress code isn’t applicable for XS night swim. For Night swims, the choice of the dress you wear is yours. There are no restrictions on what you should wear.

How XS Guest List Works?

It is very easy to be on the guest list of XS Las Vegas provided you carry out the necessary procedures. In most nightclubs in Las Vegas, you can get free entry anywhere in the club once your name is included in the guest list. This is not the case in XS. You will have free access to XS only if you are qualified and you follow the rules.

You might only have access to the outside area if there is high demand. It is important you arrive early if the guest list of the main room is available for guest list groups only. There are rules for guest lists in XS Las Vegas. Some changes can be made to these rules at any time without prior notice.

Even when you make a reservation for a guest list, it doesn’t guarantee free entry into the club. The club decides who should and shouldn’t enter the club. For instance, if you are inappropriately dressed or drunk, you won’t be allowed into the club.

Ladies are allowed free entry into the club before 1 a.m. Entry is free for guys when it is an even ratio party until midnight. A party is an even ratio when the number of women is the same as the number of men in your group.

It is always advised that you make reservations for your guest list prior to the exact time. Since guest lists get to close early, you should request it before you attend the club. The guest list might take a long time on big nights. Therefore, ensure you get to XS before 11 pm. You can do well to arrive at 10 pm or 10:30 pm.

XS Bottle Service

The bottle service at XS Las Vegas is one of the things that distinguish this nightclub from others. This club charges one of the highest prices for bottle service in Las Vegas. Making a table reservation in the main room is more expensive than the outside area. This only changes when it is Night swim in XS. During XS Night swim, pricing becomes higher outside the club. The price you pay is also determined by how close you are to the DJ booth and the dance floor.

What are the options available for table service?

There are several options for table service in XS Las Vegas. Each of these options has got something to offer. The options include 4 tops tables, upper and lower dance floor tables, back wall tables, and 3rd tier couches.

You will find upper and lower cabanas, patio tables, and daybeds outside. At XS, all tables feature drawers where you can keep your valuables. XS allows a particular capacity for each table. Capacity also determines the pricing of bottle services. For instance, if there is a table having a limit of 10 guests, then the pricing for the bottle service applies to about 10 guests.

More Facts about XS Las Vegas

More Facts about XS Las Vegas
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The prices for bottle services may increase when they get closer to the exact date. Paying in advance for a table will protect you from any price hike. It is advisable you make an advance payment for bottle service in order to lock the table location and price.

Another thing you need to know about XS is the long queue. This is unavoidable, particularly on a Chainsmokers night. For instance, the guest list line may take a long time. In some scenarios, the ticket line may take longer too. To avoid this, you can arrive at the club as early as 10:00 pm.

It is advisable you avoid going to the club’s outside area after midnight especially if you are in the main room. If you do otherwise, you might not be allowed to enter the main room again. When the club opens, it takes a while before the DJ performs. However, there is always a warm-up DJ before the main DJ. You can also get individual drinks for $16 and above.

XS Las Vegas is one of the most expensive nightclubs in Las Vegas. The club which is located at the Encore hotel has continued to maintain its long-standing reputation.

XS Las Vegas Floor Plan

The floor plan at XS is one of the best features you will find in nightclubs in Las Vegas. XS designed its floor plan to ensure every table location gets a good view of what is happening in the club. There are two major floor plans: the outside floor plan and the main room floor plan

Outside floor plan

  • Day bed

Some daybeds are next to the DJ booth while some are not too far from the gaming area. Some are even in the pool. This option is highly sought on night swim evenings. However, the price for daybeds reduces on regular nights. Daybeds cost between $2,000 and $3,000.

  • Lower cabana

Lower cabanas cost $2,000 and are suitable for just 10 people. Lower cabanas are located farther from the party. They are along the edge of the outside area at XS. This option is ideal for people who have a big group and need to spend quality time together

  • Immediate patio

Here, 8 people are allowed to share a table. These tables are just behind the DJ booth. If you are on this table, you can have a clear view of the headlining DJ. These tables are a good option during the summer months. These tables go for $2,000 and above.

  • Upper cabana

This floor plan is on the second level. Upper cabanas share similar features with lower cabanas. This table is ideal for only 8 people. When you are in an upper cabana, you feel like the world is underneath you. However, this place is less desirable because it is difficult to view the LED screen.

  • 2nd row Daybed

2nd row daybeds is a table location ideal for 6 people. They are located farther from the pool. You will enjoy this option if you select it over the 1st row daybeds.

Main room floor plan

  • Back wall

Back wall tables are a great option for people who like to have a clear view of the DJ. This table is against the back wall inside the main room of XS. One major disadvantage of this table is the extremely short distance between the seat and the table top. This might be a lit bit uncomfortable for tall people. These tables can fit in 8 people. They go for $3,000+.

  • Upper dance floor

The upper dance floor is considered a suitable option for a group with many people. The capacity for this table is 15 people. If you stay here, you will be able to see the DJ. This table is located close to the dance floor. Sometimes, the tables at the upper dance floor will be shared with other groups.

  • Lower dance floor

At XS Las Vegas, the lower dance floor is highly sought-after. This table location is on the dance floor. Here, you can have the closest view of the DJ.

  • 4 tops

This table is considered the smallest at XS. It is located between the back wall tables and 3rd tier couches. It is an ideal option for a group of six people. The disadvantage of this table location is that you can’t have a good view of the DJ. You can have a good view by standing on the seats.

  • Owner’s table

This table is the largest option at XS. The owner’s table is not a common option to come by. It is right at the center of the lower dance floor tables. This table option is ideal for a group of 20 people. Here, you will get to see the DJ very well.

  • 3rd Tier couches

This table option is right behind the upper dance floor. This is suitable for a group of 10 people. The 3rd Tier big couches can take 12 people. You will love this spot since it is located at the center of the club. Another thing you will enjoy is the walkway right in front of you.

Why Choose XS Las Vegas

Why Choose XS Las Vegas
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XS Las Vegas gives you the whole vibe you need to party hard. There are several benefits you will get to enjoy when you visit this nightclub.

Nice Bathrooms

This is one of the benefits you get to enjoy in this nightclub. The bathroom is very neat and the lighting there is great. If you are the type that loves to take selfies, this bathroom is a nice background for you. Ladies especially will love this bathroom.

Bottle Service Presentations

This club offers the coolest bottle service presentations. This is the only club that does this. In this nightclub, the stairs are blocked off in order to display the bottle service guests as they enter the club.  The bottle service presentations last for a while as there are drummers producing nice beats and LED lights that give illumination.

Gaming Area

XS features gaming areas. Here, you can play several games and enjoy yourself. The gaming area is a nice spot for people who love games.

Night Swim

At XS Las Vegas, you tend to have the best time during the night swim. This pool party is legendary. One nice thing about night swim is that there are no restrictions on what to wear. You are free to wear anything you like. The choice of what to wear totally depends on you. Throughout the night, people stay in the pool.

Quality Music

The quality of the music at XS is incomparable. Wherever you are in the club, you will hear the music from the main room. There is also an LED screen installed outside. This helps you to have a clear view of the headlining DJ and what is happening in the main room.

Sitting Area

XS features a sitting area. This is a rare feature in most nightclubs. There are several areas where you can sit and have a break. You can sit on the planters or rest on the daybeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does cover charge cost?

At XS, for general admission at the door, the cover charge for women costs about 20-30 dollars and between $30 and $50 for men. For special events like The Chainsmokers and Drake, cover charge starts from $100 and above.

How much do drinks cost at XS?

Mixed drinks are sold for about $20 while beers and shots cost $10 each.

Where is XS Las Vegas?

XS Las Vegas is at 3131 S Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV89109

When is XS opened?

XS opens from 10:30 to 4 am on weekends i.e. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

What type of music do DJs play at XS?

DJs play EDM. This club offers the best EDM in Las Vegas.

What are the best nights to visit XS?

The best night to visit XS is Saturday night. During the Saturdays night events, you get to experience good music and find the best crowd.

Are baggy jeans and beanies allowed at XS?

Baggy jeans and beanies aren’t allowed at XS Las Vegas. This nightclub adheres strictly to its dress code.

What is the best spot for a table at XS?

The main room and dance floor are considered the best table location at this nightclub. However, the open tables around the pool aren’t bad. People enjoy the ambiance and freedom in this location.

Is there an age limit at XS Las Vegas?

There is an age limit at XS. If you aren’t up to 21 years, you won’t be allowed to enter this nightclub. All guests must present an ID card to enter the club or purchase alcohol.

How do I enter XS?

The entrance to XS is simple and straightforward. The entrance is in the hallway that connects the Encore hotel properties and the Wynn.

What is the less desirable location for a table?

The 4 tops tables are believed to be the less desirable location at XS. This is because this table doesn’t face the dance floor and guests sharing this table can’t have a clear view of the DJ.


XS Las Vegas is a great place to be. This nightclub offers a lot of benefits. The main room and the outside area of this nightclub are very captivating. The inside was built with royalty and elegance in mind.