The 6 Towers at Caesars Palace: Which is the Best?

Caesars Palace is a huge hotel and casino located in Las Vegas. It has 3,960 luxurious rooms housed in six different towers. All the Caesar Place towers have their own personality and benefits.

Unlike other hotels that were purpose-built by architects to be the perfect hotel, Caesars Palace has been adapted since it was first built in 1966. Worried it would be left behind in a sea of premium hotels, they added more buildings and hotel rooms. This means Caesars Palace has a rather chaotic and unorganized layout.

Here is a guide to which tower at Caesars Palace best suits you and which room is the best option for your stay.

Caesars Palace Towers

Caesars Palace Towers Map

Julius Tower

Julius Deluxe Room

The Julius Tower (previously called Roman Tower) was the first tower to be built but was the most recent to be renovated. In underwent a transformation in 2016 that totaled $100 million!

This tower is curved, which has made one of the most visually famous. The upside of the tower is centrally located. This means you get poor views but are just one elevator ride away from the casino, pool and restaurants. This is ideal if you don’t want to spend half your vacation wandering the corridors of the hotel.

It has 587 rooms nestled within 14 floors. On average, the normal rooms at Julius Tower are smaller than standard rooms in Caesars Palace. Their luxurious suites and villas will make up for the lack of views and the size of the rooms.

Room Types

Deluxe Room:

  • Price – $150-$400
  • Size – 360 sqft

These small rooms with either king or twin bed configurations. They come with modern but basic amenities and very little of the sumptuous luxury expected from Caesars Palace.

Studio Suite:

  • Price – $200-$450
  • Size – 560 sqft

The Studio suites share DNA with the Deluxe Rooms with an extra partitioned space. This is a nice seating area for entertaining or relaxing. There are still minimal views, but it’s ideal if you want a good base to get ready before a night out.

Executive Suite:

  • Price – $300 – $600
  • Size – 1073 sqft

The Executive Suites have a decent number of views but weak views over Vegas. There is decent sized bedroom and bathroom but no workspace area, which is disappointing if you are an executive who needs a desk to work from.

Signature Level Suite:

  • Price – $400-$700
  • Size – 848 sqft

The Signature Level Suite is located on the highest floor, with the best views. The bathrooms are luxurious, and you can enjoy private elevator access.

Premium Suite and Duplex Suites:

  • Price – $800-$1600
  • Size – 1436-2084 sqft

The Premium, Duplex, and Executive Duplex offer premium luxury with its own bathrooms and suits with its own balcony level overlooking dining and living areas.

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The Forum Tower

The Forum Tower is the most affordable of the Caesar Palace’s resort towers. This price tag also comes with a less opulent interior design. The standard room may be on the small side, but it still features a spa tub, rain showers and a waiting area if you’re the type to entertain guests.

The Forum Tower is popular because it’s close to the hustle and bustle of Caesars Palace. The Forum Tower is the closest tower to the casino and is near to the shops and the food court. If you are visiting Caesars Palace to enjoy the Colosseum and one of the many famous entertainers who frequently performs, this is the nearest tower.

Room Types

Forum Classic:

  • Price – $120-$350
  • Size – 350-475 sqft

The Forum Classic is the cheapest and most basic room in Caesars Palace. It’s very small but still fits in a small seat area. There are minimal views, although some do overlook the north end of the Strip.

Forum Tower Duplex Suite – Iconic:

  • Price – $1200-$1800
  • Size – 2947 sqft

This is known as the Hollywood suite and has been used in lots of different films and TV shows. Decent value for money considering the colossal bedrooms, jetted bathrooms, and adjoining balcony overlooking the communal play area.

The Nobu Tower

Nobu Suite Hall

The Nobu Tower stands out for being a unique tower. Unlike the other Caesars Palace towers, it doesn’t have the classic Roman aesthetic. Instead, it has that Asian theme with Japanese-inspired décor inside the rooms. It also has a subdued class that feels a bit more grown up.

You might know The Nobu Tower because it is home to its fame Nobu Bar & Lounge. This authentic Eastern Asian cuisine has made it a popular spot with the wealthy Asian guests who patronize the casino.

The premium Nobu villa area located on the top floors offer an unparalleled view of the Strip’s skyline. Suites in this Tower begin at 1,000 sq ft, although the Nobu Penthouse is more than double the size and comes with its own private butler.

Room Types

Nobu Deluxe:

  • Price – $160 – $500
  • Size – 350 sqft

These rooms look small but are well decorated using the Oriental theme that fits in with the whole vibe of Nobu. With plush beds, sumptuous real wood and leather sofas and a Japanese pagoda themed bathroom, you will feel like you are in Asia!

Nobu Luxury:

  • Price – $210-$600
  • Size – 350 sqft

The Luxury Rooms are very similar to the Deluxe, only they are located on higher floors. This offers visitors a better view, but we found they are not worth the extra money.

Nobu Hakone and Sake Suites:

  • Price – $1000 – $2000
  • Size – 1000 – 1500sqft

The Nobu Suites are some of the lushest rooms in Caesars Palace. The Hakone is a one-bedroom suite with a premium bathroom and large dining space. The Sake suit is bigger with its own pool table and cinema room.

Nobu Penthouse:

  • Price – $3500-$6000
  • Size – 2200 sqft

The Nobu penthouse is pure luxury and is usually booked out by some of the most successful people in the world. These premium suites are ideal for group celebrations and meetings, as it comes with a full billiard table and private pool access, giving you the ultimate in privacy.

Augustus Tower

Augustus Fountain View Room

The Augustus Tower is home to some of the most luxurious rooms and suites within the hotel. Located at the south end of Caesars Palace, the 949 rooms have a gray, royal blue and gold color scheme.

The August Tower is famed for having luxurious marble bathrooms with dual sinks, plus king-sized beds and views over the Bellagio Fountain.

For those not very interested in the Vegas gambling world, this tower is the perfect solution, because you never have to go in or through the casino to access your Augustus Tower room.

Room Types

Augustus Premium Room:

  • Price – $200 – $800
  • Size – 650 sqft

Described as a large basic room, they are the size of some suites in other Vegas hotels. Enjoy huge corner setting and a sumptuous bathroom with a jetted tub. With understated yet tasteful décor, these rooms feel upmarket.

Augustus Premium Pool and Strip View Room:

  • Price – $215 – $800
  • Size – 650 sqft

These rooms are pretty much the same as the Premium options, just on a higher floor for better views. Enjoy views over the Strip with some rooms bagging partial foundation views as well.

Augustus Premium Fountain View Room:

  • Price – $230 – $800
  • Size – 650 sqft

The Fountain View Rooms in the Augustus Tower are considered the best rooms in all of Caesar’s palace. Take a spot on the corner seating and enjoy views of one of the most famous fountains in the world.

Augustus Premium Studio:

  • Price – $235 – $800
  • Size – 700 sqft

This is essentially the same room as the aforementioned Foundation View Rooms with more space but poorer views!

Augustus Premium and Executive Suites:

  • Price – $800 – $1600
  • Size – 1096+ sqft

The suites are located at the end of the tower and have incredible views, but you aren’t guaranteed to overlook the fountain!

Octavius Tower

Octavius Premium Room

The Octavius Tower, which shares a lobby with the Augustus Tower, also shares the reputation of being opulent. Removed from the touristy bustle of the casinos, it has a subdued and classy décor. Enjoy true luxury that doesn’t need to shout about how opulent it is.

Similar to the Augustus Tower, the Octavius Tower has spacious rooms with plush king-sized beds and full spa bathrooms. Southern facing rooms can enjoy views over the Bellagio fountains and the southern end of the Vegas Strip. Northern facing views overlook the stunning Temple Pool and the Neptune Pool. The Octavius Tower is closest to all seven pools in the Garden of Gods pool oasis and Juno Garden.

Notably, the Octavius is home to some the hotel’s most expensive suites, which include the Hadrian Villa and the Marcus Aurelius Villa. These premium suites feature close to 10,000 square feet of space, several bedrooms, and a range of luxury amenities. To receive this level of luxury, expect to pay up to $30,000-$40,000 per night.

Room Types

Octavius Premium Room:

  • Price – $160 – $600
  • Size – 550 sqft

The Octavius Premium Rooms are the most modern rooms in any of the Caesars Palace Towers. You can enjoy views of the pool or neighboring Bellagio.

Octavius Pool View Room:

  • Price – $175 – $600
  • Size – 550 sqft

This selection is near identical to the Octavius Premium Room, only you are guaranteed a good view overlooking the pool area.

Octavius Petite Suite:

  • Price – $300 – $800
  • Size – 840 sqft

This petite suite has a good mix of views and space. The issue is that the price of these rooms hugely rises during busy periods.

Octavius Executive and Premium Suite:

  • Price – $5000 – $1500
  • Size – 1040 – 1800 sqft

The Executive Suites are a bland option that is exclusively catered to businesses lunches and meetings. The premium suites are luxuriously designed with a range of plush features that will make an impact.


  • Price – $600 – $45000
  • Size – 300 – 11300 sqft

Caesars Palace Villas can be found on the ground floor. Unlike every other option on this list, they are not suites, they are individual villas with outdoor spaces and pools. Get the privacy of your own space with the amenities of being inside the Caesars Palace complex. There are 7 villas to choose from, all with amazing finishing touches like firepits, hot tub, a grand piano and a private butler!

Palace Tower

Palace Tower Living Room

The resort’s largest tower, The Palace Tower, has recently enjoyed a $100 million dollar restoration. Enjoy 1,181 stylish guest rooms and suites that will deliver opulent villas and chic guest rooms.

The Palace Tower is a short walk to the convention center, Appian Way shops and the pools. This is a fantastic central location, no matter your reasons for staying in Las Vegas.

The 29th floor features ten luxurious new villas that come with refined flooring, intricate finishes and bespoke, imported wall coverings. These villas have been redesigned, alongside the rest of Palace Tower, to deliver improved service and opulent stay.

Room Types

29th Floor Fillas:

  • Price – Begins at $3,109 per night
  • Size – 2,750 sqft- 4,086 sqft

These villas blend various luxurious architectural styles with an eclectic mix of premium décor and furniture. They have a worldly and aristocrat appeal which covers Grecian, German, English regency, and French empire aesthetics.

Guest Rooms and Suites:

These redesigned guest rooms feature grey tones accented with royal blue and champagne gold. Design highlights include lush king and queen beds, chic stone bathrooms and LED flat-screen televisions.

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Final Words

If you’re asking which tower at Caesars Palace is the best, they all have their own benefits depending on the type of Vegas adventure you are looking for. The Augustus and Octavius deliver luxury rooms with pool viewr and a peacefulness not often found on The Strip.

The other Towers are closer to the actions, with unique interior design and plush beds. Realistically, you can’t go wrong with any of the six towers in the famous hotel and casino.