The 9 Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

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Laughter is the best medicine. If this is true, then it would be correct to refer to Vegas as a referral hospital. Las Vegas is one of the most sought-after entertainment destinations, and comedy makes up a massive chunk of this phenomenon.

Big-time acts and productions in comedy are housed and shown here, with comedians who have established their brands in performance.

The scene features comics from all over the world, as far as South Africa-say hello to Trevor Noah. You get to watch comedy acts from magic dragons, raw comedy, and even some shows of Cirque du Soleil.

Vegas has the utmost fun and buffet of laughter you are yet to experience. So come packed with extra ribs like the ones you have are going to be stitched.

Best Comedy Single Acts Shows in Las Vegas

1. Carrot Top

  • Location: Atrium Showroom, Luxor Hotel, and Casino
  • Hours: 90 minutes (Monday-Saturday)
  • Rating: 18+ (16 and 17 years allowed with the company of an adult)
  • Ticket: From $54.51

Carrot started comic shows back in the ’90s, and he was the highest-grossing comic on tour. He has continued elevating his game since then, headlining in the Vegas strip for years.

His tantrums on current affairs, using props to hammer in the joke are priceless. He has speedy acts, every so often reaching in his huge trunks to find a prop that will gag you with laughter.

You may have seen Carrot Top on your screen with the commercial 1-800-CALL-ATT. But that was quite a while back, and now he is an established comic headlining a show in Vegas.

In his words, he is a mix of George Carlin, Steven Wright, and Gallagher. And he is if you take into context his witty, observational, and dark humor. His use of confetti cannons, loud music, flames, fog, and even lasers are a mix of total laughter breakdowns that you will surely enjoy.

He has six performances a week, so schedule in whenever you are flexible and see the signature orange hair comic live on stage.

2. Terry Fator: Who’s the Dummy Now?

Terry Fator
Source: @terryfator
  • Location: New York New York Hotel
  • Hours: 90 minutes
  • Rating: All ages (Children under the age of 5 are not allowed, under 18 years have to be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $50.77

After winning NBC’s America’s Got Talent in 2007, Terry had established himself as a top talent in the entertainment industry. Featuring his puppets, the ventriloquist is a true spectacle. You get to hear your favorite Tylor Swift song sung by a puppet.

He is so good that you cannot tell who is singing. His vocals are good indeed, and his skill is unrivaled, so much so that you may mistake his show for a concert.

Terry can mimic over 200 celebrity voices and sing along to tunes of most Billboard charts. He garnishes this with comedy to have you laughing as you sing along to the melodies. The comic voice impressions are something to look out for-be careful not to look him in the face lest he impersonates you! Kidding, so relax.

Get snacks (candy, popcorn, etc.) at the stand outside or a beer and a soda for your child. Bring them into the hall to enjoy as you laugh at the ventriloquism of Terry Fator.

3. Tape Face

Tape Face
Source: @tapefaceboy
  • Location: Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
  • Hours: 90 minutes
  • Rating: All ages (Under 18 years should be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $66.00

Tape face surfaced during NBC’s America’s Got Talent in 2016 after appearing in performances up to the semi-finals. He had been performing in gigs before that, and AGT gave him the push to become a household name headlining in Las Vegas. As suggested in his name, the man performs with tape on his mouth.

It is funny how he can move the crowd and make you laugh without saying a word, and remember comedy without talking is weird, if not impossible. But oddly, Tape Face proves otherwise at Harrah’s Las Vegas.

Book his show from Harrahs or to enjoy a funny performance from the comic who ain’t going to talk. His show rates as one of the best in Vegas. He involves his audience in acts, so be ready to take part in the routines!

4. Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis
Source: @officialmarcsavard
  • Location: Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
  • Hours: 90 minutes, nightly
  • Rating: 18+ only (Identification required)
  • Ticket: From $44.99

Marc is a talented and surprising hypnotist turning total strangers into his “puppets”. He casts his acts with his audience members, so if you want to volunteer, you are guaranteed to have the best show and memories of a real-life zombified person-if such a term exists. Hypnosis has been on the bitter side of criticism, but in essence, it does not harm you or the hypnotizer.

Awarded the best comedy show and the best value show in vegas four times, you have got to book a ticket and enjoy the resourceful hypnosis in play. The show is for adults only and happens daily at Planet Hollywood.

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5. Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show
Source: @officialhammer
  • Location: Four Queens Resort and Casino
  • Hours: 70 minutes
  • Rating: 13+ (minors below 18 years have to be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $29.97

“You may have seen other magicians, but Hammer gives it the extra dimension,” says the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Hammer incorporates magic and comedy to produce an experiential show that stitches every time and magically throws logic out of the window.

His act has been headlining in Vegas for years, and he continues to capture crowds with his witty and on-the-edge comical magic variations. He even involves his audience in the performances-results in a thrill you may not get when on a trampoline.

Book a ticket from here to get a discount.

6. Rich Little

Rich Little
Source: @officialrichlittle
  • Location: Tropicana Las Vegas
  • Hours: 60 minutes
  • Rating: 12+ (minors below 18 years have to be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $39.95

You may recall Little from your childhood tv times-if you are that old. He has been a bigshot in impressions for many years and featured in casts of famous productions. He has guest-hosted The Tonight Show twelve times. He is truly a phenomenon when doing voices of Ronald Regan or Kermit The Frog.

Rich Little is so good that you can easily impersonate you-but not to worry as he doesn’t intend to steal your identity. Be ready to receive a dose of celebrity impressions in a comical display.

Booking and attending his show, you can be sure that the only thing that will come out of your mouth is laughter.

Best Comedy Club Shows in Las Vegas

Comedy clubs feature all kinds of comics and comedy routines. These acts can or may not align with your sense of humor, so be wary and research the various performances and comedians to see if you will enjoy them. Comedy clubs are a superb way to make huge savings and see multiple comedians compared to headlining single comedy shows.

1. Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar
Source: @comedycellarusa
  • Location: Rio
  • Hours: 90 minutes, nightly
  • Rating: 18+ (Adult language usage, Identification required)
  • Ticket: From $45.41

Comedy Cellar is one of the powerhouses of comedy and has been around for a long time. It started in New York, and now you can get the best comic show seen on tv in Vegas in Rio. Five comedians parade against you to see who makes you laugh the hardest. This show packages variety, and you are assured stitches as they do what they do best-cracking jokes.

This show has seen the birth of comedian stars who later became headliners with their shows like David Chapelle and Ray Romano. So, when securing a spot in this show, be at ease as you are getting the best laughter money can get in this category.

2. Laugh Factory

Laugh Factory
Source: @troplv
  • Location: Tropicana
  • Hours: 70 minutes
  • Rating: 18+ (Adult language usage, Identification required)
  • Ticket: $53.00

Ranked as “The No. 1 Comedy Club in The US”, Laugh factory seals the deal when it dawns on the battle of value. They bring on a mix of upcoming and headlining comics to tickle your happy hormone. You are left asking for mercy as the comedians display their witty, edgy, and certainly hilarious opinions and routines.

Be ready to get the most out of the 70 minutes, and remember to hold onto the chairs as you laugh. Laugh Factory is not responsible for any accidents-wink! Seriously hold onto something, even if it is the popcorn you bought from the stand outside the venue.

Some of the big names who have performed on Laugh Factory include Tim Allen, Nick Cannon, Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Ellen DeGeneres, Eddie Griffin, Martin Lawrence, Jay Leno, David Letterman, George Lopez, Bill Maher, Howie Mandel, Carlos Mencia, Mo’Nique, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Ray Romano, among many others.

The show produces stars, and you are getting some of the action right here at Planet Hollywood. Are you ready to beget laughter?

3. Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club
Source: @danielhowardcomedy
  • Location: Miracle Mile Shops-Planet Hollywood
  • Hours: 75 minutes, nightly
  • Rating: 16+ (Minors below 18 years should be accompanied by an adult)
  • Ticket: From $59.44

Have you attended a buffet yet? This is what you get at Las Vegas Live Comedy Club. It shows multiple acts, with comics ranging from experienced and established to the upcoming potential comics. But not to worry, as the headlining resident comic Edwin San Juan ensures you have got enough laughs and a little bit more to ache your ribs.

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club Seating Charts
Source: vtheaterboxoffice

Booking a ticket here for a lot of laughs.

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Scientists put laughter as a helpful activity to boost physical and mental health. Las Vegas comic representations don’t fall short, as you can find the top headliners in the strip here. You will be spoilt for choice as you decide where you want your ribs to tickle.

You can find comedy magic shows, stand-up comedy shows, comedy clubs, and comedy routines that leave you stitched, and some leave you with fairy dust.