Potted Potter Las Vegas Review: Shows, Prices, and More

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Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or have no clue what he is, the Potted Potter is the place to be for some parody laughs and exhilarating comedy. Potted Potter is kid-friendly, one may say too kid-friendly, and tailored for ages six and above.

The experience at Potted Potter is unique and cannot be found anywhere. The Potted Potter Show teams have had the privilege of touring the world to various destinations to entertain fans with their exquisite British hilariousness.

We will dive into the entire experience you will have at Potted Potter Las Vegas. This article will catch you up to speed on the history of the Potted Potter show, the genius team behind it, prices, and other relevant information to get you ready for a show you will remember.

What is Potted Potter and Why it is So Special?

What is Potted Potter and Why it is So Special
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Potted Potter details:

Potted Potter is a parody showing what was created and written by Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner. It is dubbed the unauthorized Harry Experience – a parody by Dan and Jeff. The show has been nominated for the Olivier Awards, making it highly respectable and easier for the creators to sell out all tickets to their venues.

The show is held at many different venues worldwide, with the main stage being at the Magic Attic inside Horseshoe Las Vegas. The award-winning production takes on the challenge of summarizing all of the seven Harry Potter books into a few short minutes. They do this by using funny references and puns as well as a reproduction of the Quidditch game.

One pun of the show is that it is tailored for people of ages six to Dumbledore (as old as possible). For those who haven’t read or watched the movies, Dumbledore is a wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts who is said to have lived for over 150 years.

You may find it hard to relate to most jokes and references if you haven’t read the books and watched the movies. However, the creators and performers work with relatable jokes, parody skits, and humorous acts that do not overlook the newbies. Furthermore, the show has been running for years, leading to some improvisation to suit a bigger audience.

Pros and Cons of Potted Potter


  1. It is excellent for people of all ages (provided you are above six years)
  2. It is pretty affordable for the experience
  3. It’s hilariously funny for both fans and non-fans


  1. The show is a bit short and highly condenses the Harry Potter books/movies

The History of Potted Potter

The History of Potted Potter
Source: @pottedpottertour

The story of Potted Potter began back in 2005 when the Harry Potter die-hard fans, Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, were requested to perform a short street show for an audience that was awaiting the release of the sixth Harry Potter book. This marked the beginning of the show, but it was still a fun activity between friends and fellow Harry Potter fans.

The duo decided to expand their outreach to a bigger audience in 2006 by making the show an hour-long instead of the usual 5 minutes. The hour-long show went through all the sic Harry Potter books, which had been the only completed copies by then.

They then proceeded to get a venue at Edinburgh’s Zoo Southside on August 4, when the show officially started. The show was a massive success in August, leading to a second show in October in Pleasance Islington. This time they ended up collaborating with directors James Seabright and Dominic Knutton.

2007 saw the release of the seventh and last book in the Harry Potter series. The book was quickly added to the show in under a week, and the team went on to see more performances and massive success all over the U.K.

The two writers proceeded to make other shows of the exact nature, such as the Potted Pirates in 2008 and Potted Panto 2010. The shows managed to be nominated for the Best Entertainment in the Oliver Award in 2011 and 2012. 2012 marked when the Potted Potter show came to the U.S, debuting off-Broadway at New York City’s Little Shubert Theatre.

After years of touring the world, the Potted Potter show managed to secure the venue at Horseshoe, where the show is still up to date in Las Vegas. The show has received many accolades from audiences and critics alike. The reviews are terrific, and you will not miss falling in love with the act too.

The Toronto Star called it the single funniest thing you will ever see in ages. The London Daily Telegraph praises it as a fabulously funny parody that will tickle the funny bones of every person of every age. The London Times, on the other hand, referred to the show as an experience that cleverly appeals to both fans and parents.

The audience so far has been thrilled with the high energy and hilariousness of the show. Some think it is tailored for the young audience, but others do not mind its uplifting and witty banter. You may enter the premises expecting a show for kids only to wind up laughing nonstop and taking your friends there too.

Potted Potter Shows and the Team

The Potted Potter tour dates can be found on the website page, where they highlight where they will perform and links to purchase the given tickets. You will find the show in places like the Magic Attic at Horseshoe in Las Vegas and Hobby Center in Houston, Texas, and The Newman Center for Performing arts in Denver.

You may have the chance to meet the writers and directors of the team at these events as well as other members. The group is made up of the performers, alternative performers, and the creative team, which includes the designers and composers.

The performers include the Las Vegas Performers: Nicholas Charles and James Edwards and the Alternate Performers: Scott Hoatson, Joseph Maudsley, Brendan Murphy, and James Percy. The creative team is made up of Richard Hurst as the director, Hanna Berrigan as the associate director, Simon Scullion as the set designer, Tim Mascall as the Lightning designer, and Phil Innes as the composer.

The show lasts for just 70 minutes which covers all the seven Harry Potter stories with included twists and turns along the way. It is the same experience regardless of which venue you pick but choose the one in Las Vegas since it is at the Strip close to so many attractions you may want to check out.

Potted Potter Prices

Prices to the Potted Potter show will vary depending on where you get your ticket, how many people you are saving seats for, and which seats you select. There are bronze seats further from the stage, gold seats, and Platinum seats closer to the stage.

The price starts at $40 per person for a group of 11-20. You will pay a bit more for single reservations, but it’s negligible depending on the available offers. The Platinum tickets can cost as high as $100, Gold for about $70, and as low as $40 for the bronze seats. Tickets sell out quickly, so make sure to book a seat early on your scheduled date.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Potted Potter show is one experience you will not want to miss, especially if you are a Harry Potter fan. Do not worry; this won’t make you geek more than necessary but will make you laugh so hard you wish they were part of the actual movies. Enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There Parking at Potted Potter?

The location at Horseshoe in Las Vegas does have parking with charges. The self-parking fees range from $12 to $15, whereas the valet parking range from $30 to $36 depending on holidays and events.

2. What other shows can I see near Potted Potter?

If you want more shows and events after visiting Potted Potter Las Vegas, feel free to frequent places like the Extravaganza in the Jubilee Theater, The Real Bodies exhibit, and the Paranormal Mind Reading the Magic Attic.