Cut by Wolfgang Puck Las Vegas: Menu & Photos

Vegas is as much a gastronomic experience as it is a party town. It’s a melting pot of cuisines, offering brunch buffets in the morning and overflowing sangrias and shrimp cocktails at night. Japanese, American, European food—whatever you’re craving, Vegas has it.

But Sin City isn’t just known for grub and comfort food. It’s also where you’ll find the crème de la crème of fine dining restaurants. And if you’re craving the taste of luxury in Vegas, there’s arguably nowhere as swanky and indulgent as the upscale CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

This American steak restaurant is iconic in the restaurant industry. But what makes it so special? What kind of food is served there? And who is Wolfgang Puck, anyway? Today, we’ll answer all your questions about this snazzy, high-end restaurant. Keep reading to learn more!

But First—Who Is Wolfgang Puck?

Wolfgang Puck
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To have a better appreciation of CUT by Wolfgang Puck, it’s important to have an idea who Wolfgang Puck actually is.

This Austrian chef is a legend in the culinary world. He trained in Michelin-star restaurants in France in his younger years, where he honed his bold cooking techniques.

In the 1980s, he opened Spago—another iconic restaurant—in Beverly Hills, California. This restaurant became a sensation and still lures crowds today. It’s essentially what put him on the map as a chef.

Over the years, Wolfgang Puck became a world-renowned chef and household name. He has published cookbooks, starred as a judge in cooking shows like Top Chef, and expanded his restaurant roster to Europe and Asia.

He’s so revered that for decades, he’s been the mastermind behind the menu of the Academy Awards’ annual Governors Ball.

Wolfgang Puck lives by a very important culinary rule. He believes in serving only the finest ingredients and cooking them in such a way that brings out their bold, remarkable flavor. This is the exact sample principle he follows at CUT by Wolfgang Puck in Las Vegas.

Cut by Wolfgang Puck Las Vegas: Restaurant Basics

Cut by Wolfgang Puck Las Vegas
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CUT by Wolfgang Puck is a fine-dining steak restaurant featuring American, European, and Asian cuisines in a cohesive menu.

While the first CUT restaurant launched in 2006 in California, the Vegas restaurant opened its doors to the public just two years later in 2008. It opened around the same time the Palazzo at the Venetian Resort did. The restaurant calls this five-star hotel home to this day.

Its other branches in Beverly Hills and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore are Michelin-starred. While the Vegas branch has not yet been awarded such prestige, it remains to be one of the best fine dining spots in the city.

Aligned with his principle of only offering the best ingredients to his patrons, Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant serves the choicest, most high-quality cuts of beef only. All of these cuts are cooked in a simple way that brings out their boldest flavor.

The restaurant boasts prime cuts of beef—dry and wet-age—as well as the most gorgeous fresh seafood, from fish to lobster to shellfish. They even have Asian meats, like Kurobuta pork chop and Japanese Wagyu on the menu.

Adding to the elegant, luxurious ambiance of the restaurant is how each dish is presented. Each dish is presented thoughtfully and with so much finesse and decadence on the plate, like it was made for the gods.

This restaurant is so renowned for its food and the utmost level of service that even celebrities flock to this place when they visit Vegas. So, it’s no surprise that the lines are long and the wait can take hours. Reservations are recommended, and you can make them on their website.

This dinner restaurant is open daily. From Sunday to Thursday, they accept guests from 5:30 PM to 10 PM. On Fridays and Saturdays, they’re open from 5:00 PM to 11 PM. Self-parking and valet services are available care of the Palazzo at the Venetian.

What’s on The Menu at Cut?

Let’s talk about the star of the show at CUT by Wolfgang Puck—the food. Aside from the high-quality, prime cuts of beef, they have a diverse dinner menu with plenty of entrees and sides to choose from. They also have a handful of indulgent desserts and lots and lots of fine wine.

Here are just some of the things you can expect from their menu:

Premium, High-Quality Steak Cuts

Cut Steak Cuts
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CUT by Wolfgang Puck is most known for its juicy, robust, melt-in-your-mouth steak cuts. These beef cuts are sourced from all over the world, from local areas like Illinois and New York to faraway countries like Australia and the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan.

The filet mignon is something you cannot miss. They also have outstanding rib eye and tomahawk cuts. If you order the marbled, delectable cuts of Japanese Wagyu, be prepared to splurge a few hundred dollars on one cut.

A Diverse, Multicultural Dinner Menu

The restaurant also has a dinner menu that is remarkable and opulent in its own right. There are three main “themes” of dishes, each paying homage to the source of its ingredients—from the sea (seafood), from the land (meat), and from the garden (vegetables).

Here are some of the options you will find in each category:

  • From the Sea: Tempura blue prawns, chilled oysters, Japanese Hamachi tartare, Maine diver scallops
  • From the Land: Steak tartare, veal tongue, maple-glazed pork belly, prime rib eyes
  • From the Garden: Spring vegetable salad, Caesar salad

Sweet, Decadent Desserts

Cut Las Vegas Dessert
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When you’re done with dinner, try out some of their desserts. Granted, the dessert menu is not that extensive. But this handful of sweet treats is a delectable, indulgent way to end the night.

Some favorites from this category include the apple tarte Tatin, Basque cheesecake, and chocolate coffee mousse cake.

Fine Wines and Fun Cocktails

Cut Las Vegas Drink
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No steak dinner is complete without a glass of wine. Thankfully, CUT by Wolfgang Puck is abundant in fine wines, from champagne to Sauvignon Blanc white wine to the finest Pinot Noir red. They even have old-fashioned wine options matured in oak barrels.

Not a wine person? They also have lots of delicious vodka, gin, rum, and tequila cocktails. Pair these with your steak dinner or have a drink as pre-game before you start your night of partying in Sin City.

Cut by Wolfgang Puck Dress Code

The last thing you want to do when you dine at a respected restaurant like this is to be overdressed, or worse, underdressed. So, it’s important to always follow the dress code. At CUT by Wolfgang Puck, they always recommend business casual attire.

Business casual is dressier than your everyday casual clothes but can be less formal than if you were attending a wedding or awards ceremony.

Men can wear slacks and dress pants with collared shirts and polos (a tie would be good but isn’t required). Women, on the other hand, can wear dresses or smart skirts and trousers with beautiful blouses.

Avoid wearing casual clothes, such as denim shorts, jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, flip-flops, and sneakers. Always keep yourself well-groomed as well.

Sticking to the dress code isn’t just respectful to the establishment and other diners. It also adds to the luxurious ambiance and fine dining experience you’re paying for at a renowned, iconic restaurant like CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

Do They Host Private Dining for Large Groups?

Loved your experience at this fine dining restaurant and hoping to score a reservation for a big group? You’re in luck. CUT by Wolfgang Puck accepts reservations for large groups attending private dining and events.

The whole restaurant can accept up to 160 people seated and 300 at reception. The lounge can accommodate up to 100 at reception. Meanwhile, the private dining room can seat 56 and accommodate 60 at reception, making it the best option for more intimate affairs.

If you’re interested in hosting a private dinner at CUT, it’s best to submit an inquiry directly to their team on the official website.

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Whether you’re craving a prime, Japanese wagyu filet mignon that cuts like butter or fresh seafood like lobster and oysters, there’s something for you at CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

If you’re looking to have a fancy dinner out before you hit the casinos and exclusive clubs, this is the fine dining restaurant you want to start at.

Remember—reservations are recommended so you can guarantee a table in this restaurant. Dress to the nines and get ready for a night of succulent steaks, indulgent desserts, and fine wine at this legendary Vegas resto.