Encore Beach Club: Hours, Prices, Bottle Service

Las Vegas is the home to the richest entertainment culture in America. Loads of nightclubs, day clubs, beach parties, and hotels all are part of this great makeup of fun and games.

You get the wholesome feel of a vocation when you decide on partying here. But you see, it is not just for the party mongers, no. Any fun lover will find the Vegas strip day party a boom to refresh his tastes and imagination.

Encore Beach Club is a day club that serves a cocktail of fun, luxury, and relaxation-all in a single goblet. Ideally, it is the description of a perfect day in a Las Vegas party experience. You get the ultimate endowment of the descriptive Sincity status that Vegas has.

Encore Beach Club Overview

Encore Beach Club Overview
Source: @encorebeachclub
  • Location:  In Wynn Las Vegas
  • Opening Hours: Fri – Sun, 11:00AM to 6:00PM
  • Age Limit: 21+
  • Music: EDM, Hip-hop, Top 40
  • Parking: Self park and valet available at Encore and Wynn.

Spanning over 60,000 square feet, Encore Beach Club, or ECB for shorts, is a spacious if not a gigantic party house. It has three pools separated by winding walkways giving you that feel of sophistication in design as you gaze on the blue waters. The day club prides a covered gaming area to ensure that the sun doesn’t bake you as you poke your brains to win the set.

All the while, you are enjoying a glass of your professionally mixed cocktail from the gaming pavilion bar. Gambling is restricted to pool party days, so don’t go with “The Gambler” tune playing.

The life of the party is an emphasis here. Hanging above the DJ booth are huge LED screens that make sure everyone gets the live experience during party sessions. The dance floor between the DJ booth and the main pool is a magnificent attribute to the club. You get first-hand exposure to the fun the club DJ has to offer. They feature renowned DJs like the Chainsmokers for live events and pool parties.

Beautiful cabanas and bungalows are available for guests who wish to party at EBC. Table service is available too, with four of the bungalows having a private pool. There are packs of lily pads and water couches, DJ tables, daybeds, L-couches, and beach couches where you can order bottle service and enjoy it with friends.

Located within the Wynn area, which makes EBC over the top for luxury and fun. When getting to EBC, go to the Encore Hotel and Casino: 3131 LV Blvd South, Las Vegas.

Encore Beach Club is a day club that screams for attention right at the get-go. From the main valet of Encore Hotel, make a right at the front desk and follow the signs to the EBC entrance. You can also access the party center from the parking garage.

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Opening Hours

Being a day club, EBC is open during the day. You can party from 11.00 am to dusk (around 6.00 pm), from Thursday through Sunday. On Saturday, though, the club opens a little earlier-at 10.30-for that extra feel of partying. The average wait time is about 45-60 minutes, depending on the time of the day.

The pool house is open in spring/summer from March to September-unless the weather patterns change. So you can always plan, even book a reservation for a table bottle service.

It is not uncommon to see queue extensions, especially on Friday and Saturdays, as this beach club is quite a metaphorical snack. Arrive a little earlier so that you will not have to stand for long as you await your turn. This club has a dressing code, which is highlighted later in this article, and not adhering will make you lose the chance to party here.

Encore Beach Club Dress Code

Encore Beach Club Dresscode
Source: @encorebeachclub

Being a beach club, Encore’s dress code leans towards beachwear. You will have to clad swim clothes that match the described criteria of the club. But you will agree that it is simpler than most clubs you may have attended or read. You can opt to wear a coverup over your swim attire if it makes you more comfortable.

You can wear any shoes-not dress shoes, provided they are not Nike or Jordan sneaker type of shoes. EBC enforces this dress code strictly, and you may run into problems by contradicting it. They only allow patrons that are in adherence to their dress code. You may be requested to change to appropriate clothing by the entrance security team.

The following are not allowed in:

  • Basketball shorts
  • Jeans
  • Jerseys
  • Chains
  • Undergarments-including speedos
  • Pants
  • Attire with offensive prints
  • Branded attire
  • Baggy clothes
  • Torn or cut-off clothing
  • Athletic gear
  • See-through swim clothes
  • Attires with studs, hooks, or rivets

Prohibited Items in Encore Beach Club

Encore also has a list of items that they do not allow you to carry to the club. This is because of security and legal reasons that they hold at their discretion. Having any of these prohibited items leads to confiscation of the item by management and disposed of, and the club is not liable for the damages.

  • Weapons-guns, knives, etc
  • Controlled substances
  • Eye drops
  • Gum
  • Outside food and drinks
  • Supplements and vitamins
  • Over the counter medication
  • Cameras and GoPro’s
  • Selfie sticks

Tip: You can use your phone to record and take pictures. For prescription medicine, speak to the management or your host to converse on your behalf on the need to carry the medication. The management decides on admittance on a case basis.

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How Much Do Tickets to Encore Beach Club Cost?

How Much Do Tickets to Encore Beach Club Cost
Source: @encorebeachclub

For entry to EBC, you will have to buy tickets. The best way to get your hands on the tickets is by purchasing through their website. Always do this way before to enjoy good rates, as they increase as the event day nears. Booking a Sunday ticket on Monday is cheaper than doing it on Friday. Check the event calendar to see when your favorite DJ will be on stage.

General admission ticket– This is the regular ticket where you will have to wait in line. Usually, the wait time ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the time of the day. Lines get longer as the day goes by. The best advice is for you and your friends to come earlier for a shorter standby time.

Expedited entry ticket-This ticket gets you into the club faster. It is a little more expensive than the regular ticket but worth it, especially on Saturdays when the lines are snake-long.

  General Admission Ticket Expedited Ticket
Ladies $25-$45 $45-$70
Gents $45-$55 $65-$90

Encore Beach Club Guest List

Do you have a group of friends or colleagues you would like to party with? Then, reserving a guest list is the best option for you. You can do this by visiting the EBC website or through a trusted host. The guest lists close before the club opens, so early arrival is not an option. Come an hour before you avoid standing long hours.

Ladies get free entrance with a guest list, and men with an even ratio(men to women are equal) get free or discounted pricing. You will have to adhere to timelines of early arrival before the cutoff time of 1.00 pm. Also, adhere to the dress codes. Don’t carry any of the prohibited things listed above unless under management advisory.

What Type of Music Does Encore Beach Club Play?

Encore is infamous for Electronic music, featuring some of the greatest artists and DJs to present acts live on stage. If you are an EDM lover, you will be on all praise mode when you spot Chainsmokers playing your favorites on the decks. They feature electrifying musical presentations with MCeeing and mixes that will rattle your knees.

The main events are the DJ mixes featuring global talents like Diplo, David Guetta, Deux Twins, and many more EDM bigshots today. Celebrities are a common thing here, and you may catch a glance at these tv stars here at EBC.

Bottle Service at Encore Beach Club

encore beach club table map

You can get table service at Encore, depending on your budget. Get the lily pad, bungalows, cabanas, or gaming tables-all of which have a wonderful glimpse of the stage, so you don’t miss the action. You can reserve any of the following table options:

  • Beach Couch ($1500+)

Get a space to seat six people max at the main level of EBC and extra space to sit or place drinks on the stools. Located near the grill and the dance floor.

  • Gaming Table ($2000+)

This space can host up to 6 guests. It is at the main level of EBC near the gaming pavilion, where you can see the DJ booth.

  • Lily Pad ($2500+)
Encore Beach Club Lily Pad
Source: @encorebeachclub

This space can host up to 6 guests. It is at the main level of EBC in the pool. You cannot have food on this table though, there is a strict policy on that. To have snacks, go to the grill.

  • Centre Lily Pads ($3000)

These round beds are located at the center of the main pool and can sit up to 8 guests.

  • Day Bed ($2000+)

This space can host up to 8 guests. This spacious and comfortable bed is at the main level of EBC, along the pool edges.

  • Dance Floor Section ($6000+)

This space can host up to 10 guests. It is at the main level of EBC next to the DJ booth.

  • Water Couch ($5000+)

This space can host up to 10 guests. Located at the main level of EBC in the pool center and front of the gaming tables.

  • Centre L Couch ($4000)

Central L couches hold a maximum of 6-8 guests. They are at the center of the main pool, with an extravagant view of the dance area.

  • L Couch ($3000)

With a capacity of 8 guests, you get comfort near the deck of the main pool.

  • Cabana ($2500+ for upper-level cabanas, and $4000+ for the lower level cabana)
Encore Beach Club Cabana
Source: @encorebeachclub

A cabana can host 10-12 guests. You get a complimentary daybed and a TV, so more space to sit and enjoy.

  • Patio Section($2500+)

Patio areas accommodating up to 6 guests.

  • Bungalow ($6000+ for the upper-level bungalow and $12000+ for the lower level bungalow)

You can comfortably house 15-20 persons in a bungalow, with extra space provided by the daybed upfront. The lower bungalows come with a private pool, while the upper one has a private restroom. It is fit for large groups and comes with a safety cabinet, mist maker, TV, and a refrigerator. Bungalows have the best view of the stage and the performances.

Bottle presentations are available on request and are custom as per your wishes. Out-of-the-world presentations are via a Ferris wheel, chopper, firetruck, or Harley Davidson motorbike. You can also simplify things by getting a simple bottle presentation with sparklers and banners, which are low-key and cheaper.

To know the actual price of the bottle service, you will have to consider entry cover fees, tips, taxes, etc. It’s advisable to take a 37% addition to the table service charge. If you spend less than the table service amount, you will have to pay for the whole amount. Also, in case you are running overcharges, you will have to consider them too while calculating the total cost of the bottle service at EBC.

Each table service reservation comes with:

  • Free expedited entry tickets
  • Dedicated table for the whole day
  • Storage space and safes at most tables-eg cabanas and bungalows
  • Unlimited mixers for your liquor
  • Food/beverage service
  • Cocktail server and a busser
  • Security

Final Words

If you are looking for a daytime fun club, then make your way to the Encore Beach Club. Here you are expecting fun over the roof. They have a wow bottle service with various options available to cater to every budget. They have large spaces and pools that will host you and your mates, no problem.

This club is not cheap, but the recommendation tag is always on the key. Their stellar service, bottle presentation, and overall vibe keep you lively all along. You listen and party to great EDM tracks from your favorite names like Chainsmokers and Diplo while you relax on the waters or dance to the tune on the dance floor.