Marquee Dayclub: Hours, Prices, Dress Code

When Mercury rises in the city of Las Vegas, the party goers spend some time cooling off at the Marquee Dayclub’s beautiful pool.

Its bungalow lofts of three-story rooftop hot tubs that overlook the popular Strip, a great party atmosphere, and the high-spirited beach scene, makes the Marquee dayclub one of the most seductive and hottest dayclubs in Las Vegas.

Hosting some dance music talent, the Dayclub’s sleek design that links to the nightclub, has a host of well-known DJs, dance rooms, showers of champagne, theatrical fireworks, confetti and foam, and a great sound system, ensuring visitors have a great experience.

This dayclub has a tight layout. The music isn’t as loud either; this makes it a lovely place to converse unless you are very close to the DJ.

Location of the Marquee Dayclub and Its Operating Hours

Location of the Marquee Dayclub
Source: @marqueelv
  • Hours: Thurs – Sun, 11AM – sunset
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Event Calendar

The Marquee dayclub opens all the days of the week during summer, which usually falls from March to October. Usually, the events going on from Monday to Thursday only happen between April and September. Between March and October, Marquee dayclub opens on weekends (Friday to Sunday).

This club is located on the second floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Just walk in through the Main Valet and then pass the first escalators you see. Keep walking forward till you notice the Chandelier Bar.

You will definitely sight the Chandelier Bar due to the more than two million lighting, as well as the pinkish lighting that spans three floors. As soon as you come closer to the bar, just make your way to the 2nd floor through the escalators. Next, take a sharp right and then Marquee will be clearly seen.

Head up the elevators’ east bank via the parking lot, and then tap on the button for Marquee

Marquee Dayclub Dress Code

Marquee Dayclub Dress Code
Source: @marqueelv

Only swim attire is allowed here. Marquee dayclub takes this very seriously. At times, they have sent some of their customers back to their rooms or to the Cosmo Mall, to change into the right apparel.

Coming in with baggy clothing, wearing chains, cut-off or ripped clothing, clothing having hooks and studs, see-through clothing, pants, jerseys, khaki shorts, cargo shorts, athletic gears, and undergarments are not allowed.

You can come in with hats and sunglasses. Ladies will need to get cover-ups for their bikinis and swimsuits, to help them get in and out of the pool.

There’s one important point to note here. Bags are not permitted here. However, if you are having a Grand Cabana or a Bungalow, you can. Without this, you will have to keep your bag or bags in a locker.

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Marquee Dayclub Drink Cost

The prices of drinks at the bar vary. Marquee has found itself to be higher than the standard set by the industry for drinks pricing.

For drinks, this ranges from $12 to $20, while the price of beers ranges from $10 to $15.

That of 1L Bottles begins at $695+ for each, while the minimum price for bottle service falls within $500 to $10,000 plus before fees, tips, and tax.

The Artists and Vibe at Marquee Dayclub

Marquee daytime’s big hitters in 2021 include Mike Attack, Lema, Matoma, Dash Berlin, Chris Lake, San Holo, Crespo, Cheat Codes, Wellman, Oliver Heldens, Robin Schulz, Mustard, Sam Feldt, Cedric Gervais, EDX, Ruckus, Deorro, Tchami, Gordan City, CID, Klingande, Malaa, Alan Walker, MK, Solardo, and more.

Most of the time, the music played here is a combination of some electronic dance music coupled with some remixes of Hip-Hop. Majority of the artists here focus on playing EDM. Some Hip Hop guys are Ruckus and DJ Mustard.

At the pool, the parts become crazy and wild. Here, you’ll see lots of splashing, laughing, and much fun. If this is your first time in Las Vegas, then this is a top-class event you should attend.

The Marquee Dayclub Guest List

One great option for having this party at the dayclub every Friday and Sunday is by using the guest list. With the guest list, ladies gain free entrance, while guys will either pay a reduced fee or come in free as well.

On any specific day, all guys cannot be guest listed. Also, the number of ladies coming in via the guest list must be more than the number of guys. In Las Vegas, they see it as stealing from any promoter, when ladies are found on the way.

Groups having fewer ladies than guys, and all guys, will need to purchase tickets. There are no exceptions for this. There is a ticket option for expedited entry, and rarely, they offer a VIP entry option. However, the best call here is to get tickets. It may be tough to get guest list on Saturdays. This day, it may just be ladies alone and a wait of one to three hours.

If there’s a cover, it depends on the booked artist. At times, ladies have a guest list that comes to an end at a particular time. Other days, there’s no guest list. Being safe will require you to get tickets on Saturday, as changes could happen all of a sudden.

Tickets are usually given more priority than the guest list, so far the entry speed goes, and the capacity has become an issue.

Marquee Dayclub Ticket Price

The prices of tickets are straightforward. Ladies pay around $25 to $45, while men will pay from $45 to $75 plus. Get ready to pay some fees and taxes; these are always included in the price of your tickets.

Ticketed events come up when bigger artists are coming on during weekends. When the date draws closer, expect a higher price. Also, there may be an absurd cover charge. The expedited entry option is available, but when it is, it is more expensive, falling within the range of $30 to $45 more compared to general tickets.

There’s one important point to note here. Don’t expect to have a place to sit, because there’s none. Bottle Service is there to help you find a place to rest your tired feet and congregate. We advise you to put the amount you’ll spend getting drinks and your ticket money towards getting a table.

Marquee Dayclub Group Security

The Marquee dayclub has some serious security measures in place. Before you come in, a metal detector has to check you. Only people aged 21 years and older are allowed to enter. You must also possess a valid form of identification. They don’t accept your phone’s pictures, neither do they accept papers.

For international guests, you will be asked to present your passport, so please don’t leave it behind. Your foreign form of identification will not be relevant here. Also, if you come along with some items, you will be asked to return them to your room or throw them away. These items include

  • GoPros and selfie sticks,
  • Beverages and outside food
  • Anything looking like a prescription pill. If you must have them, then please come along with your prescription
  • Vapes (weed is termed illegal)
  • Personal floats
  • You don’t have to be told that narcotics will not be permitted. If you come with narcotics, you will be banned immediately from this property

Bags will surely be searched. However, Bungalow and Cabana guests are allowed to bring in one. Every other person will have to keep their bags in a locker. You will find these lockers as you walk into the patio. We suggest that you keep your bags at home.

Marquee Dayclub Bottle Service

Marquee Dayclub Bottle Service
Source: @marqueelv

A premium amount will be paid for a bottle. This reserves you a section in this nightclub. This service includes VIP entry, someone serving you personally, and different standard mixers like soda, cranberry juice, orange juice, tonic, soft drinks, and pineapple juice. Bottled water and red bulls usually come with an additional charge. The amount paid for a bottle here is the same during the club’s night service.

Marquee Dayclub Table Options and Locations

marquee dayclub tables map
Marquee Dayclub Tables Map

For sure, Bottle Service comes with its perks. Gaining VIP entry and security for the section you are in, could transform your day into a special one. Below are some of the table options available at the Marquee Dayclub.

The Grand Cabanas at the Marquee Dayclub are a must. If you have been searching for an immersive and engaging experience, then this should be your spot. The popularity of these table options lives up to the hype.

The luxury cabanas feature a TV, misting (remote controlled), a lounge area, refrigerator, and a safe.


The daybed is something special. This is popularly used by couples and ladies. These daybeds will ensure you get a beautiful and nice area to sunbathe. One possible issue here is that some of the daybeds at Marquee dayclub are very similar to couches. There’s an umbrella for the beds to give shade. However, they don’t put these umbrellas up anytime it is windy. Price here starts at $500.

Prime Daybed

These prime daybeds are found along the pool. This small pool features “lily pads”, which are daybeds present in the water. The only issue you may experience here is the inability to have a DJ view. Also, before getting any of these, you will need a tip on top. The price here starts $1000.


The placement of the table is determined upon your arrival. If you fail to report for the event by 1pm, Marquee dayclub has the right to do a re-sale. It can only accept a maximum of 10 people. Price here starts at $2500. However, it may change depending on what week day the event is happening. You have the table to yourself all day until 6 pm, unless you decide to release it.

Prime Cabana

This can only take ten people. Price here is $5000; however this may change as well. When you purchase this table, you’ll be admitted into the Marquee Pool, and also given Expedited VIP Entry. This table comes with all soda and juice mixers. Also, there’s a security officer, Busser, and Waitress available in your section to give you the assistance you need.

Grand Cabanas

This is for the big spenders. The Grands boasts having some of Las Vegas’ best tables. It has a spa, while some come with see-through glass. Typically, the elite are found here. To gain access to this area, guys will have to get a wristband. Ladies are very welcome. Price here is $10,000

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Considering Las Vegas’ EDM pools, you’ll discover three main competitors. One of them is Marquee. One thing Marquee has somehow figured out is bringing in ladies through comp tables on the guest list of the promoter. Most times, you’ll see an excellent girls to guys ratio, which is also a great plus. If you are working on a budget then visit Fridays and Sundays to get a fair price.