Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas: Menu, Prices, Reservation

Gordon Ramsey is a celebrated chef and the founder of the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant chains both in Uk and US. His culinary prowess has seen him feature in dozens of cooking shows and food magazines, publishing hundreds of conceptualized recipes in the process. He is a chef that undoubtedly has proven his crown is not for TV only.

The chef gained traction with his TV show Hell’s Kitchen on Fox in 2005. The show has continued to produce a whopping 20 seasons, with immense worldwide success and love. This is why he even opened Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas.

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Overview

The Michelin star food enthusiast has a vast pool of experience in his cooking career, and he brings this to Sin City. Together with a host of celebrated chefs, he is reinventing the kitchen space in Las Vegas completely. Experience out-of-the-world classic food cooked with contemporary touches, just as the chef would. It’s the world’s first restaurant of its kind at Ceasar’s Palace.

Where Is the Restaurant Located?

Where Is the Restaurant Located
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  • Address: 3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday, 11.00 am-10.30 pm

Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas is located in the renowned hotel-casino at Ceasar’s Palace, on The Strip near Bellagio and Cosmopolitan Hotels. This state-of-the-art restaurant has an independent entry where patrons can access it without going into Caesar’s Hotel. This gives the restaurant a distinction from other eateries in the area located inside the hotels. It makes the restaurant easy to access, offering exclusivity on dining only.

Hell’s Kitchen emblem is visible from the outside, depicting a fork on fire. It is truly amazing to see the branding-of course taking a picture beside it is better. You get to create the notion that you are gaining entry into the fire-filled pit. Don’t shiver yet as no one is burning anyone here. But granted, there is a lot of steak burning, eh!

How Is the Restaurant: Inside the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant

Inside the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant
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Entering the restaurant gives you the exclusivity to the overhaul you witnessed outside. The fire decorations are designed so well, with the theme of red and blue clashing as though fire and water. Your brain will get overly excited by the decorations of red hot and ice cold flames crashing into each other over the kitchen. And have you noticed the open plan kitchen? The massive space kitchen is something to watch for as the resident chefs make your order with lightning-fast speed.

Inside the restaurant, what welcomes you is a pleasing aura of the studio-like set of the restaurant. If you are a fan of Hell’s Kitchen TV show, and you are, then this is a time for you to rejoice. Tadaaa! You are live on set, dear friend.

The restaurant is a replica of the studio kitchen set of Hell’s Kitchen TV show, from the design of the kitchen to the actual cooking of the food. Relive the moment when you star in a cable show and fantasize about the memory of you as the next Vogue star!

The restaurant is filled with the branded forked logo of Hell’s Kitchen. From napkins to the culturally everything spelling the Hell in it-smiles. By the way, the hell is the logo, not the hell you are thinking-again lots of hell puns here.

Taking a seat here, a voice from the legend himself, Gordon Ramsey, the celebrated chef, the magnificent food magician, the kitchen wizard: that’s too many accolades, voice welcomes you to the restaurant. Sit back, relax and await service.

How Is the Menu at Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen?

Hell’s Kitchen Beef Wellington
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The menu features most of the foods you will see in the cooking show. From roasted ribs to traditional mushroom dishes, the restaurant has a mix just for you. The restaurant has a cuisine of American and English meals. Anything western, you will find it in a palate here.

The restaurant has a special menu for vegetarians and vegans. Get Pan-seared tofu scallops with a side of steamed root vegetables and a coconut three-way desert- It hasn’t gone this vegan in a restaurant of this caliber. Visit it to enjoy these selections from pure plant ingredients and plant-based meats.

Access the full vegetarian/vegan menu here from the restaurant’s website.

The steaks at the restaurant are to die for, in a manner of speech. Chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his meat recipes, and here they are prepared for you to critique. Although you will be swallowing huge lumps of saliva as you wait on the aroma-filled dish to come your way. Savor the best steaks and roasts on the Strip in the incredible kitchen restaurant.

Access the full lunch menu here from the restaurant’s website.

Fine dining with a casual approach is an illustration at the restaurant, and Gordon Ramsay spares nothing to give you a dining experience that rivals a seven-star hotel. Dinner service is from 3 courses, and an additional wine service if requested. The wine list boasts wines from vineyards in the southern pacific, California, and the highlands of Spain and France.

Access the full dinner menu here from the restaurant’s website.

Access the full drinks and cocktails menu here from the restaurant’s website.

What Is the Dress Code in Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas?

Hell’s kitchen approach to fine dining is a little relaxed, with the restaurant serving meals with patrons dressing a casual restaurant look. Don’t wear sandals or jogging shorts though, try some dress shoes at least and some pants.

Will wearing sandals get you barred from dining in the restaurant? Even if there is no dinner dressing code at the restaurant, be decently dressed as a courtesy. This will give the staff of the restaurant an easy time to serve you. Wear smart casual, and you are good to go.

How Much Is Food at Hell’s Kitchen: Prices?

The restaurant is high-end, with most meals going for $$$. The restaurant has professional chefs and international recipes, so the price is warranted. Add in the fact that the food is deliciously addictive-you will have no problem swiping that credit card.

  • Appetizers:

Price range: $22- $26

Highlight dishes: Wagyu Meatballs, pan-seared scallops, lobster risotto, and seared foie gras.

  • Soups

Price range: $14-$16

Highlight dishes: Pumpkin soup

  • Salads

Price range: $19$28

Highlight dishes: Golden beef salad, Ceasar’s salad, Caesar’s salad with chilled shrimp, Caesar’s salad with grilled chicken, and red quinoa salad

  • Entrees

Price range: $32-$60

Highlight dishes: Beef wellington, Jidori chicken scallopini, crispy skin salmon, braised short ribs, and roasted rack of ribs

  • Sides

Price range: $13$14

Highlight dishes: Baked macaroni & cheese, potato puree, roasted corn, wild mushrooms, and brussels sprouts

  • Chilled Seafood

Price range: $21-$100

Highlight dishes: Hell’s Kitchen grand selfish tower, shrimp cocktail, and tuna tartare, oysters on the half shell

  • Grilled Servings

Price range: $49-$126

Highlight dishes: Fillet mignon, dry-aged tomahawk steak, and prime dry-aged New York strip

  • Prix Fixe Menus (3-course Hell’s Kitchen Signature Meals)

Price range: $85-$95

Highlight dishes: First pan-seared scallops, main beef wellington, and first caesar’s salad

Disclaimer: These prices keep changing. You are under the advisory to visit the official website for current pricing to get more accurate prices. These published prices are meant only for guidance on your food experience at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas.

Hell’s Kitchen Pub & Grill Las Vegas

  • Address: 3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Opening Hours: Daily Lunch: 11.00 am-5.00 pm, Daily Dinner: 5.00 pm-12.00 am

If you want to enjoy a fine meal in a more casual setting, then get to the Hell’s Kitchen Pub and Grill for an exquisite experience of food and drinks. While the restaurant serves more refined cuisine, here you will grab a quick fish and chips, a Briton favorite.

Watch your favorite sport on the lounge as you enjoy the crafted beers on British telephone-style taps. Better still, try the more than sixty bottled beers served here.

The pub has a spacing to hold up to 290 people in full capacity, which is room enough for you and your mates. Beer servings are friendly with the food served here, from English ale onion soup to shepherd’s pie or the infamous fish and chips.

The joint is located near the self-parking garage and the Colosseum Forum Shops entrance. The pub and grill extend into the casino floor, so sitting here, you get views of what is happening on the casino floor. You can walk into the casino and play your favorite slot game or blackjack and win money.

Hell’s Kitchen Reservations

Currently, the restaurant is serving on an order basis. You will have to book in advance on the website to reserve seating. This has been mainly due to the covid pandemic, and also it enables the chefs to plan the meals properly.

You can also get hosting from Hell’s Kitchen, especially for parties of more than ten people. Call ahead to plan on the seating and availability. The restaurant can seat 300 people, so you are not worried about space anymore. You can host weddings, private dinners, and other events here, and let your guests enjoy the hospitality of Gordon Ramsay.

How Can I Get Tickets to Hell’s Kitchen?

Like most reality TV shows, Hell’s Kitchen recruits its audience from casting agencies. You will have to register with a casting agency and be shortlisted for the audience opening to feature in the show. Registering with these agencies adds to your odds of appearing in the show. Even if you may not feature in the current season of the show, chances are you will be selected for the coming shows.

Another way will be to follow FOX on social media and track updates on the show. They give press reports on the show’s happenings, including casting audience calls. A less popular way will be to see if you know someone at the Fox or Hell’s Kitchen show casting crew. They can get tickets for you with ease!

Contrary to popular belief, tickets to this heated cooking show are free! You don’t have to pay for anything to attend this show, just provide the required identification, and you are set. Any site or person asking for your social security number or other personal information on credit is a fraud.

Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas is a replica restaurant of the show’s restaurant. If you are a die-hard fan of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking, then you will fall in love with the restaurant in Vegas. Plan your trip and taste the feel of being in a show replica, where the legend himself welcomes you in!

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Dining in Vegas has just got a new facelift with Hell’s Kitchen’s modern approach to food. The restaurant provides fine dining with a taste of relaxation-no suits requirements here. You are in for a treat as the dishes are prepared with Gordon Ramsay’s magnificent recipes.

Your steak has never been this delicious, with beer pairings from the Hell’s Kitchen Grill and pub. This combination of fine dining and beer with sports is out of this world. Enjoy this special moment of Gordon Ramsey at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas today.

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