What is The Best Way To Get Around Las Vegas?

For any American, Vegas is home to fun and unfiltered scores of earthly pleasures unimaginable. To a visitor, it is a place to unwind the stress and create memories through fun and games that conspicuously stare at your face. Regardless, Las Vegas is a beauty that is admirable to many.

Founded in 1905, Las Vegas is home to an estimated 2.8 million people. This positions the city as 25th most populous city in the US. It’s also the biggest city demographically in Nevada State, even having a County Seat in Clark County. Being a night city, the population of this city continues to increase as its fame hovers worldwide.

With this increasing population, you may worry about your transportation while in this fun city. Be at ease; here, you will learn the various travel routes and how you can meander through them while in town.

Whether you are using your car, the metro transport system, or taking a cab(s), you will have enough information to match a local. So buckle up, read on!

Why is Las Vegas so Popular?

The first reason you may consider going to Vegas is the fun that the city has in store for you. But what kind of fun? Well, Las Vegas is a resort city that receives global recognition for gambling, entertainment, shopping, fine dining, and extrinsic nightlife.

There are dozens of casinos, seven-star hotels, international high-end brands, and out-of-the-world clubs that warrant an expensive experience that you may likely never forget. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas indeed.

All this fun and games can come to a denting expense, more so if you don’t budget appropriately. You may be coaxed into a spending spree by the many once-in-a-lifetime offers, but considering, you may want to sideline those top dollar rides and hotels for a minute.

You can still enjoy the party without breaking the bank while in Vegas. This is by checking on discounted deals that offer a good experience with significantly lower prices. Opt for taking cabs instead of car rentals that cost dollars upon dollars, and of course, a negative on your credit card.

How to Get Around Las Vegas Without a Car?

Tagging your car along on a journey like this can be somewhat boring, and to an extent, diminishes the wonderful time you ought to be having while in vegas. You will have to constantly worry about parking spots, the safety of your car, etc. That is why it is widely discouraged to bring your vehicle along.

Plus, it’s virtually impossible not to mention that it’s impractical for you to do so if you are from a far state or even outside the US.

There are many options for travel in Las Vegas without your car. Your selection is dependent on where you are going, your budget, and the convenience the transportation medium has for you. The common transportation channels in Vegas include:

1. Monorail

Monorail Las Vegas
Source: @lvmonorail

This public transportation system is most popular with Las Vegas bred locals who work in the city. It stretches 3.9 miles on east Las Vegas Boulevard, cutting across the city from MGM Grand to Sahara Avenue. It makes seven stops:

  • MGM Grand
  • Paris/Horseshoe
  • Flamingo/Caesars palace
  • Linq/Harrah’s
  • Las Vegas Convention Centre
  • Westgate
  • SLS Las Vegas

Timelines for the monorail are very convenient. They operate daily, giving you the satisfaction that you will have a ride to wherever you may want to retire to in the confines of the city.

The monorail will be on from 7 am to midnight on Mondays, and from 7 am to 2 am on Tuesdays, up to Thursdays. It travels from 7 am to 3 am from Friday through Sunday.

This means you can catch a ride almost anytime. In addition, monorail comes every 4 to 8 minutes cements the convenience and reliability of this transport system.

Considering that the monorail is a public amenity, fares are competitive to favor your pocket.

  • $5 for single ride from MGM Grand to SLS
  • $13 for a day pass
  • $23 for a two-day pass
  • $29 for a three-day pass
  • $36 for a four-day pass
  • $43 for a five-day pass
  • $56 for a whole week pass

Note: Nevada residents enjoy rides at $1 per ride-capped at two tickets daily- and children under the age of five enjoy free rides.

Most hotels in Vegas offer free shuttle transport to the nearest stations, so consult with your hotelier for the availability of such services. The monorail is very reliable with a 99% service rate.

It is also fully electric, which is healthy for the environment. With speeds of up to 50 mph, the monorail can traverse the whole strip in about 15 minutes. It has air-conditioned cabins, which are wheelchair-friendly for users who have special needs.

2. Buses

Las Vegas Bus

Deuces operated by the RTC transit daily from 5 am to 2 am, with some popular routes on the strip and downtown taking a 24/7 schedule. You can expect buses every 15-20 minutes, with double-decker buses stopping every block or two.

Fare starts at about $6 for a two-hour pass, $8 for 24 hours, and $20 for three days.

The Strip and Downtown Express buses stop outside casinos and hotels along the strip and at the Fashion Show, Nevada’s largest shopping mall. They also make stops at the Las Vegas Convention Centre and a few other off-strip malls.

3. Tram

These are free for everyone with routes as follows:

Trams run all day from early morning into late midnight.

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4. Taxis

Taxi Las Vegas

You can pick a cab at the entrance valet of your hotel, which is very convenient. They have a short wait time and can drop you anywhere along the strip apart from Las Vegas Boulevard.

Fares start from $3.30, then $2.60 per mile. You can decide to share your ride with mates moving your way to cost-share the cost.

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5. Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are online cabs that take you to point to point all over Vegas. You can track your journey on the app and give feedback on the driver. This means that you cannot be overcharged, thereby increasing savings which is a huge plus.

Prices are cheaper compared to conventional taxis. With these apps, you know the fare upfront, unlike cabs where you have to wait for the meter count.

Comparatively, prices between the two apps are competitive. One may be higher than the other at any given time, with fees fluctuating depending on time and distance traveled. Check your app to see if you qualify for discounts that may reduce your fare.

6. Limousine

Limousine Las Vegas

When you want to travel in style and class, hiring a limo is the go-to option. You can access one at McCarran International Airport or anywhere within the vicinity.

The best deal will be to book a reservation with a luxury ride company well before you arrive at the airport so that you can enjoy a hustle-free limo ride to your hotel or a drive in the strip.

If you can manage to get a group to share the ride, it will cost you about $10 per head. Limo rides are typically charged per hour. Fees may vary from $45 to $130 depending on the type of car and how long you will use it.

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7. Walking

This is the best option, especially over short distances. It’s healthy and costs you nothing apart from energy. Exercise caution if walking in Vegas, especially in neighborhoods where security is in jeopardy.

However, walking in Vegas is a great relaxer, as vegas have some of the best policies that favor pedestrians. Drivers are supposed to stop if a pedestrian crosses the road, even where there is no designated crossing point.

For your protection, you should exercise caution and cross where appropriate. Some rowdy drivers may get the wrong idea, and you may get hurt, which is not part of the fun plan you anticipate.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get Around Vegas?

So looking at transportation, how can you move around while in Las Vegas? The metro transportation system of the city is an option.

Although, this may not always work as sometimes schedules and fun do not align well. So say you have partied until late in the night, but you cannot go home, or to your hotel, because the bus will not be there for a couple of minutes, sometimes an hour even.

Situations like this can be so frustrating and can make your experience quite messed up. You don’t want to spoil that Vegas flare now, do you?

You will need to consider the many transport options available in Vegas. From buses, monorails to taxis and Uber or Lyft-all these can serve you. It depends on where and when you want to go and your budget.

Public transport in Vegas is cheaper than private means. So it goes without saying that if you want to make considerable savings use the monorail or bus transit. Then you can connect from the monorail station where you will alight to your “home” by taking a cab or walking.

Here, caution should be as you do not want to be on the wrong side of the street walking all alone. Better get a cab which in the long run will cost you less than being mugged.

But if your goal is to enjoy yourself, you probably have the bucks for it. A limo ride is super comfy and enjoyable, especially at night. There are tons of limo-hailing companies in Vegas which can give you the wholesome experience of the sin city.

More so, if you have company, a limo ride will be a clear memory for days ahead. If you are on a medium budget and you don’t want the hustle of getting to the monorail station, a cab will do you justice. Having an Uber or Lyft may be cheaper than a roadside taxi, but again a taxi is instantaneous.

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Choose What Works for You

Choose What Works for You

If you are traveling to Vegas and are worried about your transport situation, you will be thrilled to know that apart from gambling and fine dining, Vegas has a robust transport system.

The public monorail transit system is a reliable system that operates along the whole East Las Vegas Boulevard. It runs from 7 am to late at night, so all-time travel.

Buses are also a reliable option, especially if you are partying on a budget. RTC buses operate on a 24/7 basis, so no need to worry about extending the party mood to wee hours.

The cheapest option while in Vegas will be public transport. Monorail charges a low dime down to $5 per trip, with RTC buses a close second. Trams offer free rides to the different strip locations.

However, depending on your budget, you can hire a cab or a limo for that exclusive and explosive classic transit. Most of Vegas is walkable, so capitalize on this when moving short distances.

Las Vegas is a city that welcomes all, and you can have a blast experience with the available infrastructure and fun.