Uber Las Vegas Airport: Rates, Pick-up & Much More

Did you know you can get to save approximately 20% to 30% by taking an Uber from the Las Vegas Airport (LAS) instead of a taxi? On average, you can get to spend between $23 to $43 on Uber (plus a tip) for an Uber ride from the Harry Reid International Airport to the Las Vegas Strip.

It is important to note that the cost of the ride depends on where you are going, the time of day, and the type of Uber ride you opt for. For example, on average, Connect Uber costs about $0.18 per minute, Uber X $0.22 per minute, Comfort is $0,32, Uber Pet $0.22, Uber Premier $0.56, and Uber XL $0.36.

This article will take you through all you need to know about getting an Uber to and from the Las Vegas International Airport. Read more to get to know where your Ube ride will arrive and the best practices for boarding an Uber to and from the airport.

Uber Las Vegas Airport Rates: Prices and Locations

Getting around Las Vegas in an Uber is very easy. Once you arrive at the Harry Reid International Airport, all you need to do is open the Uber app and request a ride. There will be a LAS (Las Vegas Airport) transportation option that will help you choose between different luggage sizes and group sizes.

Follow the directions provided by the app to the designated LAS pickup stations. The stations depend on which terminal you are in, but there are signs at the airport to guide you around in case you get lost. As always, do not forget to verify the right identity of the Uber driver and the vehicle: the driver’s name, the car color, and license plate.

Below are the average prices you can expect to pay when using an Uber from the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas:

Destination Uber Rates: Prices depend on time and type of ride
The Las Vegas Strip $15 – $39
Fremont Street Experience $23 – $58
Las Vegas Convention Center $20 – $41
The Neon Museum $32 – $65
The Grand Canyon Skywalk $29 – $57
The Hoover Dam $48 – $106
The Mob Museum $24 – $59

Uber does a great job at helping you calculate how much you can spend from one location to another using their online Uber price estimator. Feel free to use the website or your smartphone application to get a price estimate of any destination from the Harry Reid International Airport. 

Keep in mind that the prices are estimates alone and may not reflect the actual amount you are going to spend. The Uber rates in Las Vegas may depend on discounts, type of Uber ride, geography, traffic delays, date & time, estimated length of the trip, tolls, and the current demand for Uber rides.

Las Vegas Airport Uber Pickup

The Harry Reid International Airport (Las Vegas Airport) is the 8th busiest international airport in the world regarding aircraft movement. This means that the airport is bound to be congested with lots of visitors and travelers. The good news is that the huge traffic of in and out travelers make the airport strict on traveling guidelines and arrangement like the Uber pickup stations.

Uber pickup stations vary depending on the type of ride you take in most airports. But no need to worry since the smartphone app shows you exactly where you need to go to get into your Uber. Moreover, you can directly contact the Uber driver to get more precise direction instructions.

McCarran Airport Terminal

Las Vegas International Airport has two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. The Terminal 1 houses airlines like Allegiant, American, Delta, Southwest, Spirit, United Club, The Club at LAS, and the Centurion Lounge. Terminal 1 is where you will depart if you boarded any of the mentioned airlines.

Terminal 3 is the international ride terminal where the Club at LAS is hosted. Airlines that use Terminal 3 include Virgin Atlantic, Viva, Volaris, The Club at LAS, WestJet, Interjet, Hainan, Latam, Norwegian, Thomas Cook, Korean Air, and Aeromexico, Air Canada, British Airways, Copa Condor, Edelweiss, and Eurowings.

There is an Uber pickup location at Terminals 1 and 3.

Here are the directions to get to Terminal 1 Uber pickup station:

  1. Get to level 2 after using the signs to claim your bag at the baggage claim; you can get to level 2 using the elevator.
  2. Once at level 2, use the labeled signs to locate the parking garages; they are hard to miss. You can get to know you are on the right path once you pass over baggage claim and see the Hacienda airplane on the left of the ceiling.
  3. Pass by the restaurants and retail shops on the way to the parking garages and take the pedestrian bridge once you arrive at the parking ramp.
  4. The pedestrian bridge lands you at the Terminal 1 parking garage, where you can follow designated signs to get to the Uber location.

Here are the directions to follow to get to the Terminal 3 Uber pickup station:

  1. Start by following the designated signs that take you to baggage claim. Walk past the baggage claim and head over towards the exit of the terminal.
  2. Take an elevator (next to doors 52, 54, and 56) at the end doors of Terminal 3 and proceed to Level 1.
  3. Go ahead and cross the pedestrian bridge to the Terminal 3 parking garage, where you can see the pickup location on the valet level.

The pickup stations may seem too hard to find and a long process, but the drop-off is much easier. Uber and other rideshare services drop off passengers at the same location as general public vehicles and taxis. That is at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 departure lanes.

Timing is the one important thing to keep in mind when calling an Uber to leave the Las Vegas Airport. Do not call the Uber before you arrive at the pickup stations. Uber drivers are arrayed in the staged pickup stations, which means your ride will arrive very quickly from the moment you press the button.

The drivers are not permitted to wait in the lanes for long, so you might lose your ride if you are not close by to board the vehicle. Ensure you get close to the pickup station before pressing the request ride button, and you can get your Uber in a few minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uber the best choice in Las Vegas?

Uber is cheaper than a taxi when moving from the Las Vegas Airport to the Las Vegas Strip and neighboring attractions. However, having your own vehicle will cost you less and provide a more convenient method of transportation. There are free and cheap parking garages in Las Vegas, including the airport, where you can get comfortably park your vehicle as you go up and about.

Is it hard to get an Uber in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a busy city booming with many business and leisure activities. There are many tourists and visitors moving up and about and in need of Uber services. Depending on the time, day, and location, you may experience longer-than-normal wait times with your Uber. This is not a huge issue in perfectly staged areas like the Las Vegas Airport, where a huge collection of Uber vehicles are ready to swoop in and take the passengers.

Are Uber 24 hours in Las Vegas?

Not only is Uber functional 24/7 in Las Vegas, but you can also get to book your ride up to 30 days in advance before your flight, at any time, and on any day of the year.