Koolsville Tattoo: The $10 Tattoos in Las Vegas

Tattooing is a common and popular thing in the modern world. Its influence has popularized and continues to grow, especially amongst the pop cultured young people. Walking down the street, you will see more than one arm with a tattoo somewhere. Some are even daring enough to tattoo their faces.

Koolsville Tattoo is a haven for all kinds of tattoos that you may need. Starting in 1995, the shop has serviced many clients who grace their four locations in Las Vegas. The promise of hygiene and affordability is what pushed the conception of the parlor.

They sought to bring tattoos closer to people, allowing them to tell their stories in body art. They are currently one of the cheapest tattoo shops in Vegas and the first to offer $10 tattoos, no strings attached.

Koolsville Tattoo Las Vegas

Koolsville Tattoo Las Vegas

Location, Opening Hours, and Contact Information

The business has four shops in Las Vegas: Main street and three shops along Las Vegas Boulevard. These locations are accessible with the signature pink color of the shops. Walking around the block, you can hardly miss the outspoken coloring of the shop.

They are open daily:

  • Monday-Thursday: 11.00 am-10.15 pm
  • Friday-Saturday: 11.00 am-11.15 pm
  • Sunday: 1.00 pm-7.15 pm

All four locations are open at these times, so you will have an attendant if you walk in for a tattoo. They encourage reservations as booking an appointment ensures that you will have an attendant at the allocated time, reducing time wastage. The position is to use all your time to develop a design that makes you happy, which is easier when you make appointments, especially for big concept tattoo designs. They will not turn you away if you walk in, although a prevalent disadvantage is the waiting when there are lines and schedules in place.

You can book a reservation by calling in at the shop or filling out the booking form on their website, and they shall contact you for confirmation.

  • 1223 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89102 – (702) 384-3136
  • 1501 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104 – (702) 639-1264
  • 1232 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104 – (702) 477-0757
  • 806 s Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101 – (702) 384-3800

Tattoos at Koolsville Tattoo Las Vegas

Offering over 5000 tattoo designs varying from henna, Polynesian, and conventional tattoos that you may need. They have 15 tattoo artists specializing in anything under the tattoo sun. Koolsville Tattoo has specialists in black and grey realism, color, and photorealism, among other tattoo variation techniques.

# Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart
Source: @sacredheartlvkoolsville

This is an extension of the Koolsville Tattoo shops, so get in and get all offers that area associate with Koolsville. You can get piercing, tattoos, tattoo removals, and the famous $10 tattoo! Pricing is the same, so no extra costs are expected. Get a consultation to understand what the procedure entails and the amount you are to pay. A consultation is essential as understanding this makes you commit to what you are about to do, be it tattoo or piercing.

# Face Tattoos

Face Tattoos
Source: @koolsvilletattoolv

Face tattoos have come to the mainstream, and people have embraced them with enthusiasm. Today it is not Post Malone and Sixty Nine and Justin Beiber (yes, the hitmaker has a tiny cross under his eye) the rappers who have facial tattoos. They have become so common that when you walk the streets of Vegas, an hour cannot pass without sighting a person wearing one.

There is a negative attitude exerted on facial tattooing by society. They associate facial art with gangs, and they are not far off as in the past those were markings for Vegas gangs. But today, they are used to tell stories and show attitudes of the inner rebel in you. Some of the celebs will tell you that they got the facial tattoo so that they could not work a conventional job, which made them put more into their current trajectory.

Take caution when deciding to take a facial tattoo. Why? First, you cannot cover it meaning you cannot work jobs that view facial tattoos as taboo. So take caution and think before taking that step into Koolsville for a facial redo.

# Tattoo Removal

While tattooing is cool and trendy, sometimes, you may have a tattoo you no longer want. This may be a mistake you make while drunk or a teenage commitment that now is stupid. Whatever your reason for wanting the tattoo gone, Koolsville can sort you out. Their tattoo removal services are top in their category. They use the latest trends in the works to achieve the best results possible.

Using the Saline removal method, they can dissolve the pigmentation in the skin and make the tattoo disappear.

Piercing at Koolsville Tattoo

Piercing at Koolsville Tattoo
Source: @sacredheartlvkoolsville

Another trend that has swept the world by storm is body piercing. Jewelry is a huge part of both men’s and women’s beauty. Having earrings, nose rings, and the likes enhance your look, voting in sophistication and puts you as a fashion-forward individual.

Many people on the street will view you differently with a tattoo or a piercing. It portrays that you don’t give a lot of “Fs” to otters thinking of you, yeah. It allows you to live your life fully, accepting your inner self that, for the most part, is regarded by others as not fit for society.

You can do conventional piercing like on the ears and nose, or go a little extreme and have body jewelry for gum, tongue, lip, abdomen-the list is endless. Virtually any part of your body that has skin can be pierced. Koolsville Tattoo has invested in state-of-the-art piercing equipment to ensure that your experience is painless, fast, and safe. Homogenizers and sterilizers keep infections at bay, a major problem with improper body piercing. At Koolsville, the specialty is on nose rings and septum rings-a trendy look common in women today.

Pricing: $10 Tattoo at Koolsville Tattoo

Prices for tattoos are not designated. A tattoo can cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on its design. Colored art usually takes more time than black and grey work. The more a tattoo artist spends on a tattoo, the higher your total bill. Another determinant is the hourly rate of the tattoo artist. Prominent tattoo artists will have a higher rate than apprentices, but they produce high-quality work that demands their cost.

On average, the hourly rate of tattoo artists in Vegas is anything from $50-$300. For big works, tattoo artists may charge a cost per square foot of tattooing, especially for bodysuits and intricate traditional art.

The famous $10 is available too! If you are looking to have a cheap tattoo done, visit Koolsville and get this cheap tattoo. And don’t think that just because it costs a few dollars, it is shitty, no. You get a promotional tattoo done exceptionally well with expertise from a highly rated tattoo artist.

This is an offer not to miss, no doubt, especially for tattoo starters. You get to spend small: it is like a free trial of some sort. And to pair the wine with cheese, you get a team of 15 expert artists in grey work, photorealism, Polynesian, and henna works.

Tooth Gems at Koolsville Tattoo

Tooth Gems at Koolsville Tattoo
Source: @koolsvilletattoolv

Tooth gems are a new trend, not yet popular but very outgoing. It allows you to draw attention to that gorgeous smile you already have. The universe will thank you, and friends will envy your glow. This is a new trend, and many are getting onto the bus, so you better not be left behind. If you won’t mind the few questions about the shiny part on your teeth, rock these badass royalty gems.

Koolsville has a specialist in this jewelry wear, so worry not. The good thing about this practice is that you can get it out anytime you want. The gems used are precious stones and metals like silver, bronze, gold, diamond. Its pricing depends on the ornamental metal or stone you choose and the number of teeth you want to do the procedure on.

Henna at Koolsville Tattoo

Henna at Koolsville Tattoo
Source: @koolsvilletattoolv

Henna originated from India, Morocco, and Egypt as a form of beauty in the early days. Now, you no longer have to book a flight to Cairo to get henna works by professionals rush into Koolsville, and a professional Mednhi artist will guide you. The selection of henna is especially very practical for a temporary tattoo. No needles, just henna mud. And after a few hours of stillness, you are good to go.

Since it is a temporary form of body art, unlike tattoos, the henna art will eventually fade away. Usually, it can last between 7-28 days. For it to last longer, let the mud stay on you as long as possible to obtain deeper dark coloring.

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Is the Koolsville Tattoo worth paying a visit? For sure! They are known for affordable services and stellar designs, with over 5000 designs for various tattoos. You can also bring your tattoo, and they will gladly make it real on your skin. They also do piercings and henna work. The latest addition to their portfolio is the tooth gems-which are a good experiential tryout for that extra glowy smile.