The 15 Best Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas

Body art is one of the oldest practices in many cultures around the world. Many indigenous civilizations used body art from warriors going to war like the Vikings or as a representation or inclination to a certain group like in Japan. All over the world, it has been revered as a holy act and show of courage.

In today’s modernity, the world is like a neighborhood. This has seen the importation of the different cultures, including tattoo artistry, into different parts of the globe. And why would anyone get a tattoo today? To portray love, spirituality, or just or fun. A tattoo looks good, period.

In Las Vegas, it can be an uphill task finding a suitable shop that will render stellar services and leave a tattoo you are proud of for the longest time. This article aims to arm you with an idea of where to get that first tattoo in Vegas or even add some more to look more dashing. Without much of a talk, here are the best tattoo shops in Vegas.

Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas

The List you are about to read is not a ranking in any order. Each tattoo shop has a distinct experience that makes it special, and the best in that category. Therefore, you will find a suitable shop based on your preference. Okay, now onto the ink artist shops:

1. Revolt Tattoos

Revolt Tattoos 1
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Revolt Tattoos 2
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Revolt Tattoos 3
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Revolt Tattoos was started in 2014 by the founders Walter “Sausage” Frank and Joey Hamilton. They seek to bring out the rebel in you, allowing you to embrace your other unpopular personality.

They have grown to become one of the most reputable shops in the area of Vegas city, producing some of the best-inked pictures ever. Their team of talented artists specializes in black and grey tattoos, color realism, piercings, among many other types of tattoos you may need.

Their main shop is located in the Fashion Show Mall Vegas, just near the Strip. They have secondary spots in the Meadows Mall-Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Lake Tahoe, and the newest spot in Salt Lake City inside the Fashion Place Mall.

2. Club Tattoo

Club Tattoo 1
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Club Tattoo 2
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Club Tattoo 3
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Boasting three successful tattoo shops in Vegas is no easy task, but that is what founders the late Chester Bennington, Sean, and Thora Dowdell managed to do.

Club Tattoo is one shop that calls for respect as the artistry here is way above common. You are about to experience an extra serving of professional tattooing that has made the shop stand for more than a quarter a century.

The ink masters at this shop are best known for grey work and color realism, but they also don’t fall short in photorealism and body piercings. Celebrities that have made their ink story here are Steve Aoki, Blake Shelton, and Tori Spelling.

Would you like to add your name alongside them? Well, you know what to do. Visit any of their three spots in Vegas: Miracle Miles Shops at Planet Hollywood, LINQ Hotel & Casino, or the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian.

3. Downtown Tattoo

Downtown Tattoo 1
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Downtown Tattoo 2
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Downtown Tattoo 3
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Down in Fremont Street Vegas, you will find this specialty jewel in traditional American art. They do contemporary and neo-traditional designs too. Buddy Holiday is the owner and an artist himself, bringing his charm and expertise to get you the best ink possible.

They also specialize in black and grey realism, photo color realism, among other designs. If you want a shop away from the busy street on the Strip, this will be your go-to place for all tattoos you need on that skin to look amazing. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures of what they can do with ink.

4. Basilica Tattoo

Basilica Tattoo 1
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Basilica Tattoo 2
Source: @basilicatattoo

Vic Vivid and Hiram Casas are the owners of this classical tattoo shop. You are treated with luxury and expertise beyond measure. If you seek a place to get a tattoo with a touch of royalty, this is the spot for you. Make your way and experience why these two artists have multiple body art awards in Vegas and nationally.

Other artists that you will enjoy services from are Jose Carlos for grey and black art, Dayan Rodriguez for your color realism tattoos, among others.

An amazing feature in their online booking is you get to choose the art you want and where you want it beforehand. This option makes your decision easier, such that at the shop, you are just getting to tattoo yourself! It makes the booking as friendly as a guided tour.

5. Skin Design Tattoo

Skin Design Tattoo 1
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Skin Design Tattoo 2
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Skin Design Tattoos are known for their meticulous approach and care of body art. The shop boasts more than ten expert tattoo artists specializing in different types of body art like black and grey realism works, color realism, cover-ups, and custom lettering, among others.

Their exemplary work has seen them named best in their category, banking mentions in famous magazines globally. You are to get the best treatment as you ink that memory on your skin. They have a secondary Vegas shop at the Forum Shops, Caesar’s Palace.

6. Black Spade Tattoo

Black Spade Tattoo 1
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Black Spade Tattoo 2
Source: @blackspadetattoo

“A remarkable shop where tattooing is more than art!” That is a reply from a Yelp user stating how good Black Spade Tattoo was to them. The traction this shop has been from their intimate approach to tattooing, encouraging reservations for proper preparedness.

This means you will be prepared psychologically for what is to happen, and the shop also has time to plan for your art.

The shop does tattooing and permanent makeup too. The specialty and most common permanent makeup is the eyebrow procedure for fuller brows. This service can only be reserved where a non-refundable deposit will be required.

7. Ironhorse Tattoo & Piercing

Ironhorse Tattoo & Piercing 1
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Ironhorse Tattoo & Piercing 2
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Ironhorse Tattoo and Piercing will sort you out to get a custom lettering tattoo or a specialized design. The shop combines a whopping 75 years of experience from the various artists in the shop.

Tony, the owner, is an experienced artist and body piercer for all your jewelry and body art. But the most remarkable icon paying homage here is Uncle Eddie, a former botanist turned artist. He specializes in floral tattoo work perfected by his understanding of plant biology.

At the shop, they are always happy to get the desired result. They aren’t shy to direct you in a way that professionally will make the tattoo better. This has positioned them in a good place for first-time tattoo seekers and others who wish to fill up the canvas.

8. Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co

Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co 1
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Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co 2
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Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co 3
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Founder of Hart & Huntington Tattoo and famous motocross rider Cary Hart opened up the shop in 2004. This makes his shop one of the oldest in pioneering modern art in Las Vegas.

His team of artists leaves nothing to chance as they ink the best of the book and pictures onto your skin. Photorealism is an acute specialty in this spot, so if you want a floral design or a cool picture from Socrates on your calf, here is the place to get inked.

The studio has praise for the professionalism of the staff and the utmost dedication they have towards their clients. This has seen the shop get return customers year in and out as they build their story onto the skin. Get your tattoo at this joint to commemorate your special day or stamp a picture of your passion.

9. Koolsville Tattoo: $10 Tattoos

Koolsville Tattoo 1
Source: @sacredheartlvkoolsville
Koolsville Tattoo 2
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Koolsville Tattoo is a station for the best tattooing experience in the city. You are getting the best in Polynesian and Henna tattoos as well as grey tats and photorealism.

Within four locations on Sacred Heart, Main Street, Las Vegas Boulevard, and Fremont Street, you are not about to miss a session with an expert Koolville artist. Bring your imagination to life with professionally done tattoos that depict what you want them to perfection.

10. Last Chance Tattoo

Last Chance Tattoo 1
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Last Chance Tattoo 2
Source: @lastchancetattoo

The tattoo shop is known for making extra strides to keep customers satisfied. The artists are expansively experienced in the art and get you amazing designs that you will love. Get black and grey realism, photo color realism, and traditional tattoos that are an absolute favorite.

Last chance Tattoo is regarded as a shop with the most fulfilling experience for novice art seekers. If you are in town shopping for a tattoo, then this spot may turn out to be for you.

Enjoy the roulette if you are undecided on the art you want on your body. This is the perfect chance to get a surprise tattoo that is incredibly designed.

Don’t worry-the tattoos are bigger than palm size, so you are getting something good regardless. They also have a dice roll for those who are not slot players. “Get What You Get” is what they call it. You roll the dice, and the face-up value of the dice decides what corresponding page you get on the tattoo book. You can respin at an extra cost if you don’t like it.

11. Revolution Tattoo Parlor

Revolution Tattoo Parlor 1
Source: @revolutiontattooparlor
Revolution Tattoo Parlor 2
Source: @revolutiontattooparlor
Revolution Tattoo Parlor 3
Source: @revolutiontattooparlor

With two locations in Vegas to serve you better, you get more than just a tattoo at this joint. You can visit the location near the strip or off to the Western Sahara shop. In both, a welcoming face(s) from artists and customers is what you get. Immerse yourself in the glory of body art, whether you are a beginner or a profound member of the art.

They specialize in grey work, color realism, and even those neo-traditional and traditional designs considered difficult. So if you want to get that samurai eagle’s eye on your back, this is the shop to do it. They will link you to the last feather, and the mythical dragon will be “alive”.

12. Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery

Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery 1
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Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery 2
Source: @studio21tattoo

Charlie has been in the tattoo industry since 1999, garnering experience in various tattoo designs and techniques before opening the doors of Studio 21 in 2003. The shop is known for originality and pedestaling the customer’s design.

Austin Spencer, a resident artist at the shop, has won awards for best tattoo artist-this proves Studio 21 as the home of talent. The shop itself has won best tattoo shop awards multiple times and featured in countless magazines on lifestyle and beauty columns.

13. Trip Ink Tattoo Co Las Vegas Strip

Trip Ink Tattoo Co Las Vegas Strip 1
Source: @tripinktattooco
Trip Ink Tattoo Co Las Vegas Strip 2
Source: @tripinktattooco

Located a block away from the strip, Trip Ink Tattoo is an artist-owned parlor with deep strings around affection and talent. The nine-member residential artist team is more than qualified to bring that vivid picture in your mind to life.

You can get grey work, colorwork, or the traditional bodysuits that speak more than color. Let your story be heard and seen in it. The shop also hosts guest artists from time to time to give customers a feel of an “imported design work”.

14. 70 Deuce Tattoo

70 Deuce Tattoo 1
Source: @70duecetattoos
70 Deuce Tattoo 2
Source: @70duecetattoos

As one of the few shops operating round the clock, 70 Deuce is a shop you will want to visit. From their state-of-the-art inking equipment to the experienced and professional inkers, you are in for a treat as you get your ink in place.

They pride themselves in custom designs-if you have a tattoo idea, walk-in and explain it to your artist. They will develop the art, and until you are satisfied they will ink it. This stellar service has made the shop preferential for group and spontaneous tattooing on the Strip.

15. Crown Electric Tattoo Co

Crown Electric Tattoo Co 1
Source: @crownelectrictattoo
Crown Electric Tattoo Co 2
Source: @crownelectrictattoo

Crown Electric is a family-owned business with roots from 2003. They will draw a perfect representation of that favorite pet or a name that you want to remember with professionalism to leave a wonder that everyone envies.

Their lifelong expertise in the art has made them a stop shop for tattooing in the city of Vegas. Visit them to get a photo realism picturesque or a black and grey tattoo, among others. They also do piercings to add that extra glow to your body.

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Las Vegas Tattoo Shops: FAQs

Are there female tattoo artists in Vegas?

There are many shops in Vegas with female tattoo artists. If you prefer a female tattoo artist, you can find one in Revolution Tattoo Parlor, Koolsville Tattoo, Skin Design Tattoo, among others.

Where do celebrities get their tattoos in Vegas?

Revolt Tattoos and Koolsville Tattoos are common spots where celebrities like Steve Aoki and Ben Affleck have graced to get inked.

What is the legal age to get a tattoo in Vegas?

Nevada legislation does not allow persons under 18 years to get a tattoo. Some shops may allow 16 years minors to get a tattoo in the presence and supervision of their parents or legal guardian.

How much do tattoo artists charge per hour?

The average hourly rate of tattoo artists in Vegas is $75 to $250. The price depends on the skill level of the artist and the complexity of their technique. Larger tattoos will take longer, therefore, pricier than a short one.


Next time you are in Vegas and want to make a statement or get a souvenir of your time in Sin City, get into one of these wonderfully sculpted art shops for a quick ink. Book ahead so that your design can be readily available, and you don’t want to stay in line as you wait for an opening, is that not so?

Tattoo shops in Vegas have seen celebrities like Ben Affleck-Batman and Steve Aoki come in to get inks. In these shops, the motto is one: if you can think it, they definitely can ink it!