Which Las Vegas City Pass Is Best?

Vegas is the self-styled Entertainment Capital of the World, and it is famous for attractions of all kinds. However, visiting these attractions can quickly burn a hole in your pocket – unless you’re smart and buy a money-saving pass beforehand.

Passes allow you to visit a greater number of attractions for less money while also streamlining the process with advantages like skip-the-line privileges. But which should you go for? To answer this question, here’s all the info you need about choosing the best Las Vegas city pass.

Go City Pass

Go City is a company that offers passes for a number of cities around the world – including Las Vegas – and buying one can help you save quite a bit of cash on Vegas’ myriad attractions compared to how much you would pay if you bought full-price tickets for them all.

There are two types of pass to choose from, the “Explorer” and the “All-Inclusive”. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to choose the one that best suits your plans to make sure you get the most out of it.

Both plans work through the Go City app, so when you arrive at each attraction, you just need to show the QR code.

The app also helps you choose which attractions you want to visit with a useful filter function as well as the possibility of creating a “favorites” list.

If you need to know more about the attractions on offer, the app also contains all the info you need, and it offers suggestions for where to go if you are short on ideas.

Both types of Go City pass are valid for up to a year after purchase – and unused passes can be refunded for up to 90 days after purchase.

Let’s look at both types of Go City pass in more detail now.

Go City Explorer Pass

With the Explorer pass, you simply choose the number of attractions you plan to visit. You can choose passes for between two and seven attractions, and the price works out cheaper than if you paid for each attraction individually.

The pass is activated the first time you use it, and after that, you have 60 days to visit the remaining attractions on your pass. This means you can take your time and don’t need to rush about trying to cram in as much as possible to get your money’s worth.

There are a good number of attractions to choose from too. The pass includes about 30 attractions – although some may be added or removed from time to time, so it’s best to check the website or app for the most up-to-date info.

Explorer pass prices:

  Adult Child
2-choice pass $64 $54
3-choice pass $84 $74
4-choice pass $114 $94
5-choice pass $124 $109
6-choice pass $134 $124
7-choice pass $144 $134

Example attractions:

  • High Roller Observation Wheel: Daytime Ticket
  • Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas
  • SkyPod at The STRAT
  • Discovering King Tut’s Tomb at the Luxor
  • Fly LINQ Zipline
  • Las Vegas Downtown – Fremont St. Walking Tour
  • Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.
  • The Mob Museum
  • FlyOver – The Ultimate Flying Ride
  • Hoover Dam Highlights Tour
  • Rockstar Pool Party Club Tour

Go City All-Inclusive Pass

The All-Inclusive pass works a little differently. Instead of choosing the number of attractions you want to do, you choose the number of days you want your pass to be valid for. After that, while your pass is valid, you can visit as many attractions as you can fit in.

Furthermore, if you buy a pass for three days or more, it entitles you to one premium attraction, the kind of attraction that usually costs in the region of $150 if you pay the regular price.

On the downside, not as many attractions are included in this pass as in the Explorer pass.

Since you need to try to fit in as many attractions as possible to make this pass worth the price, it’s a far less leisurely experience. However, if that doesn’t put you off and you want to see as much as possible in a short amount of time, it can be a great option.

All-Inclusive pass prices:

  Adult Child
2-day pass $139 $129
3-day pass $244 $229
4-day pass $299 $279
5-day pass $314 $294

Example premium attractions

  • Full-Day Grand Canyon National Park Tour
  • SkyJump at The STRAT
  • Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour
  • Blue Man Group Show Ticket
  • Full Day Grand Canyon National Park Tour
  • KA by Cirque du Soleil
  • America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE
  • Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks Tour

Example regular attractions

  • Hop On, Hop Off Big Bus Classic Tour
  • Hoover Dam Highlights Tour
  • The Big Apple Roller Coaster
  • Illuminarium Experiences at AREA15 Las Vegas
  • Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.
  • The Hunger Games: The Exhibition
  • Fly LINQ Zipline
  • Rockstar Nightclub Tour
  • Ultimate 4D Experience All Day Pass at Excalibur
  • FlyOver

Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass

Go City’s main competitor in Vegas is Sightseeing Pass, a company with broadly similar pass options that can provide big savings compared to the normal prices you would otherwise expect to pay.

With Sightseeing Pass, you can choose either a FLEX pass or a Day pass, which are equivalent to Go City’s Explorer pass and All-Inclusive pass respectively.

Like Go City, Sightseeing also has a well-designed app that helps you see which attractions are available. It also allows you to create your own itinerary, making your experience as smooth as possible.

Sightseeing also uses a QR code system, so all you have to do when you arrive at each attraction is show them your phone – you don’t have to carry around paper or tickets.

One major difference between this company and Go City is that neither of Sightseeing’s passes offers you premium tours or experiences, so with Sightseeing, you won’t be able to do things like a Grand Canyon tour or a helicopter ride.

However, the same attractions are available to all Sightseeing customers, whether you choose the FLEX pass or the Day pass.

Let’s have a look at the two options in more detail now.


With the FLEX pass, you simply choose either three, four, five or seven attractions to visit, and your pass is then activated when you arrive at the first one.

There are over 20 attractions and many other special offers available with this pass, and after activation, you have 60 days to visit the rest of the attractions you plan to see. Passes can be bought up to one year in advance.

When buying your ticket, you can also choose to add insurance for just a couple of dollars (the exact price depends on the number of attractions and whether it’s an adult or child ticket).

Buying insurance entitles you to refund any unused ticket for up to a year – but without insurance, tickets are not refundable.

FLEX pass prices:

  Adult Child
3 attractions $84 $84
4 attractions $105 $105
5 attractions $119 $119
7 attractions $149 $149

Example attractions:

  • Night Strip Tour
  • Illuminarium Las Vegas
  • Shark Reef Aquarium & Undersea Explorer VR Experience
  • Big Bus Las Vegas Discover Ticket
  • The Big Apple Coaster at New York New York
  • Machine Guns Vegas – AK 47 Experience
  • Madame Tussauds Las Vegas
  • Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at The Luxor
  • Number One Escape Room

Day Pass

The Day pass from Sightseeing allows you to visit as many activities from the list as you can fit in. You can choose from the same attractions and special offers that are included in the FLEX pass.

Like with FLEX, you can buy this pass up to a year in advance, and it is only activated the first time you use it.

With these passes, after activation, the pass is then valid for the specified number of consecutive days, after which, you will no longer be able to use it – even if you didn’t use it at all during one of your allocated days.

With insurance, you can refund unused passes for up to a year – but without insurance, passes are non-refundable.

Day pass prices:

  Adult Child
2-day pass $134 $119
3-day pass $229 $214
4-day pass $289 $274
5-day pass $331 $299

Example attractions:

  • Night Strip Tour
  • Illuminarium Las Vegas
  • Shark Reef Aquarium & Undersea Explorer VR Experience
  • Big Bus Las Vegas Discover Ticket
  • The Big Apple Coaster at New York New York
  • Axe Throwing Range – Axe Monkeys
  • Erotic Heritage Museum
  • Escape Game Las Vegas
  • Machine Guns Vegas – AK47 Experience
  • Ultimate 4D Experience at The Excalibur
  • Bodies…The Exhibition at the Luxor

Note: These prices are the regular full prices, but this company often offers discounts, which means the prices you pay may end up being slightly less, according to whatever promotion is running when you buy them


A third pass option called the POGO pass is also available in Vegas, although this one is a little different.

When you buy a POGO pass, it’s valid for a year, and it currently includes 15 attractions – with the number of visits permitted to each depending on the type of attraction.

POGO Pass Las Vegas Attractions & Visits

With some, you can only visit once, but with others, it might be two or even three times – or in the case of Velocity E-Sports, you can visit once a month. You also get one game per month in various casinos.

The pass also entitles you to one visit to either Cowabunga Bay Water Park or Cowabunga Canyon Water Park – you get to choose which one you want to go to, but you can’t go to both.

As with the other passes, POGO has an app to streamline the experience through the use of QR codes. However, you can only access the app once you have an account, so passes need to be bought online through the website.

POGO Pass is reasonably priced and is a good option for people who are likely to visit Vegas more than just once or twice during the year.

Furthermore, the people who will get the best value for money from this pass are locals, since they can redeem their included casino games every month.

However, if you are just visiting Vegas once and are looking to make the most of your time while you’re there, we recommend choosing Go City or Sightseeing instead.


POGO has a single price of $99.98 for a yearly pass.


POGO passes become valid from the day of purchase rather than from the first time you use them. They are then valid for 365 days.

However, you can also choose to give a POGO pass as a gift, in which case the pass will be activated the first time it is used.

Which Pass Is Best?

When it comes to choosing the best Las Vegas pass, there’s no simple answer since the best pass for you depends on several things.

For example, what you expect from your trip to Vegas, how many attractions you hope to visit, how busy or relaxed you want to be and even whether you’ve been to Vegas before are all factors that can affect which pass you choose.

When to Buy All-Inclusive or Day Passes

If you are in Vegas for only a few days and want to do as much as possible while you are there, the two best options are the Go City All-Inclusive pass and the Sightseeing Day pass covering the number of days you are visiting for.

The prices of these two passes are more or less the same, so the best way to choose between the two companies is to look at the list of attractions on offer and choose the one that offers those you are most interested in.

Having said that, only Go City offers the chance to enjoy one premium attraction in the price of a pass, so there’s a strong argument this is the better option for passes of three days or longer.

When to Buy Explorer or Flex Passes

On the other hand, if you are less interested in visiting lots of attractions and want to enjoy a more relaxing time in Vegas – or you’ve been there before and only want to visit a smaller number of specific attractions – a Go City Explorer or Sightseeing FLEX would be better.

Again, to choose between the two, check the list of available attractions on offer and choose the one that allows you to do the ones that interest you most.

When to Buy a POGO Pass

And who should buy a POGO pass? In our opinion, only Vegas locals or people likely to visit the town multiple times in a year should buy a POGO pass – but for people in these categories, this pass represents great value for money if the attractions it includes interest you.

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Do You Need to Book Attractions in Advance?

Some attractions need to be booked in advance, in which case you will be told this on the app of the pass you are using. The Go City app allows you to make reservations via the app whereas if you have a Sightseeing pass, you will need to contact the operators directly.

Do You Have to Get a Pass in Vegas?

It’s not necessary for everyone to buy a pass in Vegas, and for some people, it would be a waste of money.

If you’re in town for the casinos, the bars, the nightclubs and the pools – and won’t be spending much time, if any, visiting other attractions – there’s no point in buying a pass.

If you want to visit one or two attractions, you can simply pay the regular price – and you might find you’re too busy doing other things or even just chilling to find time for anything else anyway.

However, if you’re interested in seeing some of the other attractions, it’s worth considering buying a pass.

Which is Best, Go City or Sightseeing?

Both companies are comparable, and the prices are similar. However, the attractions offered are not the same, so the best way to choose is to pick the company that offers the attractions you are most interested in. Some attractions are available with both companies.

At the same time, Go City is the only option that gives you the opportunity to enjoy one premium attraction, so if that’s something you’re interested in, this is the company to go for.

What Happens if You Change Your Plans and Can’t Go to Vegas?

Go City allows all unused passes to be refunded within 90 days of purchase. Sightseeing passes can be refunded if you have added the insurance option – but without it, there’s nothing you can do.

What’s the Best Way to Get Your Money’s Worth?

If you choose a Go City All-Inclusive or a Sightseeing Day pass, you need to be organized and plan carefully to make sure you fit in as many attractions as possible.

Make a list of the attractions you want to see and work out where they are in town – and then plan a logical order to visit them over the number of days your pass is valid to minimize the amount of time you lose traveling between attractions.

A Great Way to Save Money if You Plan to Enjoy Vegas’ Many Exciting Attractions

Whether it’s the casinos, restaurants, bars or other attractions, Vegas has a way of emptying your pockets rather quickly. However, if you plan ahead and buy a pass, you stand to save yourself quite a bit of cash.

There are a couple of good options available in Vegas, each with certain advantages and disadvantages – and with our guide, now you should have a better idea of which pass is best suited to your needs.