The 11 Best RV Parks in Las Vegas

Moving up and about in Las Vegas can be convenient if you get a suite or room at one of the prestigious hotels. However, what is more, convenient than traveling with your RV knowing you won’t miss a spot for parking it during your adventures.

Las Vegas offers a few RV parks, with only one RV park located on the Las Vegas Strip. They are enough spaces for several RVs in these parks & resorts. You won’t miss a venue that has an electric hookup or dump station within a few minutes drive of Las Vegas’ top attractions.

This article takes you through the various RV parks & resorts in Las Vegas. Get to know which parks are connected to casinos and which ones are stand-alone. These parks are more suitable for those looking for the full RV parking experience with necessary amenities. However, some visitors may opt to park at hotels or casinos that just offer parking for their RVs.

Las Vegas RV Parks

1. Circus Circus RV Park

Circus Circus RV Park
Source: @girlinherelement
  • Address: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Website: Circus Circus
  • Telephone Number: 702-734-0410
  • Price per night: Starts at $51 per night per RV
  • Electric hookup: YES
  • Dump station: YES

Circus Circus is one of the few hotels & casinos that offer specialized RV parking facilities in Las Vegas. Moreover, it is the only place on the Las Vegas Strip where you can park your RV with full amenities that include an electric hookup and dump station.

The site has 170 back-in sites that include patios with outdoor furniture as well as private sections with plenty of grass areas. There is free Wi-Fi in the region that allows RV campers to stay connected to the world. Other included amenities include a hot tub, a laundry facility, a playground for kids and pets, as well, as a pet run since pets are allowed. Only a few sites include the hot tub, pet run, shower, and laundry.

The electric hookups include 30- and 50-Amp hookups for water, electricity, and the sewer. The swimming pool is seasonal, and the dump station is only to be used by the RV guests alone. Only 40-foot clearance RVs are allowed with a maximum guest count of four. Moreover, there is an additional $10 per person per day charge to access the slides, hotel pool, and splash zone.

2. Las Vegas RV Resort

Las Vegas RV Resort RV Sites
Source: @lasvegasrvresort
  • Address: 3890 S Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas, 89121
  • Website: LV RV
  • Telephone Number: 866-846-5432
  • Price per night: Starts at $38 per night per RV
  • Electric hookup: YES
  • Dump station: YES

Keep in mind that the Las Vegas RV Parking area is an adult-only place, and the RVs must come with fully self-contained systems. Moreover, there needs to be a black and grey water holding tank in each RV. These full-hook-up back-in sites can be seen close to the entrances of the resort before you get to the Patrol Shack. It is a few minutes drive north of Sam’s Town Hotel.

One important rule you should remember is that the RVs at this park need to be 20 years old or newer. The 370 plus sites come with picnic tables, and the guests can use some of the resort’s amenities like the pet area, clubhouse, pool, spa, gym, and laundry areas.

3. KOA at Sam’s Town RV Park

KOA at Sam’s Town RV Park
Source: @goodqueenalex
  • Address: 5225 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV 89112
  • Website: KOA
  • Telephone Number: 800-562-7270
  • Price per night: Starts at $27.99 per night per RV
  • Electric hookup: YES
  • Dump station: YES

KOA at Sam’s Town is the perfect place to park your RV in case you are looking for an entertainment-filled location. The location acts as a campground as well as an RV Park where you have access to amenities like 50 Amp electricity and water hookup, free Wi-Fi, a pool that is open year-round, a hot tub/sauna, and a dog park for those with pets.

It is important to note that there is a maximum 70′ length for the RVs. The 287-site KOA at Sam’s Town RV parking is one of the closest to the Las Vegas Strip, a trip that may take you just about 15 minutes. You can also get to visit the nearby attractions like the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

4. Arizona Charlie’s Boulder RV Park

Arizona Charlie’s Boulder RV Park

  • Address: 4575 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121
  • Website: Arizona
  • Telephone Number: 800-362-4040
  • Price per night: Starts at $44 per night per RV
  • Electric hookup: YES
  • Dump station: YES

Amenities at Arizona Charlie’s Boulder RV Park include free Wi-Fi, free local calls, 30/50 Amp full hookups, propane services, a pull-thru parking service, and new security gates for protection and safety. There are over 200 spaces for RV parking, and the allowable sizes range from 30 feet to 70 feet.

You won’t miss any amenities that bring the comfort of home at Arizona Charlie’s RV Park. You can get to relax in the private clubhouse with a large TV screen, pool table, laundry facilities, fitness center, private baths, and showers. Moreover, it is pet friendly with a dog run.

5. King’s Row RV Park

King’s Row RV Park

  • Address: 3660 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • Website: King’s
  • Telephone Number: 702-457-3606
  • Price per night: Starts at $27 per day per RV
  • Electric hookup: YES
  • Dump station: YES

Only adults above the age of 21 are allowed into this RV park. The King’s Row RV Park has lots of amenities, from free Wi-Fi to two fully-gated dog runs, full hookup, on-site security, a swimming pool that is open during the season, septic waste disposal at just $5, and access to recreation hall and laundry facilities.

Charges are pretty affordable, from just $27 per day to $105 per week. Charges can go all the way to a maximum of $532 in case you want the deluxe spots. There are 375 parking sports, making King’s Row RV Park one of the largest in Southern Nevada.

6. Duck Creek RV Park

Duck Creek RV Park

  • Address: 6635 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89112
  • Website: Duck Creek
  • Telephone Number: 702-454-7090
  • Price per night: Start at $42.94 per night per RV
  • Electric hookup: YES
  • Dump station: YES

Duck Creek is praised by most as the best RV park in Las Vegas for families. As you have noticed, some parks do not allow individuals under the age of 21 to enter their facilities. Duck Creek, on the other hand, offers family-friendly amenities at affordable rates.

The playground and swimming pool areas are perfect grounds for your kids to go and play while you enjoy the hot tubs. There is even a picnic ground where you can go and socialize, relax and get to see new people with similar interests.

There are three parking sizes. The first one is the standard site (35′ by 20′) which goes for $42.94 daily, $259.90 weekly, and $898.90 monthly. Another size is the premium site (43′ by 36′) which goes for $62.15 daily, $339 weekly, and $1,045.8 monthly. The last option is the pull-thru site (20’by 72′), which pays $73.45 daily, $350,30 weekly, and $1,091 monthly.

7. Thousand Trails RV Park

Thousand Trails RV Park
Source: @sassyshute
  • Address: 4295 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • Website: Thousand Trail
  • Telephone Number: 800-388-7788
  • Price per night: Starts at $45 per night per RV
  • Electric hookup: YES
  • Dump station: YES

A thousand Trails is another kid-friendly RV park that offers 205 parking sites with full hookups. Amenities include the swimming pool, access to showers, laundry facilities, dog park, and hot tub. One great perk of this park is that there are plenty of storage facilities if you plan on staying for a longer period of time. You won’t have to worry about stuffing everything in your RV.

8. Main Street Station RV Park

Main Street Station RV Park

  • Address: 425 North Main Street, Las Vegas, 89101
  • Website: Main Street
  • Telephone Number:
  • Price per night: Starts at $21 per night per RV
  • Electric hookup:
  • Dump station:

The Main Street Station does not have a lot of parking spaces like other RV parks. The 72-site RV park offers both 30- and 50-Amp full hookup sites that also include a designated pet area. It is located just five miles from the Las Vegas Strip, and you can get full shower access as well as laundry facilities.

9. Oasis Las Vegas RV Park

Oasis Las Vegas RV Park
Source: @oasislasvegasrvresort
  • Address: 2711 W. Windmill Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89123
  • Website: Oasis
  • Telephone Number: 800-566-4707
  • Price per night: Starts at $55 per night per RV
  • Electric hookup: YES
  • Dump station: YES

There are over 600 full hookup sites in the Oasis Las Vegas. Amenities include access to the theatre, mini-golf, pool, spa, café, laundry facilities, showers, pet park, gym, and free Wi-Fi. The large site covers about 55 acres that are lain between I-15 and the Las Vegas Boulevard, making it another RV park close to the Las Vegas Strip.

10. Riviera RV Park

Riviera RV Park

  • Address: 2200 Palm Street, Las Vegas NV
  • Website: Riviera
  • Telephone Number: 702-457-8700
  • Price per night: $39 per night per RV
  • Electric hookup: YES
  • Dump station: YES

The first thing you need to note about Riviera RV Park is that it only accommodates people f aged 55 and above. However, children are allowed for up to two weeks for just one season. The location is approximately two miles from the Las Vegas Strip, which means you will have great access to many amenities and essentials from the various hotels and stores.

One hundred thirty-five sites are located in the park to serve the visitors on a daily, weekly, and monthly charge starting from $39 per night.

11. Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort

Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort
Source: @lvmresort
  • Address: 8175 Arville Street, Las Vegas, NV 89139
  • Website: LV Motorcoach
  • Telephone Number: 702-897-9300
  • Price per night: $135 per night, per RV
  • Electric hookup: YES
  • Dump station: YES

This is an exclusive luxury RV Park that only admits Class A RVs. Wrought-iron gates invite you to this upscale resort where you get to enjoy a wide area of facilities like the tunning pools, marble showers, and whirlpools.

It is located a few steps from the Silverton, Las Vegas and has over 400 RV sites where you can get to have full hookups, free wireless internet, and an amazing view of the amazing and tranquil palm trees.

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Final Thoughts

Another site you may want to check out to park your RV in Las Vegas is Hitchin Post RV Park. There are 196 sites in the parking space with full hookup facilities. This would be a great site if the above did not meet your needs since it accommodates several motorhome classes like 5th wheels and pop-up campers.