10 Best Souvenir Shops in Las Vegas

Did you know the self-proclaimed ’world’s largest souvenir/gift shop’ is located in Las Vegas? Bonanza Gift Shop is the biggest gift shop in Las Vegas covering over 40,000 square feet. It is the shop that won’t let you down when you are looking for the perfect souvenir. However, it is not the only great gift shop in Las Vegas.

There are various shops to visit on and off the Strip to get a commemorative token or a present for your loved ones. You won’t run out of fun souvenirs like art pieces, bracelets, branded t-shirts, postcards, collectibles, anime dolls, or toys.

Our list takes you through the best gift and souvenir shops Las Vegas has to offer. Be sure to pay attention to get to choose the shops that come with unique pieces that cannot be found elsewhere.

Best Souvenir Shops Las Vegas Strip

1. Bonanza Gift Shop

Bonanza Gift Shop
Source: @_j_l_a_n_d_
  • Address: 2440 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  • Telephone Number: 702-385-7359

According to customers, Bonanza Gift Shop is the perfect place to get affordable souvenirs and memorabilia of Las Vegas. It is a landmark of the city tucked between the Sahara Las Vegas and the Stratosphere. It was started in 1980 and has since become a Las Vegas staple, popular enough to be featured in the 2016 Nicolas Cage movie ‘The Trust’.

It is not only cheap to get gifts from Bonanza, but you also get a huge assortment of items to remind you of Las Vegas. Their collections consist of gag gifts, Native American Jewelry, collectibles, branded t-shirts, postcards, gift cards, toys, art, and much more.

The staff is highly rated with their top-notch recommendations and welcoming mannerisms. Bonanza Gift Shop is where you want to be with your friends and family as there is everything for people of all ages. Kids can get to quench their toy hunger on the kid store collections and adults may choose to indulge in the unique offerings of their liquor store.

2. Gold & Silver Pawn

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop 2
Source: @goldandsilver_pawnshop
  • Address: 713 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Website: G and S Pawn
  • Telephone Number: 702-272-006

A pawn shop is a great place to get rare and unique items that cannot be readily found in other souvenir shops. The History Channel show ‘Pawn Stars’ store location is the Gold & Silver Pawn shop where you can get to buy items such as art, memorabilia, antiques, and jewelry.

Unique items are what this show is known for. You can get lucky and find signed photos from celebrities including Queen and Michael Jackson. There is a famous championship ring collection that you would not want to miss, provided you are willing to pay the hefty prices.

With its huge reputation, you can expect top notch services from this gift shop. One huge perk of the store is that the parking is free on their lot and there are parking attendants who direct you to the open slots. How nice and convenient of them.

Take a look at their website in case you are not able to get there physically. They feature famed and rare products for your easy find. Some of the famed collectibles include the Original Scarface Script Page and 1998 Chicago Bulls NBA Championship Ring that goes for a whopping $125,000.

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3. Magnet Max

Magnet Max

  • Address: 3663 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Website: Magnet Max
  • Telephone Number: 702-693-6719

Located inside the Miracle Mile Shops, Magnet Max Souvenir Shop brings you exactly what it advertises, magnets, lots of magnets. The huge collection contains unusual and funny magnets that make for a refrigerator-worthy collection.

There are also the usual collectible and souvenirs like toys, branded clothing, tote bags, shot glasses, and so much more. The prices are low at this small shop, you can expect to buy t-shirts for under $4.

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4. The Coca-Cola Store

The Coca-Cola Store
Source: @gabriela_zver
  • Address: 3785 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Website: Coca Cola Las Vegas
  • Telephone Number: 702-270-5952

The store offers the usual Coca-Cola beverages that you won’t miss in most beverage shops in Las Vegas. However, their collection of branded merchandise is what sets the store apart from others.

The exclusive Coca-Cola store Las Vegas merchandise include items like Polar Bear plushes, mugs, glasses, and vintage Coca-Cola items.

Peruse through their items as you enjoy a drink from the Coca-Cola fountain located on level two. Here, you can get to drink the Coke Floats or other 16 various international beverages that feature a Taste of the World beverage tray.

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5. Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas
Source: @welcometolasvegas
  • Address: 3377 Las Vegas Blvd S, Ste 2600, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Website: Welcome to Las Vegas
  • Telephone Number: 702-222-9243

The gift shop is located at the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian. It is filled with Vegas-emblazoned souvenirs with other fun gifts and clothing. Baby onesies are a fan favorite as well as party-related items and Las Vegas themed apparel.

Some of the most popular products include gigantic playing cards, mini-lighted Las Vegas signs, Las Vegas sign pins, Las Vegas themed shot glasses, Las Vegas collector series calendar, Las Vegas themed snow globes, poker ship magnet set of six, and the Las Vegas Martini Glass magnet.

Best Souvenir Shops off the Las Vegas Strip

6. Tokyo Discount


  • Address: 6475 North Decatur Boulevard, Ste 120, Las Vegas, NV 89131
  • Website: Tokyo Discount
  • Telephone Number: 702-431-8833

Want all things Japanese? Well, Tokyo Discount off the Strip is the gift shop for you. There are other Tokyo Discount stores apart from this one: 9890 S Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, 1300 Sunset Road Henderson, and 4960 S Fort Apache Road Las Vegas.

Tokyo is known for its wide range of anime novelties and Asian snacks. The prices are not the cheapest but you can be assured of purchasing unique and special items for your special Anime lover. Items include Japanese tea ware, chopsticks, Buddha statues, Pokémon, Hello Kitty, Hello Panda, Hi-Chew, and Pocky, etc.

7. Local Oasis

Local Oasis
Source: @localoasislv
  • Address: 220 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  • Website: Local Oasis
  • Telephone Number: 725-205-3270

Located in Downtown Las Vegas, the Local Oasis specializes in art, gifts, and local brands items. The gift shop was opened in 2020 by Abbie Renzema, a local artist, to sell her artwork and those of other local artists. This is a beautiful small place in the art district of Las Vegas where you can get to purchase some of the most delightful pieces of Las Vegas locals.

The are various sections in the establishment where you can get to buy jewelry, posters, pins, clothes, candles, stationary, and gifts. Prices are a bit expensive compared to other gift shops in the area since the money goes to supporting small time artists and businesses. Be sure to visit this location if you like giving back to the community instead of corporations.

Cute, pleasing, and lovely is the theme of the Local Oasis. There are lots of artistic cards written with encouraging messages and poetry. One such kind is the ‘We are all messes stickers’ that bold state; “We are all messes, just doing our best to take care of each other.”

8. Hudson News

  • Address: 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89111
  • Telephone Number: 800-326-7711

Hudson News is the perfect gift shop for those who are in a rush in or out of Las Vegas. It is located inside the McCarran International Airport where you can conveniently get that last-minute souvenir or gift from Sin City.

It is not just a gift shop but also a diner and shopping place where you can get to by to-go meals, water, a refreshing beverage, and any last-minute needed items. Since it is in the airport, you can expect the prices to be high compared to locations outside the airport.

The staff is highly rated with the friendly and helpful services. You can easily get whatever you are looking for around the airport by asking them. The shirt collection is their biggest seller with lots of branded t-shirts full of Las Vegas slogans and party pieces.

9. Karma Connection

Karma Connection
Source: @karmaconnection
  • Address: 7380 S Rainbow Blvd, Ste 107, Las Vegas, NV 89139
  • Telephone Number: 725-777-3463

Karma Connection is not your average gift shop. Karma is where you want to go to get a gift or souvenir for someone who values crystals and their healing properties. It is a shop for the true believers of value what the healing power of crystals. As the motto says, “Dedicated to helping the world, one crystal at a time.”

The store is owned by a lovely lady called Carla who is a licensed psychic. She started the shop in 2016 after practicing for many years as an NLP Practitioner and a paramedic. She also has experience as a mid-wife.

Her goal with the shop revolves around providing psychic readings and teaching meditation & mindfulness practices. With this, she sells a few products to go as gifts and helping items to her customers including essential oils, incense, jewelry, and candles.

10. Gamblers General Store

Gamblers General Store 1
Source: @gamblersgeneralstore
  • Address: 727 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Website: Gamblers
  • Telephone Number: 702-382-9903

Gamblers General Store is a great store to get souvenirs and memorabilia that will impress a casino-goer. The store was established in 1984 and has since been a staple of Las Vegas as the one and only Gamblers general store. You won’t miss any gamblers’ favorite items; ranging from hand to find items to popular selections.

Gamblers General Store 2
Source: @gamblersgeneralstore

You can get to buy customized chips and high-quality secure gaming chips. Over 15,000 gambling products are located in the store from poker tables, to chip sets, dice, dice stick, casino memorabilia, dealer buttons, bingo items, and gaming art.

There are also books for sell to help you get better at gambling. Some of the best-selling books include A MAN For All Markets, Beat The Dealer, and Best BlackJack: How to Take Advantage of Sloppy Dealers. Get yourself a copy to learn the best tricks on your next visit.

Final Thoughts

Las Vegas is not short of souvenir and gift shops. Bonanza may be the biggest gift shop but definitely not the most unique. Local Oasis provides you a glimpse into the slow, quiet, and artistic side of the city while Karma Collection takes you to its weird side. However, Bonanza is where you want to be to get the best deals and a lot of options.