The Colorful M&M Store on Las Vegas Strip

M&M’s are one of America’s favorite candies. So, if you’re looking for something fun to do with the whole family in Las Vegas, you’ll want to visit the four floors of M&M’S WORLD Las Vegas. This 28,000 square foot, four-level haven to the colorful candy was the first M&M’S store location in the world.

This candy lovers haven has been split into four different floors. Here is a guide to how to make the best out of your trip to the M&M’s World store in Las Vegas.

Things to do at M&M Store Las Vegas

The First Floor: Retail Store

The first floor of M&M’s World looks like your typical retail store, only dedicated to the yummiest meal in the world!

MM First Floor

On this floor, you can enjoy a range of M&M branded merchandise. Some of the merch you can buy includes key chains, blankets, mugs, clothing and stuffed animals. You can even find seasonal items like beachwear and towels and kitchen merchandise, like plates and cups. Honestly, you think of a product, and they will have it. The store is set out neatly and is space out, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Kids will love how bright and colorful the shop is. M&M characters can be found all over the store, with many at ground level so you can take pictures with them.

The best part about this floor is that not only do they sell a variety of merchandise, but it comes in the colors of the candy. Choose from red, green, brown, yellow or blue. Get a piece of M&M memorabilia that lasts, rather than something that tastes delicious but gets eaten before you can hop on the plane home.

As exciting as this, section is we don’t recommend making any immediate shopping decisions. We recommend coming to this last, after checking out all the other fantastic floors of exciting products. Upstairs is more memorabilia as well as the iconic chocolate wall.

The Second Floor: Chocolate Wall

The Second Floor Chocolate Wall

When you hop off the escalator and onto the second floor of M&M’S World Vegas, the smell of chocolate will hit you immediately.

You will find more accessory and loungewear orientated merchandise up here, but we advise you to walk past that for the moment and head to the back wall. The entire back wall is made up of 125 tubes of filled M&M’s. With 22 colors and 11 flavors, this chocolate wall is certainly a thing of wonder.

You’ll find peanut M&M’S, traditional chocolate candies and a range of flavored options in this 62-foot-wide wall of tastiness. You can fill your bag with an assortment (or one specific color) from this bright wall of M&M’S. Kids will love being able to choose their own range of weird and wonderful candy flavors.

Head to this section on your way out as these bags of chocolate candy can get a busy heavy to carry around the four floors. There are even exclusive and limited time color combinations and flavors that are only found in M&M’S World Stores. Mint, chilli nut, pretzel and peanut butter are some of the most popular candies.

The Third Floor: 3-D Movie Theater and Innovative Machine

There is another floor filled with M&M branded merchandise alongside a 3-D movie theater and a machine that allows you to personalize some M&M’s.

On the escalator ride up to the third floor, check out the hilarious movie posters. They’re patterned after real movies poster only with the added twist, like “Dial M&M’s for Murder” (Dial M for Murder), “Chomp” (Jaws) and “SuperM” (Superman).

The entrance to the movie theater is pretty well signposted, so you’re sure not to get lost. The show times are roughly every 20 minutes, so you’re never far away from a showing. They will make overhead announcements when the next show is getting ready to start. Please note the theater stops showing movies late afternoon.

I Lost My M in Vegas is an animated 3D Stereoscopic film in the theatre with 4D interactive effects. This fun short 3-D movie follows the Red and Yellow M&M’S on a Las Vegas adventure to get back Red’s M, that he lost playing the tables. It’s totally free and a great family-friendly way to relax from the hustle and bustle of Sin City.

Editors note: The 3-D movie theatre is currently not open, so please check before attending.

MM Third Floor

When you’re on this floor, there is an innovative machine that allows you to personalize your own M&M’S. You can choose from 14 iconic Las Vegas symbols or print text directly onto the M&M of your choosing. The iconic Vegas symbols include the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, a deck of cards, wedding bells, and champagne.

This makes a fantastic gift for a candy fan, or if you want bespoke gifts for a big event. Some people have even been known to propose via a printed M&M! If you’re in a rush, fear not, this process only takes five minutes. Prices for personalized M&M’s range from $19.99 for a 12-ounce cup, to $44.99 for a 32-ounce cup.

There are also sections on this third floor dedicated to Ethel M Chocolates, and AMERICAN HERITAGE Chocolate. This is ideal if you are looking for something more artisan and adult then M&M candy. There is a huge section dedicated to homeware so you can buy kitchen and bathroom goods themed around the American candy.

In addition to the merchandise and theater, the third level of the store is home to some large windows that offer fantastic vantage points of the casinos and below on the Strip.

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The Fourth Floor: The Full-sized 18 NASCAR and Restroom

The Full-sized 18 NASCAR on the Fourth Floor
Source: @jacobrjlo

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you will get to meet an M&M character during your visit. Get your picture taken and dance along with characters from your favorite candy company. There will be overhead announcements when the candy-coated chocolate icons will next make an appearance inside the store.

When you are on the fourth floor of this Vegas store, be sure to race over to get an up-close look at a replica of Kyle Busch’s 18 M&M’S sponsored NASCAR, alongside a range of colorful M&M’S Racing merchandise.

The restroom is on this floor as well, always handy when traveling with family! The fourth floor is where the sweet deals are located, helping you to get M&M themed goods at a discount price. There is a special children’s section with M&M inspired clothing for your little ones.

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M&M Store Las Vegas: FAQs

Where is the M&M Store located in Vegas?

M&M World is located in Showcase Mall 3785 South Las Vegas Blvd. Near the corner of the Strip and Tropicana Avenue. You’ll find it next to the MGM Hotel and casino.

When is M&M’S World Las Vegas open?

M&M’S World Las Vegas is open from 10am until 11pm. Times are subject to change, so please check the website first.

Where can I park when visiting the M&M store in Vegas?

You might see some people recommending you park in the nearby MGM Grand Hotel and. It’s less than a mile walk and is free if you will be back within an hour. However, if you want to visit for 61 minutes or more, you will pay $10 if you stay for over 4 hours, the MGM Grand Parking fee is $18. This is not ideal as this area of town has lots of fun things alongside the big M&M World store.

A good alternative is the Showcase Mall parking garage, which is north of the M&M store, past the big bottle of Coke and the Hard Rock sign on the right. The Showcase Mall is just $3 an hour, a better choice if you’re just going for a couple of hours. The pedestrian walkaway on the 5th floor of this parking garage will lead you to the Showcase Mall.

Do you need to book in advance to visit M&M’S World Las Vegas?

No. You currently do not need to book in advance to visit the shop. Some periods will be busier than others. This may change in line with national COVID-19 protocol.

Do I need to pay for entry to M&M’S World Vegas?

No, you don’t. Admission is free, and this includes a self-guided tour and a short film experience. Some people have complained that prices are more expensive, although many pieces of merchandise are store exclusive, so you are paying for the experience as much as the products you buy. You are not obliged to buy anything, so this can be a 100% free experience if you resist temptation.

Is this the only M&M Store in the world?

No, you can also find M&M stores in New York, Orlando, London and Shanghai. The Vegas store will have unique features that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Can I take a pushchair or wheelchair inside the M&M store in Las Vegas?

Strollers? Wheelchairs? No problem. This multi-storey shop has an escalator and an elevator to ensure it caters to all customers.

Final Words

Whether you are in the Nevada city for gambling, sightseeing on the Strip, or seeing a show from one of the most successful entertainers in the industry, M&M World provides the perfect opportunity to act a kid in a candy store, no matter your age.

Whether you want to amuse your kids on a rainy Vegas afternoon, buy personalized gift for a loved one, or simply want a photo opportunity with one of their fun props, head to Showcase Mall today.