The Light Nightclub Las Vegas: All You Need To Know

Note: Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay has announced they are permanently closed on October 5, 2022.

Light, though usually underrated, is one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas. It has a massive structure, and it has the biggest LED screens you can find in Vegas. These screens will glue you to your seat and give you a special X factor, which you won’t find in other venues.

Also, in contrast to some nightclubs that play some good songs, and at times they don’t deliver as expected, Light always does things differently. All their songs keep you dancing. Asides from their excellent DJs, Light features popular acts like Ludacris and Rick Ross.

If you are still not convinced, then wait till you hear this. Light’s bottle service is reasonable. Bottles start from as low as $495.

In this guide, we will be discussing all you should know to have a great Light experience!

What is Light Nightclub?

The Light nightclub features sixty-eight tables, fifty stationary lights, seven hundred video panels, and one hundred and fifty moving lights. Also present are three bars offering full service. Even on big nights, you get acrobats. As said earlier, this nightclub is a very huge one with about 38,000 sq ft in size overall. It successfully took over space formerly owned by the Rum Jungle.

What is Light Nightclub
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During the opening of the club back in 2013, it was imagined as a partnership with Cirque du Soleil. This period, they mixed costumed aerialists and performers with dancefloors, drinks, and DJs. Even when this partnership ended, Light never forgot how to use lights to transform a scene.

Light can be found on the property of Mandalay Bay. You can easily gain access to Light nightclub from the West Valet of Mandalay.

What does Light Nightclub Offer?

What does Light Nightclub Offer
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Light nightclub renders one of the best services in Las Vegas. This nightclub has got a lot of things to offer its guests. If you are thinking of visiting Light, you are on the right track. At Light, you can get reasonably-priced bottle services. The table service in this club is everything to write home about.

To ensure each of the tables in Light gets a clear view of what is happening, this nightclub designed its table in a stadium-style. For example, the tables on the dance floor are placed on the same level as the dance floor.

Light nightclub ensures it attends to the needs of guests. You can host events like birthday parties, bachelorette nights, wedding anniversaries, etc.  Light offers packages for bachelorette parties. Each of these packages features great benefits.

Another exceptional thing about this club is its closeness to nice restaurants. If you are craving nice meals, Light is surrounded by an impressive fast-food spot that offers you mouth-watering meals. The sound and lighting in this club is another interesting thing that makes your visit here worth it.

When it comes to security, Light does it best. Here, the security is very tight and you can just get away with any wrong act. Be sure to have fun and feel safe at Light. The 38,000 square feet club features 150 moving lights, 68 tables on the main floor, 700 video panels, and 50 stationary lights.

Light Nightclub Events

This nightclub features some special events occasionally. Most clubs in Vegas have their own events. The light nightclub has a calendar where these special events are recorded. New Year’s Eve is one of the most special events in this club.

Light Nightclub Events
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Bachelorette parties are events that are held in this club. There are packages specifically designed for bachelorette parties. Sports viewing parties are another event you would love to partake in. Sport viewing parties are interesting. For every special event, a special DJ or performer is invited.

Why You Should Choose Light Nightclub?

There are several reasons you should choose Light nightclub as this entertainment venue offers a lot of benefits which include;

Why You Should Choose Light Nightclub
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Reasonable bottle service price: Bottle service prices differ based on the type of reservations made. However, Light offers affordable prices for its bottle services. This is one of the reasons it is more preferred to other nightclubs. It is important you know that pricing changes.

Spacious dance floor: If dance really means a lot to you, then the Light nightclub is the right choice. The dance floor is big enough to accommodate people who want to dance and have fun.

Nice music: Light doesn’t joke with the type of music its DJs play. This nightclub plays anything from Top 40 to hip hop. The DJs ensure they offer a combination of music that suits the guest. Good music is one of the exceptional benefits the Light offers its guests.

Bottle presentations: A bottle presentation is an attention-seeker. It happens when a guest is celebrated for making a bottle purchase. The guests can be celebrated by getting their names on the screen and using signs or sparklers. These bottle parades are one of the most interesting activities in Light.

Great sound and lighting: The sound and lighting in this nightclub are exceptional. Light features different types of lighting that provide illumination.

Exceptional bar service: At light, the bartenders cater to your needs and requests without any delay. The bar is well-staffed. Here, you have all your requests granted at your fingertips.

Light Nightclub Bottle Service

Regarding table service, Light Nightclub delivers high values. Thanks to their excellent design, all the tables in their main room can make you feel in action. Also, because the mezzanine opens only during holidays, most nights, you’ll have a seat in the nightclub’s main room. Note: the upstairs area is referred to as the mezzanine.

Light Nightclub Bottle Service
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This nightclub has a design with a stadium style. This makes sure that all tables get a good view. For example, the tables for the dance floor usually occupy the same level as that of the dance floor. Those tables for the upper dance floor become elevated higher than the tables for the dance floor.

For second tier tables, the cost starts from $500 and only allows 8 guests. For tables at the upper dance floor, the price starts from $1000, and a maximum of 10 guests is allowed. Then, for the dance floor tables, it costs a minimum of $2000 and only 12 guests are allowed.

Free mixers are also available. On each table, there’ll be a cocktail server that is highly dedicated to take your orders and serve you drinks. Also, there’s a busser, which ensures your table stays clean and stocked with cups and ice. If you need any help, there is security staff around you. You will get to make your choice between three unlimited and free mixers i.e. pineapple, orange, and cranberry juice. Also complimentary is tonic water.

Bottle Presentations

If you are wondering what a bottle presentation is, it occurs when a club celebrates a bottle purchase. This involves the use of signs, sparklers, and costumes to get the attention of people. Sometimes, the club may even put your name on the screen.

One of the main purposes for bottle presentation is to get people’s attention. In most Las Vegas nightclubs, bottle presentations can be about $2,000 and above. However Light is different. The bottle service presentation is reasonably priced. You can get a bottle presentation with just a little amount.

For example, you name can appear on the big screen if you reserve a table for 1,000 dollars on a house DJ night. If you are interested in a bottle service presentation you can discuss this with your cocktail server.

Light Nightclub Dress Code

Most Las Vegas nightclubs have a dress code and the Light nightclub isn’t an exception. However, you can still get away with some wears in Light. At Light, you are allowed to wear some clothing items if you booked a bottle service.

Light Nightclub Dress Code
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There are fewer restrictions on what bottle service guests can wear. It is, however, important you abide by the dress code. Wears like Shorts, chains, t-shirts, ripped clothing, baggy jeans, sportswear, and sandals are prohibited in Light nightclub. Avoid wearing any clothing with a sports logo, this isn’t allowed in Light.

Light Nightclub Tickets

You can get easy access to Light when you purchase a ticket. This is much faster than being on the guest list. Tickets go for $30 and $20 for males and females respectively On house DJ nights. The ticket prices depend on the activities for each night. Tickets are sold at around $50-$75 for ladies and about $100-$150 for men for performance nights.

The cover charge cost in Light can increase every 30 minutes if you fail to get a presale ticket on the most popular nights. Therefore, it is advisable you pay in advance for your tickets. You can purchase these tickets on Light’s website. If you are heading to Light to see a performance, you will get to enjoy every bit of it.

More Information You Should Know Concerning Light Club

More Information You Should Know Concerning Light Club
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Viewing Parties

You may plan to watch a UFC bout, Super Bowl, boxing match m or March Madness, then you have no problem. Light completely has got you covered.

Here, you’ll have one of the most reliable viewing experiences watching on the Light’s special LED screens. Per person, the charge is about $150.

Meet and Greet the Performer

Do you wish to meet the performer one on one? Imagine meeting Rick Ross or Ludacris to talk to them personally. Light can make this happen. You can even take some photos with the performer. The minimum fee for this is about $10,000.

New Year’s Eve

One of the top clubs for New Year’s Eve is Light nightclub. Here, you will get a great and unique location for the price. Also, you’ll be opportune to see and meet some great talents. Another great news for fans of Maroon 5. This is because the group usually performs annually at Light after their performance at Mandalay Bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Days Does Light Open?

Light nightclub opening days were Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This club opens from 10 pm to 4 am.

When Is the Best Night to Visit Light?

Wednesday was the best night to visit this club. This day is usually termed Industry Night.

How Much Do Drinks Cost at Light?

The price of beers starts from $8, while mixed drinks and shots cost $14 and $10 respectively.


If you want a club that will be friendly to your budget, then choose Light. Their VIP tables, as well as the club’s bottle prices, make it one with great value.

Here, you will see top talents with performances from some top artists of today. They also have an excellent, approachable, and friendly staff. You will surely have a great experience visiting Light nightclub today.