Are Bars, Nightclubs, Pool Parties Open in Vegas?

Las Vegas is an intoxicating city like no other! Everything about Vegas is a unique experience and the happy late-night memories can stay with you forever. The raving clubs and exotic pool parties that scatter the strip are both extraordinary and unmissable. But after a year of partying at home (sometimes on our own), are you wondering if the bars, nightclubs, and pool parties are open again in Vegas?

If so, you’re in luck because yes they are open! You can head down to Vegas and experience the unforgettable bars, nightclubs, and pool parties once more. But there are some things you should know about visiting. Keep reading to find out which bars, nightclubs, and pool parties are open in Vegas and what the requirements are.

Bars in Vegas

Are They Open?

Yes! The good news is that as of 2021, the roaring bars of Vegas are open and ready for you to experience their cocktails and DJs once more. There aren’t many restrictions in place, but there are some things that may be different from what you’re used to.

Things to Know About Visiting Bars in Las Vegas

Before you head down to the bars in Vegas, here are some things you need to know about what they will be like:

  • Mask rules will vary per venue – if you haven’t been fully vaccinated you may be asked to wear your mask walking to and from tables
  • Dancefloors are open! However, requirements to wear a mask could be in place at some venues…
  • Pre-booking is advisable, but some places are accepting walk in’s – just be prepared to wait or potentially get turned away when showing up spontaneously on weekends
  • Opening hours may be different – some bars won’t be completely back to their normal opening hours, so it’s best to check before you visit
  • Expect digital menus and virtual ordering – so make sure your phone is fully charged!

The Top 5 Bars to Visit in Las Vegas – Open Now!

Now that you know what the deal is with Vegas bars reopening, here’s a peek at our top five bars to visit that are open right now, from June 2021.

1. Oddwood, Area15

In the vibrant entertainment complex of Area15, you’ll find one of the boldest bars in Vegas. Surrounded by the exotic experiences at the adventurous amusement park, this 21+ bar is the ultimate place to be!

Oddwood Tree Bar Area15
Source: @area15official

At Oddwood, all your senses will be dazzled as you sip extravagant cocktails, dance under 50,000 neon lights, and listen to the all-consuming sound system pumping out the best tracks. It’s the bar that feels like a nightclub with its DJ nights, flashing lights, and wide-open spaces that create more than enough space to party!

Booking information: Oddwood isn’t currently requiring masks for fully vaccinated guests and – although it isn’t necessary to pre-book – you’re better off securing a free Area15 pass in advance to guarantee entry.

2. The Laundry Room

The secret and mysterious Laundry Room bar is tucked away in a hidden corner of Vegas and can only be found by the most tenacious explorers! The dim and rustic atmosphere creates the perfect ambiance to swig whiskey on one of the leather bar stalls or in the antique seating area.

The Laundry Room
Source: @laundryroomlv

You might have to hunt through the Commonwealth to find this bar, but it’s worth the trek to taste the adventurous cocktails made by a top mixologist. Here at The Laundry Room, you can unwind with a drink in the fresh air on the rooftop patio, or head inside for a spontaneous jig to live music.

Booking information: With a maximum capacity of only 20 guests, the bar is strictly reservation only and you can book online up to two weeks in advance.

3. Atomic Liquors

In downtown Vegas, you’ll find the timeless Atomic Liquors that’s also one of the oldest bars around. Despite its dark and somewhat dingy décor, it’s a place full of history and great beer. Back in the ’50s, Atomic Liquors was the hotspot for people to gather and watch the atomic bombs going off in the nearby desert – hence its name!

Atomic Liquors
Source: @atomicliquors

The historic venue is now a place to enjoy the authentic side of Vegas over a charming cocktail or a pint of craft beer. Although the drink isn’t the only great feature of this old-school bar. Their menu is renowned for its tasty burgers, chicken wings, and cast-iron cheesecakes. Visiting this bar mid-week will be relatively quiet, but on weekends the atmosphere changes, and up to 700 people are known to show up for a good night of sociable drinks with friends!

Booking information: There’s no need to pre-book. Walk-ins are welcome and tables can be found in abundance.

4. Skyfall Lounge

For a classy round of drinks under the stars, Skyfall Lounge is your top choice! Up on the 64th floor, you can enjoy breath-taking views of the Vegas skyline and upbeat live music from special guest performers. Mix all that with the 180-degree views, exquisite décor, and unreal bourbon, and you’re ready to have the best night ever!

Skyfall Lounge
Source: @skyfalllounge

With a resident DJ that ramps up the atmosphere later in the night, you’ll feel your worries slip away amongst the skyscrapers the later you stay. Alternatively, early visitors will experience a soothing ambiance that creates the ultimate vibe for cocktail lovers and craft beer connoisseurs.

Booking information: Pre-booking is required, and tickets can be purchased online before you visit.

5. Velveteen Rabbit

For an easy-going and sociable drinking spot, Velveteen Rabbit is one of the best places in Vegas for a chilled-out drink in a low-key bar. Its antique furniture and sweet pink outdoor patio create an intimate vibe that will make you feel right at home!

Velveteen Rabbit
Source: @velveteenrabbitlv

Velveteen Rabbit is most famous for its creative, homemade drinks. You can even ask the bartenders to whip you up something special that isn’t on the menu! Their daily happy hour cocktails between 5-7pm let you peacefully enjoy a cheap drink after a long day in the casinos. On weekends, the energy levels will ramp up as the DJs hit the decks to play the best tunes!

Booking information: Walk-ins are more than welcome at Velveteen Rabbit and there’s no need to pre-book.

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Nightclubs in Vegas

Are They Open?

They sure are! Most nightclubs in Vegas are now open and are welcoming DJs, performers, and raving partygoers like you through their doors.

Things to Know About Visiting Nightclubs in Las Vegas

  • Dancefloors are open!
  • Mask rules will vary per venue – if you haven’t been fully vaccinated you may be asked to wear your mask, even on the dancefloor…
  • Dress codes apply and are strictly enforced – usually, smart casual or nightlife attire is required but it’s best to check the venue beforehand for the full list of restricted clothing!

3 Best Nightclubs to Visit in Las Vegas – Open Now!

Even though the nightclubs in Vegas may be a little different right now, here are some of the best venues that are open from June 2021.

1. Omnia

For an electrifying night full of sparkling chandeliers and balcony dancing, Omnia is one of the best clubs in Vegas to catch the top performers! The features acts including Tyga, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, and a ton of other DJs. Expect to stay late and feel the excitement build around 1-2am when the bigger acts take the stage.

Omnia Nightclub
Source: @omnianightclub

Omnia is offering an exclusive ‘party pass’ for online bookers. With starting prices of $99, you can get VIP service, $100 to spend behind the bar, and queue jump privileges across five clubs for a whole weekend! The party pass includes entry to Omnia, Hakkasan, Jewel, TAO, and Wet Republic.

Booking information: Pre-booking is recommended to grab a better deal and avoid disappointment at the door.

2. Drai’s Nightclub

The vibe at Drai’s takes entertainment to new levels! Featuring a gourmet kitchen for daytime pool parties and some of the best evening live music in Vegas, it’s an unmissable experience. Their strict dress code should be checked out in advance, but once you’re into this plush party joint you can frolic with some of the hottest live acts in Vegas!

Drai’s Nightclub
Source: @draislv

Drai’s will be blasting out performances from Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and Maris Romano late into the night. These big names coupled with the immersive lighting display and endless beats will create a night you’ll remember forever!

Booking information: Book your tickets in advance and/or reserve your space on the guest list to gain entry.

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Pool Parties in Vegas

Are They Open?

Good news! Pool parties are open and they’re back with a blast. The even better news is that you can enjoy them in a similar way to pre-pandemic days.

Things to Know About Visiting Pool Parties in Las Vegas

Depending on what pool parties you visit in Vegas right now, things might be a little different from what you’re used to. Here are the top things to know about Vegas pool parties in 2021:

  • Masks are not required regardless of your vaccination status (it’d be pretty hard to keep them on the pool anyway!)
  • Reservations are highly recommended to avoid disappointment and long wait times (between 1-3 hours queuing at the door)
  • Tickets can be purchased online in advance
  • Dress codes vary – some venues have strictly prohibited swimwear options, so make sure you check the venue for details beforehand

The Top 3 Pool Parties to Visit in Las Vegas – Open Now!

There’s no shortage of pool parties in Vegas. Even some nightclubs have a pool that you can visit in the early hours! Here are some of the best pool parties in Vegas that are open as of June 2021.

1. Daylight Beach Club

It’s luxurious, entertaining, and there’s more than enough space to sprawl out! Daylight Beach Club boasts an incredible 4,400 square foot pool and a ginormous 50,000 square foot rooftop area. The DJs are back and have been booked in for day and night-time events almost every day until late October 2021.

Daylight Beach Club
Source: @daylightvegas

This 21+ pool party is the ideal location to chill by private pools, sip an exquisite cocktail and enjoy tasty snacks before raving with the DJs later in the night.

Booking information: Pre-booking is highly recommended for Daylight Beach Club’s ticket-only pool parties.

2. Encore Beach Club

It may have strict dress codes with a requirement to dress to impress, but it’s worth it for the poolside extravaganza at Encore Beach Club! This 21+ venue is full of water couches, lily pads, bungalows, and daybeds that you can reserve for a wild time. The huge LED screen in the center means you’ll have a great view of the performers no matter where you are – even on the dancefloor!

Encore Beach Club
Source: @encorebeachclub

During the day you can chill out on cabanas, cool off in one of the three pools, or gamble in the only pool-party gaming area in Vegas. Summer nights this year will give you the chance to catch The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, Major Lazer, and other special (mysterious) guests until early September.

Booking information: Prices are higher at the door and queues can be long, so it’s best to pre-book if you can.

3. Drenched After Dark at Marquee

Marquee is one of the most incredibly vibrant nightclubs that’s open until late! Their ‘Drenched After Dark’ pool party blasts out music from hip hop to deep house, creating a high-energy playlist that anyone will love.

With free entry before 12.30am if you’re on the guest list (for men you need to have an even male to female ratio), you can experience the moonlit roof terrace waterside with its advanced lighting displays.

Booking information: Swimming is optional but pre-booking isn’t! Book online in advance to secure entry into Drenched After Dark.

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