Luxor Hotel Parking Fees: A Complete 2024 Guide

Luxor Hotel and Casino is a project by MGM Resorts, a global entertainment company. Other projects by MGM are Mandalay Bay, Aria, Mirage, Excalibur, and Signature, among others.

The hotel is a recreation of the Luxor city of ancient Thebes, Egypt. It features the outlook of the pharaoh’s times, complete with a pyramid structure and sculptures of ancient Egyptian royalty.

Luxor Hotel and Casino 1
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  • Address: 3900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States
  • Hours: Always Open
  • Hotel Rating: 4 Star Hotel

The hotel features 30 stories housing a whopping 4,400+ rooms, 20,000 square foot convention space, a wedding chapel, nature spa and salon, four pools, and 29 stores just to name but a few.

How to Get to Luxor Hotel From the Strip?

Getting to the Luxor hotel is simplified by the Southbound tram, which stops right at the resort from Mandalay Bay. You can get there through an Uber, Lyft, taxi, or the city tram.

It all depends on how fast you want to get there and the amount you are willing to part with for fare. Alternatively, driving your car or the one you hire from Vegas car hiring services is still an option as Luxor has parking.

It will cost you $6-$15 whether you take a tram or a cab. If you choose to hire a Vehicle, then these costs shoot up. Car hire services in Las Vegas range between $35 and $80 per day. A limo will set you back at least $100 per day if you are more on the posh side of travel.

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Does Luxor Hotel Have Parking?

There are two parking options at the Hotel-self parking and valet parking. Like many casino hotels on the Strip, Luxor has a paid parking lot located on the base and first story of the hotel bordering Frank Sinatra Drive and Interstate 15. The hotel entrance is accessible from the upper parking floor.

Many folks wonder if Luxor has free parking, and the answer is no. But you can find free parking, and there is an explanation of how that is possible right ahead-read on. Otherwise, to park, you have to pay according to the current prevailing rates.

There are two parking options in the hotel-casino: Valet parking and self-parking at the Luxor parking garage. Parking for oversized vehicles like RVs is not available at this MGM hotel, only at Mirage and Excalibur, and it is subject to availability.

Parking Fees at Luxor Hotel& Casino

Luxor Hotel Parking
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Guests at the hotel will pay a fee to park their vehicles in the one-story parking space at Luxor Hotel. The charges apply to both guests at the hotel and the non-hotel guests. Here are the rates that the hotel will ask if you want to park your vehicle:

Self-Parking Garage

Self-parking is available at the hotel’s parking area. You will find parking signs at the back of the casino, with a door leading into the casino floor. The Luxor address will take you right to the parking space (3900 S. Blvd. Las Vegas).

If you stay for less than an hour, you are eligible for free parking. So if you are just quickly rushing to get some light shopping or confirm a certain show-or a quick bite, then you will not pay the parking toll fee.

This, however, is impractical as only a handful of patrons get to spend less than an hour after all. Any amount of minutes exceeding sixty is payable. Below is a charge table to guide you on the parking fees:

Car Parking Duration Fee Charged
Less than 60 minutes Free
1-4 hours $12
4-24 hours $15
Every additional day after 24 hours elapse $15

Important: Luxor parking no longer has attendants, so you are on your own here (or your car is). Secure the parking ticket you get at the kiosk, as this will serve as an entry and exit pass from the parking garage.

Do not leave the parking ticket in your car as this can encourage a rogue patron-aka a thief-to smoothly snatch your ride. You will be complicit in the crime; kidding. Seriously though, keep the ticket safe with you. Ticket losses are charged $30 an hour, so keep it and save yourself the call center struggle.

How safe is the self-parking garage?

A common question-no doubt, and the answer is uncertain. The history of the park shows only a few incidences of car thefts and property damage. The highlight incident was when a makeshift explosive was planted, and a person got badly injured and succumbed to the injuries.

It was a case of a love triangle, so no terrorist activity. Conclusively, your car is as safe as it can be in any self-attending car park.

Valet Parking

Do you want to enter the casino with an “entourage”? Valet parking will complete you. Luxor valet parking lets you enjoy the main activity, which is the hotel and its amenities, and the stress of parking your car is left to the attendant. You cannot miss the valet parking spot as it is right at the front of the hotel, near the Sphinx sculpture.

Valet parking fees at Luxor:

Car Parking Duration Monday- Thursday Friday-Sunday
0-2 hours $18 $20
2-4 hours $22 $24
4-24 hours $26 $30
Every additional day after 24 hours elapse $26 $30

These charges are subject to change, especially during special events.

Remember to tip this magnificent valet-they depend on it to make better wages. It is rude not to tip in Vegas or anywhere for that effect.

How much should you tip your valet driver at Luxor Hotel?

Tipping is not a must, but the American hospitality culture drives you to it. Plus, it is good karma to appreciate the good service given to you.

But how much should you tip? It entirely rests upon you to decide what amount is fit. In general, patrons will tip $2-$5 when parking and at the end of their stay at the hotel. A higher amount is, without question, appreciated.

Free complimentary valet parking is available for M Life Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and Noir members in the M Life Loyalty Program. Lower levels don’t qualify for this perk.

Free Parking at Luxor Hotel

Even though parking is chargeable at this resort, you can still park for free.


MGM Resorts, which Luxor is a part of, runs a rewards loyalty program that lets you enjoy free stuff like parking, extra rounds of play at the casino, and free room upgrades. Drinks come in like water here too. The M Life cards score is tiered on your resort spending-the more you spend, the better your scores.

If you are a Noir, Platinum, Gold, or Pearl member, you qualify for free valet parking at Luxor Hotel & Casino. Sapphire members do not qualify for free parking and will have to go through the process of normal parking until they upgrade to a higher level.

Residents of Nevada get complimentary parking for three hours straight. That is enough to play a game or two or attend a show without paying for parking! You will have to prove that you are a Nevada resident by showing your Nevada driving license at the ticket kiosk.

For all visitors to the hotel, the first hour of parking is free at the self-parking garage. After the period elapses, you pay according to the prevailing charges.

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Important Details on Luxor Parking

  • The first hour is free at the self-parking garage.
  • Complimentary parking for Nevada residents is provided for the first three hours at the self-parking garage.
  • Keep your parking ticket with you for faster processing during entry and exit at the parking lot.
  • 24-hour parking provides access to parking at all MGM resorts, provided they fall within the time frame of your ticket. Use your keycard to access the “other car parks”.
  • The parking ticket fee can be added to your cumulative hotel bill for convenient payments for visitors staying at the hotel.
  • The Luxor management bears no liability for the safety and damage caused to the vehicle parked in their parking garage.


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The parking at Luxor Hotel and Casino is expansive. It can comfortably accommodate your car in the base or upper parking lot garage. Luxor parking fee is by the hour so prepare to part with some cash if you plan to supersede the free parking 60-minute allocation.

The safety of your car is not guaranteed, but few incidents occur, so your vehicle will be okay. Parking tickets can be purchased at the kiosk using a credit card. Remember, for an expedited parking experience, don’t lose your ticket.

Are there alternatives to Luxor parking? Yes, you can access the other parking spots in town, with the nearest and most convenient is T-Mobile Parking Arena which is about 0.8 miles away from Luxor Hotel and Casino, or 15-20 minutes away.

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