Marquee Nightclub Guide: All You Need To Know

Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas is known as a nightclub that delivers very high energy. It also prides itself on having a very impressive list of headlining residents that are known internationally compared to other clubs on the Las Vegas Strip.

They also have great and popular performers like Sheck Wes, DJ Vice, DJ Mustard, Jeffrey Satorius, and more. These guest performers make use of the huge and advanced LED wall lighting system. This ensures that the guest capacity of 5,000 is brought to a critical mass.

Marquee Nightclub Overview

Marquee Nightclub Overview
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  • Hours of Operation: Wed(Library), Fri & Satur: 10:00pm – Late
  • Location: Level 2, The Cosmopolitan
  • Event Calendar

The Marquee Nightclub is the foremost location to enjoy a great nightlife experience in Las Vegas. It is situated in the Cosmopolitan area of Las Vegas. This venue is a 40,000 sq ft one. It is well-known for bringing the craze of dance into Las Vegas after it was founded back in 2010.

The venue comes with three rooms. These include the Library, the Boom Box, and The Main Room. All these rooms come with their unique musical experience. This venue also has seven different bars.

This nightclub is great for networking functions, corporate events, regular weekend nights, and bachelorette parties. This sophisticated and stylish venue provides different food services, bottle service, and beverage options.

The Marquee nightclub operates only on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm to Late.

Marquee Nightclub Location

Marquee nightclub is located on the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino’s second floor. When you come in from the strip, use the elevator found at the Chandelier bar. From the first floor, get to the second floor. Getting there, you will be greeted immediately by some entrances with velvet red rope, which creates different lines of presale tickets, table reservations, ladies only, general admission, and guest list.

There will be door hosts or security guards to guide you to the elevators, which will help you get to the seventeenth (17th) floor. However, if you are taking the entrance doors of the skywalk found on the second floor, you will take a straight walk past the chandelier, as well as the escalator. Here, you will find yourself at Marquee, which will be seen on your left.

Marquee Nightclub Dress code

The dress code at the Marquee nightclub is stricter compared to other clubs. Both males and females must not put on anything that is regarded as sportswear like hats, sneakers, jerseys, track jackets, baseball caps, team jerseys, basketball shorts, etc. You can wear trendy or relaxed attire. Stained, clothing, baggy, or torn clothes are not allowed as well.

At Marquee nightclub, the dress code for guys includes collared shirts, dress shoes, and jeans. Getting bottle service gives you more leeway. Please if you are not sure if something works or not, then play safe.

Ladies on the other hand are not allowed to wear clothing items like athletic wear. However, ladies typically put on dresses and heels. Note that Marquee Nightclub is still a part of the Tao group. Tao group does not allow T-shirts. However, these are allowed at the Marquee Dayclub.

Marquee Nightclub Table Service

Marquee Bottle Service
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Here, we’ll be discussing the table service of the Marquee nightclub. We’ll be talking about the pricing and how it works.

How Much Does a Bottle Service Cost at Marquee?

You are just a step away from getting the best experience at the Marquee Nightclub. The bottle service cost depends on the location. Let’s quickly consider these locations and their prices. Note that all the tables here include bottles and drinks.

There’s bottle service, a VIP table, and all mixers. You’ll get to enjoy the table for the whole event. Also, there’s a quick entry, which includes all the cover charges. The price stated is before tips and taxes. The table’s price is the added amount you’ll use on whatever bottles and drinks you choose.

  • Outdoor Daybed: The price here starts at $750.
  • 3rd Tier Table: Price here starts at $1500.
  • Outdoor Grand Cabana: Price here starts at $2000.
  • Upper Dance Floor Table: The price here starts at $2500
  • Dance Floor Table: The price starts at $5000

Marquee Bottle Service: How does it work?

All you need to do is get to the club and then visit the table reservation entrance to meet with the hosts. Note that your reservation will come with your table and place to sit. You will also have your security staff, busser, and waitress.

A personal spot will be given to you, which is separated from the public, where you can drink, dance, and have fun at the event.

Marquee Nightclub Guest List

If the bottle service is higher than your budget, then you can work with the Marquee nightclub guest list. It is free. All you must do is to get to the nightclub on or before 10.30 pm. By doing this, you’ll avoid the stressful general line for admission. Also, you must be up to 21 years and be in the right dress code.

With this guest list, women will be able to come in without a cover charge. While gentlemen will come in for free if they form part of a group with an even ratio of males and females, or at a reduced price for the cover charge.

Marquee Nightclub Cover Charge

There may be little fluctuations regarding the cover charge at Marquee nightclub. Depending on whoever is performing as the DJ, the cover charge required for men to gain general entrance is between $30 and $60. For women, the general admission charge is between $20 and $40.

When special holidays and events come up like Memorial Day, fight weekend, EDC week, Labor Day, the price for general admission could go as high as about $60 to $100 for each person. To save some money, you may decide to buy presale tickets.

Music Played at the Marquee Nightclub

Music Played at the Marquee Nightclub
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Different music genres are played at the Marquee nightclub. These include Hip Hop and EDM music. Four major areas are available for dancing. These include

  • The Library – Here, lounge music is played here
  • Dayclub dance floor – Hip Hop or EDM plays here
  • Boom Box Lounge – Here, you’ll get hip hop music
  • The Main Club Floor – EDM music plays here

Major Areas of the Marquee Nightclub

Marquee Nightclub Map

Pool Deck

This stands out. This spectacular pool deck includes eight cabanas for VIPs having their personal hot tubs/infinity pool, two island bars, bungalow cabanas (10 in number), a main pool, and a wading pool that is fed by waterfall.

The DJ stage is something else. It also has a complete sound system having a great lighting system and two massive LED screens. This setting is best for impressing your guests.

Boombox Room

The Boombox room is separate in the Marquee nightclub, made for hip-hop music. This room gives a very intimate setting, which overlooks Harmon Avenue. Situated just a floor underneath the main club, this room features 11 tables for VIPs and has couches made with gold. Asides from this, it has a 360 degrees bar, dance floor, and a DJ booth. If you’re working with a budget, the tables here are not as expensive as those in other VIP sections.

Library Bar

The Library bar of this top-class Las Vegas nightclub is a popular feature of the venue. This bar is well-known for its wooden furniture and plush leather. There are 11 VIP tables here, a DJ booth with lounge music being played by a DJ, and a long bar that has 11 bar stools.

Here, you can play a pool game, or you can just sit close to the fireplace chatting with friends. It is located a floor above the main club, this VIP retreat area comes with a collection of vintage books from the Stand Bookstore of New York City. This makes it a great spot to give for private and corporate events, as well as other small functions.

Salon & Long Bar

This bar is great for private parties within another party. Great for the VIP section, entertainment, or buffets.

Cloud Bar

The cloud bar delivers enough space for exhibits, reception, or buffets, coupled with offering a complete service bar.

Main Club

The Marquee nightclub features amazing stages, as well as lovely lighting for the dance floor. The main club’s stage features 3 performing levels. It also has a LED DJ booth, which extends about 40 ft high.

Here, the DJ has full control of everything. From an Apple IPad that has multiple effects like custom visuals and audio such as blackouts, sparkle showers, explosions, video intros, air horns, sirens, and cryogenics all with a button.

Also, there is a thrust of 8ft and three retractable scrims. There’s a center scrim of width 20 feet, and two scrims of 9 ft on either side. At the stage’s back, there is an LED wall of many layers of dimension 32 ft x 29 ft. This is coupled with a video drawbridge that folds, as well as LEDs used by performers.

At the main club, there are lumen projections of 20k and 12k. This encompasses the dance floor of the main club. A well-customized VJFX system also controls the video system here. This makes the blending of video cues possible. It achieves this with Modul8 video servers and many HD video servers.

The dance floor here has a trapezoid shape and a moveable light that dangles above it. The seating here is coliseum-like, which surrounds the dance floor edge. Also present is a disco ball of 4 ft that is enclosed by metal hang strips.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much are the Drinks at Marquee Nightclub?

Drinks at Marquee fall between $15 and $20. Beers go for $8, while shots go for $10.

Who Are the DJs Working with Marquee Nightclub?

The resident DJs working at the Marquee nightclub from 2016 include Cash Cash, Carnage, Dash Berlin, Cedric Gervais, Porter Robinson, Galantis, Tritonal, Poliotik, and Vice.

How Much Does Marquee Nightclub Earn?

In 2012, Marquee nightclub was ranked first in the United States on the “Nightclub and Bar Top 100.” During this period, they earned about $70 to $80 million during the first year of running the business. It was ranked 2nd in 2013 and they earned about $80 to $90 million.

In 2014, the nightclub ranked 2nd, and they earned about $85 to $95 million. While in 2015, it was third, and they earned about $80 to $85 million.

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Visiting Las Vegas for the first time will surely bring some expectations. If you wish to have a great time in one of the best nightclubs, then you should head to the Marquee nightclub. All their services are top-notch and they promise a great experience all through.