Park MGM Spa & Salon: Hours, Prices

The Park MGM is a 4-star hotel located directly on the world-famous Las Vegas strip. It is a sizable hotel with nearly 3,000 rooms and 300 suites.

The hotel contains an extravagant casino with nearly 2,000 slot machines, 60 game tables, and 15 pool tables. The newly opened Dolby Live theater, located within walking distance of the Park MGM hotel rooms, has hosted world-renowned recording artists such as Lady Gaga, Cher, and Ricky Martin.

What if you aren’t interested in the wild nightlife of the Las Vegas strip or live performances? You can still take advantage of your much-needed vacation by going to the hotel’s spa and salon.

Vacationers looking to relax or pamper themselves may enjoy the hotel’s lavish pool, spa, salon, and fitness center.

The Park MGM spa and salon offers customers a number of luxurious treatments for the hair, skin, and body. You can receive 50-80 minute massages, get your hair colored and treated, or enjoy a facial massage.

Here’s your much-needed guide to the Park MGM spa and salon in Las Vegas.

Park MGM Spa

Park MGM Spa
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Park MGM Spa Hours

The hotel offers massages, facials, and body treatments lasting 50-80 minutes. You may select an appropriate time during the online booking process.

The spa’s hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm. All services must take place during these hours, so plan your day accordingly.

Park MGM Spa Day Pass

Hotel guests may use the sauna, Jacuzzi, and steam room for only $30.

Seasonal Services

Clients may partake in seasonal treatments. Particular services will only be on offer for a few weeks each year. In Spring 2022, Park MGM offered these special seasonal experiences.

  • Lemon Berry Bliss Body Exfoliation
  • Springtime Renewal Massage
  • Strawberry Lemon Tart Manicure or Pedicure

If you want a special package fit for the season, contact the spa directly by calling or visiting their website to see which ones are currently being offered to customers.

These packages range in price. Budget a minimum of $100 per service and know that prices tend to range upwards of $100.

Park MGM Spa Price List

You can make a reservation for up to six people for any of their services. Review Park MGM’s spa price list below.

  • Hanakasumi Body Treatments: $150
  • Massages: $165-360
  • Seasonal Specials: $275
  • Facials: $135 – 250
  • Nail Services: $40 – 125
  • Haircare Services: $50 -175
  • Hair Removal Services: $25 – 125

Note: Park MGM’s spa price list is subject to change. The hotel may change its service fees without notice. 

Park MGM Salon

Park MGM Salon

The Park MGM salon has both hair and nail services. Hair services include cuts, blowouts, style, and color. You can also receive acrylic and artificial nail services or standard manicures and pedicures.

Park MGM Salon Hair Services

Bridal Services: If you want to have your hair styled for a wedding or special occasion, you can make an appointment with the Park MGM salon. The staff ask that you do not shampoo your hair prior to the appointment. This will make your style last longer for the occasion. The cost of bridal and event styling is listed below. Note that these prices do not include tax and may increase if the client’s hair is long.

Note for All Hair Services: The prices listed below do not account for the length of the hair. You may be charged a higher price if your hair is long or requires more time than what is usually needed for your selected services. If you are on a budget, call to confirm the price of the service before booking.

Hair Cuts

  • Men’s haircutting services: $50
  • Haircuts with blowouts: $80 -100

Hair Blowout

  • Blowouts: $60-90

Hair Styling

  • Simple Style: $55
  • Event and Bridal Hair Styles: $85-115

Hair Color

  • Partial Head Highlights: $140
  • Full Head Highlights: $175
  • Single Process Highlights: $85
  • Double Process Highlights: $170

Hair coloring and chemical services do not include finishing touches, such as cut, blowout, or style. You will need to book those processes separately during your reservation. The price of your hair coloring services is dependent on the length of the hair.

Park MGM Salon Nail Services

The salon offers numerous nail services for guests to enjoy. There are no specific requirements to be aware of before attending your services.

Acrylic and Artificial Nail Services

  • Removal: $40
  • Fill: $70
  • Pink and White Fill: $75
  • Full Set: $110
  • Pink and White Full Set: $125

Classic Manicure or Pedicure

  • Manicure: $50
  • Pedicure: $70

Signature Manicure or Pedicure

  • Manicure: $70
  • Pedicure: $95

Park MGM Spa & Salon Etiquette

Minors and Persons Under 18

Are you traveling with children? Unfortunately, you will need to make arrangements for them while you receive spa and salon services.

Park MGM spa services are not suitable for minors. Everyone entering and wanting to receive massages and treatments from the spa must be at least 18 years old.

Minors may use the fitness center if they are at least 16 and accompanied by an adult.

Minors under 17 years old may receive hair services, but only if a guardian is present for all hair care and chemical services.

Dress Code

Guests looking to enjoy the hotel’s amenities should dress according to their own comfort. There is no strict dress code inside the spa. It is recommended that you completely disrobe before entering for services.

Guests are asked to exchange their clothes for hotel robes. You may completely undress under the robe or keep your undergarments, if you are so inclined.

Most of the spa’s areas are of mixed genders, so if you’re looking to enjoy the spa with your significant other of different sex then there are no worries here.

The spa asks that customers come showered and clean for their services. You should arrive freshly showered as there will be no time to do so before changing in the complimentary robes.

You are not required to shave before attending services. Men who choose to shave their facial hair before going for a facial are asked to do so at least 8 hours before.


You are asked to arrive 30 minutes before your spa appointment and at least 45 minutes before your salon appointment. This will ensure you have enough time to relax and adjust to the spa’s environment.

You can make an appointment online. The booking process is straightforward, and you will be asked for your personal details and payment information. Familiarize yourself with the spa and salon cancellation policies beforehand.

Cancellation Policies

Park MGM understands that things happen, and you may need to cancel your reservation on short notice. Park MGM asks that you cancel within four hours of your appointment time for a full refund.

If you do not cancel your booking and are a no-show, Park MGM will charge your card the full price of the service.

Getting to the Park MGM Spa

Enter the hotel’s main entrance either from the Las Vegas BLVD or from the Dolby Live Theater. Follow these directions to guarantee you find the Park MGM spa and salon inside this large hotel.

Once inside the hotel, head to the second floor. Turn left. You will see a sign for the Madison Meeting Center. Walk towards the Fitness Center until you see the spa and salon on the right-hand side.

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Final Thoughts

Park MGM has numerous services on offer at their hotel. Guests looking to have a relaxing vacation should consider the Park MGM spa and salon.

Visit the hotel’s website for the most up-to-date pricing information. Call the spa and salon directly to receive answers to any inquiries you may still have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Park MGM spa separated by gender or is it coed?

The spa is of mixed genders. It is not separated by sex.

Do you need to wear a swimsuit in the sauna, jacuzzi, or steam room?

This is a European-style establishment. Clothing is optional. You may bring a swimsuit and robe to feel more comfortable, but there is no dress code.

Can I bring my teenager to the spa and salon?

You can bring your teenager to the fitness center or salon, but you must stay to supervise them.

You may be able to leave if the teenager is old enough, but that’s up to the staff performing the hair services.

You can not bring anyone under 18 to the spa.