Top 11 Best Piercing Shops in Las Vegas

Spending a wild weekend in Las Vegas isn’t just about eating at lavish restaurants and partying it up at a glamorous nightclub. Sometimes, the most memorable experience you can have in Sin City is going home with a new piercing.

There are plenty of piercing shops around Las Vegas. Some people might even wake up with a new piece of jewelry on their ear, nose, or even their navel after a crazy night. But for many Vegas tourists, a trip to a piercing shop in this city is for self-expression and creativity.

Want to know where you can get the safest, most painless, and best-looking piercings in Las Vegas? Here are our top 13 picks for the best piercing shops in town.

Top Piercing Shops in Las Vegas

1. The Jungle Zone

The Jungle Zone
Source: @heshhouse
  • Address: 3655 S Durango Drive, Suite 1 Las Vegas, NV 89147
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday 12 NN – 5 PM (but may vary)

The Jungle Zone has been around to provide their daring clients with stunning tattoos and piercings since 1991. After three decades in business, they have become one of the most popular places in Vegas to get a piercing.

The team of piercing artists at The Jungle Zone are seasoned professionals. Whether you’re getting your first ear piercing or have lost count of how many body piercings you have, they will surely make you feel safe and comfortable during your session.

Services they offer include ear piercings like cartilage, rook, and conch, as well as facial piercings on the tongue, nose, and lips. They also do the wildest body piercings you can imagine, from studs on the navel to nipple and genital piercings.

2. The Piercing Shop Las Vegas

The Piercing Shop Las Vegas
  • Address: 6985 W Sahara Ave suite 206, Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Hours: Monday to Friday 1 – 10 PM | Saturday and Sunday 12 NN – 11 PM

While many of the places to get pierced in Vegas are tattoo shops, The Piercing Shop focuses mainly on body piercings. Since 2003, this shop has been providing head-to-toe piercings and gorgeous jewelry to show them off.

You could get any type of piercing imaginable here, including earlobe, septum, tongue, navel, helix, and genital piercings. Their artists are known to administer the piercings quite painlessly. They also get tons of praise for informing their clients in detail of the proper aftercare for each piercing.

Their jewelry options are quite extensive, too, and many of their pieces are made locally in Vegas. You can choose between gold, diamond, titanium, silver, and even glass or wooden pieces to show off your new piercings.

3. Painless Wayne’s Tattoo and Body Piercing

Painless Wayne's Tattoo and Body Piercing
Source: @None
  • Address: 3310 S Nellis Blvd Suite 20, Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday 10 AM – 12 MN

Painless Wayne’s is both a tattoo parlor and a body piercing shop. One of the best things about this shop is its commitment to making sure the facility is clean and sterile. It makes the atmosphere feel very comfortable for first-timers.

The professional body piercing artists in this shop are known to neatly supervise your piercing session. They make sure every piece of equipment they use is freshly cleaned. They also give you all the information you need to care for your piercing once you leave the shop.

And true to its name, the Painless Wayne’s staff is known for their light hands. This reduces the pain many people get nervous about when getting piercings. It’s the perfect place for those with a lower threshold for pain.

4. Ember Body Piercing

Ember Body Piercing
Source: @emberbodypiercing
  • Address: 6255 S Durango Dr #110, Las Vegas, NV 89113
  • Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 12 NN – 7:30 PM | Closed Monday, Thursday & Sunday

Ember Piercing is quite new on the scene, having opened just in 2022. But this high-end piercing shop is not to be missed.

Their staff takes good care of you the moment you step in, making you feel pampered before your session. You’ll meet with an expert piercer and a jewelry consultant, who will serve as your team as you go through the piercing process.

Together, they will recommend the best piercings and jewelry styles for you. The staff is so professional that they will tell you straight up if the piercing you want isn’t compatible with you.

Among the services they offer are ear cartilage, rook, navel, nipple, nose, eyebrow, and tongue piercings. They also have jewelry installation and removal services.

Note that the Ember Piercing team is only available by booking an appointment. They’re also strict about not servicing anyone who is under 18, pregnant, breastfeeding, and anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

5. Plan 9 Piercing

Plan 9 Piercing
Source: @plan9piercing
  • Address: 2123 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Hours: Thursday to Monday 12 NN – 6 PM | Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

Kelly, the piercing artist behind Plan 9 Piercing, is charismatic and very knowledgeable about piercings. That makes him a favorite among piercing lovers in Vegas. He makes clients feel so comfortable that so many of them bring their very young daughters to get their ears pierced, too.

Among the services offered at Plan 9 Piercing are ear cartilage, ear lobe, navel, rook, conch, and tongue piercings, among others. It’s a terrific place not just for those who love body piercings but for families with young girls looking to get simple, safe, basic ear piercings, too.

6. Primitive Accents Body Piercing

Primitive Accents Body Piercing
Source: @primitiveaccentslv
  • Address: 4001 S Decatur Blvd Suite 6, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday 12 NN – 8 PM

Primitive Accents Body Piercing was opened in 2010 by Vegas native Tony Snow, a piercing artist with over 20 years of experience in the industry. After training in San Francisco, Tony brought his skills and techniques to Vegas to give people the best, safest option to get their piercings done.

As a well-trained artist, Tony always ensures that the clients at Primitive Accents know what they’re getting into before they even decide to get their piercings. He always abides by the highest standards of cleanliness, comfort, and precision for his clients.

You can get any type of piercing done in this shop, from basic ear and nose piercings to bolder navel, nipple, and genital piercings.

Only those aged 14 and up can avail of most of the shop’s services, and minors need consent from their parents. Earlobe piercings are the exception, as they accept those who are as young as eight years old as long as a parent comes along.

7. Primal Soul Piercing Studio

Primal Soul Piercing Studio
Source: @808mods_kala
  • Address: 3160 E. Desert Inn Rd. Suite 22, Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • Hours: Monday to Thursday 11 AM – 7 PM | Friday & Saturday 11 AM – 9 PM | Closed Sundays

Primal Soul is a piercing studio run by Kala Kaiwi, a piercing artist and body modification expert with over 20 years of experience. This artist is excellent at recommending the best piercings for you depending on your bone structure and personal sense of style.

One of the best things about this shop is that they don’t just do traditional, bold, and custom piercings, but they make the jewelry for it, too. They even have anodizing services for jewelry in case you want to change the color or repair your old pieces.

Primal Soul is also the best piercing shop in Vegas to visit for piercing repairs. If you have issues with healing from a previous piercing, Kala can assess your damaged skin tissue and give your vision a second chance.

8. Club Tattoo at The Venetian

Club Tattoo at The Venetian
Source: @clubtattoo
  • Address: 3377 Las Vegas Blvd S #2040, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Hours: Sunday to Thursday 10 AM – 11 PM | Friday and Saturday 10 AM – 12 MN

Luxury studio Club Tattoo has several locations in Las Vegas, but their branch at the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian is one of their more popular ones. The shop has a team of well-trained, polite, professional piercers to give you the best experience possible getting your skin pierced.

Club Tattoo is very renowned in the body modification industry. It currently holds two patents for its unique jewelry and tool design apparatus. If you want high-quality, luxury service from one of the pioneers of the piercing industry, this studio is definitely for you.

Their services include nose, ear, nipple, lip, back dimple, and navel piercings, among many others. As for jewelry, they only carry top-notch pieces made of implant-grade titanium, gold, niobium, and precious gems.

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9. Off the Edge Body Jewelry

Off the Edge Body Jewelry
Source: @off_the_edge_body_jewelry
  • Address: 1717 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Hours: Friday to Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM | Closed Monday to Thursday

Off the Edge Body Jewelry is a piercing studio and jewelry shop wrapped into one. You’ll find this piercing kiosk inside the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet in Las Vegas. They have plenty of pieces to choose from made of gold, silver, glass, titanium, diamonds, and more.

But it’s not all about jewelry shopping. They also administer piercings, which are done by appointment. They offer services like ear cartilage, nose, conch, eyebrow, rook, ear lobe, and bar piercings.

What’s great about this one-stop shop is that after getting your piercing, the team will recommend the best jewelry options to go with it. It’s perfect for those who don’t know how to style their piercings yet.

10. Ironhorse Tattoos & Piercings

Ironhorse Tattoos & Piercings
Source: @ironhorse_tattoos
  • Address: 700 E Naples Dr #106, Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday 10 AM – 12 MN

Ironhorse Tattoos and Piercings sits just 10 minutes away from the bustling Las Vegas Strip. If you’re looking to get a piercing or two from a trusted studio not that far away from your resort along the Strip, this is the one for you.

The shop is run by Tony and Allie, a husband-and-wife tandem that strives to make every piercing experience safe and fun for their clients.

They have a team of body piercers with backgrounds in physiology and anatomy of the body. That way, they know exactly what they’re doing while piercing your skin. These experts will answer any question you have about the safety and after-effects of getting piercings.

They’ll also provide plenty of tips and instructions for aftercare so that everything goes smoothly in your healing process. They’ll even give you advice on whether or not you should push through with your piercings if you swing by for a short visit at the shop!

11. Pierced by Kat

Pierced by Kat
Source: @piercedbykat
  • Address: 6340 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89146
  • Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12 NN – 7 PM | Closed Sunday and Monday

Pierced by Kat is a small body piercing studio known for its charming, organized, and very clean interiors. Here, you can get basic piercings like ear and nose piercings or do something more adventurous, such as a double helix or a torso piercing.

Kat, the piercing artist that runs the studio, is known to be gentle and patient, which does wonders for nervous clients. She also gives out gift bags that detail proper piercing aftercare to ensure her clients’ health and safety after their appointment.

You can also buy hypoallergenic jewelry from the shop. They have a sizable selection of titanium and 18k gold pieces. If you need any help deciding which jewelry to choose, the piercing artist can make recommendations for you.

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There’s no better place to be bold and get a piercing in your ear, nostril, or other parts of your body than vibrant Las Vegas. Not only is it an experience you’ll never forget, but you will also go home with a brand-new accessory that will surely make a statement forever.

The piercing shops listed above are all awesome options for where to get your facial and body piercings done in Vegas. All of them are reputable, safe, and manned by a team of professional piercing artists that will leave you happy with your daring new style.

Looking to get a piercing on your next trip to Sin City? Bookmark this page so you know the best places to get it done in Las Vegas. Good luck getting your stunning new piercing!

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