5 Resorts World Pools: Infinity Pool, Family Pool, & More

Las Vegas is synonymous with fun and relaxation. Plenty of the hotels and resorts in the 24/7 city have tons to offer in that regard, from vibrant casinos to tranquil spas. And if you’re dying to beat the Nevada heat, you can always take a dip in some of the most luxurious resort pools in Sin City.

One of the most extravagant pool complexes in Las Vegas can be found in Resorts World. The complex has five unique pools (some with multiple bodies of water!) across its whopping five and a half acres on the Strip.

Resorts World Pools

Whether you want to swim with your kids in a family-friendly pool or live like royalty in a bungalow in front of a stunning infinity pool, there’s a refreshing, cerulean pool waiting for you in Resorts World Las Vegas.

Let’s take a look at all the pools the resort’s complex has to offer.

Where is Resorts World Las Vegas’ Pool Area?

You can find all the pools Resorts World has to offer on the fifth floor of the building. The elevated location allows you to swim and relax in the pool without being in such close proximity to busier areas in the resort, such as casinos and restaurants.

The pool deck is shared by guests of the three luxury hotels—the Hilton, the Conrad, and Crockfords Las Vegas. Although some Vegas hotel pools are open to the public, the Resorts World pool complex is reserved for the guests of these hotels, giving it an air of exclusivity.

While guests from three different hotels come and relax in these pools, the complex is the farthest from cramped. With five distinct pool areas to choose from, there’s room for everybody and their entire family.

As with the rest of Resorts World, its huge pool deck is a vibrant show of colorful lounges, intricately designed bodies of water, delicious bars and grills, and world-class service. It’s the pool complex you need to check out if you’re looking for a glamorous time taking a dip in the water.

The pools are open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Once you’re done eating breakfast and freshening up in your hotel room, slip on your swimwear and swing by the pool to check out its awesome offerings.

The 5 Unique Pools at Resorts World

1. Main Pool

Resorts World Main Pool

As soon as you walk into the Resorts World pool complex, you will be greeted by a huge, round pool—the Main Pool. This pool has a charming island in the middle. On it, you’ll find a Hawaiian-inspired statue, setting the tone of the fun, exhilarating, and refreshing pools the deck has to offer.

The Main Pool has two other bodies of water outside of the first circular pool you see upon entering the deck. Jump from pool to pool to catch different views of the complex.

If you want to make your swimming experience in this pool extra luxurious, book a daybed for $300 for an entire day. Because it’s yours until the pool deck closes, you can go out of the pool and come back in however many times you want with the assurance that your daybed is still all yours.

These daybeds aren’t your regular beds near the pool. Instead, they’re situated inside the pool, making for a unique, ultra-comfortable, and lavish experience.

When you book a daybed, you’ll get exceptional service from a dedicated server and concierge, a side table, towel service, and shade when you want it.

2. Athena Infinity Ultra Pool (VIP Area)

RW Athena Infinity Ultra Pool (VIP Area)

If you want the most opulent and upscale pool experience in Resorts World, contact the concierge of your hotel to make a reservation for VIP access to the back of the rooftop pool deck. Here, you’ll find the 1,800-square-foot Athena Infinity Ultra Pool—the pride and joy of the posh pool complex.

The infinity pool is perched at the edge of the pool deck and overlooks Las Vegas’ most central location. While you relax and soak in the cool waters under the Nevada sun, you can watch the lights, cars, and buildings that make Las Vegas the lively city it’s known to be.

Note that only those who have a reservation to the VIP access area and are above 21 years old are allowed in the pool. That makes it the first child-free infinity pool in Vegas. It’s perfect for adults who want to mingle and party freely without being distracted by kids running around the pool area.

The best way to enjoy the Athena Infinity Pool is to book a place to lounge in when you’re not in the water. Tables and chairs are $50 and $150 per day, respectively. Meanwhile, daybeds are worth $400—a little pricier than those in the main area of the pool complex.

But if you really want to make it swanky and get top-notch service, book one of the bungalows, which starts at $1,500. These bungalows have love seats, a coffee table, misting fans, TV and audio systems, and even a refrigerator to give you the utmost comfort as you go in and out of the pool.

3. Family Pool


If you’re vacationing in Vegas with your kids, you need to take them to the Family Pool. The shallow pool has plenty of thrilling water features like whimsical fountains which young kids are free to play under.

Across the pool, there are several hammocks where you can chill and swing while napping or reading a book under the hot sun. Next to the pool is Sunkissed, a Resorts World retail store where you can buy all your pool and sunning essentials.

There are tons of yellow, padded lounge chairs for you and your family can chill and rest on. But if you want a more sumptuous, unforgettable pool experience for your young ones, consider booking one of the three pool cabanas on the premises.

When you book a cabana in the Family Pool area, you enjoy a misting fan, couch, coffee table, personal safe, and even a TV for the kids to watch their favorite shows while they take a break from swimming.

4. Bimini Pool

RW Bimini Pool

Bimini Pool is where young adults and friends who love taking pictures will likely have the best time. The pool has a unique beach theme. It’s covered with palm trees, colorful walls, and the cute and charming Bimini Bar, making the entire area uber-Instagrammable.

For a bit of extra fun, there are swings near the bar where you can sit and capture a silly photo. There are also some exciting Vegas games you can play as a group, such as giant chess, giant Connect-4, and cornhole.

5. Cabana Pool

RW Cabana Pool

Last but not least, we have the Cabana Pool. This pool is exactly what it sounds like—a refreshing pool dotted with 13 private cabanas and plenty of deck chairs where you can enjoy the Nevada sun in style.

This secluded area is perfect for those who are more private and want to enjoy swimming with others but also want to retreat into their own special, upscale nook afterward.

Plus, the cabanas come with tons of lavish amenities that will surely allow you to fully relax and unwind. These include a coffee table, lounge chairs, a TV, and a refrigerator.

To help you cool down when it’s extra hot out, there’s also a misting fan and free bottled water in each cabana.

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Food and Drinks at the Resorts World Pool Complex

The ultimate pool experience isn’t just about the bodies of water you can swim, splash, and play in. It’s also about the food and drinks you can enjoy between dips in the pool.

Here are the two main places in the Resorts World pool complex where you can enjoy a snack or cocktail as you lounge.

Agave Bar & Grill

Agave Bar & Grill

The Agave Bar & Grill is just a few steps away from the Main Pool, allowing you to grab a snack or a drink as soon as you get up from the water.

There are plenty of dishes you can choose from here. There are appetizers like their signature pineapple shrimp ceviche and nachos, heavier “entrées” like chicken wings and the jalapeno burger, and even sweets like their decadent caramel-filled churros.

If you want to sip on a delicious drink to energize yourself before hopping back in the pool, you can try their cocktails, draft beer, and wine by the glass.

Bites Snack Bar

Resorts World Bites Snack Bar

As the Bites snack bar is located right by the Family Pool, they have tons of offerings that kids and families will love. Note that they don’t serve huge meals, just snacks, but rest assured that your young ones will gobble up every single thing you order.

They have American comfort favorites such as cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, pizza, French fries, and even popcorn. Kids with a sweet tooth can have some ice cream in classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, as well as tons of candy!

Since Bites is in proximity to the Family Pool, it doesn’t serve alcoholic drinks. However, you can still refresh yourself with some coconut water and bottled soda.

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The Resorts World pool complex has something for everyone. Parents and kids on vacation can play in the Family Pool, while groups of friends will love taking photos at the beach-themed Bimini Pool. Meanwhile, partiers above 21 will have the time of their lives in the Athena Infinity Pool.

Ready to splash away? Jump into the lavish and invigorating pools in the Resorts World pool complex on your next trip to Las Vegas.

It’s the best way to cool down in the desert in between your long nights of partying, eating sumptuous food, and enjoying Sin City to the fullest.