19 Best Restaurants in Resorts World Las Vegas 2024

Did you know there are 52 dining and drinking places in Resorts World Las Vegas, with more than 40 restaurants? Eighteen of the most highly-anticipated Asian eateries are located in the resort’s Famous Food Hall; you won’t miss anything from Eastern or Southeastern Asian Street markets.

With renovations and rebuilds of the building, the $4.3 billion Resorts World Las Vegas opened in June 2021, astonishing the world as the most expensive resort in Vegas.

The money was well spent in the huge 5.5-acre Resorts World Las Vegas pool complex on the rooftop. Over 70,000 square feet of the resort is dedicated to retail, and its extensive list of fine dining and casual eateries shows exactly where the money went.

Resorts World Las Vegas offers a little bit of everything from Michelin Star chef restaurants to famous modern steakhouses, Japanese bistros, Latin food diners, traditional Italian restaurants, burger places, and pizzerias.

It can be a little bit daunting going through their entire list of restaurants, so this article will simplify it for you by showcasing their best 20 venues with their unique offerings and special features.

Fine Dining at Resorts World Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for fine dining with incredible restaurants like Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen, Guy Savoy, Mon Ami Gabi, Andiamo Steakhouse, and so on. Expensive dining in exclusive yet eclectic environments makes Las Vegas a great destination for diners with exploratory taste buds.

The mind-boggling lineup of fine restaurants in Resorts World ensures you have international selections at your table. Chef Ray Garcia has you covered in Viva in the mood for some Mexican delights. What about authentic Cantonese dishes? Then the Genting Palace is the place for you.

In addition to the best fine dining, check out other exceptional upscale restaurants, including Crossroads and Caviar Bar Las Vegas.

There are also Italian delectable European dishes and behold; Resorts World has the largest steakhouse in whole Las Vegas. Let’s see our top 8 picks:

1. Bar Zazu

Bar Zazu
Source: @resortsworldlv
  • Phone: 702 676 6017
  • Cuisines: traditional and modern European cuisines

Bar Zazu is a business casual European restaurant that only opens from Thursday to Monday. The vibrant 140-seat restaurant is next to its sister venue, Brazza at Resorts World. Executive Chef Nicole Brisson teamed up with Jason Rocheleau to create these fabulous destinations with quirky environments.

AK Design is the company that took over the impressionable job of decorating the walls with women-centric designs. Ladies of Zazu portraits are plastered on one wall across from the booths, and you can see the glimmer and fire in the combination of purples and blues. Electronic art pieces surround the venue giving different themes and vibes as the day and night go by.

Favorites from the European-centric menu include tapas, savory pastries, and charcuterie, among a selection of cheeses. Start with Chef’s selection of cheese and salumi with options like the Mahon cheese, Tres Quesos, Manchego, Chorizo salumi, prosciutto, and lomo meat from Spain, and Jamon cured meats from Spain too.

The Bobo chicken and seafood lead Spanish delicacies with chicken, shrimp, and mussels. Toasted brioche and trumpet mushrooms are some popular choices, but there are so many choices since Rocheleau ensured they could make over 25,000 concepts from their quality ingredients.

2. Brezza

Brezza 1
Source: @brezzalv
Brezza 2
Source: @brezzalv
  • Phone: 702 676 6014
  • Cuisines: modern coastal Italian dishes

Brezza is an upscale restaurant, and you can expect prompt, courteous, and first-rate service. The ambiance is fabulous, and the booth section may tempt you to lounge here for ages.

James Beard nominee chef Nicole Brisson offers the guests rare and delectable handmade portions of pasta alongside Italian coastal plates of seafood and much more.

Floor-to-ceiling windows bring tons of light and views of the Strip. The 200-seating area in the dining room is plenty and encourages interactive fine dining among the guests. Have a taste of Vegas fine wines and cocktails at the 50-seat bar next to the 100-seat lounging area.

If you want a private party or event, then the private dining room with plush décor is waiting for your booking.

Menu highlights include the charred octopus with Gigante beans. Start with Chef’s salumi & Italian cheese with picked vegetables, and if you are feeling seafood, then the daily seafood platter is a good addition with the Chef’s selections of raw, cooked, and chilled seafood.

3. Carversteak

Carversteak 1
Source: @resortsworldlv
Carversteak 2
Source: @resortsworldlv
  • Phone: 702 550 2333
  • Cuisines: Dry-aged American steaks

Carversteak Vegas shocked the Vegas scene when it debuted with a stunning 70-foot bar. It also curved its name in history by becoming the most prominent steakhouse in Vegas with a 14,500 square foot area that gave it an edge over famous houses like SW Steakhouse at Wynn Las Vegas and Stripsteak in Mandalay Bay.

The steakhouse also features a 3,500-square-foot garden on the terrace section. It is breezy and full of greenery that shimmers from the evening overhead lighting.

Designed by DesignAgency, Caeversteak features great design details, including modern art and photos from Chris Coy, Roe Ethridge, Riata Girad-Mikell, and Thomas Wacholz.

$1.5 million alone was spent on building the entertainment scene of the restaurant, which added flexibility in switching between themes and events.

A unique part of dining at Carvesteak is that you are presented with a choice of five custom knives made by Ton Cutler when you sit at the table. Talk about an interactive experience.

Must-try dishes at Carvesteak include the Wagyu cheesesteak bites paired with a whole Maine lobster topped with red pepper cognac cream. The Wagyu tomahawk ribeye is also a great option, and you can add their organic roasted chicken to that list.

4. Fuhu

Fuhu 1
Source: @reivallejo
Fuhu 2
Source: @resortsworldlv
  • Phone: 702 676 7740
  • Cuisines: Pan-Asian sushi and steaks

Fuhu is an Asian social dining restaurant run by Chef Joseph Elevado, an award-winning chef who has served under Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and is the receiver of Forbes Five Star and AAA Five Diamond. The distinguished Chef serves a twist on Asian cuisines, which is well complemented by the expert drinks from expert mixologists.

You can dine all day and all night as the indoor seating area and outdoor patio provides a warm and chill ambiance. Live music recorded by resident DJs blast all the time from the two sections of the restaurant.

In case you are thinking of what to wear, keep in mind that Fuhu is an upscale restaurant that requires upscale, stylish attire.

Brunch is available only on Saturdays and features eight types of cocktails, including signature Belvedere Bloody Mary and Fuhu Haiku made from Ketel One Grapefruit & Rose. It also includes endless mimosa, Marias, and Bloody Marys.

5. Genting Palace

Genting Palace
Source: @resortsworldlv
  • Phone: 702 676 8888
  • Cuisine: Authentic Chinese cuisines

Chinese fine dining is not the only thing Genting Palace. Walk into their lounge area to have a taste of their signature cocktails like the cherry blossom, a light pink drink made from Roku gin, and comes with an edible flower on top.

The venue is stylish and fun with bright colors and eclectic décor. The lively atmosphere is great for date nights, and you can enter their private dining room for seclusion. Try the XO shrimp, which is a fan favorite, or the popular dim sum. Also, feast on the black truffle dumplings with scallops, shrimp, and lobsters.

6. Kusa Nori

Kusa Nori 1
Source: @resortsworldlv
Kusa Nori 2
Source: @resortsworldlv
  • Phone: 702 676 6965
  • Cuisine: Japanese bistro with the expected teppanyaki grills and sushi bar

The huge selection of sake in Kusa Nori is enough to pull most guests in. If you want the omakase, then you are also in the best venue in Resorts World. Visit the restaurant if you want the classic teppanyaki creations and twists on some of the traditional Japanese dishes.

Try the shigoku oysters topped with kusa cocktail sauce, shiyo Sakura shoyu mignonette, and gold flakes that you can eat. Misoyaki black cod is a fan favorite with flavorful tastes and notable textures.

The dimly lit seafood destination has a great show on the teppanyaki grill, where guests enjoy theatric displays of their food being prepared.

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7. Viva by Ray Garcia

Viva by Ray Garcia
Source: @resortsworldlv
  • Phone: 702 527 4913
  • Cuisines: Regional Mexican foods

Mexican food at its best in Resorts World is in Viva, run by the award-winning Chef Ray Garcia, former owner of Broken Spanish and B.S Taqueria. He has brought his twist on Mexican cuisines to this Strip destination.

Viva consists of a bar and lounge area with an indoor and outdoor patio with great Strip views. Garcia’s meals are based on his favorite ingredients include tortillas, seafood crudos, and wood-fired quesadillas.

Wagyu steak tacos are one of the popular items, and there is a beloved happy hour with $9 cocktails like the house margarita made from Blanco tequila.

8. Wally’s

Source: @resortsworldlv
  • Phone: 702 676 6966
  • Offerings: gourmet goods, seasonal menu, and a huge selection of drinks

Wally’s restaurant features a gourmet market and bar area with 8,000 plus labels of drinks from wines to spirits, beers, and foods from different parts of the world. Menu highlights include the Wood oven-baked brie with French baguette, fermier brie and topped with truffle butter and honey.

Try the truffle pizza with buffalo mozzarella and porcini truffle purée or the all-day menu popular truffle Caesar salad.

Casual Dining at Resorts World Las Vegas

If you are interested in casual diners, then check out the Agave Bar & grill, Crossroads burger, Dawg House Saloon, and Mulberry Street Pizzeria. Our best picks for you include:

9. Redtail

Source: @resortsworldlv
  • Phone: 702 960 0865
  • Offerings: Traditional American foods and sports bar items

The Zouk Group restaurant serves as a dining place and a social gaming bar for catching up on the Knicks game. The food consists of killer wings that come wet or dry, including on-the-bone and boneless options.

Buffalo & blue cheese are sweet treats for a casual bite, and the Buffalo chicken wrap is the savory meal you need for a night of fun.

10. Sun’s Out Buns Out

Sun’s Out Buns Out
Source: @resortsworldlv
  • Phone: 702 676 7000
  • Offerings: Café dishes from sandwiches to salads and other brunch meals

The cracked egg chairs will impress you when you enter this well-lit diner. It features floor-to-ceiling windows on one wall where you can watch people outside.

The ceiling has engraved light fixtures that provide a clear and warm feel to the venue. As for the menu, the avocado toast and bacon egg plus cheddar are the most beloved.

11. The Kitchen

The Kitchen
Source: @resortsworldlv
  • Phone: 702 551 1093
  • Cuisines: Classic burgers and sandwiches, seafood entrees, and American desserts

If you are looking for the Resorts World Las Vegas buffet, then The Kitchen at Resorts World is the place to be. The restaurant has a $36 breakfast buffet and a $39 brunch buffet.

Enjoy classic appetizers from chicken fingers to crispy calamari and nachos. Entrees are not in plenty and only include BBQ salmon, steak fries, chicken parmesan, and the five cheese tortellini.

Famous Foods Street Eats: Resorts World Las Vegas Food Court

What better way to start than going through one of the most anticipated venues in Vegas history? The Famous Foods Hall pulls a collection of world-renowned chefs’ restaurants from across the seas and locally.

Famous Foods is the brainchild of the Zouk Group, led by CEO Andrew Li, that aims to bring food education and entertainment under one roof. A clear focus is put on authentic foreign recipes and great respect for the history of the foods and recipe makers.

Famous Foods Street Eats
Source: @famousfoodslv

The stalls feature placards detailing the stories behind each food: the original makers and ingredients of the foods. There are currently 18 stalls in the 24,000-square foot hall offerings different delicacies from Asian snacks to Singapore street foods, Pan-Asian twist options, and Chinese barbecue.

Walk through the entrance with Red Hong Yi’s 10-foot-tall gold coins lucky cat statue to dine at Nobu bar, Burger Barn, Geylang Claypot Rice, Famous Foods Center Bar, Blood Bros BBQ, Fuhu Shack, Pepita’s Kitchen, Tiger Sugar, and Goggle Man’s Char Kuey Teow. For the best of Famous Food Halls, take a look at these eateries:

12. Kuru Kuru Pa

Kuru Kuru Pa
Source: @famousfoodslv
  • Cuisines: Yakitori alongside kushiyaki

Kuru Kuru Pa Yakitori is famous partly because of the owners, who are brothers, famous award-winning DJ Steve Aoki and Kevin Aoki, a Japanese restaurateur. The main offerings include yakitori, yaki onigiri, and kushiyaki.

The décor is highly anime and manga oriented, creating a familiar and comfy Japanese culture-oriented restaurant. According to the Aoki brothers, their vision of Kuru Kuru is to become a cult destination that promotes chicken yakitori in America.

13. Ah Chun Shandong Dumpling

Ah Chun Shandong Dumpling
Source: @famousfoodslv
  • Cuisine: Shanghainese Pulled Noodles

You will want to try the sheng Jian bao, similar to pan-fried dumplings, as they are a crowd favorite. Lamp and Peking scallion dumplings are also famous among the three available types of pan-fried dumplings.

The Ah Chung Shandong Dumpling is known for its Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand awarded to the Hong Kong venue on its excellent quality and cooking.

14. Street Bird Las Vegas

Street Bird Las Vegas

  • Cuisines: Spicy and hot fried chicken

James Beard Award-winning Chef Marcus Samuelson brings you his famous spicy chicken dishes. Tasty his beloved hot dried chicken & cornbread waffle with the boneless thigh. The Macaroni & cheese is also popular with a combination of chicken crackling and collard greens.

Above all, the hot & spicy M’s fried chicken rules served with pickles and bread and include wings/bones thighs. The fried chicken sandwich is one of the mains spiced up by spicy Chica Shake and comes with boneless thigh, cucumber pickles, and potato bun.

15. Geylang Claypot Rice

Geylang Claypot Rice Beef Claypot Rice

  • Cuisines: Mostly, Southeast Asian cuisines are prepared in claypots

Michelin Guide ranked the traditional claypot rice of Geylang as one of the top five worth waiting for in the 2016 edition. The Singapore staple eatery brings its dishes to Vegas in Resorts World Las Vegas, including their clay pot rice & satay.

Only two signature dishes are made in Geylang; the chicken clay pot rice with shiitake mushroom, lap Cheong, cod, yu choy, and cabbage. Then there is the beef claypot rice combining poached eggs and spiced with sautéed onions and pepper.

16. Boon Tong Kee

Boon Tong Kee

  • Cuisines: Original 1979 Singapore chicken rise

Many were disappointed when they found out the bottomless fragrant rice in Boon Tong Kee Singapore locations isn’t available in Resorts World Las Vegas. Despite that, Boon Tong Kee offers the 1979 original dish made with the same recipes as the ancient Chinatown in Singapore.

There are only three varieties to choose from: the roasted Hainan with fragrant rice and spiced with ginger, soy, and scallion sauce. There is also the cold poached rice served cold and the pulled chicken curry laksa with a curry broth and yellow noodles.

17. Ten Suns Braised Beef

Ten Suns Braised Beef

  • Cuisines: Thai beef noodles

Another Michelin Plate food restaurant at Famous Foods. The Ten Suns locations in Bangkok earned world-class recognition, including Big Gormand, from 2019 to 2021 for their noodle recipes that make aromatic broth with juicy cuts.

Favorites on the menu include the combo brisket & oxtail noodles for $15 and the braised beef noodle soup with a choice of rare steak, oxtail, and brisket.

18. Springleaf Prata Place

Springleaf Prata Place
Source: @springleafprataplace
  • Cuisine: Indian

Springleaf Prata is among the first restaurants in Famous Food court from the back entrance. The Indian restaurant presents generations upon generations of historic dishes from North and south India. Its origins are in Singapore, but its food selections are inspired by cuisines from all over the world, including Vietnam and Perth.

The family-concept-based restaurant serves savory roti prata, a portion of beloved street food in Singapore. Michelin Guide gave it the Michelin Plate accolade, calling the dish;” …sweet or savory filling. A good choice for breakfast, lunch, or as a dessert.” It is currently the highest-rated prata eatery in 2022 Michelin Guide Singapore.

The new opening of the small franchise still offers its lovable offerings, including the nasi lemak made of coconut rice, fried egg & anchovies, chicken curry, cucumber, peanuts, and sambal. One unique thing about Springleaf Prata Place is they have an Ultimate Series design where they create new prata dishes every year during Singapore national day.

19. Sweet Eats

Sweet Eats

  • Cuisines: Gourmet desserts from all over the world

Sweet Eats offers everything you can expect from international desserts, including flavored ice, shaved ice, pastries, coffee, and dipped apples. Pastries cost $6 to $8, including Tapioca cup, Ube muffin, Tiramisu, Sticky Rice & Mango Bomb, and Yuzu White Chocolate cheesecake topped off with rainbow sprinkles.

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Where to Drink and Lounge in Resorts World: Bars, Lounges, Pubs.

For those interested in partaking in a few cocktail drinks and close to the casino floor lounging, great options include the famous Wally’s Wine & Spirits in Wally’s restaurant, which covers 13,000 square feet.

Other options include the Allé Lounge on 66, Bimin Bar, Baccarat bar, Gatsby’s cocktail lounge (known for their champagne-based cocktails), Conrad lobby bar, Crystal bar, Crockfords lobby bar, Fat Tuesday, Eight Cigar Lounge, Genting palace lounge, High Limit Bar, and VIP Pool Bar.