The Laundry Room Las Vegas: Location, Dress Code & More

Located in the creative and most artistic side of Las Vegas is a legendary speakeasy with a peculiar name, The Laundry Room. A catchy brand name makes you wonder about its meaning and how it came to be named as such.

The Laundry Room is a famous speakeasy that manages to keep its mysticism by only taking reservations. It is known for its expressive and elusive cocktails with weird names like Wet Heroine.

These labor-intensive drinks and the hard-to-locate venue have earned Laundry Room several recognitions as the best of speakeasies in Las Vegas. Many refer to it as one of the most authentic speakeasy venues in Las Vegas.

Read on to learn why the Laundry Room stands out from other Vegas speakeasies from the Gambit, Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails, and the Underground.

The Laundry Room Las Vegas Overview

The Laundry Room Las Vegas Overview
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  • Address: Commonwealth, 525 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Phone: 702 123 4568 (events), 702 701 1466 (reservation)
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday from 6 pm to 1:30 am

The Laundry is a small venue with a maximum event capacity of 22 guests. Tucked in an undisclosed location in the Commonwealth on Fremont, this enticing speakeasy is a Las Vegas gem filled with lots of history and debauchery.

Unlike most speakeasies, the Laundry Room is not only illusive because of its location. The bar sets itself apart with 27 signature drinks that are synonymous with the Laundry Room.

It offers various packages for different events/occasions, from bachelorette parties to weddings, elopement, anniversaries, bridal showers, birthdays, reunions, holiday celebrations, conventions, and conventional parties.

Book your next event by writing an email to the management directly at [email protected]. Feel free to check out the Laundry Room website for more contact details and upcoming special event packages.

Its character, discretion, and style speak highly of its high regard for great standards and unique experiences.

The Laundry Room borrows the aura of the Prohibition Era boozers, which were situated in concealed locations so as to serve booze to guests without getting arrested.

This style of speakeasy bars has become an up-and-coming trend, seen worldwide from London to Vegas, usually in the most strange places. Some are located in malls, others close to restaurants, some behind stores, and others below casino floors.

The Laundry Room set a name for itself as one of the best speakeasy bars in Vegas because of its secret location, intimate setting, and exclusive text list.

The bar is also got recognized for its impressive original cocktail menu filled with cool & quirky names like Safety Last, Pamela’s Backside, Wet Heroine, and Arsenic Meets Lace.

How to Get to The Laundry Room Speakeasy in Las Vegas

The Laundry Room is inside the Commonwealth Bar and accessible through a secret door on 6th Street close to Fremont. It is a hard place to find, and you need a reservation to stand a chance of getting through the door once you find it.

Reservations to the Laundry Room are made via a text message to 702 701 1466 or an online reservation via their website. The bar is very popular, and you may find the date you are booked under is further than you would hope.

The beauty of it is that you are most likely to get a seat once you save a spot and all you have to do is show up to the Commonwealth Bar at the time and date. You are required to inform the Laundry Room when you reach Commonwealth, and a hostess will come and take you to the speakeasy.

You are introduced to a small but intimate setting once you pass through the door. Warm lighting creates a cozy place to drink with friends, and the walls are decorated with lots of Prohibition Era pictures, art, and paintings.

The décor is antique with classic touches and rebellious inclinations. Sit on the bar stools or sink into the comfy couches well lit by overhanging lights and candle-lit tables.

It is important to note that you cannot reserve space for more than four people and are limited to 90-minute stays.

Laundry Room Las Vegas Menu and Prices

Laundry Room Las Vegas Menu and Prices
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Two-drink minimums apply to each guest, and you have to purchase a mandatory bottomless popcorn since no other food is served at the bar. The good news is that every drink costs $17.

Most people will definitely appreciate the Laundry Room’s custom cocktails, curated by the expert mixologists to soothe your various preferences, moods, and character. In fact, one of the rules you will see below is ‘no standing at the bar.’

One part of the menu is named the Speakeasies & Famous Bartenders. This list is curated to include some of Vegas’s best and most famous cocktails. Try popular options like Pamela’s Backside (notes of soft rose, citrus, and vanilla) and Balling with Lucy with orange citrus tasting notes.

Laundry Room on the Regular menu is another section with Crutchley cocktails made from Irish, Poppy Seed, & Orange liquor. Another choice is the Honey Badger, with tasting notes of ginger spice and honey cream.

Silent & Talkies menu comes with the Arsenic Meets Lace made from aged gin, French Vermouth, Elderflower, and Anisette. Safety Last is another popular drink with notes of smoke and citrus.

Classic & The has the classics from the Old Fashioned to the Japanese cocktails, Scofflaw, and the Vieux Carre.

The menu is the fastest route to get something you like, but you can opt to talk to the bartender and have them make you something to your liking.

There are usually one or two servers since it is a small space, but do not worry; drinks are made in a jiffy. Take the time to read through the bar rules in the meantime.

The Laundry Room Las Vegas Dress Code & Other Rules

The Laundry Room Las Vegas Dress Code & Other Rules
Source: @laundryroomlv

Dressy casual is the dress code in Laundry Room. No flip-flops are allowed, and neither are beach clothes, athletic wearables, or pool attire. Remember that adherence to a dress code in the Laundry Room is subject to the management’s discretion.

Provided it is a place for drinking, you cannot get into the venue if you are not an adult. Only guests 21 years of age or over are allowed. You need to carry on your persona a valid identification card with your birth date, provided it hasn’t expired, like a passport, driver’s license, ID, or military card.

Part of what makes the Laundry Room a smooth-running speakeasy is the fact that it is small and very exclusive. Also, because of its few house rules, all of which help create the elevated ambiance of the bar good for all customers. Some of the rules say:

  • Keep your volume at a reasonable level. Politics and religion topics are not encouraged.
  • Pencil-sketch if you need but no photos.
  • Please be patient since making some drinks from the menu can be labor-intensive.
  • No hitting on strangers if they are not part of your crew.
  • No tobacco is allowed.
  • No standing at the bar – sitting only.
  • PDA is not encouraged.
  • Phone calls are not encouraged either.

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Final Thoughts

The Laundry Room is one of those bars you get into to have a few and end up having ten. Their signature cocktails are sophisticated, adding to the entire speakeasy’s elegant ambiance. T

he mixologists’ knowledge is granted to blow your mind, and if that won’t, then wait till you occasionally hear of the stories tucked behind those walls.

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