Ghost Donkey Las Vegas: Location, Features, Drinks

Imagine an exclusive bar tucked away in the middle of one of Las Vegas’ biggest, liveliest and most popular resorts but that’s so secret most visitors don’t even know it’s there.

Picture a hidden drinking den with the ambiance of an old-time speakeasy where a select few gather to sip rare drinks under dim lighting and surrounded by idiosyncratic décor, quietly content that the crowds just outside are unaware of the bar’s very existence.

It might sound like something from fiction, but it really exists – and you can go there…if you can find it. The bar is called Ghost Donkey, and in this post, we have all the info you need about how to access this near-mythical venue.

Ghost Donkey – What Is It?

Why Visit Ghost Donkey ghost donkey
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The original, award-winning Ghost Donkey opened in New York City, combining a classic New York speakeasy vibe with a strong Mexican flavor – and the resulting blend was something that also found a natural home in the trendy Cosmopolitan Las Vegas resort.

However, this is no ordinary bar, and you won’t see signs in the hotel telling you how to find it. In fact, even if you ask the staff for directions, you’re not likely to get much more from them than a nonchalant shrug and a mischievously knowing look.

This is because Ghost Donkey is one of The Cosmopolitan’s secret bars – and although this particular secret is not especially well guarded, unless you know where you’re going, you won’t be able to locate it, all of which adds to the bar’s mystique.

It’s worth tracking down, though, and once you’re inside, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

Having located the inconspicuous green door that leads to the bar and pushed through to the other side, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a hidden, forbidden world.

The sensation of being in a slightly naughty place that’s off-limits to the masses and accessible only to those “in the know” adds to the thrill of the bar, and the tiny size of the venue creates an intimate, exclusive atmosphere.

There’s more to it than just mysteriousness though because the food also is excellent and the list of specialist tequilas and mezcals is impressively extensive.

The service is outstanding too, and the bartenders are highly knowledgeable about everything they serve. They’re always ready to help customers select the kind of drinks they’ll love from the almost bewildering selection on offer, contributing to the unforgettable experience.

The Food

ghost donkey Mexican food
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The food menu is limited to the kind of bar snacks designed to complement the cocktails, tequilas and mezcals that Ghost Donkey specializes in, but everything they do is excellent.

The undisputed highlight is the signature Truffle Nachos served with black truffles, white cheddar sauce and chives.

However, the menu also includes Mole Chicken Nachos and Steak and Black Bean Nachos, either of which will make the perfect accompaniment to whatever you’re supping.

If nachos are not your thing, you can also opt for Queso Fundido, Guacamole and Chips or the Chips and Salsa Trio instead.

To go with whatever you pick, you will also be offered your choice of homemade spicy sauces, which range from mild and tangy to eye-wateringly hot.

The Drinks

Tequilia Mezcal and Cocktails
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While the food in the bar is of impeccable quality, it’s really only designed to play a supporting role to the drinks, and for tequila or mezcal aficionados, it doesn’t get much better than this.

You’ll be able to choose from a long list of premium drinks from various Mexican regions, and the rarest items on the menu come with price tags of $75 or even $250 per 1oz shot.

Of course, there are plenty of more affordable options too – although there’s nothing on the menu that could be called cheap.

If you don’t know which ones to go for, you can choose a tasting flight instead, and the friendly staff are always on hand to help you decide what to order if the mind-boggling selection is making you dizzy.

For those not into tequila or mezcal, there are plenty of interesting cocktails to sample too, and everything comes expertly mixed and beautifully presented, as you would expect.

Of course, they also offer several Mexican beers for those of a less adventurous disposition, but having made the effort to find such an original and idiosyncratic bar, just ordering a beer would almost seem like an anti-climax.

Opening hours:

  • Sun – Thu  4pm – midnight
  • Fri – Sat 4pm – 2am

The opening hours at Ghost Donkey have been known to change, so for the most up-to-date info, check The Cosmopolitan’s website.

How to Get to Ghost Donkey Las Vegas

How to Get to Ghost Donkey Las Vegas
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One of the things that make this near-mythical bar so intriguing is its secretive nature, and if you want to drink there, you’ll have to find it first.

To reach it, you first need to head to the Block 16 Urban Food Hall, which is located on Level 2 of The Cosmopolitan.

Walk through the food hall past Hattie B’s and you’ll see some booths decorated with graffiti. On the left, you should then notice an unassuming green door with a small white donkey painted on the front. There will also be a glowing green exit sign above it.

The door looks like the kind of service door that you’re not supposed to go through, but if you push it open and step through, you’ll find yourself in Ghost Donkey, one of The Cosmopolitan’s hidden secret bars.

Tips On Visiting Ghost Donkey

Tips on visiting Ghost Donkey
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Once you finally make it to Ghost Donkey, there are a few ways to enjoy your trip in the best possible way. Here are our top tips for visiting the famous bar:

  • If you are in a large group, arrive early or as soon as the bar opens to guarantee the best seat in the house – the busiest period is dinnertime, between 6pm and 8pm
  • Sitting in the booth in a small group will attract visitors to drink with you! If you want privacy, the small tables or the bar stools are the best places to sit
  • Ask the knowledgeable bartenders for the best Mezcal to try – they can recommend a shot that will match your tastebuds and personal preferences
  • Visit the bar for pre-drinks and a meal before a night out for the best experience – you can stay all night long if you like, but the bar is best enjoyed as part of the night, not as the main feature
  • The nachos are irresistible, especially the black truffle ones, so visit when you are hungry if you can!

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Can You Reserve a Table at Ghost Donkey?

No, you can’t reserve a table in Ghost Donkey. It’s a walk-in only bar, and the only way to get a table is to find that green door and walk through it.

Few even know the place exists, so you won’t find people queueing out of the door.

However, with only a few stools at the bar and a few more tables available in the rest of the venue, it isn’t meant to hold large crowds – so to avoid disappointment, try to arrive early.

Do They Have a Happy Hour at Ghost Donkey?

No, there’s no happy hour at Ghost Donkey, and the drinks are certainly not cheap. However, for the exceptional quality of the rare tipples on offer as well as for the vibe and the overall experience, most people think it’s more than worth it.

Is There a Dress Code at Ghost Donkey?

No, there’s no stated dress code for Ghost Donkey. However, you should wear the usual kind of clothing you would for any other of the bars or restaurants in The Cosmopolitan. It’s a resort where most people like to make an effort to look smart and stylish, so try to do the same.

A Fun Concept that Will Appeal to Those Who Like to Be “in-The-Know”

The idea of a secret speakeasy hidden in plain view in the middle of a busy Cosmopolitan food hall is sure to appeal to many visitors to Las Vegas, especially those who want to do something a bit more original that most tourists in town don’t even know about.

With this guide, you now know where this secretive bar is located and how to get in – as well as what to expect when you step through that special green door. But just one thing. Don’t tell anyone else!