The Tournament of Kings at Excalibur: What to Expect

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There are plenty of entertaining shows to watch in Las Vegas, from the classic Cirque du Soleil to the Drag Brunch rising in popularity. But one show that remains a favorite after decades is the timeless Tournament of Kings.

The Tournament of Kings is a dinner show that transports you back in time to when knights and kings battled it out in the name of bravery and conquering kingdoms. If you’re a self-proclaimed history nerd or love anything to do with medieval times, this is the Vegas show for you.

Want to know more about this action-packed spectacle of a dinner show? Read on to learn more about Las Vegas’ famous Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur Hotel.

Tournament of Kings: A Must-See in Vegas

Tournament of Kings at Excalibur
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The Tournament of Kings is a dinner show that tells the story of knights and kings in the time of the mythical, extraordinary King Arthur. With stunning pyrotechnics and perfectly choreographed sword fights and battles, it’s a show for action lovers and history geeks alike.

This arena-style, medieval-themed show has been around since 1999. It was preceded by the “King Arthur’s Tournament” show in the early 90s. It’s held in the aptly named King Arthur’s Arena, which is one level below the Excalibur Hotel’s casino.

The show follows a storyline of rivalry and power through honorable battles and conquering kingdoms. Each seat belongs to a specific kingdom, which guests are encouraged to cheer for when the sword fights and jousting matches (on actual horseback!) ensue.

You’ll see tons of dramatic special effects and stunts during the show, which makes it a crowd favorite even for children. There are titanium sword fights that create sparks when they clash, as well as falconry scenes and even riveting hand-to-hand combat fights.

And it’s not all fights and action in the show. There are also colorful, lively dancers that make up the cast, which makes for an even more exciting spectacle.

While the show sounds quite intense (and trust us—it is), it’s family-friendly. Even kids will enjoy the show’s engaging theatrics and storyline, making it a wonderful experience for any family.

Audience participation is a must if you come and watch the show. In some scenes, people are asked to toast their drinks before gobbling up their food. Get ready to cheer during jousting matches, applaud after gallant victories, and interact with some characters during the show.

The show is so exhilarating, precise, and intricate that a total of 36 people and 10 horses are required to run it every single time. Accompanied by an enchanting musical score and performances that will get your adrenaline pumping, the show is one for the books.

Note that as an audience member, you could find yourself in close proximity to horses, flashing lights, smoke, and dirt from the ground. If you have asthma or any other respiratory condition, think twice about attending the show.

The Tournament of Kings run from Thursday to Monday each week and go dark only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. All dates have a 6 PM show, while only some have a second show at 8:30 PM. Check the official Excalibur Hotel website to see the updated show dates and times.

Does Tournament of Kings Include Dinner?

Tournament of Kings 2
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Yes, the Tournament of Kings is famously a dinner show. While you watch medieval kings battle it out with their swords and horses, you enjoy a delicious, hearty tournament meal.

Right now, the menu consists of roasted Cornish game hen, lemon pepper potatoes, corn on the cob, an apple square, and a dinner roll. On holidays, they have special additions to the menu. For example, during the Christmas season of 2022, they served a sugar cookie as a little holiday treat.

The show serves thousands of these meals per week—so much so that they are the number one buyer of Cornish game hens in all of the United States.

If you have specific dietary restrictions, you can make a request to accommodate these at least four hours before the show at the box office. However, note that there are no kosher meals available at the show for now, even if you do flag your dietary restriction hours before.

How Long is Tournament of Kings?

Tournament of Kings is performing
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The show runs for one hour and 15 minutes in its entirety and has zero intermissions. The tournament is famous for starting promptly at the time it is scheduled. And while they don’t close the doors once the show starts, know that there may be delays in seating if you come late.

It’s best to get to the venue at least 30 minutes before the start of your show schedule. That way, you have enough time to find your seats, take photos at the arena, and get into the competitive spirit of kings battling it out for greatness in medieval times.

Note that upon entering the venue, all bags will be inspected by security. Huge bags like luggage and backpacks are not allowed inside the venue.

Where is the Best Place to Sit at Tournament of Kings?

The Tournament of Kings is held in a round arena in the Excalibur Hotel. There are 900 seats available for guests watching the show in the central arena.

The seats are arranged so that each one will belong to a specific kingdom. These kingdoms include the likes of Ireland, Russia, Spain, Norway, and many more. There’s even one called Dragon. Whichever seat you end up in, you are encouraged to cheer for your king.

People who have seen the show say that there really is no bad seat in the whole arena. The seating arrangement is steep and leveled per row, giving everyone a good view of the show. Every seat will give you an immersive experience, making it feel like you are actually with the kings of the past.

However, the best seats in the house are those near the corners, like the Norway and Hungary sections. Front-row seats in any kingdom are also coveted for the astounding views. Seats in Ireland and France are the least desirable because they may be too far from the action.

Note that the prices of your tickets won’t depend on what kingdom you’re sitting at. All prices are the same per show and will only differ in package inclusions.

Ticket Prices for Tournament of Kings

You can buy tickets for the Tournament of Kings up to 120 days in advance. Admission currently starts at $41.87 (without tax and service fees yet), while dinnerless admission starts at $44.87 (again, without taxes and fees).

The tickets for the dinner show get more expensive the more add-ons you have. The most common packages will usually cost $79 (all-in). Meanwhile, VIP tickets and those that get you meet-and-greet packages with the cast outside of the show can go up to over $160.

Kids and adults alike are welcome at the Tournament of Kings dinner show. Children younger than three years old can come for free and sit on an adult’s lap. Kids age four and above need their own ticket, which gets them their own seat and dinner meal.

You can buy tickets and packages from the Excalibur Hotel main box office, which can be found at the hotel’s entrance and is open from Wednesday to Monday starting at 1 PM. They’re also available at the Thunderland box office in the hotel’s Thunderland Showroom, which is open daily.

You can also purchase your tickets online at trusted websites, such as Ticketmaster and After buying online tickets, you can redeem your physical tickets at any of the Excalibur Hotel’s box offices.

Where Do You Park at Excalibur for Tournament of Kings?

Tournament of Kings
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Unfortunately, only guests of the Excalibur Hotel have free self-parking and valet services, depending on what room or membership they have. Watchers of the Tournament of Kings that are not staying at the hotel will not get on-site parking.

There are some self-parking lots on the corners of Las Vegas Blvd. and Tropicana Blvd, near the Excalibur Hotel.

The Excalibur Hotel is connected to other casinos and hotels via pedestrian bridges, such as New York-New York. If you stay at one of these hotels, you can skip driving to the venue and walk there instead.

A free tram service has stops at all MGM resorts, including the Excalibur Hotel. If you’re staying at one of these hotels, it’s a convenient way to get to the venue quickly.

And even if you aren’t staying with an MGM accommodation, you might find it more convenient to go to the Excalibur Hotel on foot if your hotel is close enough. It also allows you to walk off your hearty dinner after the show.

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Is Tournament of Kings Worth It?

The Tournament of Kings has a lot to offer, from a sumptuous and hearty dinner to the titillating jousting scenes and sword fights. It’s no surprise that even after running for over 20 years, it’s still a show close to the hearts of Vegas locals and tourists alike.

This medieval dinner show is considered a must-see for anyone who loves history, theatrics, and action in Las Vegas. If that sounds like you, you’re sure to love the show.

And while some packages may be pricey, they will be well worth your money because of the stunning, intricate performances and sword fights that you can’t find anywhere else.

Heading to Vegas for a getaway soon? Add the Tournament of Kings in the Excalibur Hotel to your bucket list during your trip. You won’t regret it!