Treasure Island Pirate Show: Why It Was Closed 

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If you have ever looked for free activities in Las Vegas, you may have come across the free Treasure Island outdoor Pirate Show. It was a spectacular reenactment of a pirate battle at sea that entertained many spectators on the Strip for about 20 years.

Sadly, the show was closed in 2013, much to the dismay of many fans. After all these years, visitors and locals alike are still searching for “Treasure Island Pirate Show” information, and with that in mind, we are here to give you all the details you would like to know about the show’s history, acts, eventual closure, and any future development.

Treasure Island Pirate Show
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Read on to learn of the two separate shows which existed on the same spot: the original “Battle of Buccaneer Bay” pirate show and the second generation “Sirens of TI” show that still managed to be free despite being less family-friendly.

Treasure Island Pirate Show Overview

Treasure Island Pirate Show
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  • Address: Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, 3300 Las Vegas Boulevard S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-8916
  • Location: Siren’s Cove, at the front of Treasure Island Hotel
  • Age Restriction: No, For All Ages

The Treasure Island Pirate Show, originally known as “Battle of Buccaneer Bay” and later as “Sirens of TI,” made its debut in October of 1993, right in front of the iconic Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

The original Battle of Buccaneer Bay show was a tribute to the buccaneering spirit, drawing inspiration from the classic tales of pirates, rebellion against authority, and treasure hunts. This rendition of the show lasted for about 16,000 shows before it was swiftly closed in 2003.

Over the years, the show underwent several transformations to keep up with evolving tastes and technologies. However, throughout that period, the show was free for all audiences who didn’t mind standing outside the Strip destination at night.

October 2003 was when the second generation, named “Sirens of TI,” was introduced. Although not as popular as the first show, it still attracted a sizeable audience and was not closed until 2013, almost ten years later.

Battle of Buccaneer Bay: 1993 – 2003

Battle of Buccaneer Bay


  • Highlights: Huge production level with acrobatic, swordplay, and firework displays
  • Showtimes: Four nightly performances- 7:00 pm, 8:30 pm, 10:00 pm. 11:30 pm
  • Admission: The show was free for all visitors
  • Years Active: 1993 – 2003
  • Date Closed: October 2003

Set against the iconic backdrop of the Las Vegas Strip, this swashbuckling extravaganza combined thrilling action, stunning visuals, and a dash of pirate flair to create an unforgettable entertainment spectacle.

It was famed for its large-scale production, which made you wonder how it was free at all. People would gather around to record the shows unhindered right in front of the “Hispaniola” replica ship at the gates of TI.

The Battle of Buccaneer Bay premiered in 1993. The name was aptly chosen to showcase the fierce clash between pirates (aboard the Hispaniola Ship) and British sailors (aboard the HMS Britannia).

Performers included Captain Mark Steelsmith, who used to go down with the ship in a glorious defeat six times a day, six days a week. Captain Greg Zuniga was another brilliant cast lead who performed as captain on the show’s last day in 2003.

You would see the pirates prepare their attack while the British sailors theatrically performed, showcasing their shenanigans and grandiose superiority.

Before you got enough laughs at their many dramatic impressions, cannons would blast, swords would be drawn, and the ship would quickly sink, taking Captain Steesmith down with him much to the celebration of the glorious Pirates.

The show ended with the British sailors’ defeat and the HMS Britannia’s sinking.

Acrobatic stunts and performances like high dives were part of the perilous acts of the day to give the audience a jaw-dropping experience. Explosions were in plenty, using stage practical effects that drew you in into an immersive, captivating live-action show.

Background music was used to keep the scenes action-packed and entertaining. Perfectly loud audio systems were used to let you know what was happening even when you were further away from the main stage.

The Battle of Buccaneer Bay closed in 2003 when Treasure Island was in the process of undergoing renovations. The last show was one for the ages, with explosions, ship jumping, and spine-bending stunts. With one last bow, the performers waved their last hurrah in front of thousands of fans and spectators on the Strip, never to reappear again.

Sirens of TI: 2003 -2013

Sirens of TI


  • Highlights: Modern hip parties
  • Showtimes: Four nightly performances – 5:30 pm, 7:00 pm, 8:30 pm, 10:00 pm
  • Admission: The show was free for all visitors
  • Years Active: 2003 – 2013
  • Date Closed: October 2013

The second generation of the Treasure Island Pirate Show received less critical acclaim than the first one.

Sirens of TI did away with the original storyline and decided to go for a Pirates versus Siren story.

In this new story, a tantalizing group of vicious and strong sirens lures a group of Pirates using their mesmerizing songs. The sirens are on their own ship called “Song,” resting at Sirens’ Cove when their songs attract Eros, who ends up sneaking on board.

The Sirens quickly take notice and capture him, but he does not mind the attention at all. This is when the pirates realize what is happening. They get on their ship and sail to Sirens’ Cove, where the battle begins.

Cannons go off, and swords are drawn, but the Sirens easily sink the pirate ship by creating a storm that tears the entire sails apart.

The show proceeded to show the stranded and helpless Pirates who were at the mercy of the sirens. However, instead of devouring them, the sirens proceeded to burst into song and dance in a modern hip-party sort of atmosphere with disco lights and pop music.

Many people reviewed the show calling it dumb, lazy, and less interesting compared to the Battle of Buccaneer Bay. However, what they did not say was that it was boring.

Despite the objectively less interesting storyline, the Sirens of TI featured sexy Siren performers who were sensual and tempting not only from their amazing physiques but also from captivating dances and cool stunts.

Background music composed of original scores by Emilio Estefan brought life to the show, and Travis Payne’s choreographed pieces made the dances a pleasingly captivating affair.

Every evening, eager spectators gathered along the waterfront to witness the spectacle unfold. Fewer children came for this show since many parents felt it was as family-friendly as before.

Regardless, as the sun dipped below the horizon, the tranquil lagoon at the front transformed into a stage of high-seas glamour. The fusion of choreography, music, and special effects created an atmosphere that immersed the audience in a world of adventure and daring exploits.

Why Did They Close The Pirate Show At Treasure Island?

The show was ultimately closed in November 2013 for good when Treasure Island decided to use one-third of the space to construct new shops.

Sirens of TI closed in October 2013 for a short while due to construction renovations that were happening at the hotel at the time. The temporary closure was not meant to be permanent, and since the ships still exist on site, it might be fair to assume this was not a foreseen closure on anyone’s part.

Ultimately, the show remains closed after a 20-year run at Treasure Island.

Is There Still A Pirate Show At Treasure Island?

There is no Pirate Show at the Treasure Island anymore, and there are no future plans to revive the older pirate shows that used to take place there.

But all is not lost; the Buccaneer Bay Ship is still on site with little changes to its original designs. It is a great spot for taking photos without restrictions or requirements.

Feel free to take a picture with the ship and post it on your Instagram or commemorate the good times we used to have!

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Final Thoughts

Few shows in Las Vegas will be missed as much as the Treasure Island Pirate shows. They are timeless gems filled with so much nostalgia, classic essence, and a strong fanbase that loves its rich history of spellbinding performances.

It has earned its place as an iconic Las Vegas classic. Even almost two decades after its closure, the pirate show remains a beloved tale in the hearts of those who loved the unforgettable adventures filled with romance, courage, and the spirit of the high seas!

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