Wicked Spoon Buffet 2023: Menu, Hours, Prices

As one of Sin City’s most exciting and exquisite buffets, Wicked Spoon serves a mix of traditional and innovative dishes prepared to the highest standards. It also features an irresistible and luxurious backdrop of contemporary decor that matches the chic style of the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino.

From breakfast to brunch and lunch, the buffet is open daily, but be prepared for reduced hours and long queues, with wait times of up to two hours during peak times.

With a starting price of $38, Wicked Spoon might look like a needlessly expensive buffet but you won’t even mind paying $100 once you taste what is on the table.

Wicked Spoon is among the very best in town, so in this post, we bring you all the information and details you need to know before visiting.

Wicked Spoon Buffet Overview

Wicked Spoon, Cosmopolitan 2
Source: @kayinnj
  • Location: The Chelsea Tower on Level 2 at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702 698 7870

One thing you will notice with many Las Vegas buffets is that they stick to traditional dishes and focus more on variety than quality. Wicked Spoon stands out with many of its decadent dishes and chef-crafted curations that provide guests a five-star experience.

If you are someone who loves buffets and still want the highest quality foods then you will not go wrong with Wicked Spoon. For the highest quantity, the All You Can Eat Crab Legs speaks for itself.

Warm lighting and a relaxing ambiance greet you the moment you arrive at the buffet. The colors used are monotone but rich and classy.

The high ceiling gives the dining room an open space atmosphere that is airy and spacious. Crystal chandeliers adorn the roof adding more oomph to the ambiance and providing the perfect luxurious dining experience.

Another thing you will notice when you enter is that all tables have bottled water. It is a tiny detail, but we appreciate the care and convenience but feel free to order more drinks.

But you are not here for the enchanting ambiance, you are here for the food.

Wicked Spoon does a great job at differentiating the gluten foods from the gluten-free. Mind you, there are lots of gluten-free meals at this buffet to serve several groups all over.

The spicy and sweet aromas from the carving stations and make your own omelet sections are enough to make you savor every bit of it. Top quality presentations shine a light on how much work the chefs put into giving you a high-end meal instead of another typical buffet.

But before we dive into the many savory delicacies, let’s get you up to speed on the hours, menu times, and prices.

Wicked Spoon Hours & Prices

Thank heavens that this heaven is open every day of the week, serving breakfasts, lunches, and brunches. Sadly, there is no dinner and you will also not find any specialty evening meals at any time of the year.

Wicked Spoon opens the doors from 8 to 3 pm, Monday to Friday. Breakfast is 8 am to 11 am and lunch from 11 am to 3 pm. Brunch on the other hand is only available on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Below is a summary of the opening hours, meal times, and the prices for all the dishes:

Meals Hours Price
Breakfast Monday to Friday
8 am – 11 am
Children (ages 5 -10): $19
Adults (Ages 11 and Above): $38
Lunch Monday to Friday
11 am – 3 pm
Children (ages 5 -10): $22.50
Adults (Ages 11 and Above): $45
Brunch Saturday and Sunday
9 am – 4 pm
Children (ages 5 -10): $24
Adults (Ages 11 and Above): $49
Bottomless Drinks (Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Champagne, Bud Light Drafts) Monday – Sunday
At all meals (90 minutes limit)
Regular: additional $25 per person
Specialty: additional $45 per person

Keep in mind that children below 5 years old eat for free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Reservations and Wait Times

Please keep in mind that no reservations are accepted for small group walk ins. Reservations can only be made for groups of 8 or more. You may choose to book seats online or contact Wicked Spoon directly to have your reservation booked.

Wait time varies, but you may have to stand in line for up to an hour – or even more during peak times. You can pay a small VIP fee to skip the regular line (usually $20 or so, or upgrading your loyalty membership for priority seating). Feel free to ask the attendants for more information on the quick service.

The best option for many would be to simply visit at a less busy time. The busiest time is around midday, so for breakfast, the closer to 9am you arrive, the less time you’ll have to wait.

For lunch, waiting until closer to 3pm will see shorter lines, but don’t arrive too late or you won’t have enough time to make the most of the buffet before it closes at 3 pm. Albeit you won’t be kicked out at, you won’t have enough time to feast on the many options to indulge your tastes.

Wicked Spoon Menu

Instead of attempting to match the extensive range of the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace – because nowhere can match the sheer quantity of food options there – Wicked Spoon focuses on quality and originality.

Also, there are many gluten-free options in each of the available stations apart from the Asian section. Regardless, you are spoilt for choice on the gluten-free dishes and those who want vegan foods won’t just stick to salads.

For breakfast, lunch and brunch, there are currently seven different main food stations, with the food available at each varying according to the sitting. They are:

  • The Cold Bar
  • Brunch Station
  • Breakfast Bar – with an omelet station and scrambled eggs
  • The International Station
  • The Grill Station
  • The Asian Station
  • The Dessert Bar

In each of these different sections, you can expect to find all your favorite classic dishes along with a lineup of more unexpected preparations that make eating at Wicked Spoon the unique and unmissable experience that it is.

Check out the full menu:

Wicked Spoon Food Menu 1

Wicked Spoon Food Menu 2

Wicked Spoon Food Menu 3

Although you probably won’t be able to sample everything on offer at the Wicked Spoon buffet, there are plenty of food items you should make a point of seeking out, and here are a few suggestions:

Wicked Spoon Breakfast

By far the wicked cinnamon French toast (cinnamon roll with a toast mix) is the most unique dish in the bunch. Followed closely second by the highly spicy and popular angry mac n’ cheese (a spicy grown-up version of the beloved children’s classic). These are the entries into the breakfast and they are already spicy, if that is your speed then Wicked Spoon is your home.

Other delicious items to feast on during breakfast include braised eggs, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, chicken biscuit, pancakes with powdered sugar on top, regular French toast, hash browns, and sausage potatoes.

Wicked Spoon Buffet Dessert Station
Source: @pattykayee

Since the dessert options are the same for both breakfast and lunch; you can also try the pastries from veggie samosa with curry flavor that is sweet and sour to the guava cake, pistachio cake, Carrot bundt cakes, cheesecake, the sorbet cake.

A popular must-try is the espresso flavored Tiramisu with printed coffee bean & cocoa powder; it is special and one-of-a-kind. Top it all with sweet treats such as crème brulée or the warm bourbon white chocolate bread pudding.

As much as they taste good, Wicked Spoon’s desserts stand out in their presentation. Particularly the cakes which come with colorful frosting, glitter, soft jelly additions, artsy toppings, and more unique decorations.

Wicked Spoon Lunch

This is where most of the full-meals are going to be found. If you want to eat to your fill then visit the Wicked Spoon no sooner than 11 am with the $45 charge in hand.

Wicked Spoon Buffet Grill station
Source: @_erineats

The Grill Station carries the show here with its plethora of meats and savory reds. The Mexican-style Al pastor marinated pork shoulder and Honey glazed ham make an excellent combo. However, the most unique and must-try meat on the station is the beginner friendly bone marrow topped with sweet braised beef and pickled onions.

For the best chicken, go for the wicked fried chicken or the moist BBQ chicken with Alabama white sauce (sweet like honey and mustard). The regular chicken wings are also delicious with a tender and crispy feel.

The top sirloin will entice many taste buds with its moist and incredibly tender texture that melts in your mouth. The beef tri top ham is a favorite for meat lovers and you will never go wrong with their soft slow roasted strip loin.

Apart from the grill, another must-try is the pork carnitas taco with a lingering spicy taste that gives you a taste of high-end Mexican food.

The Asian section’s best picks include the light and fluffy pork buns, fried rice (served in cute take-out boxes), Kung Pao tofu, shrimp, fresh & sweet sushi, veggie rolls with crispy wrappers, highly spicy tuna, mussels, Char sweet foul bun, and light Singapore noodles with black vinegar sauce.

When it comes to salads, start with the Caesar salad which is individually portioned giving you all the veggies you need in one neat bowl. Spring lentil salads are also great and great to pair up with the adjacent breads and fruits.

Wicked Spoon Buffet Food 3
Source: @cimystory

Crab legs are in plenty. They are sweet and red with lots of meat glazed with butter and lemon spicing.

Do not forget the cold bar with the smoked salmon with capers, onions, whipped cream and cheese served on a range of assorted bagels. Additional cold bar options that aren’t available for breakfast include clam chowder with fried herbs and shrimp cocktail.

At the International Station, the carnitas tacos served with salsa roja and pickled vegetables are hard to beat – although the beef and lamb gyro with tzatziki and tomato salad also shouldn’t be missed.

Wicked Spoon Brunch

For the weekend brunch sitting, you can expect to find all the best dishes that are served during both the breakfast and lunch sittings during the week.

Headliners include the Cajun shrimp & cheddar grits and the savory buttermilk pancakes. The ever-popular cinnamon walnut bread French toast is also a staple alongside the traditional eggs benedict with wicked hollandaise.

Bear in mind too that the dishes being prepared at any one time may vary according to the season, so as well as everything mentioned above, you can also expect to find other surprises being cooked up whenever you visit.

Wicked Spoon Drinks

There is a bottomless drink deal that includes mimosas, champagne, bloody Mary’s and draft is available. If you choose not to take advantage of the bottomless beverages, you can order drinks by the glass.

Wicked Spoon serves the bottomless beverages for two hours from the time of purchase. The bottomless alcoholic beverages start at $24 per person but you can choose to have a specialty bottomless package for $40 with a 90-minute limit. Check out the drink menu below for all the options available:

Wicked Spoon Drink Menu

Wicked Spoon Buffet’s Access to Parking

The Cosmopolitan has a self-parking garage beneath the resort that can be accessed via the main entrance on the south side of the hotel from Harmon Avenue or from the north side of the hotel from Las Vegas Boulevard.

Please note that complimentary self-parking is only offered to registered hotel quests, Sterling status or higher Identity Members who have the cards on their person. Valet is free for Gold status or higher.

Self-parking charges start at $15 for the first 2 hours of parking and can go up to $23 for 24-hour parking on the weekends. Valet parking has a daily flat fee of $35 for weekdays and $40 for weekends.

Wicked Spoon Dress Code

You may have heard that there is no dress code for Wicked Spoon, which means that you can wear what you like – within reason of course.

As much as this is true, the Cosmopolitan strictly encourages visitors to dress in resort attire. According to management, “Guests of Wicked Spoon are required to wear resort attire and are prohibited from wearing hoods or hoodies of any kind and face paintings. Shoes are required and tops and bottoms must be covered.”

There are many retail stores to get some quick change of clothes, let’s say if you were wearing uncovered swimsuits from the pool area.

Wicked Spoon Reviews: How is Wicked Spoon Rated?

It is always best to check out the impression visitors have about buffets like Wicked Spoon. To some it may seem overrated but many consider it to be the golden standard for Vegas buffets:

  • “Now the selection of food may not be as big but Wicked spoon has a great variety of meats, salads and Asian choices etc. Staff was friendly and loved the fact that the atmosphere feels a-bit more intimate. Definitely a must every time I visit Vegas.” – Starr2133, TripAdvisor.
  • “This place got great reviews from several sites regarding gluten-free options… all stations have a chef on hand to request any specific gluten free dishes. There were so many options we didn’t need to ask for anything. The only station that didn’t have a ton of offerings was the Asian station. Not to worry – plenty of other options to be had! My daughter was in heaven!” – Prithid , TripAdvisor.
  • “Constant supply of crab legs, wonderful desserts, great roast beef, good service. Expensive but u will leave very full.” – Ontario Canuck, TripAdvisor.
  • “One of the unique features of the Wicked Spoon’s breakfast buffet is the build-your-own Bloody Mary bar. You can customize your Bloody Mary with a variety of garnishes, including bacon, pickles, and olives, to name a few. The ambiance of the Wicked Spoon is also worth mentioning. The restaurant is stylishly decorated, and the seating is comfortable. The staff is friendly and attentive, and they keep the buffet clean and well-stocked.” – Regis K., Yelp.

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Final Thoughts

The Las Vegas Valley has a rich buffet history and some believe it is one of the places that the All You Can Eat traditions began. Wicked Spoon is among the many Sin City culinary indulges that have managed to leave an impression on many travelers and foodies alike.

If you want to save a few bucks and taste the best of Vegas buffets then Wicked Spoon is a great first choice. Other buffets you may want to consider with similar offerings and quality include the Bacchanal buffet at Caesars Palace, the buffet at the Bellagio, and the Buffet at Wynn.

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