Attractions in Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

While some may dismiss the haunted museum in Las Vegas as a gimmick or tourist trap, many cannot deny that Zak Bagans has invested so much time and passion into the belief in the paranormal and supernatural.

Located in Downtown Las Vegas, Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum stands as one of the most unique attractions in Vegas. Legendary supernatural stories and petrifying paranormal encounters populate the 11,000 square foot space, and in over 30 different rooms,

Zak has spent years researching and investigating the objects in his collection, and he is always looking for new additions to the museum. Visitors to the museum should be prepared for a creepy and unsettling experience, as the objects on display are said to be truly haunted.

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer in the paranormal, Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum is a unique and fascinating attraction that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Read on to learn everything about one of Vegas’s coolest attractions.

The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas Overview

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  • Address: 600 E. Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  • Phone: 702 444 0744
  • Hours: Wednesday – Monday from 10 am to 8 pm
  • Major Attractions: The Devil’s Rocking Chair, The Funeral, The Cauldron, Lugosi’s Mirror, & Peggy the Doll

With non-other like it, Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum has been able to earn several accolades, including USA Today’s ‘#1 Best Haunted Destination in America’, Las Vegas Review Journal’s ‘Best Museum’ for four years in a row, and Las Vegas Weekly’s ‘Best Museum in Vegas 2022’.

Zak Bagans, the creator and host of the popular TV show “Ghost Adventures,” opened the haunted museum in Las Vegas, promising visitors a spine-tingling journey through the paranormal.

The venue opened to the public in 2017 on the former property of Cyril S, a famous businessman in Vegas. The property had encountered many terrorizing tales by this time; at least, those are what the rumors say. The 11,000 square foot halls left a lot of Vegans wanting more of its horrifying stories when it opened with stars of the show being the Dybbuk box and Peggy the Doll.

The concept took off and was the source of many inspirations in Hollywood movies. A good example of this is the Dybbuk Box that inspired the blockbuster The Possession.

To add more mystique to the story, it has been said that there have been several witnesses that have seen black-cloaked entities pass through the mysterious cabinet’s doors.

As the years passed, Zak added more items to the museum, including Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s 1968 VW Death Van. This is the same van that the doctor used to kill approximately 140 terminally ill patients as a form of assisted suicide.

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Each room in the haunted museum comes with a narration on its background, done by Zak Bagans, and goes further to solidify the back story of the characters and artifacts in the rooms.

Another key note is that the rooms are smaller than you would think. They are large enough to accommodate the sets, but they come out as tight spaces and make you feel a bit claustrophobic.

Be ready for a long tour that will take you about two and a half hours to complete, but this is great for fans since you will get your money’s worth.

Do not expect any sort of jump scare; you only get some spooky incidents here. You also get to interactively partake in the experiences by going through the same paths and arc that brought some victims to their end.

With this in mind, the museum ensures you sign a waiver right before the start of the tour, foregoing all liabilities that you may face due to injuries or maybe death. Are you scared yet?

Whether you are a supernatural enthusiast or an avid ghost hunter, the Haunted Museum will quench your thirst for real-world findings, including collectibles straight out of world-famous legends and suspected paranormal sites.

For those who may not be inclined to believe in the supernatural, a visit to the haunted museum is still worth it because of the educational value of the tours. You will not only learn of the historical facts of serial killings and haunted houses but also understand the character motivations behind these petrifying stories.

Best Attractions in Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum
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Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum is a 33-room mansion that houses cursed dolls, possessed paintings, and serial killer artifacts, just to mention a few.

It is important to keep in mind that not all rooms present you with haunted artifacts. The name may be misleading to some since it makes it seem all the rooms portray a supernatural entity, but that is not the case.

Some of the rooms have displays of unique artifacts from crime scenes, as well as movie props from horror movies and morbid pieces from strange occurrences.

Some attractions are staples, and new ones are always getting introduced from time to time. Of all the rooms to have ever graced the haunted house, here are the best ones that are sure to give you an interesting story and blow your mind:

1. The Dybbuk Box

The Dybbuk Box
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One of the most popular attractions in the museum is the Dybbuk Box, a wooden wine cabinet that is said to be haunted by a malicious spirit. Legend has it that the box was owned by a Holocaust survivor who brought it with her to America, where it caused a string of unexplainable tragedies for anyone who possessed it.

The box has since changed hands multiple times, and each new owner has reported a series of disturbing and supernatural events. Zak describes the box as the most haunted item in the world because of its power to inflict bad luck on others and make people feel dreadful.

2. The Devil’s Rocking Chair

Another highlight of the museum is the Devil’s Rocking Chair, a wooden chair that is said to have been used to exorcise a kid, David Glatzel.

The chair is said to be cursed and has been known to rock on its own, and visitors have reported feeling a sense of unease, back pain, and dread when sitting in it.

3. Ed Gein’s Cauldron

The infamous serial killer Ed Gein has a whole room dedicated to his killings at the haunted museum. The serial killer used the cauldron in the room to cook his victims’ body parts. What a gruesome site it must have been to be hunted by this monster.

The room also features artifacts and memorabilia explaining the victims of Ed Gein’s crimes and the terrifying consequences of his homicidal tendencies. It is a chilling story that any true crime fan will want to hear.

4. Lugosi’s Mirror

The mirror is said to have belonged to the legendary actor Bela Lugosi, best known for his portrayal of Dracula in film.

According to legend, the mirror was present in Lugosi’s dressing room during the filming of “Dracula,” and it is said to have been a source of both inspiration and terror for the actor. The mirror is said to have had a profound effect on Lugosi, who believed that it had the power to summon supernatural forces.

After Lugosi’s death, the mirror was passed down to his son, who claimed that the mirror was haunted by his father’s spirit. The mirror is said to have caused a number of unexplainable phenomena, including strange visions and a feeling of intense unease in anyone who looked into it.

5. Peggy the Doll – Haunted Doll Room

Peggy the Doll – Haunted Doll Room
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Did you know that Investigators of the paranormal have reported numerous cases of dozens of people suffering from physical complications just by looking at Peggy the Doll pictures or videos?

One of the most infamous and chilling exhibits at Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas is the display featuring “Peggy the Doll.” This seemingly innocuous-looking doll has a reputation for causing physical harm to those who come into contact with her, and her story has become one of the most well-known in the world of paranormal investigation.

The doll has been the subject of numerous paranormal investigations, with some claiming that Peggy is possessed by the spirit of a deceased woman who died during a seance. Others believe that the doll is cursed and that anyone who comes into contact with her will experience misfortune and tragedy.

Despite the controversy surrounding Peggy, Zak Bagans remains fascinated by the doll and continues to display her at his museum. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the story of Peggy the Doll is a chilling reminder of the power that certain objects can hold over our imaginations and our fears.

6. Dr. Kevorkian’s “VW Death Bus” /Dr. Death Room

Come and see for yourself the infamous exhibit, “Jack’s Van,” at Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. It’s a bone-chilling display that brings to life the horrifying story of a monstrous killer and the van he used to commit his atrocities – assisted suicides of over 100 victims.

The van was owned by a man known as Jack Kevorkian. He used this very vehicle to transport his helpless victims to remote, secluded areas where he would carry out his unspeakable acts of violence.

Jack passed away in Detroit at 83 years of age after serving 8 years in prison for second-degree murders too. The van was later acquired by Zac and exhibited in his museum.

You’ll learn about his victims and the horrific acts he committed against them. You’ll see the forensic evidence that led to his eventual capture and the psychological profile of a twisted, disturbed mind. It’s a journey into the darkest corners of the human psyche.

If you have a fascination with true crime and the macabre, then “Jack’s Van” is a must-see exhibit. But be warned – it’s not for the faint of heart. This is a visceral, terrifying experience that will haunt you long after you leave. Go and witness the legacy of a man whose name will forever be associated with terror and horror.

Zak Bagans Haunted Museum Tickets

The Haunted Museum
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It would be best to familiarize yourself with the haunted museum waiver before you purchase a ticket to the show.

The Haunted Museum Waiver states that the company will not be liable in case of death, injury, property damage, or anything of the sort. At the start of the tour, you are even told to recite a warning that states the building is known to contain ghosts/spirits and cursed objects.

Many visitors have been noted to faint, develop unexplained health complications on tour, and even succumb to mysterious circumstances that require paramedics on site.

With that said, if you are aware of the paranormal and realize there is a great chance of falling prey to the supernatural, then forgoing the experience or ensuring extra protection should be your prime responsibility.

Entrance Regulations & Things to Note:

  • All phones must be switched off.
  • The only electronics allowed are the paranormal equipment detectors like audio recorders, spirit boxes, and EMF/K2 meters.
  • Photography is not allowed in the museum.
  • You must be 14 years or older to enter.
  • The guided tour is at least 2.5 hours long.
  • Purchase the Regular or RIP ALL-ACCESS tour tickets to learn about the history behind the building and many of the items at hand.
  • Guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before the tour starts.
  • No outside food or drinks.
  • No huge bags.
  • NO drugs, alcohol, or firearms allowed.

Tickets can be purchased online, and we advise you to do so since they can be hard to find or return when getting them physically on-site.

As per the experience, the haunted museum tickets come in a self-guided or staff-guided tour:

The Guided Tour Tickets

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Prices for the guided tour start at $48:

  • General Admission for Tourists – $48
  • RIP ALL ACCESS (full access tour, includes t-shirts) – $79
  • General Admission for Local/Senior/Military (ID required) – $42
  • RIP ALL ACCESS for Local/Senior/Military (ID required) – $73

Zak Bagans’ haunted museum also features a Late-Night Flashlight Ghost Tour Experience, where you get to tour the attraction in a dark atmosphere. It is spookier and more intriguing. Do not forget to carry the provided flashlight.

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You will have a blast at the haunted museum in Las Vegas if you are a fan of the Ghost Adventures show or if you are a believer in the supernatural.

It is a fun and interesting experience for those who aren’t inclined to believe in the paranormal, but if you are part of the non-believing audience, then you may come out feeling a bit underwhelmed.

Regardless, Zak Bagans manages to present a unique concept that brings to light a lot of information and backstories of gruesome events in history. It is a must-try for tourists who are looking to try something unique in Vegas.