Top Sushi Restaurants in Las Vegas (On Strip & Off Strip)

The best sushi in Las Vegas can be found in fine dining restaurants like Nobu at Caesars Palace with teppanyaki tables and Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge in the Bellagio. A good majority of these restaurants are headed by world-renowned chefs like Nobu Matsuhisa and Michelin Star Chef Akira Beck.

Best sushi spots can also be found in all-you-can-eat spots like Sushi Kaya in Chinatown and Umiya Sushi on Flamingo Road. Please note that most of these restaurants offer a wide range of other dishes; however, their sushi offerings are what put them on the map.

Overall, Las Vegas is home to many great authentic, traditional, fusion, and modern sushi spots with a twist. You will always have innovative dishes, and the renowned chefs heading will keep adding more creative renditions, flocking the Vegas scene with hundreds of sushi restaurants.

Get to know the best sushi restaurant on and off the Strip, the best Michelin Star sushi Las Vegas restaurant, and the best picks for all-you-can-eat sushi in Las Vegas.

10 Best Sushi Restaurants Las Vegas Strip

Below are the best sushi restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip. Here, you will find the most luxurious fine-dining sushi spots with creative sushi rolls like the chili ponzu yellowtail roll at the Ra Sushi Bar and traditional ones like the maki sushi at Nobu.

1. Nobu At Caesars Palace

Nobu at Caesars Palace Sushi
Source: @caesarspalace
  • Address: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702-785-6628

Nobu at Caesars Palace is one of the most luxurious upscale sushi restaurants in the world. The award-winning Japanese cuisine from Chef Nobu Matsuhisa brings you high-end sushi recipes that are unique and hard to come by.

Feast upon his popular dish, the signature black cod served with sweet miso and garlic chips as well as ginger in butter lettuce cups. The yellowtail with jalapeno is another fan favorite. Nobu also serves authentic maki sushi with delicious items like spicy scallops, soft shell crab, baked king crab, salmon skin, eel & cucumber, and spicy tuna.

Try other specials like the cup of sushi (minimum of four cups). This can be paired with salmon eggs, scallops, shrimp, snow crab, tuna, yellowtail, Albacore, Japanese red snapper, or regular salmon.

2. Ra Sushi Bar

Ra Sushi Bar
Source: @jennifer.maughan
  • Address: 3200 Las Vegas Boulevard S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702 696 0008

Ra Sushi Bar is a Japanese fusion restaurant right on the Strip at Fashion Show Mall, serving fresh specialty sushi rolls like the lobster filet mignon, surf & turf, chili ponzu yellowtail, Gojira, crazy monkey, and the ultimate shrimp tempura roll with a spicy mix and cucumber rolled and topped with seared tuna and avocado.

Try the signature Viva Las Vegas roll with rolled crab and cream cheese, lightly tempura battered and topped with spicy tuna, mix, and sliced lotus root, finished with sweet eel sauce and green tempura bits.

Other fan-favorite offerings at Ra Sushi Bar include flavorful and high-quality sashimi, spicy shrimp soup, beef and shrimp teriyaki, and ramen.

3. Koi Las Vegas Restaurant & Lounge

  • Address: 3667 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702 454 4555

Located on ‘The Mezz’ level in Planet Hollywood, Koi Las Vegas is a fine dining Strip sushi spot with an attractive Asian-inspired design, serving a wide range of Japanese-influenced dishes. It is a great pre-show dining spot, located conveniently near the Criss Angel Theatre in the resort.

The sushi bar is under a contemporary open rooftop and features lots of greenery and marble floors. The modern, sleek design creates a lush environment that screams luxury and class.

Must-try signature rolls include wagyu surf & turf rolls, sunfire rolls with lobster and snow crabs, dragon rolls with shrimp tempura, eel, baked crab, and tempura flakes, as well as the Hamachi rolls with yellowtail and cucumber topped with yellowtail and jalapeno.

4. Wakuda Las Vegas

Source: @wakudavegas
  • Address: 3325 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702 665 8592

Wakuda is an upscale Japanese restaurant located in the Palazzo Lobby at The Venetian Resort. They serve an omakase dinner at $500 per person and a sake or wine pairing at $250 per person.

Wakuda sushi choices include Uni with wasabi marinated eggs, akami sushi with butter miso and caviar, baked snow crab, aburi New Zealand King Salmon with yuzu kosho, and the fresh & flavorful wasabi perfectly paired with rich and buttery Japanese A5 Wagyu.

5. Mizumi

Source: @wynnlasvegas
  • Address: 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702-770-3320

Mizumi Japanese Restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas is an exotic location with impeccable views of a Japanese garden in the surroundings, consisting of an idyllic koi pond with a 90-foot waterfall.

Specialties include sweet egg omelets, Kamo-toro, sweet shrimp, freshwater eel, and golden eye snapper. Mizumi serves seared alpine salmon sashimi with wasabi stem salsa, freeze-dried yuzu, black pepper ponzu, and watercress foam.

Another great favorite is the wild snapper sashimi featuring thinly sliced Japanese madai snapper, konbu, sesame seeds, white soy, and lime dressing.

Chef Min Kim is the head chef, bringing you his special dishes inspired by flavors from the Far East. His expertise has earned Mizumi the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Award.

6. Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge

Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge
Source: @yellowtaillv
  • Address: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 701-730-3900

Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge at the Bellagio debuted in 2008 with Chef Akira at the helm. He started by featuring unique dishes like Big Eye Tuna Pizzas, Kobe Beef Tetaki, and Lobster Carpaccio. This made the hotel a hotspot for celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Kelly Osbourne, Joe Jonas, David Arquette, Wilmer Valderrama, and Eva Longoria.

Chef Akira Back is a Michelin-starred chef, an accolade he won in 2017 with his Dosa restaurant in Seoul, Korea. He also owns the Michelin Guide Akira Back Paris.

Akira was first noticed and recruited by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa of Nobu Matsuhisa in Caesars Palace. He was later made executive Chef at Nobuyaki’s other restaurant before embarking on his own journey to showcase his take on Japanese cuisine.

At Yellowtail, Akira brings Vegas a combination of East and West flavors into this sushi affair. The dishes are innovative, contemporary, and traditional to offer you a large variety of Asian meals. The exciting views of the iconic Bellagio Fountains complement all of this.

The Michelin-star chef Akira is skilled in twisting the Japanese cuisine landscape by offering seasonal fish and ingredients flown daily from various parts of the world.

Try the specialty rolls like the Happa with Cajun spiced albacore and spicy Aioli. Another must-try is the Baked Crab Hand Roll with crispy onions, spicy Aioli, and soy paper.

7. Morimoto

Morimoto Sushi
Source: @huhilol
  • Address:3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Phone: 702-81-3001

Morimoto at the MGM Grand is a contemporary Japanese restaurant that puts a spin on Japanese exotic meals. Chef Morimoto has earned a name for himself as the Iron Chef due to his ribeye expertise.

Every dish brings about the beauty and craft of the master chef.

The sushi menu is extensive and quite delightful, with enticing creative dishes. Try the whitefish options like the yellowtail, fluke, and Japanese red snapper. Bluefish is another great option with a choice of horse mackerel or Japanese mackerel.

8. Zuma Las Vegas

Zuma Las Vegas Sushi
Source: @zumalasvegasofficial
  • Address: 3708 Las Vegas Blvd, South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702-698-2199

Located in Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Zuma Japanese restaurant is a must-visit top-of-the-line sushi spot on the Strip. However, sushi is not the only thing Zuma is great at. The restaurant is an award-winning cocktail restaurant, providing visitors with a sophisticated and elegant nightlife ambiance.

The authentic Japanese foods at Zuma are fusion dishes from Chef Rainer Becker, the head chef and co-founder. Try their nigiri/sashimi menu featuring hamachi yellowtail, Suzuki seabass, Botan Ebi jumbo sweet shrimp, and Hokkaido scallop.

9. KUMI Japanese Restaurant And Bar

Kumi Japanese Restaurant & Bar
Source: @kumilasvegas
  • Address: 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119
  • Phone: 702-632-9100

Located inside Mandalay Bay, KUMI combines Korean and East-Asian cuisines. The modern approach to preparing Japanese dishes distinguishes the restaurant’s sushi from the rest.

Several options include the Chef’s specials like the sushi moriawase and the sashimi moriawase. Try the fan-favorite Chef selected Sakana platter with sushi or sashimi. Another great choice is the hot mess with sashimi poke, kanikama, and avocado.

10. SUSHISAMBA Las Vegas

Sushisamba Las Vegas 2
Credit: @sushisamba
  • Address: 3327 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702-607-0700

Located in The Venetian, Sushisamba brings Vegas Brazilian, Peruvian, and Japanese cuisines with unique one-of-a-kind recipes. The different varieties take you through inspired dishes made even more attractive with Sushisamba’s 3D illustration projected throughout the restaurant to show off its multifaceted culture.

Try the traditional hand rolls like the California king crab, yellowtail Jalapeno, the Umeshiso, or the popular Eel cucumber. The Chef’s inspiration special menu includes items like samba sushi, served with seven pieces of nigiri.

10 Best Sushi in Las Vegas Off the Strip

11. Sushi Hiroyoshi

Sushi Hiroyoshi

  • Address: 5900 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146
  • Phone: 702-823-2110

Sushi Hiroyashi is the most positively-reviewed restaurant off the Strip. It has a lot of enticing offerings for any sushi lover, including an extensive omakase menu with flavorful Chef’s selections and a praise-worthy sashimi and nigiri menu with many options from toro, Uni, and other unique items.

The sushi is artfully presented, and the rice is warm, flavorful, and fluffy.

Chef Hiro-san is the head chef, bringing you eccentric dishes from premium maki to sashimi and sushi. The Chef’s 18-plus years of extensive knowledge of classic Japanese dishes sets Sushi Hiroyoshi apart from the competition.

The five-star rated food, service, and overall value attract most customers to this popular spot. Some must-try items include Akami with bluefin lean tuna, silver-skinned fish, white fish, boiled octopus, eel, crab, clam, roe, Yaki Harasu salmon, and the Striped Jack Shia Aji yellowtail.

12. Sushi Kaya – AYCE

  • Address: 4355 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  • Phone: 702 257 9496

Located in Chinatown, Sushi Kaya is a contemporary casual Japanese restaurant just a few minutes’ drive from the Vegas Strip. Known for its sushi offers, Sushi Kaya also provides other Korean dishes, including appetizers and entrees.

The AYCE special is $26.95 for lunch and $30.95 for dinner. It is a highly recommended all-you-can-eat spot with great reviews on its impeccable service, fresh and high-quality ingredients, and superb location.

13. Kaiseki Yuzu

Kaiseki Yuzu
Source: @kaiseki_yuzu
  • Address: 3900 Spring Mountain Rd, Ste 5, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Phone: 702-778-8889

The special at Kaisei Yuzu is the Washoku, a traditional Japanese cuisine specially prepared by chef Azeuchi. Chef Azeuchi moved to the United States in 2007 to open his restaurant and realized his dream in 2014. He has created a unique restaurant that boasts his sixteen-plus years of experience in the space.

The sushi menu has several signature offerings, like the $50 assorted sashimi set with 14 pieces of assorted sashimi with wasabi on the side. You can also get tuna rolls, Kanpyo sushi rolls, hand-rolled sushi sets, and scattered sushi bowls with various sliced seafood over sushi rice.

14. Sen Of Japan

Sen of Japan
Source: @senofjapan
  • Address: 8480 W Desert Inn Road, Ste F1, Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Phone: 702-871-7781

Sen of Japan offers five-star dishes curated by head Chef Nakano Hiromi, a former executive Chef at the Michelin Star Nobu at Virgin Hotels.

Sen is an off-the-strip gem, a short drive from many Downtown Las Vegas hot spots. The restaurant is known for its attentive and friendly staff and fresh and creative sushi with options like shrimp tempura with spicy orange aioli sauce.

Try their agedashi tofu with Japanese eggplant, spicy tuna and tuna roll, and yellowtail roll.

15. Kabuto Edomae Sushi

Kabuto Edomae Sushi 1
Source: @kabutolv
  • Address: 540 Spring Mountain Rd, Ste 4, Las Vegas, NV 89146
  • Phone: 725-2050-1356

Another Edomae restaurant in Las Vegas is Kabuto. Kabuto sets itself apart by offering traditionally prepared sushi with fresh ingredients from the local Tokyo Bay. They also include beautifully and authentically presented Japanese dishes.

As for the environment, Kabuto is a small, intimate restaurant with an unassuming exterior, adding to its charm and charisma. The restaurant is highly regarded for its top-quality sushi offerings. Diners have praised the freshness and delicate flavors of the seafood as well.

Above all else, Kabuto is known for its standout omakase-style dining experience, where the Chef curates a customized meal for diners based on the Chef’s choices and the freshest seasonal ingredients. This is what you go to Kabuto for.

16. Soho Japanese Restaurant

Soho Japanese Restaurant

  • Address: 7377 S Jones Blvd, Ste 116, Las Vegas, NV 89139
  • Phone: 702-776-7778

Soho Japenese Restaurant is worth the drive from the Strip. If you want five-star sushi made by Japanese-trained chefs at amazing prices, then this is the place to be. Start with their Happy Hour menu featuring $7 – $9 dishes.

The Soho special rolls are a must-try with options like the twin dragon roll with spicy tuna, the sunny salmon roll, the firecracker with spicy tuna and serrano, the spicy scallop roll, and the crispy tuna roll with crispy rice.

The chef’s special selections include the Soho loco roll with spicy salmon and yellowtail and the salmon kama with baked salmon collar dipped in spicy ponzu.

Soho is a traditional Japanese restaurant that also serves Asian fusion cuisines, most of which are served family-style. The dishes are highly regarded and winners of several awards like the 2014 Best of Las Vegas and #1 sushi restaurant by TripAdvisor in 2023 and by Foursquare.

17. Umiya Sushi – AYCE

Umiya Sushi Dishes

  • Address: 4465 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  • Phone: 702 365 6195

Another all-you-can-eat buffet is at Umiya Sushi, 75 minutes for $25.95 for lunch and $32.95 for dinner. The sushi menu includes smoked salmon, seared albacore, seared tuna, baby scallops, spicy octopus, and freshwater eel.

It is a Japanese restaurant with special offers like the $20 beer buckets – a mix of five beers.

18. Yui Edomae Sushi

Yui Edomae Sushi
Source: @edgartamch
  • Address: 3460 Arville St. Suite, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Phone: 702-202-2408

Yui Edomae Sushi serves Edomae sushi, Japanese sushi made from fresh seafood fished from Tokyo Bay. The mission of Yui Edomae is to provide authentic Japanese Omotenashi services while allowing guests to enjoy the real Umami of all their dishes.

The restaurant has won several awards, including Bon Appetit’s America’s Best New Restaurant in 2016 and countless other awards from popular reviewers: Las Vegas Eater, Vegas Seven, Las Vegas Weekly, Channel 3 News, and Forbes.

19. Yu-Or-Mi Sushi Bar

Yu-Or-Mi Sushi Bar
Source: @yuormisushibar
  • Address: 100 E California St, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  • Phone: 702 473 5200

Yu-Or-Mi Sushi Bar is an Arts District sushi and Japanese restaurant that serves innovative dishes. It is owned by Johnny Lee and Melissa Robinson, who opened the spot to offer Vegas something that couldn’t easily be obtained anywhere else.

It has a creative and diverse sushi menu with an extensive selection of sushi rolls and Japanese entrees. Must-try dishes include the ramen and the Yu-Or-Mi roll.

Yu-Or-Mi Sushi Bar is a delightful pick if you are looking for a great spot for Happy Hour sushi, sake, and Japanese whiskey in the Arts District.

20. Kame Omakase Restaurant

Kame Omakase
Source: @kameomakase_lv
  • Address: 3616 W Spring Mountain Road, Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Phone: 702-665-5731

Executive chef Eric Kim offers a diverse menu at Kame Omakase (formerly Sushi Kame). The minimalistic and intimate Japanese restaurant is known for its omakase-style dining, offering traditionally crafted and hand-served sushi by Chef Eric.

It is a highly-curated menu that takes account of each person’s tastes and mood, all to honor the individual by creating a personalized sushi experience.

Final Thoughts

Las Vegas has many sushi options; therefore, the restaurant of your choice will boil down to what you are looking for in terms of prices, style, authenticity, and creativity. If the above list does have what you are looking for, then feel free to check out our honorable mentions list:

  • Otoro
  • Benihana
  • Ondori Asian Kitchen
  • Chin Chin – NYNY
  • Jjanga Steak & Sushi
  • Osaka Japanese Bistro
  • Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse & Revolving Sushi

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· What Is the Best Sushi In Las Vegas, All You Can Eat (AYCE)?

The following are some of the best all-you-can-eat sushi in Las Vegas:

  1. Sushi Kaya
  2. Umami
  3. Sushi Koma
  4. Oyshi Sushi
  5. Yama Sushi
  6. Sushi House Goyemon
  7. Umiya Sushi

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